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  1. pl8dlikafiddle

    Is it safe to take a road trip with the rear drive disabled?

    I'd contact roadside through the car or app to get Tesla's input. If they say it is acceptable to drive home or to nearby service center, I'd do that. If not, have them pick-up the car and press for a loaner/rental. That car is new.
  2. pl8dlikafiddle

    Model 3 delivered with 75 foot-pounds lug-nut torque [Update: 75 ft lbs to loosen, not tighten]

    Also forgot to mention - Harbor Freight sells great budget 1/2" drive torque wrenches, perfect for this application. Set it at 129ft lbs and let it rip (but not too much).
  3. pl8dlikafiddle

    Model 3 delivered with 75 foot-pounds lug-nut torque [Update: 75 ft lbs to loosen, not tighten]

    You can purchase a ratchet, a breaker bar, and a set of deep sockets from any auto parts store, Home Depot, Lowes, harbor freight etc. I believe the lug nut size is 21mm.
  4. pl8dlikafiddle

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    2022 Update. 2020 Model 3 LR AWD, October 2020 build date. 51,XXX miles. Lifetime avg. of 278 Wh/mi. 100% Range = 306 miles. Range dropped as low as 290 miles during the pandemic shut down. Before the shutdown, car charged to 90% every two days and discharged down to 20-25% before charging...
  5. pl8dlikafiddle

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Anyone seeing an increase in 100%SoC mileage? My car dropped down to 290 miles at some point in 2021, but it had slowly climbed back up to 310 miles @100% SoC. This was confirmed during a recent 100% charge for a road trip. Car is a 2020 AWD LR, and I purchased it with 2,XXX miles and it...
  6. pl8dlikafiddle

    Model 3 delivered with 75 foot-pounds lug-nut torque [Update: 75 ft lbs to loosen, not tighten]

    With our first Tesla, I purchased a spare wheel/tire and a carried my ratchet and a 1" pipe as an extension. 3 years and two Teslas later, we live on the edge and road trip with a can of fix-a-flat, patch kit, and a hand-held air compressor. We made this transition last year after both our 3...
  7. pl8dlikafiddle

    No longer sleeping after 2021.4.11

    I had this issue around April of 2021 immediately after a software update (HV relay cycling and preventing the car from sleeping). Tesla re-installed the update, but it did not fix it. It was fixed after a software update a couple of weeks later. My temporary solution to save the contactor...
  8. pl8dlikafiddle

    It’s Over, Tesla is That Good!

    Silver is my wife and my color of choice when it comes to vehicles. We simply love it, especially when it's a metallic silver - so simple to maintain and hides scratches very well. If silver was still available when we purchased our Model 3, I would have absolutely paid for it. I personally...
  9. pl8dlikafiddle

    It’s Over, Tesla is That Good!

    Love the silver 👍
  10. pl8dlikafiddle

    Teslas are being delivered too fast for Supercharger Growth

    To answer OPs original question, I’ve definitely noticed an uptick in activity, but still haven’t had to wait yet on road trips here on the east coast. My usual work road trips in the Tesla is from Atlanta to Charlotte and Raleigh,NC, and also from Atlanta to Orlando, FL. Tesla appears to...
  11. pl8dlikafiddle

    Window Tint Too Expensive

    I've had both, and have had better experience with 3M Crystalline versus XPEL XR Plus Ceramic. I have XPEL XR Plus on my Corvette and had it on a BMW wagon, and I felt more heat through the windshield and windows on those cars versus our other cars with 3M Crystalline (Model 3, Yukon...
  12. pl8dlikafiddle

    The Report-Your-No-Problems Thread

    2020 Model 3 Long Range with 48,XXX miles. No major issues. Has been to service twice - once to replace the front windshield from a crack (road debris) and a second time due to the car not sleeping after a software update (car would not accept an OTA software push, so it had to go in). Range...
  13. pl8dlikafiddle

    Window Tint Too Expensive

    Check out The Tint Guy in Woodstock - I had my 2020 done about a year ago with full crystalline (including entire back glass and front windshield) for $700. It’s probably more expensive now, but may be worth checking if your initial quote at another place is $900 for ceramic. If that quote is...
  14. pl8dlikafiddle

    Window Tint Too Expensive

    I’m in Georgia - place called “The Tint Guy”. I’ve had all my cars/trucks tinted there. Just had our new Mercedes Sprinter crew van tinted in crystalline on the front windshield and the two side windows on each side, along with ceramic 5% tint on the cab sides (2) and rear (2) door windows. It...
  15. pl8dlikafiddle

    best way to keep overheat protection on

    Agree - that's absolutely ridiculous....and that's probably why no one else does it LOL. I use window shades to protect the screen/MCU from direct sunlight, otherwise I do not have cabin overheat protection on. I turn the AC on 10mins before I'm ready to hop in it.
  16. pl8dlikafiddle

    Charging Setup Questions, Divergent Electrician Opinions

    We just took delivery of a Y for my wife, and we have two wall connectors that load share. We’ve had a Model 3 since 2019, and charging at 24A has been sufficient with an average use of 60-80miles daily, therefore we opted for load sharing in lieu of dedicated circuits for each. I can see...
  17. pl8dlikafiddle

    Tesla says "Gray area for the warranty" and says I drained it [12V covered under warranty - resolved]

    Only way I see this thing draining to 0%, without sentry and cabin overheat protection actively on, is that one of the vehicle’s doors weren’t fully closed, therefore the vehicle ran its battery down sitting there with HVAC running.
  18. pl8dlikafiddle

    First interior “problem” on M3

    Similar thing happened to the B-Pillar on my car. It did not want to pop back in easily - it seemed to be caught on something. It took Tesla mobile service around 10minutes to get it popped back in. It popped out when I got into the car one day and my @$$ popped it out of place as I...
  19. pl8dlikafiddle

    Best speed for road trips?

    If you want to save a few bucks and shoot for efficiency, drive 65mph. Fastest from start to finish will always be driving the fastest you can stand/willing to risk, arriving between 5-15% state of charge, and leaving with no more than 65% unless needed for a longer supercharger hop. One...
  20. pl8dlikafiddle

    Lifetime Wh/mi

    My lifetime average is 278 Wh/mi, 41,902 miles as of this afternoon. 2020 LR AWD. A lot of mileage at 75+ mph interstate highway speeds - majority of commute is on the interstate, and I’ve done around 15,000 miles of road trips on this car. I don’t watch my speed, nor do I worry about climate...
  21. pl8dlikafiddle

    Charging EV Car on Camping Site

    No need to explain to me - I get it. I’m in the design side of commercial buildings, and continuous loads are always accounted for and hardly ever a trade-off scenario. It seems UK campsites err on the side of minimum infrastructure required (overloaded panels) and make sure those evil EV’s...
  22. pl8dlikafiddle

    Charging EV Car on Camping Site

    Doesn’t matter. The point is each receptacle has a rating, and the breaker and wire serving each receptacle is rated for that receptacle. Are the campsites not indicating how many amperes the receptacle is rated for? If they are, and you’re not exceeding that for your camp site spot, why do...
  23. pl8dlikafiddle

    19 sport wheels vs Aero - Ride Quality?

    My experience was the opposite, but I believe there may be other factors at play. My 2019 SR+ was louder and clunkier feeling/sounding going over bumps, while my 2020 LR AWD feels/sounds more solid going over bumps and is quieter in general.
  24. pl8dlikafiddle

    Charging EV Car on Camping Site

    I find this very odd. In the US, when you reserve a camp site with utility connections, you're typically free to use the utilities provided with that camp site as you see fit (Class A/B RV, camper, camper van, pop up, EV camping, etc.). I've camped in my vehicle numerous times during long...
  25. pl8dlikafiddle

    19 sport wheels vs Aero - Ride Quality?

    I've had both - no measurable difference in the ride quality aspect, and I've had both with the same tires (Michelin MXM4). I've test driven a friend's M3P with 20's, and there's a noticeable ride quality difference there - combination of larger wheel diameter, stickier tire with stiffer...
  26. pl8dlikafiddle

    From a Dinosaur to a Spaceship with Plaid drive

    That car is sexy!!! I guess the Plaid is not too shabby as well... 😄
  27. pl8dlikafiddle

    Finally ready to get my dream car… need advice

    I sold my 2019 SR+ to Carvana for a ridiculous price, and turned around and purchased a Long Range AWD for a few thousand more. Many folks did it in late 2020 and even more so in 2021. It was a crazy used car market, and all you had to do was wait a few weeks/months until your new one came for...
  28. pl8dlikafiddle

    Pull over safely, vehicle is shutting down.

    Looks like a bird may have gotten into a bag of Taco Bell....and the car happened to be below the bird when it let it fly. Or could be someone purposely put something there. Buffing it out with some light rubbing compound or polish would be my first step.
  29. pl8dlikafiddle

    Phone lights up on acceleration

    Is this a serious question?
  30. pl8dlikafiddle

    Window Tint Too Expensive

    Having the windshield tinted with crystalline (or equivalent) heat/IR blocking tint is a game changer, although illegal. I went with 70% on the windshield and 20% sides and back glass. The 20% everywhere else makes the 70% windshield look “untinted”. Just my 2 cents.
  31. pl8dlikafiddle

    Window Tint Too Expensive

    That’s a major ripoff. I had my 2020 Model 3 tinted with crystalline ( step above ceramic). Tint included entire back window (includes rear passenger roof area), sides, and entire front windshield for $700. I had my 2019 Model 3 tinted with ceramic in the same manner, except without the...
  32. pl8dlikafiddle

    Supercharger - Woodstock, GA

    Working normal. 246 kW peak. Edit: not sure why, but my photos doesn’t appear to be loading correctly.
  33. pl8dlikafiddle

    Supercharger - Woodstock, GA

    Woodstock supercharger is live on the navigation. Will update in 40 mins on peak charging - arriving with 14% SoC so hoping for 200+ kW.
  34. pl8dlikafiddle

    Supercharger - Woodstock, GA

    I didn’t get a photo, but my Model 3 peaked at 56 kW during my test charge (plugged in for around a minute). Car was at 55% SoC and was driven from my house a few miles away. I have to see a client in Gwinnett tomorrow - will run it down to 20% and pre-condition before getting there and see...
  35. pl8dlikafiddle

    Supercharger - Woodstock, GA

    It’s a nice site, and I think the location is probably the best chance of not getting ICE’d most days. I’d still bet these will get ICE’d during holidays, especially around November/December holidays and back to school season.
  36. pl8dlikafiddle

    Windows try to “close” after brake pedal is pressed.

    Thanks folks. Just glad to know it’s not just me. The car is parked in an un-heated garage at home. It has been cold lately (30-40F) during the day where it’s parked in a parking deck. It’s been doing it when I leave the parking deck for sure. Thanks again.
  37. pl8dlikafiddle

    Windows try to “close” after brake pedal is pressed.

    Hello all, it seems there’s something funky going on with the recent software where the windows on my Model 3 tries to “close” after I press on the brake pedal to put the car in drive. The windows are “up” in this case, and it appears to do it with ALL of the windows, not just the driver...
  38. pl8dlikafiddle

    Model Y Storage

    No issues for the car. Poster above has great points regarding tire flat spots, etc, but you cannot control that and the tires being somewhat new will likely be fine once the car is driven again. Suggest targeting the state of charge of the vehicle to be around 50-60% before you leave the car...
  39. pl8dlikafiddle

    I just want to go straight, but FSD wont let me?

    Or....you can just cancel the navigation when you get in it and do not want to go to work. Takes only 1 tap instead of 2 taps.
  40. pl8dlikafiddle

    Are Tesla authorized body shops really necessary?

    For a trunk lid scratch????? This would be fixed by a mobile paint detailer if it was any other manufacturer or dealer trying to sell a used car they just acquired. Unless the trunk lid has a big dent (that a mobile dent repair can't handle) or the paint has began peeling, a deep scratch is...
  41. pl8dlikafiddle

    How Long Would Battery Last? [hypothetical - sitting in gridlock]

    EV owners need to inform themselves on the pertinent parameters so that they are better prepared to deal with situations like this. Know what a kilowatt (kW) is and the difference between "it" and a kilowatt-hour (kWh). Know how to calculate how many kWh your car THINKS it has - the car...
  42. pl8dlikafiddle

    New update 2021.44.25 adds customizable app launcher like Model S refresh plus other major upgrades to system.

    BUT GUYS….THE LIGHT SHOW!! Liking the update so far. Only downside is tire pressure and consumption cards going away, but that’s just a click away by putting the energy screen on the quick access bar.
  43. pl8dlikafiddle

    Has anyone had a problem with dirty door sills after driving on wet roads?

    My windshield gets dirty on a wet highway also. Tesla really needs to get their act together.
  44. pl8dlikafiddle

    Which Center Cap for 19" Sport Wheels (old style)?

    OP, did you ever find a center cap that fits?
  45. pl8dlikafiddle

    Can I leave my car outside year round?

    It’s not the outdoor temps that’ll degrade your battery… You mentioned you’ll be using supercharging if your landlord does not install a wall connector. This will be inconvenient and sour your experience, and there’s a potential for higher battery degradation when using strictly DC charging...
  46. pl8dlikafiddle

    Key card required despite my phone being available

    Make sure background app refresh is on along with location for your Tesla App.
  47. pl8dlikafiddle

    A sincere effort from a hater to adapt to living in a world with Teslas

    Background on myself, OP - I have 6 cars in the current stable. 2020 Model 3 (daily commuter, replaced my 2014 Prius), 6.2 liter Yukon (wife and kid hauler), 650hp C6 Z06, JK Jeep on 38s, F250, and just recently a Mercedes Sprinter. Have been a car nut all my life - owned and built a bagged mini...
  48. pl8dlikafiddle

    Which TPMS sensors work for 2021 Model 3?

    Random question - will the new Bluetooth based TPMS work with the 2018-2020 Model 3 automatically? I’m in the market for a spare 18” aero wheelset, and I just want to know if I need to be focusing on finding a wheelset with the old TPMS sensors.
  49. pl8dlikafiddle

    Alternative Fuel Vehicle License Plate - Georgia

    Malfunction junction 😄 - first I've heard of the term. I used to make that Atlanta to Charlotte commute at least once every couple of weeks. It feels like that stretch of I-85 has been in construction for the last 10 years.

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