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  1. MSullivan

    Supercharger - New London, CT

    Wow what luck, heading down from NH to Mohegan (staying in New London) one week from this SC's opening day. Always a bit of planning involved going there prior to this SC opening. Have to get enough juice in Auburn to make it back because there is no guarantee that the chargers at Mohegan will...
  2. MSullivan

    Lynnfield Supercharger (Market Street)

    Used this location yesterday for the first time ever, couldn't charge at the first two stalls I tried. Third gave me 4 Kw. Eventually got up to around 48 after the station thinned out a bit. Worst SC experience I have ever had.
  3. MSullivan

    What happened to free supercharging for life?

    The portion about referrals is a completely separate sentence at the end of the statement that I have free Supercharging for life and all future purchases. This is bait and switch and removes any incentive I have to buy a new S until this one is run into the ground. BTW: Superchargers in this...
  4. MSullivan

    What happened to free supercharging for life?

    Once upon a time at My Tesla it said I would have free supercharging for any new S or X I ever bought. Now that is gone and says free for the car I own. Besides being a horrible incentive to not buy a new car what is going on here?
  5. MSullivan

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    I was on my way to Dedham the other day and didn't even bother to check the status of the SC on the map. Turns out they have basically crippled this SC and said it is because they are having 100s of Model 3s come through every week and need it to charge them. I was getting 54 kw.
  6. MSullivan

    What's your top feature request that could be accomplished via software update?

    Across the line I think there should be GPS aware autolocking. If I am in my garage I don't want it to lock.
  7. MSullivan

    Extension cord from dryer outlet?

    I was an electrician in the Navy for 8 years. If I was still working as one I would also tell you to hire me to do it to code like they are. This is nonsense. As long as you air on the side of caution using an extension cord is fine. A 50' long extension cord isn't much different that running...
  8. MSullivan

    19 inch Model S Slipstream Silver Wheels low Socal miles

    I started a conversation with you about them.
  9. MSullivan

    Firmware update 2018.14.2

    In regards to my previous post, my daytime running lights are not working because the car was in Range Mode. Don't know how that happened.
  10. MSullivan

    Firmware update 2018.14.2

    Here is my experience with the two latest updates, 2018.14 and 2018.14.2 which rolled out very quickly after the first update. 1. After 2018.14 I started getting push notifications on my iPhone Tesla app that my charge cord was not securely fastened. I tried it with both my wife's J1772 with...
  11. MSullivan

    Out of curiosity, what do you hate about your Tesla?

    1. Navigation 2. Inability to turn off bluetooth so car keeps stealing my iPhone connection when I don't want it to.
  12. MSullivan

    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    My 18 month old refreshed 75D gave me a 12v battery error message. It was replaced for free under warranty by a "ranger" who came to my home for a previously scheduled console problem. Timing worked out great. He said I had the old generation battery and my new one is the newer version. As...
  13. MSullivan

    New England Model 3 Configuration Invites

    I got my invite yesterday (1/4). I ordered the 3 online as soon as it opened up. I saved my place is line. I probably won't get it, I love my S and my wife loves her Kia Soul EV which is way better for her shopping excursions than the small trunk opening of the 3. She was able to get a fully...
  14. MSullivan

    Model 3 Road Trip Stops - January 2nd, 2018

    I would love to see his Supercharger bill when he is finished.
  15. MSullivan

    Battery heater and 2017.50.x

    If you have the updated firmware I think you just have to assume Tesla knows when to heat the battery and when not to.
  16. MSullivan

    Supercharger - Woburn, MA

    I see that on 12/9 this went into permit stage. Seems like the time from that to online varies considerably.
  17. MSullivan

    Boston Pru Supercharger

    Crazy me looking in the forum devoted to charging.
  18. MSullivan

    Boston Pru Supercharger

    Oh I don't know, why don't you tell me.
  19. MSullivan

    Boston Pru Supercharger

    $12 an hour, that's not expensive? $24 to fully charge a 75 or 100 kWh model.
  20. MSullivan

    Boston Pru Supercharger

    I see that there are now 8 Superchargers at The Pru. As soon as someone uses them can you post your experience. Do you have to pay for parking in able to access the SC's? Thanks
  21. MSullivan

    Frunk on refreshed S won't open.

    When I release my frunk it was pops up like normal but the second latch doesn't open. I figured out how to move it so I can get in. Kinda like a normal engine hood works. I see there are two cables, the front latch cable moves but the rear one (the cable on right) doesn't. Any one else have this...
  22. MSullivan

    Full Self Driving ability by end of the YEAR ?

    No way, I don't even think we will have the new browser kernel by the end of the year. Elon is horrible at managing expectations. Example, announced in April the semi will be unveiled in September. Why? Apple sends out invites to journalist a week out. Why not do the same? Elon should stop...
  23. MSullivan

    Tesla Class 8 Semi Truck Thoughts

    What if the batteries aren't in the cab but in the trailer itself? Then Tesla builds trailer depots where drivers (or the trucks themselves) drive into the depot. He/she/it then deposit a trailer with depleted batteries and picks up a trailer with a full charge. The truck then continues on to a...
  24. MSullivan

    Driving the Model S for Uber + Lyft

    The extended warranty does say it wouldn't apply if you have been driving for Uber. Of course if you haven't bought it that is no problem. If you have it is very unlikely that Tesla will find out. And if you are considering buying it you can just put your $4250 in the bank and between it and...
  25. MSullivan

    Model Charger now working correct (software fix?)

    Disregard, spoke too soon. After working great it is back to going down to 30 amps. False alarm.
  26. MSullivan

    Model Charger now working correct (software fix?)

    Sorry title is wrong, Mobile Charger now working. My refreshed 75D has been unable to charge at it's full amperage capability since I received it (at home anyway). I have it on a 40 amp breaker and set it up at 32 amps. Every time I used it the Model S would say something is wrong with my...
  27. MSullivan

    Why was Titanium given a death sentence?

    You can't say that, color is subjective. I don't like dark wheels on any car but I understand somebody else loving them. If we all liked the same things it would be a boring world.
  28. MSullivan

    EZ Pass Mounting- Problem Solved

    New Hampshire must not care. In fact I reported my last one lost and they sent me a new one for less than $9 and said nothing about me losing it.
  29. MSullivan

    EZ Pass Mounting- Problem Solved

    I recommend you spray paint your EZ Pass black. I did it and it looks much better and works great. Take a piece of tape and place it over the bar code first then do it. Peel off the tape and install.
  30. MSullivan

    Nice looking pedals

    Ordered aluminum pedals from this company and they just arrived. Less than $51 with free shipping. Ordered 8/20. Arrived from China today 9/3. They look good and were easy to install. You literally pop the brake pedal off and put this one on. The accelerator goes over the existing one. They...
  31. MSullivan

    Feeling less and less comfortable

    Some people are put off by the fact that they include the bigger battery but don't let you use it. That is a silly position. If they said "OK, you can have it for free" then they would never sell another 75. Tesla thinks out of the box and does things Detroit would never do. If you were on the...
  32. MSullivan

    2 Model Ss - How to Keep from Confusing the Keys

    Can't you just get your butler to keep them straight for you?
  33. MSullivan

    v8.0 release coming in a few weeks, details later today!

    But there is no reason to tease the blog post. By doing so, and failing to deliver, it just adds to his reputation of promising things he can't deliver on time.
  34. MSullivan

    We survived a HORRIBLE accident thanks to our Tesla

    As dramatic as the front end damage is, the passenger side door looks like it took the most potentially lethal blow. I am so glad all are well!
  35. MSullivan

    [Poll] - Who is ordering P100DL?

    Agreed, I have a two month old 75D, short of it being $50,000 I am not in the market for any new car.
  36. MSullivan

    Thoughts on Prepaid Service and Extended Warranty

    I think between the $4000 and a $200 deductible per issue, leaves plenty of padding for Tesla to not loose money on an extended warranty. I have decided to purchase both. I want to keep this car 8 years and with my mileage I know it will not cost me another penny between now and then. I have a...
  37. MSullivan

    Thoughts on Prepaid Service and Extended Warranty

    That is my plan, I just hope they pre-announce any price increase on the extended warranty. I have over 3.5 years left and I know it will go up by then.
  38. MSullivan

    Bloomberg Tesla Autopilot Accident Story Today

    I just can't believe the stupidity of people. Autopilot is a great fail safe for looking down to change the radio station, grab your coffee, etc. Not for cleaning your screen.
  39. MSullivan

    Anyone going to Westerly tomorrow?

    Was it a Tesla demo X or did a fellow attendee let you drive theirs?
  40. MSullivan

    Anyone going to Westerly tomorrow?

    I RSVP'd for the Road Trip stop in Westerly tomorrow. New to the Tesla family so I don't know what to expect. Anyone ever been to one of these type events?
  41. MSullivan

    221 Rated Miles - 60D

    Well playing it safe will never hurt you but I will say this. The people on this board are so much smarter and better informed than the Tesla employees you interact with. The people here are passionate and doing this because they want to, not to because it's a job that pays the bills. I was so...
  42. MSullivan

    221 Rated Miles - 60D

    I think it has been decided anyone with a 60 that has a 75 kWh battery onboard can safely charge to 100% on a daily basis.
  43. MSullivan

    Just bought the Extended Service Agreement

    Sorry you are right. Prepaid service.
  44. MSullivan

    Just bought the Extended Service Agreement

    I was a few days short of my deadline. Couldn't decide. My main concern was years one and three are pretty skimpy. Nothing too expensive there, but there was an unknown. If I just did even years with Tesla at today's prices it would cost $3200 over 8 years (plus inflation which probably would...
  45. MSullivan

    Order Confirmed July 16 and Delivery Late Third Week of Aug

    My delivery date moved up considerably after production started, maybe they low ball it so you will be happy instead of disappointed.
  46. MSullivan

    Over/under on how long it takes to get my S keyed.

    Playing around with custom license frame:
  47. MSullivan

    Some exciting observations about the new Model S60 (software limited 75 kWh)

    We are heading to Ct. next week. Think I will schedule a test drive at Natick.
  48. MSullivan

    Some exciting observations about the new Model S60 (software limited 75 kWh)

    I wish NH was a little more crowded. I have been to a charger four times and seen a total of zero other Tesla's whilst there. I wanna look inside an X.
  49. MSullivan

    First trip requiring Supercharger

    I understand all that and indeed that is why I was smart enough to disregard Tesla's advice and stop for an electron top off. What I found surprising is my Tesla was going to let me drive by the last supercharger on the way home, that it estimated I would arrive with 3% charge if I drove less...

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