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  1. Caligula

    Norwegien owners sue Tesla because "Insane mode" not insane enough

    Is it? Both businesses were sued over those exact issues. See the post above and this: 99 Cents Only Stores sued over price increase
  2. Caligula

    If 8.0 ships tomorrow everyone's next Tesla payment is on me!

    So is he going to eat the hat or not?
  3. Caligula

    Cracked pano roof mystery...

    This thought occurred to me today as well.
  4. Caligula

    Cracked pano roof mystery...

    There is no had has never been aftermarket tint on the pano. Ive never felt the need for it even in the middle of a 100° So Cal summer. Also the SvC has an appointment for 2 weeks out at the soonest. I hope this doesnt get much worse.
  5. Caligula

    Cracked pano roof mystery...

    Spoke to my SvC, and they suggested bringing it in for an inspection. Any reason to have my adjuster look at it prior to this?
  6. Caligula

    Cracked pano roof mystery...

    Which makes me wonder if Tesla will cover this under warranty...
  7. Caligula

    Cracked pano roof mystery...

  8. Caligula

    Norwegien owners sue Tesla because "Insane mode" not insane enough

    The 99 cent store isnt 99 cents either.
  9. Caligula

    Cracked pano roof mystery...

  10. Caligula

    Cracked pano roof mystery...

    So I just noticed that my panoramic roof has a giant crack in it. Upon closer inspection, I cant find any impact damage from anything nor can I recall any event which would cause this. Im wondering at this point if its a defect in the glass? Take a took and tell me what you think.
  11. Caligula

    Top Gear making Tesla looks bad again? P90D vs GTR

    Did they mention that you need to use the OEM launch control system in the GTR in order to get those acceleration figures and that Nissan will void your drive train warranty if you use said LC program...
  12. Caligula

    Is Auto-pilot harsh on brakes?

    Ive played with this extensively during my commutes. I find that the AP does indeed utilize the brakes more than regen in some situations. My theory is that the car cant see as far ahead as I can (and/or make out the traffic at that resolution) and as such, it needs to react with more abrupt...
  13. Caligula

    Model X Loaner

    Yeah it wasn't time worthy, especially as they mailed me a check for $5 which showed up 6 weeks later. heh.
  14. Caligula

    Model X Loaner

    Yup, no joke. They typically try to give you a 3 series BMW or similar (at least here, anyway) but Enterprise was out of luxary models, so I was stuck with a Chevrolet Cruze... and it came with only a 1/4 tank of gas! At least Tesla reimbursed me the $5 worth of fuel I put in it.
  15. Caligula

    Model X Loaner

    My last loaner was a P85. Before that it was a BMW 328 and before that a Chevrolet Cruze.
  16. Caligula

    New key fob coming with Bluetooth LE?

    Why should I want or care about this new fob?
  17. Caligula

    For Those Who Think The Model S Has Too Much Chrome...

    I've seen cars with this wrap on the street. It should be illegal, as it's literally a rolling glare hazard.
  18. Caligula

    We survived a HORRIBLE accident thanks to our Tesla

    I didn't want to sidetrack this thread but can someone explain this to me? I've seen it referenced here a few times already.
  19. Caligula

    We survived a HORRIBLE accident thanks to our Tesla

    Yet another Tesla down due to some oaf running a red light... thankfully, just lIke the Model X, everyone walked away relatively unscathed! This is exactly why we bought our S. Thank you for sharing and my condolences regarding the vehicle. By the way, what kind of vehicle was it that hit you...
  20. Caligula

    Very sad... Fatality in a Model S on the 405

    IIRC new models (D models and newer?) don't require additional reinforcement for the rear jump seats. Apparently the added rigidity is already in all newer models? Can anyone confirm?
  21. Caligula

    Model S catches fire in France-8/2016

    Human nature. Why would you think the average person would bother to do this when they are so blasé about more pressing safety issues? That said, why didn't the delivery specialist go over this when I took delivery of my vehicle? He made sure to tell me how to close the frunk so it wouldnt dent...
  22. Caligula

    Android app update - car connect delay fixed?

    I never had an issue except for the occasional hangup. Killing the app and opening it again always fixed this though.
  23. Caligula

    Just read some posts on cosmetic repairs!! :(

    For the most part, all aftermarket body pieces that I've seen cost as much or more than those form Tesla.
  24. Caligula

    First Pokemon/Auto Crash Reported

  25. Caligula

    Stopped By a Tesla store today....

    Zombie thread back from the dead
  26. Caligula

    They didn't use the jack point...

    SvC did verify the damage is cosmetic and that it would cost $1500 to replace. Lol I'll send ATD the invoice.
  27. Caligula

    They didn't use the jack point...

    It wasn't just told... I literally got on the ground and put my finger on the jack point to show the manager where to lift it. To top it all off, they scratched the hell out of my rim. Cliffs Notes: NEVER use American Tire Depot... even if you have a flat and it's the only store open on the 4th...
  28. Caligula

    They didn't use the jack point...

    I had a friend send pics to a Tesla mechanic. He said it looks superficial as well but to take it in to get it looked at. To make matters worse, these monkeys scratched the hell out of my wheel.
  29. Caligula

    They didn't use the jack point...

    Sigh. Even after showing them where the jack point is at the corner they needed to raise to fix a tire, the shop STILL managed to screw it up. I'm wondering how bad this is?
  30. Caligula

    Fatal autopilot crash, NHTSA investigating...

    I'm just making an observation. I'm not making any sort of personal judgement or opinion on the matter.
  31. Caligula

    Fatal autopilot crash, NHTSA investigating...

    Is it just me or does anyone else see parallels between this and gun laws discussions? That said, I found this article interesting (unrelated to my previous comment about gun laws): Cruise Control Could Be Hazardous To Your Health This part is of interest, given the deceased's previous career...
  32. Caligula

    Fatal autopilot crash, NHTSA investigating...

    It's funny you mentioned that... I was just talking about this with my father who used to be a RIO in F4s. If you're wondering, the chute used to slow that beastly aircraftaircraft during short runway landings malfunctioned in this instance.
  33. Caligula

    Autopilot feature removed?

    The one time I used this feature in public, it took so long I had a stack of cars waiting and honking at me lol. They really need to make it more fluid instead of unnecessary 3 point turns. Also given the fact that some Fords (et al) can do this, it's not overly impressive to people anymore...
  34. Caligula

    Fatal autopilot crash, NHTSA investigating...

    I see you don't live in a boarder state.
  35. Caligula

    Model S Hybrid?

    No. No. No. No. 1,000,000 times no.
  36. Caligula

    Hit Curb and now it's the start of month 4 Waiting for Repair

    True Story. Shortly after I had my previous AWD sedan tuned to make 400awhp/400awtq I decided to take TAC off and slide it around a bit. Overcooked a corner, rotated the car too much, and sent the vehicle sideways, up over a curb. All 4 wheels ended up on the dirt sidewalk. 0 body damage (bottom...
  37. Caligula

    Why is Elon so obsessed about the doors ?

    Are you saying Tesla can't replicate the issue when you take it to the service center?
  38. Caligula

    Why is Elon so obsessed about the doors ?

    How do faulty latches NOT cut into a doors benefits? I'd think that's a pretty critical area for any type of hinged (articulated?) entryway.
  39. Caligula

    Why is Elon so obsessed about the doors ?

    Insert fob into the same pocket you keep your cellphone. Problem solved! Heh.
  40. Caligula

    Why is Elon so obsessed about the doors ?

  41. Caligula

    NVidia launch Tesla P100 !

    Wasn't Tesla already the name for an older architecture though?
  42. Caligula

    Pano roof woes. Sadly. Again.

    Looks like the rubber seal is getting caught and eaten by the articulating mechanism under the Pano roof. Here you can see it after putting the roof into the 12% vent position. I've got an appointment at the SvC in a week. Sigh.
  43. Caligula

    Smart Pre-conditioning revisited?

    I haven't looked into this at all after turning it off last year, so I'm wondering if anyone has has any positive experience with it lately? I'd like to think the SPC programming would have been fine tuned given how many software pushes I've received since I last tried it... but who knows? Anyone?
  44. Caligula

    Model S Internet

    As someone who has never needed to use a mobile hotspot (Verizon unlimited since the 3g days), I also fail to see the attraction. Perhaps this would help supplement families that have lower tier shared data plans. It could avoid overages, etc as the kids stream untold amounts of crap during a...
  45. Caligula

    Car cover

    Dirt under the cover and hail damage? Ha!
  46. Caligula

    Model S Internet

    Apparently. They even let you use the car as a Hotspot so you can suck data even faster via multiple mobile devices. Also meant to say GM, not Ford.
  47. Caligula

    Model S Internet

    At least it's not GMs model: Vehicle buyers will get three months of 4G service or up to 3 gigabytes of use, whichever comes first. After the trial period, owners can pay for the service on a sliding scale based on usage. Those who already subscribe to OnStar's existing safety and security...
  48. Caligula

    Sunroof tint causes crack?

    Id get a second opinion.

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