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    Blind spot hardware changes pending?

    Blind Spot Detection Needs Drastic Improvement Completely agree that the detector should show up either yellow or orange and much bigger. If one is using navigation, the map to the left of the speedometer completely obliterates the white arc. On my P85D, about 50% of the time I get no...
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    Next-gen REAR seats no longer available for new orders, please post feedback on yours

    Did you trade in your P85 to Tesla? I'm about ready to trade my S85 12/26/2012 and was pretty disappointed at the low value as the car has every option other than P.
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    Just got P85D VIN. Anyone know where that puts me in terms of production finish date?

    I am supposed to take delivery by the end of January, my VIN is 68166.
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    BMW i3

    Going to have a test drive May 17th and will report. Would agree that the range is not sufficient.
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    Getting a car wash

    NO, you do not need to stay in the car, simply leave the key fob in the car. You might consider raising the vehicle assuming you have air suspension as my car scraped on something once. I've had my local car wash (Matt & Jeff's in Novato, CA) wash the car almost every week for well over a year...
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    Uh Oh - Ecotality Exploring Restructuring or Sale, Cites List of Challenges

    Austin Marxe and David Greenhouse dump 434,000 shares of Ecotality from June 14 to July 24, 2013 at about $1.65/share then Form 8-K is filed on August 12, 2013 stating "...the Company has experienced certain material adverse developments that in the aggregate significantly impact its ability to...
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    Lack of buttons - annoying?

    Model S locks itself. Simply opening one door unlocks all the others. Until you've tried it, don't complain. Button-less is the only way to go!
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    Vehicle Registration Colorado

    Answer is simple, call your local Colorado DMV office, they will tell you immediately.
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    Missing features not really missed…

    Completely agree with Ames with exception of cooled seats. My MB S550's massage seats quit one day with a very loud pop, must have blown an air hose. My dealer only wanted $2,500 to make repairs. It would be nice to have memory for the passenger seat settings.
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    Supercharging Progress

    Good work HansK. How did you get such detailed information? The Buellton Supercharger station will make our annual "Sideways" tour of Santa Barbara County wineries much easier.
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    Please don't do (better place method) battery swap stations, it's a stupid idea

    100% agree with all you have said. I too would not trade my well cared for battery for one of unknown provenance.
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    FOR WANT; Model S P85 $50k

    Yes I'm happy to sell the one pictured here, it is the one on the right hand side of the photos. Needs a little work
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    Does anybody recognize/recognise this charger?

    Darn good idea Carrerascott
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    12-volt battery: Proactive fix (Replacement)

    My VIN ends 2753 and took delivery December 20 but so far have not had a 12V battery problem.
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    Consumer Reports results are in!

    I'm too cheap to subscribe to C.R., please download the report and post it. Actually I'm not too cheap, but broke after writing TMC a check for near $100K.
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    USB Charging

    Either USB charges and flybob88 is correct, it charges even when the car if off.
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    How much sales tax has to be paid for a Tesla Model S (with 60 kWh, and no options)?

    You will also have to pay about 0.65% for license plates and another $97 to Tesla for other fees.
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    myteslalogs.com [possible scam]

    run away fast!
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    Campaign for Tesla Statue in Palo Alto, California

    I donated $350 which will also result in delivery to me of a 3.1" cast bronze copy of the statute. Might even glue the statue to the front of the hood LOL. Nikola Tesla deserves to have a statute in Palo Alto!
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    TSLA - Last man standing?

    Everyone forgot Toyota RAV4 EV, powered, of course, by Tesla.
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    The Rolling Naked Tesla Short

    Shorts are really getting squeezed, TSLA up $3.43 at 1:03 EDT!
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    Vulnerable to crosswinds on highway? NOT!

    No crosswind stability problems, in fact, in a crosswind, the Model S is better than my Mercedes S550. I have noted, however, that crosswind stability seems to improve when the steering is set to sport​ rather than the two other options.
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    cubby removal - anyone know how?

    Cubby Who? Cubby What?
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    Cleaning the leather -- what actually is leather here?

    I'm convinced #3 and #4 are leather and I do not have a P model.
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    Have you received your parcel shelf?

    Received mine about a month ago but I can't believe I paid $250 for it. Louis Vitton it is not.
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    how to clean INSIDE of windshield?

    Best window cleaning system in existence is by Griot's Garage, here is the link: http://www.griotsgarage.com/product/ultimate+window+cleaning+kit.do?sortby=ourPicks
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    Hiroshiysan, Even if you order a Performance model I suggest you get 19" wheels. I believe TM will let you have 19" wheels with the Performance model but won't give you a discount for giving up 21" wheels. 21" wheels ride much harder than the 19" and have less problems with rim rash.
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    The Rolling Naked Tesla Short

    As of 11:30 PDT TSLA is up $1.84 in a market down almost a percent. The shorts are getting their gonads squeezed and I love it!
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    PG&E E-9A vs E-6 for Model S owners with Solar

    I also have a PV system and looking at both rates I've decided to stay with E-6 at least for the time being. Problem with E-9 is that peak rates in the winter go to 9 PM and to midnight for partial-peak. Trying to beat PG&E is a not an easy task...sooner or later they will do their best to...
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    Downloading 4.4 Brodered my car.

    Al Sherman is right, there was never a message about being plugged in.
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    Running with No Front Plate?

    I haven't had front plates in California for more then 30 years. Never got a ticket but did get stopped once with no ticket issued. - - - Updated - - - I haven't had front plates in California for more then 30 years. Never got a ticket but did get stopped once with no ticket issued.
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    Hiroshisan, Agree the mirrors look green-ish but they are silver like the rest of the car. I shot those photos with my iPhone, should have used a better camera. Tried using the Tesla backup camera (which can be turned on full time) rather than relying on the side view mirrors and it works great.
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    Silver exterior / Tan interior?

    Exactly what I have. Sold my 2007 S550 with silver over grey. Prefer the silver over tan. Really wish TMC had a darker (saddle?) tan.
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    Slacker Next to Useless after 4.3

    I suggest you download Pandora One on your iPhone or equivalent and connect using Bluetooth. Pandora is far superior and FREE!
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    Hiroshisan, Yes, the side view mirrors must be folded manually. I believe you gain almost 100 mm per side when the mirrors are folded. I haven't tried this yet but the backup camera is so good you might be able to use this instead of side view mirrors. I miss my visits to Tokyo...
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    Seat post wear?

    A little shoe polish will repair this in a second
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    San Francisco Model S Owners?

    E-9 has very low rates at base line use for off-peak ($0.04479), but sodomizes you at 131% of off-peak at $0.24337. Worse peak at 131% of base line is $0.49583. These are summer rates. I have decided to stay with E-6
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    こんにちはヒロシ, The Tesla side view mirrors do sort of fold but not electronically and then only fold half way in. I'll try and take a photo and send it to you.
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    Parking spaces in Tokoyo tend to be very, very narrow. TMC needs to make the mirrors fold which would help a lot in tight parking places. I believe my MS is actually 2" wider than my Mercedes S550. Fortunately Tesla mirrors are very forgiving as I have already hit both the left and right...
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    Upset at Major Headliner Issue - Anyone notice this? (resolved)

    I think the fabric if first rate. If you want to see cheap, look at the Toyota RAV4 EV
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    Fisker Karma

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    Hidden Antenna Success!

    Its a real beauty!
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    Today's lease announcement was anticlimactic

    I agree with Mr. Insanity.....way too much hype. The only positive was Musk's personal guarantee of buy back value. Also agree TSLA will open down 2% tomorrow.
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    Tesla head on collision with a Honda

    The license plate number of the MS is 6WZU147, only about 80 digits higher than my plate number. Took delivery in late December.
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    Anyone else a bit irked?

    Grow Up!
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    Plug Adapter on my Universal Mobile Connector has melted...

    I purposely charge at either 30 or 40 amps, never at 50 amps that that my line is capable of.
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    Ultra low frequency sound when putting Model S in reverse

    I have also experienced this and I agree with your analysis, i.e., creep and brakes kind of oscillate back and forth.

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