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    When does model year in VIN change to next year?

    Just curious is there any process to this change of model year. It just can't be arbitrary and there has to be some sort of trigger.
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    When does model year in VIN change to next year?

    I just ordered a MY LR and it shows delivery Oct 2022 to Jan 2023. Question is when does Tesla flip the model year when building vehicles? The model year is baked into the VIN so they must at some point flip to the next model year. When does that happen in most years?
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    Refreshed Model S LR vs Model Y LR

    I believe one more factor that is working in favor of MY is the anticipated tax credits. Based on the numbers we know, it is likely MY will qualify for it and MS will not. Please don't flame me with comments the tax credits are dead .. i am just saying IF the tax credits materialize, they will...
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    EV Rebates may be returning soon including Tesla based off current administrations package

    The subsidy it seem is primarily going to help the manufacturers and that is perfectly ok for the government to do. We the consumers are not going to materially benefit from it as the manufacturers who had exhausted their tax rebate will raise the prices (Tesla and GM). The companies who did not...
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    Model S Lease Residual

    Could someone actually share their Model S lease residual value? It seems no one on this thread has shared the actual contracted residual value of their lease. Better yet, if someone could share all three values then that will solve this mystery. Lease Capitalized Cost Money Factor / Interest...
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    Used pickup marina del ray

    Do share the pictures of your used pickup truck when you get it. :):)
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    2017 Cars On Tesla Site Used Inventory

    This makes a lot of sense.
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    Sentry Mode bust!

    You nailed it. Couldn't agree more.
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    2017 Cars On Tesla Site Used Inventory

    This is very good info. If your car was sold with FSD then should it not have come with AP3.0? Could you or someone else clarify this point? I thought FSD needed AP3.0.
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    2017 Cars On Tesla Site Used Inventory

    The 2017 75D and 100D cars listed on Tesla site show up as "Full Self Driving Capability" Does this mean they all have been upgraded to AP3.0 hardware? And unless the previous owner has done the MCU upgrade by paying for it out of pocket, they should still be running MCU1.0? Are there any...
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    Is there any downside to Air Suspension?

    I will be in the market for a used 2017 Model S in the next few months. Wondering if i should seek coil suspension models or air suspension? My plan is to keep the car long term and i am concerned air suspension could become a maintenance issue down the road. Though i have heard the folks here...
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    Federal Tax Credit may be coming back for Tesla purchases

    I do not believe there is a way for them to track these tax credits if there is an income cap. How would anyone ever know how many credits have been issued at any given moment in time? If these were rebate checks like California issues then yes there is a way to track the no of "certificates"...
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    Impact of Model S Redesign on Resale Values

    Just wondering when do we start to see downward pressure on current used Model S prices once the redesign cars start showing up. I am expecting at least a $5k immediate hit on current used car values. And with more used cars coming on the market later this year due to heavy leases in 2017-2018...
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    Model S Lease Residual

    I agree with your numbers. Just curious if anyone here can share their actual lease residual on their recent MS lease so we could get the full story.
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    Model S Lease Residual

    If i build a model S on the Tesla site, the purchase price comes to $69,420. The lease terms offered for this same build is: $7,500 down and $923 per month for 36 month. This means the lease cost is: $40,728. I did not include tax in this calculation. My question is what is the residual value in...
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Curious what the general consensus is on Model S pricing with the possible upcoming release of the updated Model S. it seems the Tesla site is showing a "base" S is less than $68K if you build it. Is the new model going to be priced the same or higher? And if the same, that would put a downward...
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    Some MS 75D have 0-60 @ 4.2 and Other 75D at 5.2

    Is there a way to know which of the 75D can be uncorked? Are these cars made after a specific date?
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    Some MS 75D have 0-60 @ 4.2 and Other 75D at 5.2

    Why is it that most 75D on Tesla.com Used Inventory section have the slower drivetrain but a few cars have the update that was released sometimes in 2017. Slower models have 0-60 at 5.2 secs and faster models have 0-60 at 4.2 secs. Why isn't Tesla selling all 75D with the upgrade? It seems they...
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    Tesla Model S Suspension

    Could one avoid some of these suspension issues by not getting the air suspension? There are only two suspensions on a Model S the Air suspension and the standard suspension. Correct?
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    Boring Company Shows Off First Completed Tunnel

    And for those of us with claustrophobia type issues, this solution will be a no go. Imagine getting stuck on a backlog while underground? I am a huge Musk fan and my recommendation would be to make the tunnels wider so as to not cause tight space issues.
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Since now there isn't anything else to talk about .. let me ask a real world question here. Who here can predict what will be market value for a 2018 model year Model S 75D with auto pilot 2.5 in two years and three years. Two years from now is say end of 2020 and three years from now is say...
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    So it seems all the side discussion has no connection to the topic on hand. :-) Anyone here has any leads on the interior of the new Model S? There was a mention of the new interior with single tablet view like the Model 3 with no other dashboard in front of the driver. Any truth to those...
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    Car and Driver Model 3 Test - Not Great

    Completely agree. Like some of the folks here, i too am a long long time C&D subscriber and i find this article pretty spot on. Most items of concern mentioned in the article are the items that owners here on this forum have brought up so i question why some folks seem offended to view the...
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    2018 Model S Depreciation

    Any takers on this market price for a used Model S 75 question?
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    2018 Model S Depreciation

    Anyone here care to comment what would be the market price for a model S 75D say in 24 months from the initial purchase date? And what would be the market price say in 36 months? For sake of discussion, assume the car is a 2018 model and take into account the end of tax credit later this year...
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    Why I am okay with losing the $7500 tax credit

    This whole traffic light detour is taking us away from the topic so let's end this gracefully. I only brought this up to remind MXWing and others to keep the safety of other drivers in mind when they get behind the wheel of their performance cars. And i appreciate the fact MXWing did not take my...
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    Why I am okay with losing the $7500 tax credit

    I hate to sound like a Debbie Downer but this attitude will get you killed or worse it will get someone else killed at your hands. Yellow lights are meant as a sign to slow down to a stop and the whole notion of beating the red light is a recipe for trouble. Please follow the traffic laws as...
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    Lease Residual and Lease Payments

    Thanks for this feedback. This makes sense. BTW, is this lease - loan comparison based on your personal excel sheet or is it a public website calculator? if the latter, could you share the link?
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    White Interior

    Did anyone else notice the white interior pictures above are from a Model 3?? Where were these pictures taken? This looks like a production grade quality interior.
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    Can I ride in your car?

    I hate to bring up the obvious but if you are going to pass on the first production for the non PUP and then lose the federal $7500 credit in the process then it will be a lose lose deal. Based on my math, the non PUP only makes sense if you get the SR model. If you ask me, the ideal car at the...
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    Lease Residual and Lease Payments

    I just read this again and I don't understand this logic. This means, if i am not mistaken, if you happen to love the car and you want to purchase it at the end of the lease then you do not get the tax credit deduction from your payment? Say your normal residual was $50K and your with deduction...
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    Lease Residual and Lease Payments

    Thanks for sharing this info. Could you elaborate on the residual further? When you say federal EV credit is part of lease, what does that mean? The adjusted capitalized cost (the final price based on which lease price is assessed) is pre federal credit of $7500 or post federal credit? And if...
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    Lease Residual and Lease Payments

    Interesting points. To dissect this further, could someone share a recent 75D lease terms here including the residual and how the $7500 rebate is factored in?
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    Lease Residual and Lease Payments

    Any takers on this query? Am I voiding some secret handshake unspoken protocol by asking this question? :-)
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    Lease Residual and Lease Payments

    I have tried to put in the numbers into various lease calculators and the numbers for a Tesla Model S lease are not adding up. If i price out a base 75D, the Tesla website shows the lease payments to be about $1000 with a $5K down. That means over a three year lease, i am paying $41K for the...
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    So....any thoughts on when the SR cars will ship? And if they will just be software locked LR cars?

    I highly doubt Tesla will fit more cells than what is absolutely necessary in the SR model. If they offer this to all customers then can you imagine how many LR customers will opt for the SR model to try out the car and upgrade the battery if they end up needing the extra range? I suspect a...
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    Wiki Model 3 delivery estimator

    @Troy, are you able to shed light on when the non-PUP models are expected to be available for order? The spreadsheet obviously does not take this into account when presenting the dates. I am sure i am in the minority as my ideal configuration is the LR w/o PUP. :)
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    Any info on EPA filings on the SR model?

    We are just about in Jan 2018 (Happy New Year folks!) and there is still no word on EPA filings or other compliance registration on the SR model. If i am not mistaken, the LR EPA paperwork was filed in Aug and that was about two months before the first public batch of cars were delivered. Based...
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    Wiki Model 3 delivery estimator

    My delivery dates for both first production and the SR models is the same .. April 20th in Troy's estimator. I booked online on 03/31/16 and i am not a current owner. And based in CA. My question is if others are also seeing their delivery dates show up as same who have adjacent reservations.
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    POLL: If the GOP tax reform kills the $7500 tax credit, will you still buy?

    Though i mostly agree with your general position, as a current MY17 Leaf owner, I will remind you and other EV enthusiasts the Leaf is one heck of a well engineered car. What it lacks in brand appeal, it more than makes it up with rock solid reliability and amazing efficiency. There is a good...
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    Car pool lane access

    Hmm... i am having a touch time grasping this below statement. Under the current guidelines, those with income above the threshold as defined below can't get the CVRP rebate anyways so why mention this in this bill? Is there a corner case where someone with income above the threshold will still...
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    POLL: If the GOP tax reform kills the $7500 tax credit, will you still buy?

    There is another poll needed .. to see how many people will change the order from LR to SR if the federal tax credit disappears. I am one of those. When i booked this car on 03/31/16, I had never intended to spend $56K for a car without the AP. Adding the AP makes this a $61.5K car. This is...
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    Which model year are the current line of Model3 cars?

    To add to what boiler81 stated, if you go out to purchase a used Model S, one would think the older the car, the lower the price of the car would be. Granted, the depreciation in case of Teslas has more to do with the AP generation than the model year, but everything else being equal, you are...
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    Which model year are the current line of Model3 cars?

    I am curious how does the model year work for the cars getting released this month into the end of the calendar year? Are these 2017 model year cars? A run of the mill manufacturer announces release of new model year cars and people know exactly what model year car they are buying. But what...
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    Blog Model 3: Is The Long Range Battery Worth It?

    The $9K delta keeps getting mentioned between the LR and the SR models. But as the early adopters will attest, the delta is higher as the PUP is bundled in the LR model. This makes it all the more difficult to justify jumping up to the LR. One can say you compare apples to apples and remove the...
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    Could the Model 3 autopilot HW support up to Level 5 autonomous driving?

    Do we know if the Model 3 autopilot HW will support up to Level 5 autonomous driving? EAP is currently at Level 2 as far as i know.
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    Tesla to discontinue RWD Model S 75

    Looks like all Model S will be AWD this point on. I picked up this news couple of hours ago. Not sure why there is no mention of this on this forum. This will truly differentiate their M3 from their MS and MX. Tesla, Inc. to Discontinue Cheapest Model S as Model 3 Deliveries Ramp-Up -- The...
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    Possible to max charge to say 70%

    As i read up on preserving and extending the life of an EV battery, the most dominant opinion is to charge to about 70-80% and don't let the charge deplete below 20%. I am not a Tesla owner at this time and I was wondering if there are controls available on the Tesla to cut off charging when it...
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    Interior color other than black availability??

    Yes, i certainly have seen picture of an M3 with light interior as well. That is what made me wonder if that is a production offering or if that was a special build.

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