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    What did you name your Tesla?

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    Model 3 Performance - TSportline 18" wheel + CrossClimate 2 tire - NY/NJ area - asking for $1400

    Same boat as others. In a month or two I'd be on these, I just don't have the cash right now.
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    Windshield tint expectations

    I've already had mine done twice. I've come to accept that a window that large is not going to be perfect.
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    all weather floor mats and carbon fiber spoiler for sale

    I agree, does not look real.
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    Model 3 18" Aero Rims + Tires + Bluetooth TPMS

    You were closer I would make you an offer however I have no clue when I would get to South Carolina.
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    Spigen Matte screen protector - looking for feedback

    I have the exact one. It's great. You can still see fingerprints in bright light but in normal driving conditions I cannot see them.
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    How to clean vegan steering wheel?

    Wrap it in bacon?
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    14-30 Adapter and Bryant Outlet

    I still got it. Any offers?
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    M3 LR Mud Flaps

    You could just send them to me.
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    Tesla Tequila #35 of 420. Last ever made

    50 bucks because I don't drink tequila, lol
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    Model 3 JDM Style

    Who uses brakes? Just kidding, those are beautiful.
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    OEM Model 3 Roof Rack - $275 - Bay Area

    Would you ship?
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    14-30 Adapter and Bryant Outlet

    Open to offers. It's all new and wasting space on my desk.
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    FS: Reverse Logic Jack Pads for 3/Y

    Did you ever seen them?
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I can't say I looked over every inch but they're was nothing obvious. It's going to get scratched, seats worn in, etc. I think I already killed 155 bugs on the way home. If there was an obvious problem it would have been address but honestly it seemed pretty flawless. Only downside which...
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I just graduated. Delivery was excellent. When I went to pick it up they had it inside having it detailed, AKA washed but it was flawless. The bumper seemed to me like it fit a little tight however every model 3 on the lot was the same. No issues whatsoever.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I was lucky my credit union matched Carolina co-op without me even applying to them. 1.99
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I don't think. Heck I'm 260xxx
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I'm picking up from Devon on Monday.
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    Is PPF or ceramic coating necessary?

    Nothing is necessary. PPF will protect from small chips and scratches. Ceramic can help against small scratches but I use it to get keep it clean. On a new car in doing PPF on the front and ceramic coating everything.
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    14-30 Adapter and Bryant Outlet

    I purchased both brand new however I had a panic attack when I heard new vehicles would NOT come with the mobile connector. I ended up buying a wall connector and do not need these. I have over $120 invested, asking $80 shipped. It also includes outlet box and cover.
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    Tesla mobile connecter w/ 14-50

    Would you sell the 14-50?
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    Truckload of Teslas!

    No picture, didn't happen. Lol
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I got the message about scheduling pickup. I was only given 2 dates to make pickup. They said if I couldn't get it those dates I would have to get a VIN reassigned. Worst part was one was nothing times and three lot is 2.5 hours away.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I just got the same update. It's getting real.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I got a VIN. EDD 6/5 to 6/9.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Let's go East Coast.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I messaged my essay with the same question. My work schedule isn't easy and I coach baseball. It's hard to say when exactly I'll be able to go. He told me they typically hold them for 10 to 14 days.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I just got my first update. Pushed a little bit smaller window. Went from May 18 - June 15 Now May 23- June 5
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    M3 Accessories and Winter Tires w Aero Wheels For Sale - Boston Area

    How much for the wheels/tires? Do you have pictures?
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    Mudflaps recommendation from folks who drive in snow

    I really with the rokblokz were in stock. The evflaps may be my next option.
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    Mud Flaps Recomendation

    I would love to find some rokblokz but the are out of stock. I emailed the company and they said the would put me on a wait list with no ETA.
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    Vendor TeslaShields New Team Member

    Are they really in stock and ready to ship? On the site it says in stock, but in the item description it says Waitlist and "Color: Dark Black Interior Matching estimated date till shipment: July-August 2022" Regarding 2022 Model 3 mats.
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    PA: M3P - 18 X 9.5 Apex EC-7 - Satin Bronze - Bluetooth TPMS - Michelin X-Ice

    If you have these months down the road I'll be all over it. I still don't have my M3 yet so I can't justify the cost.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Ordered 3/01. EDD 5/18-6/15
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I'm in the same boat. I have purchased 3-4 new or pre-owned cars from the Branded dealer and most of the sales people had no clue to most of the cars features or even powertrain.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    While we're waiting, what is everybody using to charge? I planned on using the UMC but as it does not seem available I may as well make a new plans. I debated on getting the Tesla wall charger however aftermarket chargers like the emporia or the grizzl-e seen like they may be a better value. I...
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Sorry, it's been a long week, yes I know it's Tuesday.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    https://shop.teslarati.com/products/tesla-model-y-3d-maxpider-all-weather-floor-mats-trunk-liner?variant=41051783233729 The elitect option.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I'll look when I get home. I had it pulled up on my tablet but cannot find it on my phone.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    That's odd. I had the same option and it said sold out. On the other side that sell a "I forget the term" fancier version with new deeper grooves and higher sides but they cost even more.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    They are sold out. Plus rpmtesla doesn't offer the new version.
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    NJ FS: Gen 2 Mobile Connector Charger Bundle $350 OBO

    This is what happens when they no longer include it. Everyone's going to be selling the ones they don't use.
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Now I just need it in PA.
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    My 22M3LR Accessory Wish List: comments?

    I'm on the fence about that type of mud flap. I'm seeing lots of people saying they get a bunch of grime that scuffs the paint.
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    Tesla Service [tesla not swapping winter tires for summer tires]

    Just hit up the tire shop. It's probably cheaper.

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