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  1. Markk993

    Staggered Silver 21" turbines for sale - Maybe

    I have a set of 21" staggered silver turbines with TPMS 1 from my 2014 P85+ that I no longer need... But the dilemma is as follows.. the young lady who originally owned my car was severely challenged when it comes to curbs so there is a a good amount of curb rash on all 4 wheels... not deep...
  2. Markk993

    21" Turbines for sale... POSSIBLY

    Not sure where to put this thread but was both looking for interested buyers and an opinion... I have a staggered set of 21's from my 2014 P85+ they have gen 1 s and michellin tires... the Front are in good shape 6-7/32 and one of the 2 back tires is good, the other is not really road worthy...
  3. Markk993

    Arachnid Sale

    Finally after more than 12 months my second set of arachnid wheels have arrived in Las Vegas. I have someone locally that I am selling them to. What I wanted to know is how most people are completing this transaction. I have heard everything from the fact that I have to physically pick them...
  4. Markk993

    FS: 21" Black Arachnids

    My second set of Arachnid wheels and tires are on the way to Las Vegas... I opted for the black this time but have since decided to leave the silver ones on my pearl white car. Anyone interested in a somewhat rare black set please let me know...asking $3500 OBO... + shipping I am in the LA...
  5. Markk993

    Rear Axle Clicking

    when fully stopped i started to notice a series of short clicks / grinds upon acceleration in my P85+...it seemingly started in the right rear but within a few days it seemed like it was both sides... I took it in for service and on the test drive we also noticed it was making the same sound...
  6. Markk993

    XM Mystery Issue still unresolved after 2 years!!

    2 years ago i discovered an intermittent problem with my XM radio in my 2014 P85+... one of the stations I have pre-programmed is channel 231... this channel and the 2-3 surrounding it in each direction are the channels that broadcast NFL games each Sunday... when i put it on 231 and push the...
  7. Markk993

    WTB: GEN 1 OEM Center Console(s)

    Actually looking for 2 of them... One for a friend... Both Tan one in Piano Black and the other in the glossy wood grain whatever that is officially called... thanks
  8. Markk993

    Got my 5th Referral... Now What Happens?

    I just got credit for my 5th referral...YAY! Now what happens... I hear of all kinds of people having 30-40-50 referrals... How exactly does that happen? thanks all
  9. Markk993

    Best Tesla for 65K

    Helping a friend find a used Tesla and his max budget is 65K... there are so many options is it ridiculous... he wants AP, Sunroof, air suspension and upgraded radio... the rest is open for that price he could get anything from a low mileage 2014 85 or P85 (with AP), A 2015 85D, a 2016/2017...
  10. Markk993

    Tesla App upgrade needed

    Tesla needs to add to their app the ability to switch "drivers" .. That way i would not have to contort myself to get in the car after my wife has driven it to change it to my driver profile settings with the seat far enough back that I can get in without breaking a knee cap... Someone make it...
  11. Markk993

    Referral Problem that Tesla cannot seem to solve

    Got my 4th referral about 5 weeks ago.... the guy i helped came back after and told me that he was told by Tesla that he could not use my code.. Apparently he bought an inventory car... It became an inventory car when someone custom ordered it and then cancelled the deal. The person who custom...
  12. Markk993

    Referral Prizes - Where is my wall connector?

    I got a referral in October and opted for the wall connector.. The referral took their delivery in Mid -December At the time the program said that the HPWC would start shipping out in January I got the referral email on 1/2/18 and redeemed it the next day. (Jan 3rd) Then the update came that...
  13. Markk993

    LTE Question

    my 2014 P85+ is still running the 3G connection. I understand that there is an option t upgrade to a LTE connection for about $500 i think... my screens don't load super super fast but it is not "slow" either... I live in the heart of Las Vegas so connections are always good So the question is...
  14. Markk993

    Helping a Friend with a Model X Purchase

    Been really pushing a co worker to get a model x.... his commute is such that he probably spends $300 + a month on gas....He test drove a Model X 75D and loves it but he has a small amount of sticker shock... I need to help find him a smokin inventory deal on a black model x 75D... that way he...
  15. Markk993

    XM Bug...Stumped the Service Center

    I have a weird bug in my XM radio that happens intermittently.. the other day i turned t to my one of my favorite channels (231) to listen to a football game... i hit the back button and instead of going to 230.. it went to 29, then i went back to 231, hit the back button and then it went to...
  16. Markk993

    AC Question

    My car is at the Service Center getting it's annual service but there were a few other things they are looking into. One of the issues is with the AC so I wanted to see if anyone else had an similar experience. At times this summer the AC fan speed just randomly pulses. It slows then speeds...
  17. Markk993

    P85DL as a service loaner vehicle

    After 3 years my P85+ just hit 25K so it was time for service. I also had a small list of rattles and other issues so I set up an appointment to drop off my car at the service center. I always brag about how much I love the handling of the + suspension and how I believe that it is so much...
  18. Markk993

    Unicorn Spotted in Texas

    If anyone is interested... I found a 2014 P85 with AP for sale in Texas....seems nicely optioned and it is on consignment from the original owner..Overpriced but a Unicorn none the less... see autotrader link below...
  19. Markk993

    Radio Oddity

    Recently I have experience a slight annoyance related to my radio... I listen to internet radio all the time and I love it... It works great and there are no issues... However several times over the last week or so when i fist get into the car the radio has mysteriously changed to FM and...
  20. Markk993

    Window Tinting Options / Advice

    Living in Las Vegas with the summer approaching quickly I want to finally look into tinting the windows of my Pearl White Model S. I have read a little on different types, 3M Crystalline, Suntek, Lumar, as well as ceramic tints. I have head mixed reviews on each type and brand. I have heard...
  21. Markk993


    I am in the process of getting just 1 replacement PS2 for my P85+ (pothole took out the sidewall)... the difference in price between Tire Rack and the local guys is within $30... (local is actually cheaper when you add in shipping and install) What gets a tad bit confusing is that TireRack...
  22. Markk993

    Tire Woes - Advice Appreciated

    Got a flat on my right rear yesterday on my P85+ that cannot be repaired (265/35/21)... the left rear still has about 7/32nds of tread left so it is in really good shape.. so the quandary is... Do I get a new PS2 to match the left side (with different tread depth) Do i find a used PS2 that...
  23. Markk993

    WTB - 1 265/35/21 PS2

    Got a flat on the right rear that cannot be repaired... at the same time i still have 7/32nds of tread on the left... hate to have 2 buy 2 tires when one still has more than 50% of its life...would love to get the new longer lasting super sport but don't want to mismatch at the same time either...
  24. Markk993

    Binding Noise

    The other day i was backing out of a parking space in my 2014 P85+ (21's) and with the steering wheel turned all the way i noticed a slight "binding sound" which quickly went away as soon as i turned the wheel slightly back. I tried it going the other way and got the same result. It is not a...
  25. Markk993

    Plus Matters

    I took my P85+ in to the SC for a noisy pano roof. The one day job is now on day 5 waiting on new parts. When they realized it would take longer they gave me a loaner vehicle which was a regular P85 that was almost identically optioned with air suspension, 21's etc...When I first started...
  26. Markk993

    Rattling Pano Roof

    This weekend I had the pano roof open while cruising down the highway (65 ish) and noticed that the glass seemed to be rattling..almost like a glass on glass type of sound... Has anyone else experienced this? I have an appointment at the SC tomorrow morning to get it checked out but was...
  27. Markk993

    8.0 Created a Problem that stumped Tesla Support

    Got my 8.0 upgrade this weekend and after relearning the radio controls it has been OK....However, on day 1 I had an issue.. I went to the grocery store, got out, locked the door manually with the FOB and the center screen and dashboard stayed on.... I came out of the grocery store 20 minutes...
  28. Markk993

    Battery Range

    Being a recent owner (2 months) i charged my 2014 P85+ up for the first time to 100%... at fully charged it showed 264 miles... at 90% it shows 234 miles... should this data match up mathematically? I have heard there are algorithms that factor into range calculations but i don't understand...
  29. Markk993

    WTB - OEM Center Console

    Not in love with the aftermarket options... So I am looking to find the Tesla center console from last year that fits into the existing Yacht floor as opposed to the new design that requires the entire console to be swapped out... Tan interior / Piano Black but I am not sure that it matters...
  30. Markk993

    Blame it on the Rain

    OK... given this is likely a silly question to pose but as a fairly new Tesla owner (6 weeks) I thought I would ask... Living in Las Vegas I do not really give rainy conditions much thought... However, it is not entirely uncommon here to have a severe thunderstorm that lasts just a few minutes...
  31. Markk993

    WTB 2015 85D

    Looking to spend between 75 to 80k ... must haves are panoramic roof, stereo upgrade and next gen seats....anything else would be a bonus do not want black, white or silver have finances ready to go JUST need the right car
  32. Markk993

    P85 vs. P85+

    Been shopping for a low mileage 2014 P85 ideally with AP but I know that would likely be a rare find and if so out of my price range. In my search I have found some P85+ options but they tend to range anywhere from 4k to 10K more than the P85 counterpart. I know that performance wise they are...
  33. Markk993

    P85 vs. P85+...

    Been shopping for a low mileage 2014 P85 ideally with AP but I know that would likely be a rare find and if so out of my price range. In my search I have found some P85+ options but they tend to range anywhere from 4k to 10K more than the P85 counterpart. I know that performance wise they are...

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