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    Sold my Model 3 to save for Cybertruck

    sold EV to save money but keep the ICE makes no sense-ICE is a rip off /there's no such thing as paid off for ICE. My 2017 Bolt has lost tons of value but the battery recall will raise it a little bit-either GM replaced the battery or I trade with EUV. I'm gonna wait for smaller version of CT.
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    Tesla loaner car in New York

    in the age of tech/social media -more complain than gratitude
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    What's in your (f/t)runk... RIGHT NOW!

    some sport stuff for summer
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    I'm an OWNER! Time to celebrate!

    wow! in 10 years have you ever thought of investing in the company? Just curious-Congratulation!
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    Mach-E review from Model 3 SR+ owner...

    when I sat in Mach E I saw my instant pot-I am not kidding!
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    How Long?

    when they start producing CT the size of mid truck-like Honda Ridgeline, I am in.
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    2022 Austin Model Y vs 2021 Fremont Model Y

    my co worker spends $70 a week on his Jeep-people who really want Tesla for any reason shouldn't or won't wait till next year. my June MY has changed a lot but I won't wait b/c I live in HERE & NOW.
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    Model Y price reduced by $1k

    be thankful your Y has heated steering wheel, Boombox & double pane glass
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    Overnight test drive 3 row Y

    all the reviews showed that 3 row is perfect for 5' 4" below-will be very useful for family with kids & short commutes for the rest.
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    Refreshed Model X

    I am more confused with miles in refreshed S vs X -if S will do 521 why X is so low 350?
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    New design - With no stalks how do you change directions or signal?

    everything on the wheel -more focus on FSD
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    Buying $150 Key fob for wife, worth it?

    I don't live on "If" mentality. I didn't had flat tires in ages-if I do I'm not a kind of cry babies-life goes on!
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    Buying $150 Key fob for wife, worth it?

    I know no one would believe. I do not have cell phone for the 13+ yrs and still don't. I bought fob (passive entry) for my M3 -sold the M3 and replaced with MY. Fob is no brainer-it works like champ.
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    in 2018 I picked up M3 & few days later bought T$LA-best decision

    I was never a car person-bought M3 for pure environment reason. I love the car so much but the medias are/were trashing Tesla. My friends advice was I could support the company by investing (never interested) and so bought T$LA-now, I am handsomely rewarded. Anybody, gone this road? The guy...
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    Model Y vs Mustang Mach E

    Mach e is made in Mexico-be American, buy American (USA)
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    why I (we) didn't get the Boombox in the last software updates?

    that's awesome-Canadians ahead of US. Tesla is not just a car but all round joy & fun. The service here do not even understand what I'm asking/talking about. Noe I've the part #, too.
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    why I (we) didn't get the Boombox in the last software updates?

    could you post the link or just a hearsay?
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    Anyone considering Sliplo skid plate/protector?

    Tesla cars are equipped with sensors to warn of getting to close why do you want to install & waste money.
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    why I (we) didn't get the Boombox in the last software updates?

    NHTSA required all electric vehicles built after September 2019 to be equipped with a noisemaker. If this is required by law Tesla should install it. Yesterday, I call the service center and they don't have any parts to do that.
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    why I (we) didn't get the Boombox in the last software updates?

    I am a T$LA stock/share holder-not just a M3 & MY owner.
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    why I (we) didn't get the Boombox in the last software updates?

    I have June 2020 MY -got the last Holiday OTA updates: video games, solitaire etc but not the Boombox-anybody knows why?
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    European CyberTruck?

    Tesla won't build a factory just to make one size fits all CT-definitely CT will come out in few trims. I reserved one but will wait for a smaller CT.
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    FS: 2020 Model X LR+ 6 seat, full FSD, OEM 22" black wheels 7k miles

    if you fix that minor curb rash you will not deter but attract buyers-small things matter-good luck!
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    RPM Tesla Y spoiler?

    which color would look better for deep blue metallic: glossy or matte?
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    30% off Hansshow Power Frunk

    my early 2018 M3 I might have used the frunk few times and now MY the same situation.
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    Scared to go to the carwash

    most car wash places recycle the water and winter I don't want the salt use on the road for ice/snow to clean my car.
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    Haven’t received Holiday Update- Boston Area- Model Y

    I got the updates yesterday but no Boombox, no fun!
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    External speaker retrofit to enable boombox on 2018 car?

    no Boombox, no fun!
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    Consumer Reports Review

    Elon said CR, JD Power & the likes are Ransom Companies-you pay them and you get rewarded-you don't and they'll slam you. Many years ago when I'd cable TV-during the commercials all auto manufacturers claim they got 5 Star JD Power awards -in reality recalls, recalls, recalls ........
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    model X & S are the luxury and they've heated SW.
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    White Carbon Fiber Shift Covers?

    wait-when the model Y rolls out in China -more accessories will come out.
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    Tesla really needs more colors, opened the wrong trunk

    too much tech is causing pre Alzheimer onset-do not blame Tesla.
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    Insurance Quote

    all kind of insurance companies are total rip off-they'll quote low $ numbers at the beginning and the next quarter will raise the premium. Always switch insurance every 2/3 years-they are all highway bandits.
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    How much money you have spent on your Tesla after took it home

    while back for 2018 M3 I spent about $1500 but sold the M3 and bought/delivered MY in June 2020. I use the M3 floor mats (not perfect but OK), done ceramic coating (Armor Shield) myself $45.99, screen protector $15.99 and baby wipes for the white interior. Right after receiving my M3 -started...
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    The Anti-Ceramic coating thread

    I was skeptic but not cynic about ceramic coating. I paid someone big $ for my M3 but for my MY I'd it by myself-oh! boy it was real good. I use Armor Shield and they have Black Friday Sale: Armor Shield IX DIY Kit - Ceramic Coating by AvalonKing
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    Please help me to understand about Tesla

    I was never a car person but waited 2 years, 2 months & 6 days for my 2018 M3-and instantly bought TSLA-now I'm loaded-this is the pure magic of Tesla. If you keep wondering, speculating, asking-you will be left far behind like all the legacy auto manufacturers. PS: I was never interested in...
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    Opti-coat Pro VS Ceramic Pro

    while back for my M3 I paid someone to do the ceramic but for my MY I did myself with no prior experience and it was real good. Now they've Black Friday deal-get it done -save money & feel good of the sweat equity on the car you love. AvalonKing | Quality Automotive Ceramic Coating Products
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    Got my PPF done. Was it done right?

    that doesn't look done right-you should have done the research/review the company first-they all say it can be done.
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    First snow

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    Freeyourtesla.com tablet mount

    sounds like a pure screen addiction.
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    Waiting for Tax Credit to come back?

    politics, politician, policy are all related-whether we like it or not. When Biden wins Fed EV incentives will come back. Bipartisan Legislation Hopes to Extend Federal Tax Credit
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    Proportions... not right

    beauty lies on the eyes of beholder! Even rose has thorns!
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    My Door Handles are Invisible In the Dark!

    owning M3 over 2 yrs and now MY-you'll get used to it-you can eyeball or guess relating to the edge of the door towards rear or down window-there it is!
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    Will we ever see this at Tesla?

    you might have heard that e tron owners had Oil Change warning on the screen and the dealers charged $89 to erase it.
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    Will we ever see this at Tesla?

    now I'm sure Tesla is not for you.
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    Battery cost MY

    this is the problem with people they're counting eggs before the chicken is born. Everything in life is unpredictable or impermanent just enjoy the car.
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    Toy Model Y

    will wait for 4680 battery update.
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    Wow...Tesla service really is that bad....

    may be your high expectation of Tesla might have ruined everything or too much online Tesla nit picking postings but stay away from dealers-you know what I mean.

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