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    Charge limit setting missing under charging controls: 2014 S85 with 2021.44.25.2

    Same issue here. 2014 model S. Hope they fix it soon.
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    FS: Spare 19" Model S full-size OEM wheel with Goodyear Eagle RS-A tire

    I have a new, unused 19" Model S OEM wheel with a Goodyear Eagle RS-A tire. It is mounted and balanced. I have had it as a spare, but no longer need it. Let me know if you're interested and an offer.
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    No more kW in energy widget

    I have no kw/hr data or distance data in the trips menus, not sure if this is related to this issue or not.
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    Trips menu has no data!

    I seem to have the same issue. I just noticed it with most recent software update. My odometer is still working, but trip meters are not counting mileage or kw/hr.
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    Likely MCU Failure (MCU1 eMMC)

    Thanks - he sent me a note and I’m prepping for things now.
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    Likely MCU Failure (MCU1 eMMC)

    I’m not qualified to ask questions and get more info on how to proactively fix the eMMC?
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    Likely MCU Failure (MCU1 eMMC)

    Hi all - I've browsed around this thread (not all 19 pages, however), looking for more details/instructions on what is required to address the eMMC issue. I gather that TonyT provides this service, but not clear on what is required to access the board(s) that need to be modified, what it costs...
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    AWD delivery thread

    Owner, NC Day-1 in store reservation Original invite: March 23, 2018 AWD configuration email: Never got one, but noted ability to order in late June. Ordered: June 30th AWD (non-P), MSM, Black Interior, no EAP Estimated Delivery: Sep – Nov ‘18 Called yesterday and was told the car is in...
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    AWD Order moved up to Sept - Nov from Oct-Dec...

    Our delivery estimate also moved up a month. Reserved on 3/31/2016 Order placed 6/30/2018 AWD Originally estimated as delivery between Oct-Dec 2018, now Sept-Nov 2018.
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    Model S Rear Facing Seat Cooling

    I am still using my fan which is described here. It is powered from the 12V plug in the center console, with a PWM motor controller that the driver or passenger can use to control the fan speed.
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    Supercharger - Point Harbor, NC

    On the Tesla supercharger page, it lists a supercharger coming to Point Harbor, NC ("coming soon"). Point Harbor is near the Outer Banks on Rte 158. There is also a more specific page where it says "Target opening by end of 2018". Anyone heard of any more info about this one?
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    Supercharger - Hickory, NC

    Tesla's proposal appears to have been not approved. This is a direct link to the Catawba county records. If that link doesn't work, enter 'tesla' in the search field here. The location is the Sheetz located here, at 2191 13TH Ave Dr SE, Hickory, NC 28602
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    Front seat a bit uncomfortable

    I have the same issue on my seats. I feel like it's gotten worse over the past 3 years.
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    Homelink transmission strength

    I have found that it's important for the car to be facing the garage door when doing the programming. I also back into my garage, and once I re-programmed the homelink with the car sitting in the driveway, facing away from the garage door. Homelink was terrible after that, and got much better...
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    Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 PLUS ?'s

    I changed from the original Michelin primacy to Pilot sport a/s3+ about 10 months ago. I think they are louder than the primacy's. In 10 months, and < 10K miles (I think closer to 8K), the Pilot sports are down to 6/32 to 8/32 treads. Also, subjectively I think my Wh/mile is worse than with the...
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    Supercharger - Warsaw, NC (closed)

    I also noticed it's not on the map in the car anymore either. I charged there 2 weekends ago though...
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    I am disabling Autolock (Goodbye Autolock)

    This is what I've done. I've modified this approach slightly so that hitting the dash button will turn on AC, unlock car, and honk horn (as confirmation). It's very useful in the mornings when trying to load up kids, etc, especially when it's hot out.
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    Tesla claims wiring "redundancy" in Model 3 - inside knowledge of upcoming regs?

    Where did Tesla state these would be free to prior buyers?
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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    That's it?
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    fuse location for cigarette plug in classic MS?

    Hi all, I think I have a blown fuse for the cigarette adapter plug. I have a 2014 classic. Can someone point me to where the fuse box is located and how to access it? I don't see this info in the owner's manual. Thanks!
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    Hold Grocery Bags Upright in the Trunk

    I did this too - love it!
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    Model S REST API

    Has anyone used this yet to create a simple scheduler to turn HVAC on at certain times? If so, can you share any specifics?
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    EV Car/My Tesla - An Alexa skill for Amazon Echo / Tesla integration

    This is great. Can it lock/unlock the car?
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    Model S Rear Facing Seat Cooling

    awesome stuff.
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    Model S Price Cut: How Telsa treats new owners

    I sympathize with the OP, and think some folks here are being too harsh. $9,000 is a big difference. I think the analogies to other advanced technologies are not as relevant due to the cost involved. A TV or phone costs several hundred or maybe a couple thousand dollars. This is way more. And...
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    Slacker Songs restarting - Why?

    With prior firmware versions, it would pause at the spot you were at and resume there when you got back in. My kids actually like the new version better, as they can hear a favorite song again!
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    Has Voice command improved a whole lot recently?

    I find it much better than a couple years ago. I essentially gave up using it. I recently tried it again and was pleasantly surprised. I did find an interesting bug (reported to Tesla) - if I say "Drive to work", the nav searches for businesses called "work". But if I say "Navigate to work", it...
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    New Superchargers Proposed in Greensboro and Raleigh, NC

    Thanks! I didn't know that map listed proposed superchargers.
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    New Superchargers Proposed in Greensboro and Raleigh, NC

    Thanks for the info! Where did you see that they are planning one in Greensboro?
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    3D Printing

    This stuff is great. I think I might need to get a 3D printer now :)
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    Tesla Wifi Sux

    Mine is not good either. If I'm parked in the garage, I have to turn WiFi off or it will be a very slow and/or spotty connection - such as if slacker is playing, or if I want to communicate with the car via the app. When in the same location with my phone, there is no problem using to wifi.
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    Model S Rear Facing Seat Cooling

    This is great - thanks for sharing!! Can you provide info about recommended fans to use? Also, can you provide more info on where you accessed the defroster power, and what type of adapters are needed?
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    Supercharger - Wilmington, NC - Mayfaire Shopping Center

    Looks like progress! See here: link
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    List of Homelink Garage Door Openers That Work

    I have the same opener and found it very important to program the car's homelink while parked facing the garage and just outside of it. Not sure if that is your issue, but it made a big difference for me. I always park back-in and when I tried programming it with the car facing outwards, the...
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    Any recommendations on rear seat covers & child seats?

    Thanks for sharing, didn't know about that option. But it sure does look pretty ugly from the pictures. Has anyone used these weathertech covers?
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    Auto Homelink issues?

    I've had lots of trouble with Homelink in general lately. I can't say for sure if its' related to a new firmware version. The car used to be able to open our door easily 100% of the time, but now it's very hit or miss. I even installed the chamberlain extension antenna.
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    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    Got it, thanks!!
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    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    I'm interested in the key fob profile feature. Either I haven't been updated yet to that firmware, or I can't find where to access this feature in the menus. So two questions: 1. What version of firmware on a classic enables this feature? I'm on 8.0 (2.52.22) 2. Where in the menus is this...
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    Cell phone holder: What a GREAT idea !!!

    I think some of these approaches here look pretty ugly - but just my opinion. I have really liked the magnetic phone holder from abstract ocean: Magnetic Phone Holder (Slimline) i mount it just to the left of the steering wheel and it works great. Also is not at all obtrusive.
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    Tesla provided Cellular Data Plan - Free forever?

    See the shareholder letter from 4Q2013. Excerpt is: To further enhance the driver experience, new Model S customers will now receive free data connectivity and Internet radio for four years. As an added benefit to our existing Model S customers, the free four year period starts on January 1...
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    The New Evannex Kangaroo Pockets for Model S?

    I too think it's way overpriced.
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    Standard white no longer being offered?

    I think it's ridiculous that the only 'standard' color is black and anything else requires extra $
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    Climate Control - Custom vs Auto. How to show more?

    I really hope they restore this in a future UI update. It was very handy to see that info. you could tell approximate fan speed, recirc vs not, etc , and was really nice.
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    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    Is anyone still on 6.x able to get functional maps on the center console?
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    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    I have had very bad map loading for the past few days. Map tiles basically don't load. Anyone aware the cause of this issue or how to resole? I have rebooted the touchscreen several times and the IC once. OddB - is this similar to the issue you were having?
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    Why fresh air setting for jumpseats?

    The air 'exit' points are in the trunk (also to allow pressure equilibration when someone opens or closes a door). So when you are on fresh air, it draws air in from the outside, cools that air, then pushes it into the cabin via the 1st and 2nd row vents. A roughly equal amount of air needs to...
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    Permanon Aircraft Supershine on my Tesla – supposedly the latest and greatest in car finishes

    I think the answer to this is yes from the above discussion, but can someone confirm: Will Simple Green extreme aircraft remove Opticoat?
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    Consumer Reports recommends Tesla disable Autosteer and make changes to AutoPilot

    I have not followed the original thread(s) closely enough. Why would the car not have seen the truck, even if painted differently?

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