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    How Can I Limit -- or Select -- the Contacts I Download into My Model S?

    I read on the Tesla forums that contacts with more than 5 phone numbers will cause the transfer to stop. Pretty lame bug; my guess, given their rate of fixing lame bugs like this, is that some solution should likely roll out sometime in 2017.
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    energy display, change defaults?

    The latest I saw was a post to a private thread on the Tesla official forums saying that at the coffee & donuts meeting recently in Menlo Park, they said that they were doing a major revamp of the energy display, and that they would not be fixing the doesn't-remember-average-versus-instant...
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    Courtesy info supercharging station

    At the foot of each whiteboard could be a squeegee and a bucket of water for de-bugging while you charge too. The only SC I've been at so far that had a convenient solution to this problem was the old SC by the gas station at Harris Ranch. No regular squeegee access is the one major downside...
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    What is the odd of this happening?? 2 blue tesla

    How about *3* blue Teslas side-by-side? This was on Sand Hill Rd in Menlo Park, CA a few months ago:
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    First problem: rear door glass stuck open

    My *front* passenger side window made a horrible crunching noise when I opened it the other day (might be only the 2nd or 3rd time it's been opened). It still moves up and down, but with a nasty grinding/clunking sound. I have it closed with tape over the button until the first available...
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    Tesla Model S Car Simulator

    Reminds me of the infamous "Desert Bus" video game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penn_%26_Teller's_Smoke_and_Mirrors#Desert_Bus
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    PG&E E9-A versus EV-A calculator using PG&E downloaded data

    I've enabled the web-server version now so people can try it out themselves. http://rungie.com:8080/ For instructions on the files you need to download from PG&E to feed to the program, you need to read the readme here: https://github.com/hughescr/PGE-EV-Rate-Calculator I'll copy the relevant...
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    Firmware 4.5

    Front red oscillating lights like that are illegal in California. You can have any other color up there, or red on any other side of the car other than front. But front + red = no. :(
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    PG&E E9-A versus EV-A calculator using PG&E downloaded data

    That's good :) Now try: "node parse.js" instead of "./parse.js" -- could be permissions aren't set to executable or something.
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    PG&E E9-A versus EV-A calculator using PG&E downloaded data

    If you type "node -v" instead, without the quotes, what does it say?
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    Navigation preferences

    Holy cow. For me, nav at anything higher than volume 4 is deafening. I normally have Slacker/radio/bluetooth at 3-6 depending on road speed and whether the kids in the back seat are yelling at each other.
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    PG&E E9-A versus EV-A calculator using PG&E downloaded data

    I've now implemented calculations for E1, E6, E7, E9 and EV, and tweaked the output to be a IMO a bit more informative/helpful. Rate: E1 Summer Cost: $7010.64 Per day: $11.49 Winter Cost: $9126.48 Per day: $13.58 Total Cost: $16137.12 Per day: $12.59 Rate: E6 Summer...
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    PG&E E9-A versus EV-A calculator using PG&E downloaded data

    I found a bug in how I was calculating baseline usage for E9 which punished it pretty badly. I was using their baseline as per month, when it's actually per day, so off by a factor of about 30x, which pushed pretty much all E9 usage into tier 3 super fast. I've fixed it now, and my own data...
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    PG&E E9-A versus EV-A calculator using PG&E downloaded data

    Log in to pge.com, then click "My usage" on the menu. Then in the bottom right corner there's a "Green Button Download My Data" button. Click that. Then you want the "For developers and third parties (.xml file)", "Export usage for a range of days" and select the max possible range it lets...
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    PG&E E9-A versus EV-A calculator using PG&E downloaded data

    I've banged a quick-and-dirty comparison tool together for folks to allow comparing PG&E's current E9-A rate plan versus the upcoming EV-A rate plan. The basic concept is you download hourly historical usage data from PG&E (doesn't matter what rate plan you were on at the time, you can download...
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    Power hatch not closing

    I've had the same problem, and asked previously. Others said they used to have the problem, but that with age, the rubber softens and problem goes away. In the meantime, manually slowly pushing it firmly the last couple inches seems to make it latch and pull itself closed for me.
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    The Hilarious Thumbs-Down--a Model S first?

    ... or hilariously ironic
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    Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

    Makes you wonder, as we're waiting eagerly, how the cars themselves feel as they're rolling down the line getting assembled... "Finally! Any day now I'm going to get to be DRIVEN." Probably chattering with the other cars on the line in front and behind about how excited they are to meet their...
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    Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

    Reserved - 12/28/12 (#17,0xx) Finalized - 1/26/13 MVPA countersigned - 1/28/13 Est. Delivery 3/8-3/22 Delivery Information Request email 2/11/13 -- requested factory pickup in Fremont 3/8-3/22 re-confirmed Emailed today to ask if they have a VIN for me cos I'll be travelling in the next few...
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    Audio: Whats the reason for no CD Player in MS? Cause everybody has an iPod?

    ...the problem I have is that once they figured out the manufacturing consitency issues, they then started cutting costs as much as possible and using discs that don't age nearly as well. My older discs are in much better shape than a lot of the newer ones where they were trying to save a few...
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    Going into drive with keyfob outside the car

    Same thing happens on my wife's hybrid highlander. I've had her in the car, dropped her off, driven home, then been stuck with no key cos she had both sets in her purse for some reason. Luckily I had my car key for the other car to go rescue her :)
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    Order with Air Suspension to get car in time for CA $2,500 rebate?

    ... and more data -- looks like the last couple of months, the rebates have been going at about 1,500 per month, which is well over $3,000,000 per month, so if there's only $2.4M left, that will likely be gone within about a month from now. If you order a car now though, I don't think you'll...
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    Order with Air Suspension to get car in time for CA $2,500 rebate?

    Rebate Funding Status That says as of right now: CVRP Rebates Issued (FY 2012-2013) $ 10,660,771CVRP Remaining Funds (FY 2012-2013)$ 2,646,179

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