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    Charged HK meet up and drive 14/5

    If you would like to join us for lunch, an afternoon drive and a walk in fresh air on 14/5, please sign up for our next outing at www.charged.hk
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    Charged HK gathering 7 May

    We are organising a lunch - drive - tea gathering on 7 May. We need to have an idea of numbers of people who are likely to join so that we can finalise arrangements. Please RSVP as soon as possible if u are planning to attend. Suresh Khilani Events Coordinator Charged HK
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    Return to Singapore

    Now that Elon has weighed in personally, I expect to see a U turn from SG sooner rather than later.
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    Why HK no delivery estimate for Model X? Almost everywhere else says 2H 2016...

    There is talk that there will also be a Model 3 crossover, that might be more suitable for you. Model 3 reveal set for 31/3 in the States, so probably April Fool's day for us - ominous.
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    Pair of Beige Neck Support cushions from Taobao

    I have a pair of beige neck support cushions purchased from Taobao. If interested, please PM me.
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    Seat belt recall check....

    If you have signed up for the rally and are coming to ICON for breakfast, you need bother to make an appointment for the seatbelt check as Tesla tech will do the check for our cars at ICON this Sunday. All the more reason to sign up for the rally if you have not done so already.
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    POSITIVE service experience to share LOL

    In case your car is approaching its birthday, remember to book your annual service early. I tried to book for December but apparently it is already full and the earliest annual service appointment is mid January 2016.
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    Can Hong Kong Become an All-Electric Transport City?

    Do post a summary here after the event.
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    For Sale - Brand new Mennekes 13 amp socket cable

    I have a new 13 amp cable for sale. If interested, please PM me.
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    For Sale - Brand new Tesla Universal Mobile Connector with 13 amp socket

    Unwanted UMC cable for sale with 13amp socket. HK$4,500 or nearest offer. Please P.M. me if interested.
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    Screen protector for 17" screen

    Screen Protectors (5H anti-scratch & shock resistant) for Tesla Model S - Abstract Ocean
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    Tire wear - mileage in HK on OEM wheel/tire

    I heard these are not easy to install. Did you do it yourself or did some garage do it for you?
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    Hall of Shame-- Supercharger Parking Over Time (SPOT)

    Much easier if everyone joins charged.hk and puts the charged.hk label on the windscreen so that you can be contacted by SMS /email through the charged.hk servers by inputting the license number.
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    Drive Electric Week 2015 (Hong Kong) - Events and Gatherings

    If you are planning to join the dinner gathering on 20/9 for Drive Electric Week, please sign up today (at Charged Hong Kong | Hong Kong Electric Vehicle Association) as the early bird discount expires tomorrow (25/8).
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    HK: Model X Deposit date - confirmation - Sequence # - expected delivery

    It seems the X will be even further delayed: Tesla Motors Inc Rumored To Delay Model X Deliveries To Year End
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    Pomponazzi 880xx coating on new Tesla

    I did my 880xx on my black tesla in December. Paintwork still looks great. But waterdroplets remain and marks also the next day but easily removed by wiping down.
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    Reasons to upgrade from 70 to 70D or 85 (got a few days left in my change window....)

    If you have the option, take the "D".
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    Cruise not available

    I have never used it as I don't do highway that much and am reluctant to relinquish any control. How exactly do you put on / turn off TACC and when is it useful?
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    Referral code promotion

    Mine is <SNIP> Please feel free to use and share.
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    Design studio

    HK site has been updated with all options including LUDICRUOUS.
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    Finally, got confirmed P85D delivery date

    Some members have a checklist which they may send you seperately but I would suggest: 1. Paint finish is the most important, particularly if you have a black which tends to have swirls which can be addressed by proper detailing. You should arrange for paint protection. 2. You need to ensure...
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    Finally, got confirmed P85D delivery date

    Just like Tesla have to prepare for the delivery, so should you. Make a checklist and go with a friend or two. Take your time to check the car to ensure there is no damage and ensure everything is in order. If you are not prepared, you will be too excited and may miss something.
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    Design studio

    On the US site, you get the 90 when you click on the 3K range update option.
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    Tracking P85D delivery to Hong Kong

    I was at the showroom on Monday and the salesman there told me the Ds would be in delivered in Hong Kong in August.
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    Take Delivery in few days with few questions

    You may also want to get the Link EV Pass: http://www.thelink.com.hk/en/parking/Documents/ev_pass/EV_application_form_20130513.pdf
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    Pomponazzi 880xx coating on new Tesla

    I think you will have to learn to live with swirls if you choose dark colours like my black. If you look closely, they will always be there.
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    Pomponazzi 880xx coating on new Tesla

    After 6 months, still looks good but scratch protection is less than a wrap (which costs x3 or x4). I wouldn't bother with the 17inch screen, its pretty sturdy. You may, however, want to treat the silver Model S on the inside of the front door ways.
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    Where to fix tire pressure?

    if you have fobo, perhaps better to remove them beforehand to avoid being at the gas station longer than necessary.
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    Return to service center 3 times within 2 months!!!

    Problems with the glass roof are the exception rather than the rule. I think the majority of cars are fine and even if there is a problem, Tesla will certainly fix it for you.
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    [On-Going] Model S-friendly & Best Car Park List

    i think WTC is ok generally, despite some particular spots being problematic and inconvenient.
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    [On-Going] Model S-friendly & Best Car Park List

    isn't that worthy of a blacklist?
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    I hate people that park in EV spaces!!!

    blocking of 13amp spaces by ICE is an inconvenience. But blocking a supercharger when already finished charging is much worse.
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    Hong Kong Electric Vehicle Fiesta 2015

    Jsiu You don't need to own an EV or indeed any car, to participate in our events. Even for rallys, you can always go on a ridealong.
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    Introductions (Hong Kong)

    Hi Wombat, Are you coming on Sunday so we can see your car in person?
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    The Tesla Factory is building your Model S (P85D RHD)

    I hope there will be a "D" available for test drive at the 14 June EV Fiesta.
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    May 29th Meet-Up @JockeyClub

    I am looking forward to meeting up with all of you on 29/5 and checking out all the car mods; in particular the dash cam installations, China charging cables, center consoles, and possibly, next Gen seats and the "D". If you have not yet signed up, please do so quickly as space is limited.
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    OEM manufacturers for the parts

    How its made: Tesla Model S (How Its Made Dream Cars) - YouTube
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    Paint Protection

    Hi AppleFan, Glad you like the Pomponazzi. I got my Pomponazzi done about 3 months ago and car still looks great.
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    Getting a Tesla in 6 days

    Hi there A few other suggestions: (a) check the edges between the sunroof and the windscreen and ensure the edges are proper. (b) run your palms over the entire steering wheel to ensure there are no cuts. (c) check wheel rims to ensure there are no blemishes - I suggest that you put in rim...
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    Hong Kong Navigation

    We have heard this all before and I am skeptical that we will have this within the next 4-5 weeks if we just sit back and wait quietly. If we all bombard everyone we know at Tesla (in HK and US) with emails demanding the long overdue NAV, hopefully this will be escalated to the people at the...
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    Paint Protection

    I had my car coated by Don of pomponazzi before I took delivery. Noticed a few scratches near the door handles recently so took the car back for touch up, Don did his magic and scratches vanished. Very happy with Don's service and highly recommend it. Car is now almost 2 months and looks as good...
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    !!! White Tesla Roadster Crashed in Hong Kong!!!

    Thats a roadster crash from 3 years ago. Not recent.
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    Hong Kong Navigation

    The title for this thread needs to be changed to refer to Q1 2015. December 2014 is long gone.
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    Pomponazzi 880xx coating on new Tesla

    Hi All, Have only had it for 2 weeks so can't comment too much but so far I am happy. Won't help much in a collision. Can't comment on other minor incidents. I don't think u have to go for wash for the warranty but makes sense to do so. I think u can just call a day in advance to book.
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    Group buy: Chargeport Opener

    I would like to opt out also. I tried the key fob and it works.
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    Open charge port with key fob. New feature added

    tried it and key fob works to open charge port.
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    Pomponazzi 880xx coating on new Tesla

    I understand they apply it to the whole car including the windows. However, if your car has not yet been licensed, I suggest that you tell them not to apply to the front licence plate bracket as this will affect the installation of the license plate. I had this problem and Tesla had to change...
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    Rear Entertainment Console - Installed

    You can opt for the kangaroo pockets. Kangaroo Pockets, Aftermarket Tesla Accessories and parts for Model S | Aftermarket Accessories for Tesla Model S
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    Group buy: Chargeport Opener

    SK1 I lost mine so will need another one. Count me in.
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    Group buy: Chargeport Opener

    If anyone from HK side picking up the chargeport owner, please let me know. Perhaps we can arrange group pick up on the island.

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