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    The inevitable first ding

    Had a semi throw what I believe to be a piece of shredded tire Against drivers side back door. Pretty sick about it on a nearly new car but can always be worse.
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    My first Tesla M3P - loving it

    More pics, that’s stunning
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    In the face of a recession, should I buy a Y now or wait?

    I think I’m right around 500,000 reservation w Cybertruck. I added the FSD at $8,000 so I hope they honor it. My original plan was to sell the Y when trucks ready in a couple years, I hope we are both gainfully employed and can keep both! My utopian fantasy is fully electric everything powered...
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    In the face of a recession, should I buy a Y now or wait?

    I like Legendsk point of view. I got a new job so I could roll all my 401k into Tesla For long haul. Figured I’d rather invest in something I cared about vs some breadbasket of garbage I don’t. Might work, might not but at the end of the day I made the decision and own it. Got tired of waiting...
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    In the face of a recession, should I buy a Y now or wait?

    I vote dump the FSD and put a deposit on the Long range Model Y. In the months it’ll take to come in work on killing the credit card debt and rainy day fund. Also you might get the $7,500 back next year for tax credit. I’m 39 with 3 young kids and got Performance Y about 4 weeks ago. Incredible...
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    Martian Wheels MW03 18inch Satin Black Brand New $1500! NOT for Performance Model 3

    This is concerning. Martian Wheels told me MW03s are compatible across the lineup of 3 and Y.
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    WTT: 18’’ Black Martian Wheels for Gemini wheel and tire package St Louis MO

    Sorry, Gemini is only ones fit performance brakes That I’m interested in.
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    WTT: 18’’ Black Martian Wheels for Gemini wheel and tire package St Louis MO

    I’m not sure, what would be fair? I guess theoretically I could sell them outright and wait until someone had a takeoff set and buy those. The other option I’m looking at is waiting for Michelin tires to go on sale at Costco and just use these wheels. I had heard Geminis had more range just...
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    2022 MYP range estimate with 19” Martian wheels?

    That red Tesla logo really pops against black wheel and red calipers. Did you buy those or paint?
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    2022 MYP range estimate with 19” Martian wheels?

    I just bought some used 18” Martian wheels for MYP. Wish there was an EV specific tire I could put on it in 245-50-18. I think my only real option is Michelin Pilot Sport All season 4s. I can’t imagine they are very efficient.
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    WTT: 18’’ Black Martian Wheels for Gemini wheel and tire package St Louis MO

    Hi all, Anyone interested in trading their like new Gemini take offs for these Martians? They are approximately 9-10 months old (bought in September 2021). I contacted Martian Wheels and they said they are interchangeable with Model 3 or Model Y. They are in brilliant condition in my opinion...
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    2022 MYP range estimate with 19” Martian wheels?

    I’ve got 3 car seats in the PMY. Not saying it’s a great solution but works and plenty of storage space (space is amazing in this car).
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    18” Martian Wheel PMY Tires EV Options?

    Hi all, I may be buying some used Martian Wheels in 18”. Should I be targeting 245-50-18 tire size as that’s what Tsportline wheel tire packages come with? Second question I will be valuing range and wet road performance mainly. Is there any EV specific tires I should be trying to hunt down...
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    Martian wheels?

    Thanks, should do the 44 miles per hour charge I believe with the recognized 48 amps (60 amp breaker). So tired of the 110 charge, it’s miserable at a few miles per hour.
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    New to Tesla - lost 5% in 9 miles

    I have a performance model Y and I’ve experienced roughly 1% every 2 miles on interstate. I’ve gotten ceramic tint since then but I’m thinking about doing the front windshield in 70% as well to help. That alone was quoted as $200 for x pel ceramic.
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    Martian wheels?

    What size tire you running on the 18s? I’d like to try and find a size that had really low rolling resistance. My parents live about 200 miles away and more range would be appreciated hauling family down to see them. Thanks! I’m also working on getting Wall Connector setup running full 60...
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    Martian wheels?

    Thanks! I emailed them about 4 days ago and called Friday but went to voicemail. I’ll try again tomorrow and leave a message this time.
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    Martian wheels?

    Are the Model 3 Martian wheels different from the Model Y ones? They look the same but I’d hate to buy used Martians from a Model 3 and them not work on my Model Y.
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    Martian wheels?

    Disregard. Found your other post. Love the solar carport thing.
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    Martian wheels?

    Any pics on your performance? I’m debating as well on mine. Thoughts on comfort, range, and what tires you selected?
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    Floored the acceleration on my brand new MYP and got dizzy

    Got my MYP about two weeks and the acceleration made me nauseous. Had to run it in chill mode for a week to get used to it. I really think it was more the instant acceleration that distorted me. In an ICE car I’m used to transmission lag and obviously there is none in an EV. That disparity...
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    3 Car seats Model Y Performance 2022

    I had a miserable time finding out if 3 car seats would fit in model Y. Short answer is yes if they are the super slim Clek Foonf or Fllo. Is it the right answer? Depends on the person but I haven’t found any vehicle that didn’t have compromises. 3 Car seats is just a complex problem lol. I’d...
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    For Sale: MY OEM 19" wheels & TPMS & tires w/covers

    Any chance of major price reduction? I live in St Louis but looking for something cheaper. Understood if firm And thank you for your time.
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    Model Y LR vs P comfort

    Take what I say with a huge grain of salt but we took delivery of MY Performance 3 days ago. We only have 148 miles on it but I have been pleasantly surprised by the ride. I was braced for a terrible ride and even told my wife to expect harshness based on what I had read while I procure some 18...
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    My 1 year old son loves the frunk!

    Great pic, even showed the wife. We take delivery of our Model Y in black tomorrow.
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    FS (Chicago): Model Y 19" Gemini Wheels + CrossClimate2 Tires + TPMS

    That’s a beautiful set. I’ll probably have to wait for something a little cheaper and closer to St Louis.

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