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  1. TresLA

    FSD vs Stopped School Bus

    Not sure why you are referring to you expect FSD beta to handle this situation at this time. Tesla didn’t communicate that it can, and in fact has communicated that it can’t handle a lot (hence L2). Pretty sure no one will legally hold Tesla to list every situation FSD beta doesn’t handle yet...
  2. TresLA

    Just suspended... Software updates do not reset FSD disengagement counter - disengagements can happen in 1-2 seconds notice and other FSDB gripe/notes

    Yes, you can turn off FSD beta in the car settings => Autopilot menu. I don’t, but some people create a second driver profile for themselves without FSD beta to be able to easily switch FSD beta on/off (while in park) as needed. For your long trips, it may be a good idea to not take the chance...
  3. TresLA

    Opted-Out of FSD Beta, Version 2022.12.3.20

    I liked this answer up until “just turn off your lights” when behind another car. 😂 Unless they know you and what you’re doing, this sounds like it’s going to freak that other driver out or just reinforce their view of snobby Tesla owners when they realize who was blinking headlights from behind.
  4. TresLA

    Have (2) Tesla's - one FSD / one Autopilot - same Navigation Data - different road shown

    Interesting “fusion of sensor input” case! My guess is it would figure it out just fine based on camera inputs overruling the maps data. It may slow down, act erratically, but generally figure it out. Best not to try with other drivers around. I’ve tried pushing FSD beta by driving in warehouse...
  5. TresLA

    Will FSD version surpass 2022.16.x Software Branch?

    Terminology used is confusing, but I think you mean production software version .16.x cars getting into FSD beta (which is currently on .12.x)? Production software .20.5 recently started rolling out to non-FSD beta cars. There’s no such thing as “normal FSD version”. I’m not sure if you’re...
  6. TresLA

    Autosteer Changes Lane Mid Intersection - Does FSD Beta Fix This?

    No, this has not yet been addressed in FSD beta. Like you mentioned, regular AP is probably confused which lane is which in a curved intersection, so it’s not “changing lanes” per se, but rather trying to recenter and picks the wrong lane. For FSD beta, it’s choosing what lane to be in and...
  7. TresLA

    Why does TACC remain active after FSD steering wheel disengagement ?(which is not safe IMHO)

    Just learned another reason/answer to the thread’s original question: I’ve been answering based on driving Teslas all with FSD Capability package (and in our case FSD beta as well). I just drove a Tesla with only basic AP and without FSD Capability package, which means it doesn’t have NoAP...
  8. TresLA


    Not sure how it’s not clear that consumer cars today do not have the same hardware as existing Waymo and GM robotaxis (e.g. - in SF). Yes, I’m very familiar with announced LiDAR equipped vehicles, but you are comparing future models (which actually aren’t yet being advertised as L4 city robotaxi...
  9. TresLA


    It sounds like you misunderstand. Consumer cars may have a (one) LiDAR or even another, but you don’t see spinning tumors on car corners/edges and roof racks of hardware on consumer purchased vehicles. So far, that’s what has been required for L4 city streets self driving. From: Waymo CEO Says...
  10. TresLA

    Seriously, why does Elon feel the need to lie about even short-term fsd beta timelines.

    This makes sense, but only if we assume he knows. It certainly doesn’t seem like he’s lying as much as he’s mistaken. I see he’s hopeful and excited and wanting to meet these timelines. Predicting the future is hard. Sadly, I can relate. I’m notorious for being late. Friends, coworkers...
  11. TresLA

    Seriously, why does Elon feel the need to lie about even short-term fsd beta timelines.

    Interesting thought, but I doubt many customers are thinking “warranty expiration” when it comes to Elon timelines.
  12. TresLA

    FSD Beta not working in low light conditions

    I have not experienced this issue in our FSD beta 2018 Model 3. You might want to submit a ticket to get the in cabin camera checked
  13. TresLA


    GM, Waymo, and Tesla are all different approaches. It’s hard to compare because Tesla’s goal is L5 (skipping L3 & L4 apparently) using very little and “cheap” hardware. GM & Waymo (although not the same as each other either) are pushing L4 using hardware consumer’s can’t get on their own cars...
  14. TresLA

    Have (2) Tesla's - one FSD / one Autopilot - same Navigation Data - different road shown

    Then you may be using open street maps instead (which still shows 4 way intersection). FSD beta needs more data on lanes and such since it needs to figure out which lane to be in on surface streets (and regular autopilot/FSD Capability package don’t yet).
  15. TresLA

    Punish Customers for Buying New Tesla?

    Yes, many have complained that FSD Capability package isn’t transferable from one car to another. We would love to as well, since we don’t really need FSD beta in the old Tesla but would rather have it in the new one. But oh well it is what it is and I’ll jump through the hoops again to get it...
  16. TresLA

    Have (2) Tesla's - one FSD / one Autopilot - same Navigation Data - different road shown

    Tesla is known to use various mapping sources for data. Open street maps is one of them and it still shows a 4 way intersection. I’m guessing this is what your car is using and for whatever reason your wife’s car is using something else: 3233 Broad St Rd, Gum Spring, VA 23065 | OpenStreetMap...
  17. TresLA

    FSD vs Stopped School Bus

    I’m not sure why this scenario is anything significant. I’ve had plenty of zero intervention drives, and I’ve had plenty of drives with interventions necessary. It’s pretty clear from Tesla FSD beta communications and from experience that it doesn’t handle all situations.
  18. TresLA

    Remove safety score

    This is false.
  19. TresLA

    Punish Customers for Buying New Tesla?

    Where did Tesla ever tell you this? All communication from Tesla I’ve seen regarding FSD beta is exactly the opposite. We just got another Tesla. We didn’t expect FSD beta to magically appear on it. We aren’t entitled to it on our first car either. It’s a limited early access program that cars...
  20. TresLA

    Seriously. What is your max amount you'd pay for EAP?

    For us, none of the options given are attractive. FSD Capability package is the only option worth it for us. To each, their own.
  21. TresLA

    Auto steer isn’t slowing down in time.. (M3)

    We have one model 3 with and one without FSD beta. I go back and forth between the two quite often and have noticed FSD beta does better at slowing down sooner/more gently. The herky jerky steering wheel whipping is still pretty bad though.
  22. TresLA

    FSD Beta Consistently Misses This Stop Sign [Footage] (2022.12.3.20)

    Do you remember if the visualization show the stop sign coming up? Or it recognized the stop sign later (too late to stop in time)? Does the visualization show the line to stop as well?
  23. TresLA

    California Autonomous Vehicle Collision Reports

    Sounds more Iike the pedestrian collided with the AV.
  24. TresLA

    Middle of the Lane and Brake Lights Issues

    For us it’s not always dead center, but it’s not anything significant drifting that I’ve noticed.
  25. TresLA

    Middle of the Lane and Brake Lights Issues

    To add to what others suggested, I don’t think lack of radar would affect lane centering. (“Low res”) radar that we had/have is only forward looking and for detecting/ranging solid objects that reflect radar waves and can’t “see” lane markings. (We also have a 2018 Model 3 LR but RWD on FSD...
  26. TresLA

    FSD Beta runs stop signs!

    That’s not how logic works.
  27. TresLA

    How to spin your story.

    They didn’t say anything about the door windows, just the windshield (which is required by law to be shatter resistant). He had a blood alcohol limit above the legal limit. He was speeding. He want wearing a seatbelt. No mention of whether he tried opening the door from the inside. Exotics...
  28. TresLA

    Elon implies Tesla will be worth nothing if L4 (minimum) isn’t achieved

    Yes, this is more accurate. And yes, it matters whether we accurately represent others’ intent, meaning, and words.
  29. TresLA

    NHTSA Close to forcing recall of FSD after more crashes

    If you haven’t purchased FSD Capability package yet, you can see what features would be added on your account page, or in the Tesla app under subscriptions => software. But yes, it has always been a “forward looking” package purchase/subscription that includes “some” features now
  30. TresLA

    Why does TACC remain active after FSD steering wheel disengagement ?(which is not safe IMHO)

    IIRC, that new single tone when disengaging autosteer only (and TACC is still active), is due to a NHTSA “recall” that was resolved with only a software update. Like I said, everyone has their own opinion/workflow/preferences when it comes to driving/disengaging AP/FSDb, etc. Personally, I’m...
  31. TresLA

    NHTSA Close to forcing recall of FSD after more crashes

    I’ve had mixed reliability with this in cabin camera monitoring (both highway and surface streets). It’s generally good, but sometimes (not often) wrong and blares sirens when I’m looking straight ahead, or wearing sunglasses seems to fool it more easily, etc.
  32. TresLA

    NHTSA Close to forcing recall of FSD after more crashes

    Yes, the wording has been mixed up and we (posters here) have only added to the confusion. The first part of your response is correct, the second half is the confusion that has perpetuated. Tesla (as far back as I’ve seen but am open to be corrected if you can find otherwise) has only sold AP...
  33. TresLA

    Factory Build Update Wait (SW 2022.11.101.1)

    Yeah, just saying maybe they could check just in case there’s something on Tesla’s end that’s holding your VIN back from updates. Maybe just file a service request anyway (there’s a “software update” selection under the “infotainment” section) to see if they can check for that and also just to...
  34. TresLA

    Factory Build Update Wait (SW 2022.11.101.1)

    We have FSD beta on our 2018 Model 3 (initial 100 score last October), but what’s strange is we just took delivery of another Tesla on 2022.11.101.6 a few days ago, and already got 2022.16.1.1 less than 24 hours later. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It sounds like you have a safety score in your Tesla app, so it’s...
  35. TresLA

    FSD Beta 10.12 and freeway exits

    The NoAP icon under the list of navigation directions should be filled in blue to indicate NoAP is on. You can try this combo instead like I have had since NoAP appeared: “enable NoAP at start of every trip” set to yes/on and “require lane change confirmation” set to on. Like you, I don’t like...
  36. TresLA

    NHTSA Close to forcing recall of FSD after more crashes

    AP (and FSD beta), have always been L2. Even if you say it’s just a legal detail, it’s a detail intended in separating L2 from L3 systems. It hasn’t been advertised as anything else. AP is the term used for the current capabilities, not FSD. As far as I can tell (and many have questioned this)...
  37. TresLA

    Autopilot Max Speed

    Working off some assumptions here, but it sounds like the 55 MPH road you set the speed limit for is a highway entering what’s considered a surface street (some roads I consider surface streets are actually categorized by Tesla or whatever mapping source as a highway). Auto steer is limited to...
  38. TresLA

    Latest fsd beta issue, trying to take over when I’m driving.

    You can shut off the lane assist in the car menu. This feature applies to both FSD beta and production AP cars. I leave it on even though it’s sometimes “wrong” (tries to push the car when it incorrectly thinks I’m drifting out of a lane), but you can turn it off if you’d like. With that said...
  39. TresLA

    NHTSA Close to forcing recall of FSD after more crashes

    We have the interior camera monitoring my gaze in one car (with FSD beta). I’d say the system works “okay”. All of these systems can be defeated, because… humans. 😂 I’d say go ahead and turn this on for all Teslas with cabin cameras (older S & X don’t), but that’s still not going to guarantee...
  40. TresLA

    Why does TACC remain active after FSD steering wheel disengagement ?(which is not safe IMHO)

    You’ll find people with varying opinions on how this should be. I’m used to only disengaging FSD beta (or AP) using the stalk only, but that’s because I rarely ever use TACC (without autosteer). That’s my automatism, but I’ve also gotten used to not using the stalk to disengage if I hit the...
  41. TresLA

    FSD Beta 10.4 - Take Over Immediately/Cruise Control Unavailable

    Sorry I missed this notification somehow. It got better for me but I don’t remember how long ago back it stopped being an issue. No hardware swap and no service call needed. Since then we’ve even driven across the country (mostly on FSD beta and “radar now shut off” highway NoAP in our 2018 LR...
  42. TresLA

    NHTSA Close to forcing recall of FSD after more crashes

    How can we that benefit from AP protest any potential recall by NHTSA? If this were to happen, this would set back safety systems’ progress.
  43. TresLA

    FSD impending 5th strike

    It’s pretty good at least in our 2018 Model 3. I’ve gotten the warning many times to pay attention (not steering wheel torque warning). I’ve gotten one strike and it was because I took too long at some point while fiddling with the screen. That’s usually when I see the warning (changing some...
  44. TresLA

    New FSD beta testers (June 2022) - First experiences

    Voice command "bug report" isn't FSD beta program specific. It's for any Tesla driver to save data for service to pull if needed. That camera button is what you want to be using, as it saves a bunch of data and video clips for the FSD beta team. That data will be uploaded next time car is in...
  45. TresLA

    New FSD beta testers (June 2022) - First experiences

    Can’t emphasize enough how important it is to disengage/cancel or push the accelerator to egg it on the moment it’s misbehaving that might cause other drivers to react badly or even worse cause a collision/curb rash. FSD beta has been held to limited drivers not because Tesla is wanting some in...
  46. TresLA

    Have you received FSD you paid for?

    It’s really everyone mispredicting, but I understand the sentiment. I just don’t hold them to it because I think they (and many others in the field) thought it was true too and the sensor suites & processing of those current players were enough (vs intentionally misleading given known facts).
  47. TresLA

    New FSD beta testers (June 2022) - First experiences

    Yes, as some have noted the pedal to the metal rocket from a turn onto a bigger road is back (first appear in I think beta 10.2). It’s nice for us that felt it’s been too slowed down for such turns in recent versions, but yes it’s a bit shocking and inappropriate sometimes.
  48. TresLA

    Have you received FSD you paid for?

    It’s hard for some of us to see how mispredicting the future timeline and requirements for a still yet unsolved problem (by anyone) as plain wrong. If people started promising a dollar amount donation would eradicate poverty-related hunger worldwide, would you hold them to that promise as a...
  49. TresLA

    Have you received FSD you paid for?

    Yes, as stated for years, you could have purchased FSD Capability package and had the HW3 upgrade included “for free”. As stated when the subscription became available years later, it would not include the HW3 upgrade. You’ve always had (and still have) the choice to purchase that package. It’s...

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