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    Model Zero concept: Could it happen?

    The size and many features are attractive. It would be interesting to see it as a Cyber vehicle with all straight edge stainless steel and glass body. The break between this and Cyber truck is that Cyber truck isn’t arbitrarily “designed” in the same sense that this is. Cybertruck emerges from...
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    Spy photo of new Tesla sub-compact (CyberMini)

    I expect to see an actual CyberCar that shares a lot with that! It would be an ideal combination with a million mile drive train and battery pack for an urban 2 passenger Tesla Network Robotaxi. A little wider and taller so the seating is more comfortable but not so different you couldn’t post...
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    This truck design had better be a joke....

    There is an important difference between this deposit and the Model 3. The Model 3 had no checkoff for adding Full Self Driving at a fixed price - because it didn’t exist. The CT deposit let’s you lock-in FSD at $7000 for the same $100 deposit. Whether this matters to you depends on what you...
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    This truck design had better be a joke....

    Exactly. A lot of the automotive press is referring to this as a unibody simply because it’s not a body on chassis and those are the only two categories they understand. It’s not that. Every car on the road in 2019 is a unibody and all “crossovers” too. There are a few areas like how loads are...
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    Features and/or Options Cybertruck should have....

    I’m curious about what might be done with the onboard air compressor there for the suspension. Tires that maintain their own ideal air pressure for driving conditions? Tires that can at least temporarily fix punctures and reinflate? Simpler/cheaper pneumatic movement options for things like...
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    Exoskeleton body repair cost

    It would crumple in front or rear collisions that have a lot more energy than a sledgehammer. Rigidity in side collisions is important for passenger safety because there isn’t much room to collapse without causing harm. Teslas top safety ratings in side impact are helped by the rigidity of the...
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    Exoskeleton body repair cost

    I suppose it depends on what you expect the surface to look like. I assume the surface of these trucks is more like a pot or flatware and less like a watch.
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    Exoskeleton body repair cost

    It seems to be made by a process like steel origami. Current car body repair is expensive because the stamped body panels made of thin soft steel sell for extravagant amounts of money compared to their marginal cost. A panel with a few dollars worth of steel in it might cost $500. The production...
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    Exoskeleton body repair cost

    THAT would make it show scratches easily. This is 301 Stainless like SpaceX Starship or my kitchen pots and utensils, it doesn’t show scratches easily.
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    This truck design had better be a joke....

    I think the genius of this design is in the new approach to body manufacturing that it arises from. It’s not an elaborate steel Endo Skeleton that thin stamped and painted steel or Aluminum body panels are attached to as a skin. It’s a thick stainless steel exoskeleton made by a process like...
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    Will exterior paint be offered?

    No. Part of the brilliance of this design that let’s Tesla make it for that little is no paint shop, no metal stamping. It’s stainless steel origami and much easier to manufacture while better performing. Vinyl wraps would cover the demand for other colors/finishes. Like Lasairfion said, that...
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    No crumple zone?

    Crumple zones are mostly about front and rear impacts and a more rigid stainless steel skin doesn’t change this much, it still deforms under impact along with the structures under it. Impact has a lot more energy than a sledge hammer. Side impact safety is very much helped by rigidity, that’s...
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    Made a couple small changes to the Cybertruck. Thoughts?

    I don’t think it’s better as pickup design because it adds nothing functionally and probably screws up the airflow they designed for, however I’d really like to see what it looks like extended back through most of the bed for a third seat row version like a Cybertruck Suburban or Expedition. It...
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    Tesla Sailboat

    Black Pearl (yacht) - Wikipedia This yacht is almost there. Still has Diesel engine though. Bigger battery packs and the next iteration could be all electric. It does have PV on it’s black sails and generates power from its props when under sail. It’s a bigger, newer variant of the sail system...
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    When FSD is feature complete, does Tesla need an Uber like version of Tesla Network to transition to

    Tesla has the ambition of getting Autopilot advanced to Feature Complete Full Self Driving by 2020. At that point they seem to need a special sort of data collection, basically a way of testing Tesla Network Robo Taxi features with a safety driver in place on a massive scale. Waymo and others...
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    Development - urban sprawl - often ignored

    These points seem pretty much beyond argument. After 1920 and accelerating after 1950, much of the US was designed around cars and this produced many of the problems mentioned. Here’s some hope that autonomous vehicles, Auto 2.0 can change this. Perhaps the Auto 1.0 era will be the century...
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    Blog FCC Grants Approval for SpaceX’s Satellite Broadband Plan

    I think the biggest technical difference is that Starlink is designed to be an independent new internet in space and Iridium is not. Iridium just bridging the internet to new users at relatively low speeds. Starlink is creating a new internet with laser sat to sat links replacing fiber.
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    Musk Says Boring Company To Focus on Hyperloop to Transport Pedestrians

    Plus it allows the system to continue to work just as was emphasized in the original video, moving a variety of vehicles at high speeds under the city. That system lets an EMS vehicle pop up and drive away even at a site normally intended for boarding pop up pods.
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    Musk Says Boring Company To Focus on Hyperloop to Transport Pedestrians

    Loop is distinct from Hyperloop but part of the same system idea. The tunnels for Loop can hold a vacuum potentially so stretches of tunnel can be repurposed if it’s useful. TBC could for example build Baltimore to DC and start it up as Loop but after they build Loop from NY to Philly and Philly...
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    Musk Says Boring Company To Focus on Hyperloop to Transport Pedestrians

    Think of it as an extension of the Tesla Network in busy urban settings working off the same app. Eventually I think the intent is for those Pods to be AVs that roll on and off the Skates and drive around the streets on their own just like individual cars except with somewhat larger capacity for...
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    Musk Says Boring Company To Focus on Hyperloop to Transport Pedestrians

    Keep in mind the Pod has the same footprint as a single car, taxi, or Uber. They’re driverless, electric and very cheap to operate vs other forms of transport. Standing capacity probably isn’t much more than 12 or 15. There are a lot of pods in the system so there’s no issue for much of the day...
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    Mars and Off Planet Colonization

    We don’t have definitive proof, but there’s evidence that some of the glacial ice on Mars is relatively pure, at least not permafrost or frozen mud but similar to old glaciers on earth made of layers of snowfall. I think colonizing cliffs exposed by exacavating glacial ice and roofed over would...
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    Wiki New Bills Introduced to End Bans on Tesla’s Direct-Sales Model

    From Michigan although the legal situation hasn’t changed and the federal lawsuit continues I see a surprising number of Teslas in the northern suburbs, Tesla now has Store/Gallery in the upscale Somerset Mall,has a lot of Superchargers and is opening a service center.
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    .48 feels like AP2 finally passed AP1

    Tesla really should have a feature for owners who want to opt in to simply flag every AP anomaly they experience and add verbal comments to explain and annotate.
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    Any word on the location of the Semi and Model Y.

    Fremont is in the middle of a major expansion that will about double it’s area from 5 million to 10 million sq.ft. Tesla has also been adding large facilities in the area around the plant. The GF in Nevada will also produce battery packs, motors and whole drivetrains as well as batteries and...
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    My P100 goes 0-60 in 2.3 but I wish it could do this

    It would work even better with a Tesla where the battery pack makes the side of the frame more rigid. Check out the side impact videos of Tesla’s compared to say Volvo’s where the battery pack stops most of the inward deformation. That would work even better if the battery pack was elevated by...
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    "Spaceship Steering" on the new Roadster?

    If it’s fully drive by wire as I’d expect all future Tesla’s to be, then the steering would be entirely under software control and could behave differently under different conditions since it’s just a way for the car to understand what the driver wants. The car would presumably ignore really...
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    Improvements to Elon's Boring Tunnels and Car Elevators Idea

    I think part of reason for elevators in street parking spaces is to fit the system into dense urban areas without much disruption. I read a lot into the glass transport Pod also depicted. To my POV that vehicle represents the norm for urban areas and a Tesla S/X/3 or other conventional style...
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    The moral imperative of full self-driving

    Autonomy will take over pretty rapidly without the need for moral arguments. Making it mandatory will probably get some pushback. That will produce a big jump in safety and efficiency though so I doubt it will be held up for long. The Skates shown in The Boring Company video for use in...
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    Estimating Tesla Network earnings...

    Like Uber, TN will have to roll out in well defined service areas because they need saturation coverage to be sure customers can get a ride reasonably soon. So most vehicles market by market will start out as company owned, supplemented by owners who happen to live there. Tesla will have...
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    Self-driving fleet to block or shield.

    I'm inclined to think self driving vehicles will operate under the control of a cloud based fleet management system. This will make vehicle to vehicle communication easier but crazy uses by owners harder. I don't think a self driving car would make a good getaway car for bank robbers. The police...
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    Tesla wins fight in Michigan over legislator records.

    http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/politics/2017/08/21/tesla-lawmakers/104826286/ The lawsuit in Federal Court advances by an important step.
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    US/World ready for a Model 3 station wagon (= Model Y) ?

    The distinctions do get kind of muddled. Cars are now almost all unibody construction and trucks body on chassis. So SUVs are trucks and Crossovers CUVs are SUV like vehicles that are unibody construction. Station wagons are traditionally cars with third seats and lower car like profiles. Tesla...
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    New Battery Tech?

    Tesla and Musk follow innovations in batteries very closely. Musk is a generalist but this tech is basically what he'd been accepted to the PhD program at Stanford for, so it's as close to his specialty as anything. There are announcements of new battery breakthroughs almost daily but they...
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    Tesla i public transport bus

    One issue with adapting it to subway lines is their being built with stations along the line rather than on a bypass. Generally traffic can't flow around them the way it does on a street with multiple lanes. New York is using very old technology on many lines. One thing this illustrates that's...
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    Tesla i public transport bus

    Here's the Thyssen-Krupp horizontal-vertical elevator concept. Seems a pretty good fit for a pod that can travel on its own on the street or get on a skate or use a Hyperloop transport to also be able to enter this system and circulate to where it's going inside buildings,
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    Tesla i public transport bus

    Here's the Hyperloop Dubai video depicting similar Pods loading onto and off a Hyperloop transport then going on the street on their own power. These Pods are depicted as more spacious and with different seating but the same idea of human transport containers.
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    Tesla i public transport bus

    Why? How is this any different from a city bus or streetcar where passengers can stand? I think the lack or bars or straps for people to hold onto in this rendering is just artistic license to give it cleaner lines. Olli has bars for support. On surface streets these would serve the same...
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    Tesla i public transport bus

    This seems to be an emerging idea. A Pod is something about the same footprint as a car or SUV but boxy, autonomous and able to act as unit load in other transport modes. So it can travel on its own on city streets like Olli. It can also get on a Skate and travel in a tunnel at 200 kph. Or load...
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    Tesla i public transport bus

    Skates carrying cars no. Pods yes. Pods have every bit the capacity of city buses or light rail but more efficiently used. There's the same capacity divided into several pods that load and unload faster and can be deployed independently. If you have a busy train or bus stop, what's more...
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    Tesla i public transport bus

    Thanks for posting the pics. They capture the whole idea. The exact size isn't important...it's about the same footprint as a full size car or SUV and the critical difference is passengers don't have to get in and out like a car. They can stand and walk in and out. The space fits 8 sitting or 12...
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    Tesla i public transport bus

    Even Elon misses things occasionally. He's got enough to think about. The VW minibus notion was always kind of pointless except in the same customer niche sense as the new Roadster. The Glass walled transport pod shown in the tunnel video is the idea. Similar to the pods shown in the Hyperloop...
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    Tesla i public transport bus

    There's a big difference between service areas based on population density. Areas with low to moderate population density that often don't have much public transport anyway probably get along fine without specialized buses using Tesla Network. Major cities still need mass transport. The vehicle...
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    Speculation on Model Y Features

    I think the intention is to move to a true "skate" which requires complete drive by wire including eliminating the steering column. When they get there the skate, battery pack and body are each plug and play modules that just lock together in seconds. Current regulation hasn't changed fast...
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    New Concept - ITS Workhorse

    https://engineering.purdue.edu/AAECourses/aae450/2017/spring/docs/AAE%20450-Project%20Destiny.pdf Here's a detailed paper from an engineering class at Purdue with quite a bit of creative work on Cargo Variants of ITS. There has been a lot of discussion of Cargo variants of ITS on the space...
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    Tesla Class 8 Semi Truck Thoughts

    Have you checked out this company? Wrightspeed Range-Extended Electric Powertrains The founder was with Tesla in the early days. They specifically target retrofitting sanitation trucks and they have what seems to be a practical hybrid solution now.
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    Using a smartphone as a dashcam

    It might be a use for old phones sitting in a drawer to repurpose them as full time dash cams. As long as it's permanently there it avoids most objections.
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    Elon's Tunnel

    All traffic in the tunnel system would be on the skateboards which are just slightly bigger, slightly modified versions of the skateboards all Tesla vehicles will/do incorporate. Presumably like current Tesla skateboards they will be ready for automated battery pack swap. It's already in their...
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    Elon's Tunnel

    Very cool :) This incorporates a lot of other interesting stuff. It uses a Skateboard like Tesla vehicles are working toward being based on. In the original GM Hywire concept and I think in Tesla's intent, all the drivetrain of the vehicle is in the Skateboard which has plugin battery pack and...
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    SECOND stage recovery speculation

    Second stage reuse doesn't have to be universal to be very valuable to SpaceX. It would have more margin to play with on FH flights. SpaceX is coming up on deploying thousands of its own satellites in an Internet Constellation. These will likely be launched on FH in a very standardized process...

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