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    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    Can anyone confirm if a 2017 Model S with AP 2.0 will get full Sentry mode with the MCU2 upgrade? I didn't get FSD but did get EAP. There are mixed messages floating around.
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    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    Since receiving update 2019.32.2.2 on Monday my USB has played music without a single "loading error". Finally. Knock on wood I didn't just jinx myself.
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    V10 is coming with "Caraoke" -- A functioning music player would also be nice :)

    Any chance you can help out the technically challenged on how to scrub my music? I also have frequent loading errors when playing my music from the usb. It worked fine until about 6 months ago, and it's soooo aggravating that Tesla is spending so much time making more games but can't fix...
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    New offer from Tesla for FSD. $3000

    Please post their response if you get one. I too have been reluctant to purchase the FSD upgrade not knowing exactly what it entails. I am happy with EAP and do not plan to use the additions of FSD, but I am more interested in an upgrade to HW3 and getting dash cam. I currently have HW2.0...
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    New tire time - anything quieter than the Michelin Primacy for 19"s?

    I'm looking for new tires too. In reading reviews on TireRack, there are a lot of comments about how terrible the Michelin Primacy is in snow/ice and rain. How do they rate with Tesla owners in wet/snowy weather?
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    Best 19 tires replacement

    I'm about ready for new tires too. Switching from the OEM Goodyear foam filled tires after getting a whopping 24,000 miles. I'm considering the Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 or the Yokohama Advan Sport A/S. What's the consensus on their wear, quietness, and handling rough roads?
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    FSD Upgrade Price reduced from $5K to $3K in MyTesla Page for Model S

    This would be a deal breaker for me. I have AP 2.0 and am bummed I don't have the dashcam feature. I don't know if just a software upgrade to FSD would give me the dashcam without new hardware. Elon has said HW3 is included. My experience with phone center employees is they never really know...
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    FSD Upgrade Price reduced from $5K to $3K in MyTesla Page for Model S

    Does anyone know what exactly HW3 entails?
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    Kids Model S for sale

    Saturday is best. IM me for contact info.
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    Kids Model S for sale

    It is still available. I had another person inquire but I haven't heard back from them.
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    Kids Model S for sale

    Just saw your post. Where would you be coming from?
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    Kids Model S for sale

    Red Radio Flyer Model S for sale in the Chicagoland area. Originally priced at $499, selling for $350. Never used, still in the box.
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    19 - Inch "Foamed" Tire Searchers Rejoice

    The Goodyear shop called me back and said they contacted corporate and got a service bulletin on how to fix the foam-filled tires. And I was silly enough to think a Goodyear tire center would already know how to fix a Goodyear tire. It's not rocket science. Me thinks they were doing the usual...
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    19 - Inch "Foamed" Tire Searchers Rejoice

    I just had my local Goodyear shop try to fix a leak and they claim the tire is unfixable because of the foam lining. I asked about cutting away the foam at the source and they said they can't do that and wanted to sell me a new tire. I'll probably try Tesla service instead.
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    Software Update 2018.14

    I'm still stuck on 2018.10.4. Did Elon follow through on his plan to let us call Tesla to get updates instead of waiting for the slow roll-out?
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    Model S for Kids

    The car is still available. I would take $400.
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    Model S for Kids

    Still for sale. Would make a great Easter gift.
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    Model S for Kids

    Selling my redemption code for the Radio Flyer Model S for Kids for $425.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I brought my new 75D in for the same reason. I traded in my 2013 MS60, which only needed a light touch anywhere on the handle to get them to extend. On the new car I also thought something was wrong when I almost got locked out of the car because the fob and phone were both in the car when the...
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    Supercharger - Rolling Meadows, IL

    Drove by today, still taped off.
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    The ORIGINAL Wheel T Stickers

    Are you still selling the stickers for the S, the Tesla T, and the letters for the trunk?
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    Supercharger - Rolling Meadows, IL

    I'll try to upload them again. They looked ok on my end.
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    2013 Model S 60 - Chicagoland area

    I am putting this sale on for now since the delivery date for my replacement has been delayed until later in September. I will keep you in mind if you will still be interested.
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    Supercharger - Rolling Meadows, IL

    Rolling Meadows update -- Stopped by today and holes have been dug for superchargers. Woo hoo.
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    2013 Model S 60 - Chicagoland area

    Yes it is. I have not had any problems with the drive train.
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    2013 Model S 60 - Chicagoland area

    Price reduction $37,000
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    2013 Model S 60 - Chicagoland area

    The 100% charge is 198
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    2013 Model S 60 - Chicagoland area

    I'm looking into upgrading to a new Model S. There was one minor accident where a rear seat door was dented. The door was replaced and it's good as new.
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    2013 Model S 60 - Chicagoland area

    Having trouble uploading pictures. Here's a link to pictures on Dropbox. Fingers crossed it works :) Dropbox - 2013 Model S 60
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    2013 Model S 60 - Chicagoland area

    2013 Model S 60 $38,000 64,100 miles Dolphin Grey Black leather interior Supercharger Panorama roof Adjustable air suspension Heated front seats Tech Package Opticoat Pro 19" Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires
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    Supercharger - Rolling Meadows, IL

    I was at the Meijer store last week and check at the customer service desk and the lady didn't know anything about Tesla or superchargers. At least the flags show the beginnings of something happening.
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    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    Taking away the alphabetic listing to jump through them makes absolutely no sense. I have hundreds of songs on the usb and the only way to search is by scrolling is idiotic.
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    June 18, Road Trip to Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI

    Sounds like this will be a fun event. Should be a nice day for a drive too.
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    windshield replacement

    I had the Tesla SC replace my windshield on Tuesday. The total cost was $1171, Safelight had quoted ~$1450 plus tax and disposal fees.
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    Reserving your Model 3 (official Tesla blog)

    I've wondered this myself. If current owners get a priority, then theoretically we could sign up anytime and still get priority over non-owners, but maybe later in the queue. Then again, Tesla will produce or ship them by region, so how much will it matter to wait in line today or wait and...
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    Model S Owners Survey

    I hope Bruce Rauner isn't in on this survey? :cool:
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    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    I too have had this problem since 7.1 came out at random times, but since the most recent upgrade it's happened the majority of the time. I agree, it is very annoying and unnecessary. I have also recently had issues with the Nav maps reloading (sometimes taking up to 20 minutes), which really...
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    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    I was at the Chicago Auto Show and looked at the Bolt (it was blocked off so no way to get inside it). I was not at all impressed. There is a tiny amount of storage in the back, I'd say at most a foot deep. The spokesmodel showed me a pic of the motor and it looks unnecessarily complicated...
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    If GM built this car with an electric drivetrain, Tesla would be out of business--

    I agree! I would never buy a GM no matter what it looks like.
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    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    An Illinonian here where "brights" was an old school term, but I still use it too.
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    Black Ice and Regen: bad combo?

    I set Regen to low when the roads are covered in wet snow or when it's icy. It definitely makes a difference.
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    Model S Hot Wheels and Matchbox group buy

    I'm interested in the Matchbox. I was lucky enough to find both Hot Wheels at Target. Matchbox cars aren't as popular in my area.
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    100% drive unit failure rate??

    What @dwolson said makes sense. Something else must be going on with your car. Would the Lemon Law apply here?
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    How satisfied are you with the non-AP (Classic) V7.0

    I want the battery and rated range back on center, the odometer reading is not important enough to be center stage. Temp, date, and time was very nice to have on the dash and I referred to it frequently, now I have to hunt for it on the 17inch. I'm not thrilled with the flat look (kind of...
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    It's here!

    Congrats. Enjoy looking for excuses to drive and taking the long way just for fun. I love the new midnight silver.
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    Has VW (and others?) pushed forward the tipping point for EVs by trashing diesels?!

    "Even with legal software none of those diesels will actually comply so..?? What are the implications for companies/people who have claimed tax breaks because of 'low emissions'? Will they have to repay tax..?" i don't see why they couldn't fix the software to run clean 100% of the time. It...
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    Blacking out the chrome trim: A trial of various options

    I like the matte on the chrome, gives a nice contrast effect.
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    Supercharger - Sheboygan, WI

    Spoke with customer service at Festival Foods a few days ago and she said construction was supposed to begin this week, but no sign of workers as of Wednesday.
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    Chicago trip advice?

    Don't be trash talking our pizza in Chicago. We take it pretty seriously around here. Deep dish or thin crust, personal preference and tons of great pizza joints to choose from.
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    Press Conference July 17

    As often said, pictures or it didn't happen. I know I'd like to see the video, I think others would too.

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