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  1. Birdsfan

    Hard water marks on car?

    I have used bioclean for years in my shower. It is a green paste, not unlike a toothpaste. It has always done a great job for me. I'm not certain what you have on your roof glass is hardwater spots, looks like something was spilled on it?
  2. Birdsfan

    What Did You Do With Your 20” Uberturbines?

    I bought a winter wheel/tire set up including TPMS, mounted, balanced, ready to put on for $2,700 from Element Wheels. Tires are Conti extreme contact and the rims are from Curva Concepts.
  3. Birdsfan

    I am going to buy new tires for my Model 3 SR 2021 and I have some options. Any feedback on these or recommendations?

    Plus 1 to the Conti's, I have them for my winter wheel/tire set up.
  4. Birdsfan

    Model 3 2023 updates? Or what would you guys like to see?

    I have not heard rumors about the 2023 like we did with the 2021 and to a lessor extent 2022. Here is my wish list, some software others hardware. Move the effen clock out of the maps portion and place it to the right. More times than not, it gets lost with the maps content. More shortcuts...
  5. Birdsfan

    CarMax sold me a broken model 3?

    Seriously, how does the story end?
  6. Birdsfan

    Replacing 2022 Performance uberturbine wheels

    May not be dark enough but there is a darker shade available from Curva Concepts.
  7. Birdsfan

    Premium connectivity, and other questions about my new Model 3

    Premium connectivity is for streaming services, advanced maps but isn't necessary if you hotspot your phone as the means of connectivity. Software preference is up to you. I use pin to drive but again, up to you. If you want her to use her phone as a key you would need to set it up through...
  8. Birdsfan

    Car undrivable after 1 week ownership [Tesla says pinched or broken communication wire]

    Agree, very frustrating. I'm sure it will be taken care of, hopefully quickly!
  9. Birdsfan

    Need some help with Wall Charger Provisioning

    Currently just updates to the software but in the near future we will be able to add the charger to our mobile app. We will have more granular controls I would think.
  10. Birdsfan

    Need some help with Wall Charger Provisioning

    I also have Google WiFi and in my garage it wasn't the best signal strength but the Tesla charger seemed fine. I also have a Tesla charger at work and the signal is worse but I've had no issues. I did end up buying the Google mesh network and I couldn't be happier with coverage all through my...
  11. Birdsfan

    Model 3 screen freezing

    I have not experienced these issues but based on the fact you just got your car I would feel comfortable the SC will square things away. Some new cars have issues, Tesla is no different.
  12. Birdsfan

    Moving from 2021 M3P to 2022 S. Thoughts?

    I drove BMW's exclusively for 20 years before buying my M3P. While I was a BMW driver I drove mostly 3's and 4's. I did once buy a 535 and HATED it. I felt like a grandfather driving that car, it was too big, just didn't fit my personality. I drove a Model S as a loaner and it felt EXACTLY...
  13. Birdsfan

    Drove over remnant of firework on highway

    New car owners can be a bit overprotective of their rides.
  14. Birdsfan

    Road trip a Brand New M3P?

    They look like Conti sports, I have 19" all seasons I use in the winter.
  15. Birdsfan

    I have two question - Highly gratefull in advanced for answering. Ty

    I second the Tesla charger, liked it so much I got one for work too. In the Tesla app under climate, there is a window you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You will find the Camp Mode, Dog Mode, Defrost Car as well as Cabin Overheat.
  16. Birdsfan

    Spiders in car, Help! :(

    I would NOT use a fogger in my car, I get it you have an issue but don't compound the problem. Certain scents will work, vacuum your interior to collect the ones you can. I read somewhere sticky traps worked to catch and kill them, Google is your friend.
  17. Birdsfan

    Am I missing a clip or bolt under my TM3?

    Seems to be a bolt missing. Is there anything on the opposite side? I would go and check mine but it's currently raining....
  18. Birdsfan

    Scratch (shopping cart type), no ding, back bumper - kindly suggest

    Picture would help, first suggestion without seeing anything is take to a good body shop and let them do paint correction if only in the clear coat. Tesla does have a paint kit which I've used on my rocker, worked out pretty good. I like the syringe method to apply paint from a kit.
  19. Birdsfan

    Rim Damage

    Plus 1 to the mobile service. I curbed my rim the first day and now I would never know I did it.
  20. Birdsfan

    Sports mode steering feels significantly lighter

    Exactly same for me, really knocks a bit of the smile off my face while driving.
  21. Birdsfan

    Aftermarket Tire/Wheel Packages

    I did a winter 19" set of rims and rubber from Element wheels, they were very easy to work with and reasonable.
  22. Birdsfan

    How bad is this tire damage?

    What 804son said.
  23. Birdsfan

    Regen braking reduced?

    How would I drink my coffee and answer emails without AP??:eek: JK, I always pay attention even while in AP.
  24. Birdsfan

    Regen braking reduced?

    Regen to me feels weaker, would like an option for a more aggressive regen.
  25. Birdsfan

    Model 3 completely dead this morning. What an experience. [dead 12v]

    Thankfully I've never had anything like this happen to me but the fact Tesla blamed the aftermarket product seems about right. Whether it was or wasn't the blame, they will always point the finger.
  26. Birdsfan

    Should I be worried? [about this tire damage]

    OP, you "assume it was curbed at some point"? With the bite out of the rim I would think that would stand out in your head? Perhaps this isn't an uncommon event for you? I would replace, the dollars for piece of mind are well worth the spend in my opinion. I would also get the wheel fixed...
  27. Birdsfan

    Sentry USB Disconnected

    Great, thanks for the heads up!
  28. Birdsfan

    Sentry USB Disconnected

    Soft reboot?
  29. Birdsfan

    Sentry USB Disconnected

    Same issues here with my Samsung SSD, additionally, pulling up sentry events was taking upwards of a minute before they would load but this has been going on for maybe 6 weeks or so. There is plenty of space, I have a 1Tb device. Oddly, the original Tesla thumb drive has been working without...
  30. Birdsfan

    Dash Cam Not Working Check USB

    I have a M3P and am experiencing the same issues. My 1tb Samsung hard drive had been performing like a champ until the 3.1 update. I'm on 3.2 and the problem persists. Is there a channel to provide feedback regarding these issues other than send Elon a tweet? I know you can take a bug report...
  31. Birdsfan

    Tires for M3P

    The winters in Philadelphia are no where as harsh as WI so I went with a winter tire/rim set up but with 19". I got flow forged rims from curva concepts and they mounted/balanced the tires and installed the TPMs for a good price. I went with an all season tire from Continental, extreme contact...
  32. Birdsfan

    Can anyone make out this warning message [salvage vehicle]

    Is says "run the other direction as fast as you can"
  33. Birdsfan

    Feeler FS: 20" Uberturbines

    Idle curiosity, what are you swapping them for?
  34. Birdsfan

    Sports mode steering feels significantly lighter

    Not a twitter guy, I have an account, I follow mostly colleges my son is interested in playing baseball for. I sent a tweet (I think) to Elon, never did it before and not real sure I did it right. :rolleyes:
  35. Birdsfan

    Sports mode steering feels significantly lighter

    Is there an feedback mechanism for Tesla software updates?
  36. Birdsfan

    Sports mode steering feels significantly lighter

    Not sure if it's a placebo effect or not but the steering did seem lighter
  37. Birdsfan

    Got rear ended - take to Tesla or elsewhere

    Your carrier may decide to sue the driver to recoup the money if they don't currently have a policy.
  38. Birdsfan

    Sports mode steering feels significantly lighter

    Keep us informed. I hadn't noticed any difference after the install last night but I'll pay attention to the steering on the way home from work.
  39. Birdsfan

    Got rear ended - take to Tesla or elsewhere

    Your carrier will attempt to subrogate the claim to the other party and they will include the deductible you paid.
  40. Birdsfan

    iPhone does not activate seat adjustment

    Also, are there any permissions you may not have given the Tesla app on your phone? Been awhile since I used ios but in Android you can get granular with the permission given to an app.
  41. Birdsfan

    iPhone does not activate seat adjustment

    I'm guessing you tried deleting both profiles and recreating them and selecting yours as the primary?
  42. Birdsfan

    Scheduled Charging - daily setup

    I'm doing this from memory but I don't believe you can have a separate weekend schedule other than all week or week days. What do you mean by the 80% charging rule?
  43. Birdsfan

    iPhone does not activate seat adjustment

    You had me at "boobs" 🤣 In all seriousness, don't you all use easy entry then once you depress the brake it goes to your profile or am I misreading the thread?
  44. Birdsfan

    First interior “problem” on M3

    If it didn't pop back in with some ease I would just wait for the appointment and let them fix it.
  45. Birdsfan

    Wind Noise - Front Trim pieces loose and wipers not parking correctly

    The steering wheel is most likely just trim that needs to be adjusted but I feel for you.
  46. Birdsfan

    Wind Noise - Front Trim pieces loose and wipers not parking correctly

    That looks completely borked, I would be pretty pissed. Did you notice the wiper position when you picked up the car? I would not have left the service center until it looked right.
  47. Birdsfan

    Has anyone seen this before on the Uber turbine rims?

    I was thinking the same thing a cleaner that has some abrasive. I have a cannisters of Eagle One metal polishing wadding that I've had for years. I've attached an additional picture. I also tried the alcohol first before I read the thread from Gauss, vinegar would have been next, thanks for...
  48. Birdsfan

    Has anyone seen this before on the Uber turbine rims?

    That's about the only thing I could think of. The wheels definitely did not have any cleaner sprayed on them when I swapped them out. It had been at least a week since I had even washed the vehicle and there is zero chance I put wheel cleaner on the rim and forgot to hose it off
  49. Birdsfan

    Has anyone seen this before on the Uber turbine rims?

    Not coated and the wheels were not cleaned before I swapped them.
  50. Birdsfan

    Has anyone seen this before on the Uber turbine rims?

    I just put my summer tires back on and noticed one of my rims is weirdly discolored. The tires and rims came off last November and have sat in a garage until last week when I had them put back on. When I washed my car I noticed the rear passenger rim has this sort of milky white coloring to...

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