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    Any tire sizing gurus out there?

    You'd want 275/40/20 to match the diameter of stock tires, 275/35/20 is noticeably shorter and will mess with your speedometer/odometer.
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    Tesla Solar vs ....[third party competitors]

    You're absolutely correct, HOA can't disallow the installation of solar. However they did make my installer color match the conduits, subpanel to the exterior wall and roof tiles which I appreciated.
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    Tesla Solar vs ....[third party competitors]

    Try using Energysage to get bids from multiple contractors... I've got ~5kw pre existing PV installed before Tesla Energy was a thing and i was told they won't touch my project if there is existing PV... So I used energysage.com to get bids and apparently most vendors were at or below Tesla's...
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    Why does Tesla suspension suck so bad?

    On my MYP I just went from 21" uberturbine to 20" and it was a night and day difference. The wheel and sidewall also contributes alot to the overall ride quality.
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    285's or 295's for MYP at front and back/square set up

    Looks good! I just put 255/40/20 275/40/20, definitely might go with 275 or 285 square the next time around.
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    Vendor Show Off Your Aftermarket Model Y Wheels

    Here's my MYP with 20" VMR V802, Continental ExtremeContact. After 100 miles, consensus is that it rides so much smoother and quieter than 21" uberturbine/pirelli combo. Seems like the crazy rough ride is from 21's and not the factory performance suspension that i'm still on. These rims/tires...
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    2021 MYP Uberturbine 21" to 20" Aftermarket Wheels... 30 pound weight savings

    Zink advertises as 28 lbs. But if you add the 27 lbs of the tires, result is 55 lbs for a "fully forged" wheel/tire package vs my 54.4 lbs for flow formed (which is basically an alloy wheel with a spun forged barrel). What did your w/t package end up weighing in at?
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    Fixed my squeaky seat (issue I haven't seen on the forums)

    Same exact issue on my '21MY Front Seats were squealing, and when i brought the car to SC, it stopped squealing ( i guess because someone was sitting in the front seat ). Came home, googled, and decided to fix it myself! Lifting the headrest, the seat back literally falls back. Tesla.. some...
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    2021 MYP Uberturbine 21" to 20" Aftermarket Wheels... 30 pound weight savings

    After 15 months and 23000 miles on my '21 MYP I decided to downsize from factory 21" to aftermarket 20" wheels. On the Pirelli Pzero, the front tires had 50% tread, and rear tires had 25% tread, so plenty of life remaining. The handling for my MYP on 21" always surprises me, I'd get myself...
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    2022 MYP Motor Failure

    Neighbor just got his '22 MYLR back after almost a month in the SC. During the drive home from *DELIVERY* the car wasn't driving normal. Asked me to hop into the car, and it felt very weird, albeit no error messages. Do not pass go, drove straight to the SC the next day for a new rear motor 🤣
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    DIY paint chip repair step by step

    Here you go - cordless drill, you can use anything from home depot as long as it spins fast enough. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087R6DC97 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008H183K8 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FJG0LU4 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DTGP1QT https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07V1KN11T +...
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    DIY paint chip repair step by step

    Not a detailer and this is my first time trying it, comments welcome but please don't roast me :) Had 5 rather noticeable rock chips on the front right fender, was able to get it 90-95% fixed going the DYI way. All of the materials I was able to source on Amazon. Over all took 2-3 days, mainly...
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    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Walnut Ave. (at Jeffrey Rd., LIVE 4 Dec 2020, 8 V3 stalls)

    This might be one of the few shopping complexes not owned/run by the irvine company. Not 100% sure though but that doesnt change much Quite a few stalls have reduced charge rates, but in either case this SC is more so or less used by local shoppers so in general cars will be charging here...
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    Tesla Model Y Rear Door Paint Damage

    Same issue here..... 20000 miles. Could be as simple as a $5 clear film thats placed on every Model Y before delivery.
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    CA Waiting Room

    Do the sales reps have ability to tell you which processor the car has? Tesla estimate went from March to a phone call stating "come pick it up in 2 days" which to me is fine as long as its got the new hardware, and not a Q4 vehicle with prior stuff... Pricing was locked in before the price...
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    Model Y HEPA (Bio Defense Mode) is only available in China?

    This will definitely be on my upgrade list as well. Bummed it didn't show up by the time I picked up the vehicle. Initial impression is that the MY factory filter has a better filtration than your average car, but still a bit difference compared to the MS100D before I switched to the Y. Only...
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    Double pane windows, front/back/both windows?

    My MY21 (71xxx) came with dual pane windows, but interestingly enough, 3 months after delivery I noticed it was just on the front windows. The rear windows are single pane. Does anyone know if they intended on releasing this for both front and rear, or just front windows?
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    2021 MYP Waiting Room

    Finally got matched with a VIN yesterday (7xxxx). After their financing hiccup they called to inform that there are no more allocations for me, and I took up on their offer of a 2.5% discount in exchange for a demo car with less than 500 miles. Not looking forward to the possibility of huge...
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    Beware of home delivery option!

    They're probably purposely sending out "unfinished" vehicles to meet delivery targets and you're probably competing with other customers for appointment at the SC. I hope the Y I pickup in the next few hours will have a steering wheel since i need to "Accept" delivery before getting in lol.
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    2021 MYP Waiting Room

    On side note, did they note these adjustments on the "due order" upon delivery? I've seen two situations, first is the "take it or leave it" attitude (mostly during the M3 days). Second is others mentioned the service will say "in specs no repair needed"
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    2021 MYP Waiting Room

    Nice! I'm waiting on a Blue MYP as well (Southern California) Mine ran into a little hiccup, I ordered in Early Dec, applied for financing on the website 10 days ago and got very canned replies (takes 24-48 hrs, they might be a bit behind, etc etc). So today I called and said "I know you guys...
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    Leasing "no buy out" Option and trading up (to another Tesla)

    Thanks, I got this email too for my current lease (Model S). I'm only speculating but perhaps the "no buy out" is to reduce arbitraging/reselling; as I myself have gotten money back on several leased vehicles after selling it to carmax/other dealer mid-lease. For the Tesla, its mainly for...
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    Leasing "no buy out" Option and trading up (to another Tesla)

    Just curious and for those who leased - with the existence of the "no buy out option" how does Tesla treat/handle situations where you might want to trade up to a newer tesla? There is very little information on how these things are calculated... With a traditional lease the bank will have a...
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    Got My 2021 VIN!

    Are the 2021 VIN's in MYP trim out yet?
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    Performance y vins are here!

    Just wanted to get a quick poll, are all of your VIN's MY2021? I know this doesn't matter from production side as cars are updated constantly, but its for resale value 4-6 years down the road when we will inevitably upgrade to the newest Tesla
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    They were private Facebook groups that posts available deals and "introduces" the OA for a small fee. Wish this were still the case now, saves me some time to search
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    This might be a shot in the dark, but does anyone happen to know if Tesla still plays the "phantom inventory" game where available vehicles are purposely hidden from public view, and accessible by only sales reps? This was very prevalent and posted often on private groups until recently when...
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    New Vehicle Warranty - Exact expiration date/mileage?

    I guess it really just depends on how the word "registered" is defined. Theres no explicit wording that the warranty ends at 50k on the clock; although here we're just trying to debate whether putting a dealer plate (which can be freely moved from one unregistered vehicle to another without...
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    New Vehicle Warranty - Exact expiration date/mileage?

    My car is MY2017 took delivery in Dec 2017, i'm the first owner on the title (and qualified for all rebates). I am now realizing theres subtle updates in the warranty doc, this is the one i found; 4/27/2017. When Does the Warranty Period Begin and End? This New Vehicle Limited Warranty begins...
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    New Vehicle Warranty - Exact expiration date/mileage?

    So the SC is trying to charge for a repair that I thought would have been covered by warranty. For most of us who purchased "new", the car is going to have a few dozen miles on it, or more if purchasing test driven vehicle, and the issue is whether the warranty expires precisely at 50,000...
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    Model S Trade-in heads up

    Wow thanks for the heads up. I have almost the same car with one or two packages, I can't imagine my value being too far off from yours. Mine is a $110k MSRP (discounted to $95k) on a 3 year lease with $65k residual. I'm perfectly happy with the car, but with recent price drops and...
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    $9.99 DIY Windshield Repair

    I don't see the one I bought on Amazon anymore so it might be out of stock. From what I read the resin used is temperature dependent, and I left the suction on for a good half an hour (mostly because I forgot about it). It worked decently but the main reason I did a diy was because no windshield...
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    Sentry Mode on AP2 - Can I get my footage?

    Definitely fooled the owners too when the instruction manual asked for a USB stick lol
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    Sentry Mode on AP2 - Can I get my footage?

    Its strange that they'd have "Sentry mode" and instructions within the UI to place a USB stick, only for it to be depositing garbage files into the USB... annoying, lol.
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    $9.99 DIY Windshield Repair

    Thought I'd share this to the community as I think windshield damage is fairly high on the annoyance as well as cost list. Long story short, the spring on my windshield wiper arm popped out while I was changing wipers about 6 months ago. Fortunately still structurally sound as it didn't spread...
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    This might not be a welcome question but how is the EV-Cpo in terms of ability to snag semi unicorns in the paid subscription? I know some of these cars aren't listed on the Tesla site and only available to sales advisors but thought I'd ask.
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    Model 3 now has FOUR battery/range choices

    Does anyone have insight over how software limited battery works. Does telsa physically stop the battery from charging once it reaches 220 miles of range (thus stopping charge at 90%), or does it fully charge to 100% and software makes the car "die" at 10% (20 miles range) ?
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    Software Update 2018.50.x

    We're always the guinea pigs for the EU folks. Cars closer to HQ are logistically easier to fix, so after making 100k units of the TM3 for the US and working out the major bugs, send improved product to Europe :) Other than that, you can also use US owners for real life experiences to decide...
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    Software Update 2018.50.x

    Has anyone noticed NOA updates with .50? Due to phantom braking situation I've all but given up on using it for the last couple of months. I turned on Nav on Auto for the first time in ages and still notice the phantom braking every mile or so. So... back to regular autpilot I go :(
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    Software Update 2018.50.x

    Received a new update two days ago, thought it was the exciting 2019.x that's been hyped and talked about. After update is done, I started to wonder why the release notes is no different from before only to realize the car just received 2018.50... What gives lol
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    Broken Wiper Spring when in service mode

    I've officially joined this club too but with a slightly chioped windshield :( I'm guessing that freezing the wipers into windshield is a thing. Does anyone know if the SC are willing to fix these things without replacing the whole assembly?
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    Let's not do this in a Model 3 (or any car for that matter)

    Donuts are fun, I've done it in the Model S and many other cars but I'm not skilled (or dumb) enough to execute such a maneuver inside a crowd lol
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    Let's not do this in a Model 3 (or any car for that matter)

    Tesla should disable charging for this car lol... In Anaheim this weekend. C. Balboa on Instagram: “The Tesla that swang it last night must have been the wildest *sugar* I’ve seen in a while #cdk1year #cdk #goodtimesbadfriends #tesla #swingit…”
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    Model X IRS 100% Deduction “Hummer Loophole” - 2018 Edition

    It's definitely not a small difference although I think that, for a point of reference real estate agents can probably chime in on how exactly is the best way to set things up..
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    Model X IRS 100% Deduction “Hummer Loophole” - 2018 Edition

    I've hit a snag with this and this has to do with insurance/legal side and not so much tax side. I have a vehicle registered under company+personal, and when insurance found out of this, they promptly denied insurance. My personal insurance specifically said that any "business" purpose is...
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    Software Update 2018.42.x

    I'm also noticing different behavior when on AP vs NAP. It seems the NAP will slow down fairly often even though the exits are far away. I've noticed this while testing on same stretch of highway with comparable weather/traffic conditions. For example AP will hold steady at 70mph but NAP will...
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    Screen Discolored Near Bezel

    I had the exact same problem but only one line, at top bezel. They replaced under warranty for me.

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