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    Dash Cam Not Working Check USB

    So my Tesla service tech messaged me that It’s a known firmware issue that causes the usb stick to not be able to mount correctly upon boot up. Nothing can be done until the fix is sent out via a new firmware update
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    Dash Cam Not Working Check USB

    For me what resolved it so far is to format the stick in your computer with exFAT but not the quick format as that didn’t work. So far on day two and it’s still ok
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    Cabin Overheat Protection notification

    Getting the same problem with my model Y. Took it to service. They replaced the humidity/temp sensor. Problem happened again same day. Brought it back. They said it’s normal after first saying it’s not normal and they have seen it before. The outside temp can be 18 celcius and the inside will...
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    interior cabin temp rising while car is off

    Just to add another observation: I think this is a software calculation bug. The reason I think this is because when the temp states it’s super high, like 40 celcius, if I then the hvac on to its set temp, say 21 celcius, the temp will reduce super fast, within seconds.
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    interior cabin temp rising while car is off

    So just had Tesla service again inspect and now they say it’s normal operation as the sun is heating up the sensor. Seems like a terrible design. For instance today the outside temp is 18 celcius but the overheat protection came on as the cabin states it’s over 40 celcius but in reality it’s...
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    interior cabin temp rising while car is off

    So it didn’t seem to resolve it. Today I contacted them and they said the one they changed was giving them an error code so that’s why they changed it. They want me to bring it back in again.
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    interior cabin temp rising while car is off

    I got it back today and they replaced the humidity and temperature sensor. The report states they replicated it and replaced it. I do agree the temp will increase with the sun. I believe the sensor is located in the windscreen where the internal camera is. I measured today the interior temp on...
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    interior cabin temp rising while car is off

    I am having this same issue. In celcius it’s 10 celcius outside and it’s increasing to 28 celcius in the car. Last week it triggered the Overheat protection. The bizarre thing is that it never does this at my house when it’s plugged in. It only does it at my wife’s work. I have an appointment...
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    “Dumb” cruise control?

    I only have this happen on two lane undivided highways and I think only twice. I don’t have radar. It’s not a Tesla only thing as I’ve seen it happen on other systems and you can search online to see as much. However, I’m 100% on board with a dumb cruise control as an option.
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    Not getting any software updates??

    Same situation. Canada with a 2022 Y but so far no heat issues at all
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    White on White MY thread

    We get blue from jeans on the drivers side. I used Gyeon leather shield prior so it does come off. It only seems to be present on the side bolster. I clean it with Gyeon leather cleaner and a leather brush and it’s good as new but not great to have to do out that much.
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    Red MY matte or clear PPF?

    This I did not know. Does it protect rock chips much? How to fix chips in vinyl?
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    AMD Ryzan speed comparison vs Intel Atom

    Same with mine. Opening YouTube and Netflix is not that long. Still craptacular compared to my kids old tablet but faster than what I see on this video. I’d still take the Ryzen as there is no negative to it but people are wrongly assuming the apps are slow loading due to a poor performing...
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    Dear Elon: just remove navigation from your cars

    To each his/her own but the only thing I miss in CarPlay is the waze police alerts. The tight integration with the car is awesome. My explorer has CarPlay and there are so many bugs with my iPhone 12 such as the gps speed being wrong, having to unplug and replug the phone to get waze to update...
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    Ride Quality of Tesla Model Y

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    Ride Quality of Tesla Model Y

    I thought I read that there was a mention of air suspension in the manual or hidden in the UI for the Y. I could be wrong
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    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    My 2022 charges my iPhone 12 with all cases I tried. The USB ports are not data though for mine
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    Tesla Model Y Rear Door Paint Damage

    Geebus these pics are terrible. My Y came with mud flaps and the ppf
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    V11 backup camera laggy

    It’s probably software. My intel Y has no issues with camera
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    POLL: Does your Model Y make this humming sound?

    You can just open your app on the phone as well as that turns on the pump for the computer
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    Windshield wipers running on high when engaging auto pilot

    Not for me. I had a spotless window and it did it when driving into the sun. If you’re in Canada or northern states and driving in south direction on a sunny day in the winter it can happen as the sun blinds the camera. I had this confirmed by a Tesla tech and my own experience many times.
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    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    Hopefully Tesla fix this and offer an update for free.
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    POLL: Does your Model Y make this humming sound?

    For sure it’s crazy noisy. I’d like to get Ingineerix (YouTube) to comment. Anyone know him? He’s tore apart all Teslas
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    1 year of free supper charging still continue

    *sugar* you’re right. Just 6 months but if you order now you get nothing I believe
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    1 year of free supper charging still continue

    If you ordered prior to announcement of removal you still get it. I picked my 2022 up in December and have it
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    POLL: Does your Model Y make this humming sound?

    Hi 2022 model Y picked up in December I have had the hum since beginning. I took mine in for an unrelated issue and mentioned this. They said nothing was wrong but filled the coolant for this. I’d like to see others with vehicles who don’t think they have this noise open their door or the...

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