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  1. Hut

    Austin Texas MY Headlights

    From the Jeff's drone video, it looks like Texas's MYs still have the old LED headlights.
  2. Hut

    Can you fit 2 Lectric XP e-Bikes inside Model Y's trunk when folded?

    Any one is able to fit 1 or maybe even 2 20" fat tire folding e-bike(s) inside the Model Y with 4-5 passengers? Here are the URL and folded dimensions. I suspect we may need to remove the rear cargo rack to get the vertical / height clearance. XP 2.0 Black - Black Friday Bundle Folded...
  3. Hut

    Canadian Model Y LR AWD Price Increase [October 8, 2021]

    Just noticed the price went up by CAD $1,000 tonight
  4. Hut

    Tesla OEM Model Y Cargo Cover

    Any rumors that Tesla may include a Cargo Cover for Model Y? Maybe for 2022 model year?
  5. Hut

    0-60 mph Model Y SR = Model 3 SR+ ?

    I am wondering why Model Y's Standard Range has the same 0-60 mph spec as Model 3's Standard Range Plus. Model 3 SR+ = 5.3 sec Model Y SR = 5.3 sec Model 3 LR = 4.2 sec Model Y LR = 4.8 sec (+0.6 sec) Model 3 P = 3.1 sec Model Y P = 3.5 sec (+0.4 sec)
  6. Hut

    Is Model Y getting the new Console 2.0 + Double Layer Glass?

    Several sites confirmed the 2021 Model 3 will have refreshed / new changes. I am wondering whether the 2021 Model Y are getting these new features: Refreshed console 2.0 Double layer glass for better noise isolation Tesla Model 3 ‘refresh’ with chrome delete, new center console spotted in...
  7. Hut

    Model Y - Snow Tires Recommendations

    Doing some research about snow tires for the Model Y. Thinking to stick with OEM 19" size (i.e. 255/45R19 104). Any recommendations? Thanks!! I am wondering does the new 2020 Michelin X-Ice Snow series carry the OEM size or not. Michelin X-Ice Snow Tire :: Michelin North America, Inc.
  8. Hut

    Scratches on the Backup / Rear view Camera

    My backup camera became quite blurry. Upon further investigation, I noticed it has many micro scratches on the surface. I am wonder anyone has any suggestions / methods to polish and get rid of these scratches. I saw some suggestions to use toothpaste, car polish compound. Or I should...
  9. Hut

    Cancel Pre-Order & Reorder with Referral Code?

    With the recent July 2020 price drop, it now costs less than my reservation $ a year ago. I am wondering does it make sense to order now with a referral code as opposed to update the existing reservation.
  10. Hut

    Edmunds - Model Y Performance Pricing Question

    Did anyone watch Edmunds' Model Y Performance review? I don't quite understand their pricing structure. How come they did not include the $3,000 Autopilot option? When the Model Y was first launched on March 16, 2019 and available for pre-order, the Autopilot feature is not included with the...
  11. Hut

    All Tesla Models will get Range/Power increase (not just SR+) of 5%

    Beside the slight price adjustments to the Model 3 in mid October, I also noticed a slight increase in Model 3 Standard Range Plus's EPA range estimate. It increased from 240 miles (386 km) to 250 miles (402 km). ~ 4% increase Design Your Model 3 | Tesla
  12. Hut

    Model 3 Price Increase - Mid Oct 2019

    Just noticed a slight price increase for Model 3 in US and Canada: Design Your Model 3 | Tesla (US) Design Your Model 3 | Tesla (CAD) SR+ = + US$500 / + CAD $900 LRD = + US$0 / - CAD $100 P3D = + US$500 / + CAD $900 Solid Black Exterior = + US $250 / + CAD $300 Estimated Delivery: Within 6 -...
  13. Hut

    Homelink Garage Door Opening no longer included with Premium Interior Package

    Read the news here: https://electrek.co/2019/05/31/tesla-homelink-not-standard-model-3-features-aftermarket/ It's removed from the feature listed in the Premium Interior: Design Your Model 3 | Tesla I wonder what happens to those that placed an order.
  14. Hut

    Model 3 SR+ Delivery Wait Time in GTA

    Did anyone order a M3 SR+ recently with delivery in GTA? I am wondering what is the lead time in getting one these days. Thanks.
  15. Hut

    Ordering SR after April 11, 2019

    Anyone recently ordered a Standard Range M3 after Tesla removed it from the online ordering menu? If so, what approach did you take? I called a local (Toronto, Canada) Tesla store, they said I need to order a SR+ and they will make a note in their ordering system. Is this right? Are you...
  16. Hut

    White + Black Roof Picture?

    Does anyone have photos of a white or pearl white exterior with a black solid roof?
  17. Hut

    Rear Seat Entrance Leather Wear

    Anyone have similar issue?
  18. Hut

    Model S - Ontario on the road $

    I am trying to calculate the on the road price and I am wondering what are the additional charges for the Model S in Ontario. For example: Delivery fee $990 A/C Tax $100 Admin fee $180 Anything else?
  19. Hut

    100 Amp Main Panel

    I am located in Toronto, Canada. The main electric panel is my house is only rated at 100 Amp. I am planning to install the NEMA 14-50 plug in my garage. 1. Given that I am planning to charge the Model S at night when the electric load / demand is lower. Will my 100 Amp main panel do the job...

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