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  1. IslandHydro

    Louver question

    No answer for you, but curious how you access that information (louvers settings)?
  2. IslandHydro

    Finally took a big gulp out of the Kool Aid

    In defense of the S (also having come from an S4 (mine had the V8) ) the S4 is quite a bit smaller, so I would expect it to feel a good bit more nimble than the S.
  3. IslandHydro

    2021 Refreshed Model S - steering wheel yolk material peeling off?

    Especially as much beef as we eat, probably have a lot of cowhide as a byproduct, use it or throw it away...
  4. IslandHydro

    The Last S40?

    Perhaps the fact that you didn't unlock the 60 resulted in the 40 lasting much longer!
  5. IslandHydro

    New style Door handle broke after 3 months, Seems to be a calibration issue?

    Moral of the story, don't pressure wash the door handles!
  6. IslandHydro

    Paint colors

    Well it's a wrap, but I think you could find a similar paint
  7. IslandHydro

    Sound system all off

    It's a computer, have you tried turning it off and on again?
  8. IslandHydro

    Three out of four 21" turbine rims cracked within a couple of months

    I specifically got 19's instead of 21's (even though the 21's look better) because of this issue
  9. IslandHydro

    5000 km road trip - Vancouver (BC) to San Diego round trip

    Yep, me too. I did also put some time into planning before departure.
  10. IslandHydro

    PTFE Seal (Large drive unit)

    Cant buy it from Tesla?
  11. IslandHydro

    New Front End Look for her 2015 S model.

    When I wrapped my 2015, I wrapped the nosecone too, hard to tell in this picture as the green is so dark it almost appears black in some lighting.
  12. IslandHydro

    Please help me choose

  13. IslandHydro

    Clicking sound interior

    Does a 22 model S have any type of auto/assisted open/close on the console?
  14. IslandHydro

    Will not charge past 50 miles

    What are you using to view battery module status?
  15. IslandHydro

    10+ minutes to start my "old" tesla is just an inconvenience b/c I chose to do the eMMC recall and install firmware updates

    I had several errors on my 2015 P85D after eMMC replacement. Had to bring the car back in. They replaced the eMMC board (apparently the one they put in was bad). All is fine now. Overall I've had relatively few problems w/ my car (~60K mi) and when I have had problems, I have had good...
  16. IslandHydro

    Urgently need Chademo adapter for Ukraine

    Quite a few on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1311&_nkw=tesla+chademo+adapter&_sacat=0
  17. IslandHydro

    Used Rim Prices

    I've been very happy with my 19" TSportline TSS Wheels, the look of arachnids w/out 21".
  18. IslandHydro

    2015 Model S Voice Command Button

    Have your rebooted the displays (AKA have you tried turning it off and on again)? The two displays boot separately, one by pressing and holding both scroll wheels on the steering wheel, the other by pressing and holding the upper buttons on the wheel.
  19. IslandHydro

    Tesla & Fire again, but.......

    Might be time to get a foam cannon!
  20. IslandHydro

    Front brakes shaking on CPO Model S 19K

    I think this can happen even on rotors that are otherwise in good shape. If the rotors got hot due to heavy use, then drove through some water, viola! warped rotors.
  21. IslandHydro

    Model S Used Price Check

    Comparing what you got for your car a year ago isn't a fair comparison for today's prices....
  22. IslandHydro

    Wrap on the nosecone?

    Finished! Went pretty well, my biggest problem being contamination (dust) getting under the wrap. Got better as it went and still have a good bit of wrap for fixing any issues that might arise. All in all I'm quite pleased!
  23. IslandHydro

    Model s 85D 2015 won't heat

  24. IslandHydro

    My Model S shows 1315 wh/mi on the dash what does that mean?

    I think your son took your MS to the drag strip last night....😁
  25. IslandHydro

    Magically disappearing 4 year/ 50k Used S Warranty

    This is somewhat alarming... I also purchased a MS from Tesla in early 2019. Came w/ 4-year 50K miles warranty, website now shows warranty expired. I do have a printout of the original sales page, showing the 4-year 50K warranty, hopefully that will be helpful in sorting this out.
  26. IslandHydro

    Exterior trim on 2015 MS

    I'm about to attempt wrapping my 2015 P85D and I was wondering if anyone knows about removing the exterior chrome trim. If it's easy to remove / put back I'd likely do it to make for a cleaner wrap. But I don't want to just go prying on it to find out. Anyone with experience removing and...
  27. IslandHydro

    How much was the additional cost for the metallic green paint?

    I'm about to attempt wrapping my 2015 P85D in a dark metallic green. Really excited as it's always been my fav color. Here's a picture of a newer MS done in exactly the wrap I bought:
  28. IslandHydro

    Wrap on the nosecone?

    I am planning on trying to wrap my 2015 MS... I think I recall that the radar system on the pre-facelift cars is located behind the nosecone. Does anyone know if putting wrap on the nosecone cover would impair the functionality of the radar? The wrap I'm going to use is KPMF Gloss Green...
  29. IslandHydro

    Need help deciding: 2016 MS 70 or 2020 M3 SR+?

    The S is much larger than the 3, and a hatchback. For me, those were the factors that led me to my S, ymmv.
  30. IslandHydro

    Model S Refresh Nail in Tire - Does anyone know how to remove the cap covering the bolts?

    fashion a small hook with a paper clip, pop it off?
  31. IslandHydro

    Tesla ordered to pay $16K to each customer for batterygate

    Anyone seen details on what the criteria is for determining who gets the $600?
  32. IslandHydro

    The Ford Model S Roadster

    I wonder if one could mount the battery underneath....
  33. IslandHydro

    New Model S

    One other thing to consider, anytime something really new is introduced (such as new batteries) it is sometimes wise not to be on the bleeding edge. I generally like to wait a couple years to let them iron out any quirks.
  34. IslandHydro

    how did model S bahave during extreme heat in NW US and SW Canada ?

    My car was in WA state, and unfortunately parked outside (normally garaged). I was in the midwest on a trip. Kept checking in on the cars interior temps, which rose to over 115 multiple times. It was plugged in so I remotely activated the AC and kept the car cool :cool:.
  35. IslandHydro

    what does it mean tesla warning power braking assist reduced

    Power breaking or regenerative breaking? If the latter, then when the battery is cold, the maximum recharge rate (via regen) is reduced to protect the battery
  36. IslandHydro

    Model LS V8

    I'm guessing you have zero chance of making this work (reliably)
  37. IslandHydro

    Does Model S work as family car?

    if you think Model S will serve us well as a family car? For Sure. How is the comfort on a long trips? I have found it to be very good, I think the concept of being forced to take a stroll every few hours is actually very helpful for avoiding fatigue. What about the backseats, are they comfy...
  38. IslandHydro

    Need Tesla Model S keys/ looking for previous owner

    Curious; what did that car set you back?
  39. IslandHydro

    Need advice on buying a high mileage 2017 Model S75

    One has to wonder if the items listed as 'new' replacements were actually refurbished / used parts. If so, it may not be as reliable as it might seem.
  40. IslandHydro

    New Wheels and Rims

    Put TSportline TSS on my MS about a year ago, still very much like them!
  41. IslandHydro

    Should i buy it. Model s 2019

    My only concern, that if its seems like too good a deal.....
  42. IslandHydro

    Help: Where to Buy Desiccant Bag?

    A/C condensor DESICCANT BAG | EV Serviz
  43. IslandHydro

    Battery drain while car is sitting idle

    Tesla energy saving during long periods of inactivity
  44. IslandHydro

    Tesla online used car purchase MAJOR ISSUES

    So my question to the OP is: was the ticking of all your boxes in essence a way better deal then the other similar models? If so, should you really be surprised that it doesn't end up being as nice as the similarly spec'd cars that were more expensive? If it seems too good to be true.....?
  45. IslandHydro

    20” forged wheels

    'repositioned' ;)
  46. IslandHydro

    Refresh truly wider?

    Already a pretty dang wide car.... I think I might need some KY to get the new one in my garage ;)
  47. IslandHydro

    Any nose-cone'ers tried XENARC NIGHT BREAKER LASER headlight bulbs?

    Likewise, just got them yesterday, hope to get time to install this weekend
  48. IslandHydro

    Old OEM 19" MS Rims

    Marketplace | Tesla Motors Club
  49. IslandHydro

    19" Slipstream Gray - Where?

    The TSportline are OEM in dimensions, including the center caps, so any OEM caps will fit.

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