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  1. Plood

    Used Model S Value

    I bought an 85k mile used 2018 from a friend with the same friendly offer. In Feb the wholesale offer was very low. Great news for me. A couple months before it was about 25% higher. My advice is that the market can fluctuate a lot and you might get a great deal or one to pass on if Carmax is...
  2. Plood

    Model S Refresh: Relatively fatiguing when actually driving long distances?

    Is that because you can lower the yoke to a level that would have the upper part of a wheel blocking the driver display?
  3. Plood

    Anyone disabled the PWS on refreshed S?

    I'll bet you can't find one state let alone 50 that has a law prohibiting owners specifically from disabling PWS.
  4. Plood

    Anyone disabled the PWS on refreshed S?

    As the laws differ in different countries and states, this is a presumptive legal absurdity. Much more likely is that in some nanny jurisdiction there is a regulation the manufacturer must comply with to provide this feature. And even there it’s unlikely to prohibit disabling.
  5. Plood


    Driving a Performance model Tesla gently to save energy is like being a successful rancher and eating tofu instead of steak.
  6. Plood

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Thanks. It resolved itself without intervention.
  7. Plood

    Regenerative Braking, How Much Does it Actually Do?

    You can coast without regen by not lifting your foot as far. Just lift enough to get the speed where it would have been when coasting. You can see in your display when it is and isn’t regenerating. You can also feel it in the deceleration that clearly accompanies regen. Don’t lift your foot...
  8. Plood

    Regenerative Braking, How Much Does it Actually Do?

    Regen efficiency answers the question: how much do you get back when you have to stop for a red light? If you travel at a constant speed you'll get no regen benefit even from a perfect system. It’s the instances when you must slow or stop before getting back to speed that it contributes. I had...
  9. Plood

    My tesla is stuck (completely shut down by malfunction) in my building’s indoor parking …any suggestions on towing it out?

    I was going to suggest asking building management to report an illegally parked car. Those tow guys can get anything.
  10. Plood

    Sunroof tint

    How dark (% transmission of visible light) is the normal roof? I’d guess closer to 2% than to 20%.
  11. Plood

    How long for Camera Calibration ?

    FSD in a 2018
  12. Plood

    First Service Visit

    The car was past warranty on miles, and my very nice price more than reflected it. Still a great deal even after all the costs to restore it to like new.
  13. Plood

    Tesla toolbox issue

    I downloaded that and tried, but kept getting error codes that robots are not permitted. Tried all teh settings. Welcome your advice on procedures that work.
  14. Plood

    Tesla toolbox issue

    I found a few odd docs to download but most were hierarchical html pages. I suppose there is probably an app or tool To download and save such things?
  15. Plood

    Refresh Model S gear selector on console issues

    Trim parts may be cheaper than you think.
  16. Plood

    Insurance - Assigning a dollar value to Lifetime Unlimited Supercharging

    1. Provide real data to justify a big number (good example in this thread). Ask Big. 2. Already have prepaid legal insurance (or hire a lawyer) to present your demand. 3. Offer something solid but less than your ask you can tell them you'll be content to accept and continue as a happy customer...
  17. Plood

    First Service Visit

    It took me many visits, but my 2018 Model S bought from a friend got: Floor mats console sliding door replaced (scratched up) driver and left passenger metal interior door trim strips (dented) replaced. Worn though at corner, driver door pillar "leather" trim replaced MCU2 upgrade (not much...
  18. Plood

    How long for Camera Calibration ?

    Recent owner of a used 2018 Model S purchased from a friend, with a silly question: Will re-calibration help with the nervous feeling that the car uncomfortably crowds to the right of the lane? Passing a truck feels like it will scrape (it's not really close as I can verify in the side mirror)...
  19. Plood

    How far have you gone on 0%?

    My first (recent) road trip away from home had me guided to a supercharger with only 7% remaining. That made me uncomfortable, so I stopped at a supercharger on the way to quickly get that up to about 20%. Was fine arriving home with 13%.
  20. Plood


  21. Plood

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    On an extended drive in warm weather, my 2018 Model S had several instances when the AC cooling stopped for a minute. Vent kept blowing but it started getting warm. One time might have been in stop and go with a construction delay. Another might have been with low charge below 20%. Another with...
  22. Plood

    Long-term Storage Outdoors in Summer

    I’d be looking for a storage facility.
  23. Plood

    Screen Yellowed, Again?

    My treatment (recently acquired 2018 Model S) was comped, but it didn't really work. Maybe it reduced it, but not enough to matter. I replaced the whole thing with an MCU2 upgrade.
  24. Plood

    2020 Tesla Crashes in Ohio

    I don’t trust a word of what the driver claims.
  25. Plood

    Latest Tesla Updates-Brakes next?

    “Plaid gets to speed faster which means it gets there more often.” That is not an indisputable fact. It seems pretty dumb no matter how one “thinks it through”. It’s nice to know how you think of the issue but I suspect you persuaded no one that your “fact” is correct. (No dispute that those...
  26. Plood

    Latest Tesla Updates-Brakes next?

    If you have to say this, you’re either wrong or bad at explaining things Or both.
  27. Plood

    Should I sell my Model S?

    Timing the bottom is a fools errand. You buy periodically to accumulate.
  28. Plood

    Can anyone help with enabling supercharging?

    What law? A criminal law? In what jurisdiction?
  29. Plood

    5000 km road trip - Vancouver (BC) to San Diego round trip

    This post smells like a drama Queen due to lack of facts and excess of emotion.
  30. Plood

    Should I sell my Model S?

    Which means it’s the ideal time to implement the start of my plan. I bought more for this very reason. A down market isn’t a counterargument to buying, it’s an argument in favor.
  31. Plood

    Semi-new 22 LR owner questions

    Ahh. It now occurs to me that even if you know it will never be hot enough to operate the overheat proteciton, having the feature activated would mean that the system must be awake enough to monitor the temperature. And perhaps to monitor the temperature requires some air circulation.
  32. Plood

    Prediction: Tesla average selling price will increase to $150,000 USD

    I think $150,000 will be correct. Of course, inflation will have devalued the currency by 3x by the time FSD is resolved, so that's the same $50k in today's dollars.
  33. Plood

    Should I sell my Model S?

    1. In inflationary times, you might regret putting your money in cash for a later purchase. Put the funds into TSLA as a hedge, or at least get in carefully at 10% per month for 10 months? 2. Don't sell until you need to. A regretted sale is much worse than a car kept a little too long. 3...
  34. Plood

    Latest Tesla Updates-Brakes next?

    Both are high-performance cars and the only difference is in how fast they get fast. Both need the same braking capacity to stop. No way they push these on Plaid buyers. The paint color is simply a badge indicating the performance of the drive-train.
  35. Plood

    Number of batteries replaced on model S / X since 2012

    Suggestion: Assume a battery lasts for 10 years. If the cost is $20,000, then put $2000 per year into your battery fund (adjust these numbers to match your own expectations). If you buy used, add the $2000 per year at the outset for existing age (if you can't afford it, you may be buying...
  36. Plood

    Kazkorp Modified P100D - Satin Thundercloud Wrap, Wheels, Red Accents

    Why do you think they call them “spoilers”?
  37. Plood

    Getting a used Tesla, deciding between years VS budget

    There should be some caution about the logic that “after _ years they tend to need expensive repairs”. Even if that is true, and there were some sensible threshold of age when it made sense to sell to the hypothetical fool who doesn’t know this truism (implausible), what was true of a past model...
  38. Plood

    How to plan a road trip - how long will it take?

    Thanks. I suppose I could charge faster in Centerville (halfway point), or deplete more to Huntsville (2/3 point) and charge relatively faster due to being more depleted. What I'm hearing from all quarters is to relax, have an idea what the options might be, be flexible with either charging...
  39. Plood

    New Official Illuminated Door sills

    End of my story is that the return was acccepted and Tesla paid for return shipping. I had new non-illuminated ones installed by the SC at a low cost I can't determine because of how they credited me for an earlier overbilling error. I'm glad to have replaced the scratched ones with new, and...
  40. Plood

    How to plan a road trip - how long will it take?

    I'm planning a first trip involving charging away from home. Like first time at summer camp... Assume vehicle range 300 miles. Distance to destination 260 miles. Option 1: Charge midway, then charge at destination. Destination charge requires picking more expensive hotel, parking valet, to...
  41. Plood

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Thanks for that added principle: “charge late” 1. Charge low 2. Charge small (often) 3. Charge late (just before)
  42. Plood

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Picking a charging strategy is like joining a church (or not attending). I'm joining the church of AAKEE, which seems to have the best technical support (I'm an engineer by training). My summary: Set upper charge limit as low as possible to comfortably meet your potential needs for your next...
  43. Plood

    Model S 2017 rolling and won't stop

    One could test with a large cardboard box without risk. I’m not certain but with computer controls on the electric motors it would seem easy to have a motor drive in reverse to stop the vehicle from slowest speeds and then cease when at zero velocity, at which the parking brake is applied...
  44. Plood

    Should I talk my wife out of an X and into a Y?

    Your hallucination that you have broken my pride is noted. I’m glad that you’re happy with your $100 car seats. Good luck.
  45. Plood

    Should I talk my wife out of an X and into a Y?

    This is what $2000 worth of car seats looks like. Aluminum frame, adjustable position to enable years more comfortable rear facing. Extra side energy absorber. Forward foot rests on floor for rigid three point support with rear lever securing position. Maybe for 10x the cost it has only a...
  46. Plood

    Should I talk my wife out of an X and into a Y?

    Vastly safer, assuming one selects wisely. Same as with vehicle designs, they differ greatly in strength, energy absorption, idiot-proof-ness, and ability to keep an occupant alive in a marginal scenario. Also, Rear-facing is vastly safer in a frontal collision than forward facing.
  47. Plood

    220 NEMA Adapter vs. Tesla Wall Unit - Thoughts? Just ordered a Model Y Performance for delivery July-August

    86% of posts on those threads chide the inquirer for not researching without providing information or a link to the useful information.
  48. Plood

    Model S 2017 rolling and won't stop

    With induction motors they presumably would have to provide power in reverse to come to a stop without brakes.
  49. Plood

    Should I talk my wife out of an X and into a Y?

    You seem nice. I had assumed that the Y board was the place to find Y enthusiasts to help me save $60k, and some have proven helpful, in an unexpected way. But some seem bothered that someone else can contemplate an X, or own a Mercedes*. The newsflash is that some people buy an X without...
  50. Plood

    Should I talk my wife out of an X and into a Y?

    Car seats are rear facing as long as possible (past age 5) and $1000 each imported from Europe where superior options are available. Not negotiable. The car must fit the safest seat. This is the most clearly persuasive point on the matter. If the X is strongly differentiated with luxury feel...

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