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  1. mangrove79

    Regenerative braking saved me from 2 accidents today

    That and one-pedal driving have become things I can't live without. I now dread having to drive ICE rental cars on my vacations. Yes I could rent Teslas from Turo but they're harder to find and a lot more expensive.
  2. mangrove79

    After 8+ years, no longer a Tesla owner!

    Tough first-world problem to have. Rivian is the one I would keep. Both will have problems, but Ford hasn't had a great 2022 in terms of recalls. The Rivian also has the advantage of a more striking exterior whereas the Ford looks like just a refreshed version of its ICE predecessor with very...
  3. mangrove79

    FSD Beta 10.13

    That's what you would think based on the collective evidence so far, but I venture to offer a different perspective on the future "trend". Some of the reasons that contribute to FSDb's unpredictable behaviors is the fact that it's trying to perform in the realm of human drivers, which by...
  4. mangrove79

    Data likely shows Teslas on Autopilot crash more than rivals

    From your article: And sometimes don't even learn about crashes ever.. LOL.
  5. mangrove79

    Speed (and acceleration) Kills (Range that is)

    There's more. Faster acceleration means you're smashing a few more bugs into windshield decoration whereas slower speed simply bounces them off. Conservation of momentum suggests your car is slowing down by 0.000000001 mph with each hit. But that may be negligible. 😁
  6. mangrove79

    FSD Beta 10.12.2 Expanding to 100k Cars! and 10.13 News

    If there was ever a hyperbole... I see what you're trying to do there, qualifying your hyperbole with "in the city" to make it a bit more legitimate - you're implying "at low speed". But the funny thing is that a DRUNK driver wouldn't give a f* about speed limit, or where he is. Yes, you'll be...
  7. mangrove79

    New FSD beta testers (June 2022) - First experiences

    You lost me at "Long Island". I feel sorry for anyone who has to "follow" your stories in daily conversation. They probably need brain surgery to straighten out those interlocking neural paths trying to do what you ask. I mean, c'mon, you could've left all that geo-tracking out and your story...
  8. mangrove79

    What Use, Visualizations?

    Totally agree. A visual, tangible confirmation that FSD is improving is just as important as the invisible parts, i.e. algorithms, code, and actual behavior. It's just the psychology of an average consumer. If you don't feel that way, then you're "above average", so pat yourself on the back...
  9. mangrove79

    Driving Range less than expected with new MY-LR

    Wow, 6K mile trip to SD, impressive. You must have been in the low 230s before the trip. That's crazy considering NC winter gets pretty cold.
  10. mangrove79

    Driving Range less than expected with new MY-LR

    No, I don't. But thanks for the info, I'll look up the club here. BTW, one way to improve your summer numbers is to tint your windows AND get good sunshades for windshield/roof, if you haven't already. If you don't mind the stiff suspension, you can also increase your tire pressure. I keep mine...
  11. mangrove79

    Why my Wh/mi so bad?

    I reset it for you.
  12. mangrove79

    FSD Beta 10.12

    From my testing the last week or so, FSD 10.12 (2022.12.3.20) seems to have gone backward in some situations. Overall it's still very solid, and I haven't seen any PB events of greater than 5 mph slow down, highway or local. On a state highway, a 2-mi stretch has 3 intersections with...
  13. mangrove79

    Bad AC Smell

    I did end up canceling my service appointment when the filter you recommended came that morning. While my past mobile service appt was very pleasant, I didn't want to end up having to pay $140 if the technician didn't feel charitable that day. The work to replace the filters is actually very...
  14. mangrove79

    Driving Range less than expected with new MY-LR

    Your situation is literally identical to mine a year ago. My delivery was 5/31/21, the beginning of summer. Many of my trips that involve I-75 would get me 300 wh/mi or above, and pure local trips would be around 260. The heat is the big killer of battery power, but rain as well. Your efficiency...
  15. mangrove79

    Airborne Tesla

    Oh, you're local! Cool. Anyway, you can tell the gearbox oil filters from the wreck photos? I don't even know what they look like. Neither gearbox nor oil should be related to Teslas I thought. Ha.
  16. mangrove79

    Airborne Tesla

    LOL, if we're talking about San Francisco kind of elevation changes then yeah, it's possible. can't tell how big the depression is from google map images, but if the car carried enough momentum it could roll downhill for 150 ft. it probably still needs an insane amount of speed to go through...
  17. mangrove79

    Bad AC Smell

    Thanks for the tips! I'll keep my appointment for this time to see if I can get lucky, but more importantly observe the technician so I can do this myself in the future. Will keep the link in my wishlist for future purchase. Yes, I'm decently handy and installed the auto-frunk myself a few...
  18. mangrove79

    Airborne Tesla

    No way it happened as described by the FB post. The car probably needs to be traveling at 100+ mph and hit a Evel Kneivel ramp to achieve those lofty numbers - 20' in the air, airborne 85', fly through multiple tree tops for an Olympic record of 150' in the EV Triple-Jump event. All this from...
  19. mangrove79

    Bad AC Smell

    My Y had this issue a few weeks after delivery, at the beginning of summer '21. I was a new owner at the time and didn't have the luxury of knowing about these posts in TMC. As OP mentioned, the problem always goes away after a few minutes of full blast so it wasn't as annoying as could've been...
  20. mangrove79

    Washing The Tesla Model Y

    Never heard anyone mention a wait period. The car typically had more than enough time to cure in open air by the delivery time, I wouldn't think you need to wait. I foamed and clay bar'd 3 days after taking delivery - not because I needed to, but was waiting on ceramic coating - and coated it...
  21. mangrove79

    Keep BMW X7 or take delivery of 2022 X?

    Is your BMW telling you to get a Tesla? 😁 If you never had an MX before, I would've definitely recommended the Tesla. But you've had two before, and you're still hesitating, that tells me what you get from Tesla (things you can't get from gas cars) is not as important to you as luxury feel and...
  22. mangrove79

    Finally Got FSD Beta

    Navigation in Tesla is done by a 3rd-party provider which is an open-source platform, while the map data is Google Maps. Avoiding dirt roads is the job of navigation and routing, so you need to provide that feedback to MapBox/Valhalla.
  23. mangrove79

    Is one million enough?

    By then the discovery of the proto molecule will change everything 😁. Hey, I can hope, right?
  24. mangrove79

    FSD Beta 10.12

    Those that do will be destroyed by Arnold.
  25. mangrove79

    Anyone actually missing trip info and tyre pressure cards more than heated seats and defroster buttons?

    I'll do you one better. If I were to design it, I would program the in-cabin camera to detect when I'm directly looking at it. One look and it knows to bring up the trip card. :p
  26. mangrove79

    Move from Audi Q7 to Model Y or alternative?

    Do we have the same car?! LOL. My YLR's lifetime efficiency is also 252 wh/mi right now, and I'm only a couple of K miles behind yours. Also, the highest point for me was 272 Wh/mi after 9K miles, and it's been steadily declining since then. It would be cool if I can get to 250 lifetime and stay...
  27. mangrove79

    Anyone actually missing trip info and tyre pressure cards more than heated seats and defroster buttons?

    The only "weird" thing for me for the placement of the old card is that surrounding vehicles (just behind the car) would be obscured and they would emerge from behind the trip cards. You're right that the visualization isn't too useful in terms of driving decisions, like when to turn, but when I...
  28. mangrove79

    2022 MYP vs MYLR?

    But that's what the OP is asking, right? Opinions from people and why they chose what they chose. All threads like this are destined to turn into bloody battlegrounds because they're opinions. 😂 It was LR for me, no brainer, because ... hm, why did I? 🤔
  29. mangrove79

    New Keeping Your head Up

    Did you also have a dead weight hanging from your steering wheel before?
  30. mangrove79

    EV industry

    Saw this a couple of weeks ago. Cute idea on first blush, but the more you think about it the more counter-intuitive it becomes. It goes against the concept of specialization - sports car should be small and powerful, minivan needs spaces and ride comfort, pickup needs hauling power, etc. It's...
  31. mangrove79

    Sharing from Google map to Tesla not working?

    Did you recently take a job with the Mi5? 😁 Google location and direction sharing with Tesla has never stopped working for me, and I do use it all the time as opposed to looking up in the nav screen.
  32. mangrove79

    Why my Wh/mi so bad?

    Based on all that you should get somewhere in the range of 250-260 Wh/mi this time of the year in NY, given the fact you said all local no highway. But like earlier posts said, it's too early to tell. Keep an eye on it and report back when you have 5K miles on the car, or by the end of the fall...
  33. mangrove79

    Advice for new FSD Beta drivers?

    Outside of what's been mentioned already, the only suggestion is to pace yourself. We all want to contribute to the improvement and the eventual reality of autonomous driving, but don't burn yourself out within the first two weeks. FSDb requires patience and understanding, that it's far from...
  34. mangrove79

    Ioniq 5 vs Model Y

    Anecdotal experience is how we form our opinions, and there is nothing wrong with that. We just need to make sure when we try to generalize that opinion into a blanket statement we consider where that anecdotal experience is on the spectrum.
  35. mangrove79

    Move from Audi Q7 to Model Y or alternative?

    Then you're talking about going from $60K to $150K. Yes, in terms of size and creature comfort, they're meant to be similar, but boy the sticker shock of going to a MXP. I always thought the Q7 is in the same range as a BMW x7, i.e. $75K-80K base MSRP, but just googled Q7 and its base is only...
  36. mangrove79

    Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion

    This part I do agree with wholeheartedly.
  37. mangrove79

    Anyone actually missing trip info and tyre pressure cards more than heated seats and defroster buttons?

    Just "trips" works as well. "Show trips" for some reason only works like once every 5 tries for me if you speak normally. I think road noises cause it to always gets the word "show" wrong. You have to speak slowly and stress the word to make it work.
  38. mangrove79

    95+ score and no FSD Beta today?

    Probably neither ... :p But congrats and have fun with it, carefully.
  39. mangrove79

    What will Tesla do, when FSD has serious accident?

    The answer is obviously EVERYONE when you qualify it with "(one day)". Autonomous driving is a progression going from 0% to 100%, and on that spectrum, "it" will get easier as the percentage gets higher - "it" meaning adoptions, algorithms, accident reduction, etc. We're at the 0% starting line...
  40. mangrove79


    I installed 2022.12.3.20 a few days ago, and noticed a quirky issue with the sensors. When I pull into my garage, it displays a Semi where the left-side garage wall is, just two feet from the car. And that's not all, it also thinks there is a parking spot to the right of the car. Mine is a...
  41. mangrove79

    Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion

    Great point. Starship Enterprise probably can't run on solar and wind. But on a more serious note, the amount of energy to lift an empty grain silo (ahem, SpaceX Starship) into earth orbit is insane, let alone a spaceship that can support its own eco-system for hundreds of years. The "generation...
  42. mangrove79

    Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion

    IMHO, if technology and cost are not prohibitive, the only two reasons against adoption are meltdowns and wastes. Fusion is not a chain reaction, meaning any accidents or disasters would stop the reaction right away. There is no meltdown in a fusion reactor - Chernobyl, TMI or Fukushima will...
  43. mangrove79

    Ford dropping dealers for EVs

    Wow, are we looking at the beginning of the end of dealerships? Probably not, but the online model to me is so far superior to the dealership model, at least for new cars where the manufacturer will arrange delivery. Dealerships may still have their usefulness at a distributor of used cars.
  44. mangrove79

    Lawsuit over FSD claims allowed to proceed

    I'm trying to upgrade my eyes to shoot out radars. When I saved enough money, I'll get myself a set of Lidars.
  45. mangrove79

    Move from Audi Q7 to Model Y or alternative?

    Unless the OP is trying to downsize. Having had a Q7 may not be a sign that's the only parameters an owner is comfortable with. Same with housing, right? Most people would downsize before retirement, or as soon as the kids are off on their own. You just don't need that much space anymore. Having...
  46. mangrove79

    Anyone actually missing trip info and tyre pressure cards more than heated seats and defroster buttons?

    Please bring the Trip card back in some non-obscuring fashion. I didn't like how it blocked part of the visualization area in pre-v11, and there are plenty of space on the map side to show it in a corner. Also, please bring back the tenth digit of the tripdometer. That's the single dumbest...
  47. mangrove79

    Ioniq 5 vs Model Y

    Sadly I haven't seen one in the wild, or perhaps I have but didn't notice. It was pretty striking the very first time I saw it in a YouTube video, but the more I look at it, the less attractive it becomes. It just doesn't have a consistent design philosophy, seems to me. The headlights and...
  48. mangrove79

    Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion

    Maybe because the stars aren't powered by wind and solar themselves? j/k. I don't know if it's really a fascination, at least for me it isn't, but rather "common sense" based on what I've read and heard. admittedly I'm probably ignorant on this topic compared to you. Wind and solar have always...
  49. mangrove79

    EV industry

    VW CEO 2022: We'll overtake Tesla by 2025 2025: We'll overtake Tesla within a year 2026: We'll be the king of EV sales in 6 months 2027: We're almost there, just a couple more years 2029: ....

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