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  1. DR61

    Bug Reporting

    Try sending a bug report from the Tesla Support web page (at bottom): Customer and Product Support | Tesla Support
  2. DR61

    Sheltering in Place - Charge or not

    Assuming you are sheltering-in-place: I would find a level 2 charging station near a nice place to take a long walk (with social distancing). Do regularly as necessary to keep battery at 50-90% range (depending on how much charge you want in reserve). Consult Plugshare.com for locations near you.
  3. DR61

    COVID-19 Impact on Tesla production?

    Other US auto plants are closing: https://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2020-03-18/ap-source-detroit-automakers-to-shut-down-factories Also VW: Volkswagen closes Chattanooga plant Monday due to coronavirus concerns
  4. DR61

    SF Bay Area shelter in place

    In addition to Tesla, GM, Ford, and FCA to close all factories according to AP.
  5. DR61

    SF Bay Area shelter in place

    GM/Toyota joint venture (1984-2010) built the plant now owned by Tesla in Fremont. There was also a Ford plant nearby. I expect other auto plants in the mid west and south to shut down soon.
  6. DR61

    How to report issues to Tesla?

    You can report via the Tesla web site after you log on to your account. Go to Contact, then Support, then under "Can’t find what you are looking for?" press Contact Us button.
  7. DR61

    Alignment question

    After checking pressures, drive for several hundred miles to let the tires break in.
  8. DR61

    What happens if everyone drove EV?

    Data? In winter ICEV's have significantly higher fossil fuel consumption, especially on short trips and urban driving. EV's also have much higher energy use, but unless I see data showing otherwise, I think EV's still have lower total energy use than ICEV's.
  9. DR61

    What happens if everyone drove EV?

    However the EV's get something like 100-130 MPGe compared to the ICEV's which get an average 24 MPG. So EV's are 4-5 times more efficient in converting fossil fuel to miles traveled. So regarding 'saving the climate', yes we are helping considerably more than 12.7%. Plus the more renewable...
  10. DR61

    18" Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

    You could go up to the 245/45-18 100V XL size; it is only 0.3" larger in diameter.
  11. DR61

    Coasting in Neutral

    I don't think this is correct. Pushing down the accelerator to the neutral point on the energy bar would not use any more energy than going to neutral position with the shift lever. Moving the shift lever to neutral just turns off both regeneration and acceleration, but changes nothing...
  12. DR61

    So Elon Says CR attained 350 actual miles

    Data? I typically see a majority of Prius drivers going much faster than the limit on freeways. Here is an interesting article about how speeds creep up significantly above the speed limit: E Is for Embolden but Also Encourage • Driving in the Real World®
  13. DR61

    So Elon Says CR attained 350 actual miles

    It seems many people say this or similar things all around the US ("you will get run over if you drive slower than 75 mph...", etc.). I have yet to see any data to back this belief up.
  14. DR61

    Lost all voice commands after Hardware 3 install

    I have HW 2.5 and I also have to hold the button until the text box completes to get the command to execute. I contacted Tesla and they stated it was a bug to be corrected in next update.
  15. DR61

    Rotating Tires question

    Yes, as long as the jack is rated for appropriate load. But of course do not work under the car without backup supports.
  16. DR61

    Model 3 AWD LR 1,100 Mile Road Trip

    Nice pictures, and a great looking silver metallic Model 3 - just like mine!
  17. DR61

    Wow, we need to find another way to heat EVs

    Interestingly, Volvo did this with their C30 EV back in 2011. I don't know about their newer models. Volvo C30 Electric equipped with three climate systems; bioethanol heater
  18. DR61

    GPS & Audio voice commands are wonky

    This afternoon voice commands started executing. Perhaps service did something remotely??
  19. DR61

    GPS & Audio voice commands are wonky

    With a recent update (not sure which one), our car is not executing voice commands at all. After issuing a command, the text box appears showing what the system thinks we said (usually correct), but then nothing happens. Yesterday I put in a request to service about it but no response yet. The...
  20. DR61

    Be a 14-50 adapter

    There are non-Tesla adapters available: NEMA 14-50 Adapter for Tesla Model S/X/3 Gen 2 – EVSE Adapters
  21. DR61

    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    This graphic is highly misleading as it is presenting some type of weighted average for each state. In California we have many different utilities and rate types. I charge my car (12PM-6AM) right now at about $.10/kWh. It will be a bit higher in summer.
  22. DR61

    Model 3 Lost A Wheel In Front of Me!

    This happened to a friend of mine who was driving a Mustang. A shop had just rotated tires. They paid for damages...
  23. DR61

    1st Electricity Bill since purchasing the tesla.

    I don’t mind the $21.05 fixed charge since we in SMUD land have had zero emergency blackouts compared to the extensive blackouts in PG&E areas all around us this fall.
  24. DR61

    1st Electricity Bill since purchasing the tesla.

    I live about 100 miles east of the SF Bay Area in Sacramento County, California. We have a publicly-owned utility (SMUD) that has much lower rates than PG&E. Currently I charge our car between 12PM-6AM at a rate of $.0885 per kWh. Our winter rate between 6 AM -12 PM is $.143 per kWh.
  25. DR61

    Best 18" tires for comfort

    I cannot comment on how these would be on a Model 3. I have used Conti DWS06 on two other cars and have been impressed. On our Volvo the DWS 06 is giving about 5% better highway mileage than the OEM Pirellis. They have lower noise and better ride and handling compared to the Pirellis.
  26. DR61

    Advice on Driving New M3 Home and Charging

    In addition to the excellent tips above, consider stopping for a break+meal at one of the J1772 charging stations along 299. On the PlugShare app I see one at the Willow Creek China Flat (Bigfoot) Museum. Also there is one at Del Lima RV Park between Weaverville and Willow Creek. Others are...
  27. DR61

    Model 3 LR tire rotation?

    I have used this method (one jack on front side lift point, same side rotation) on every car I have owned since the 1970's. Zero problems. I think the Tesla has a more rigid chassis than any other car I have owned.
  28. DR61

    M3P wins SCCA Autocross National Championship

    Very nice drive by David Marcus. No small feat to stay in front of Mark Daddio. I notice his co-driver Laura Cambell trophied in 7th place, and other Model 3's in 18th, 27th, and 29th in the 44 car field. A very competitive group!
  29. DR61

    My Model 3 has gotten more aggressive about "topping off" the battery

    I have never used Sentry Mode; car is definitely topping off more frequently. I am fine with that.
  30. DR61

    My Model 3 has gotten more aggressive about "topping off" the battery

    This is happening with my car also. No dramatic changes in temperature here. Started after the last update.
  31. DR61

    What are the Various Uses for the NEUTRAL Gear ?

    Just to be clear, 'neutral' in a Tesla is an electronic state of the motor(s), not an actual physical disconnect of the drive motors from the axles.
  32. DR61

    What’s the average Wh/mi you are getting

    I plead guilty to mild hypermiling. We drive about 50% highway, but we rarely exceed 70 MPH and I actively do safe drafting. Temperature range in my area since late August has been between 105F to 25F. We had one unusual 12" snowfall. I dress warmly on colder days and use seat heaters plus...
  33. DR61

    Model 3 Nature Pictures

    Donner Pass Road and Donner Lake, CA
  34. DR61

    Thinking about joining legal action on recent massive price cut

    'Tech' is short for technology. It has nothing to do with a specific industry.
  35. DR61

    What cars have you owned before your Model 3?

    It has been quite a journey: 1958 Volvo 444 2 door sedan 1961 Austin Mini Cooper 1964 Alfa Romeo Sprint GT 1971 Fiat 128 1975 Vega GT 1974 Fiat X1/9 1978 Saab 99 Wagonback 1981 Subaru GL 4WD wagon 1984 Jeep Cherokee 1986 Volkswagen Golf GTI ( became SCCA race car) 1988 Nissan King Cab 4wd...
  36. DR61

    Considering Moving into new house. Can this panel handle a new 14-50 circuit?

    I have a similar 100 Amp setup; 50 Amp on mini-split heat pumps which almost never run from midnight-6 AM when charging takes place on another 50 Amp breaker. Never been a problem. I don't charge during the day when AC is on or we are using the drier.
  37. DR61

    What’s the average Wh/mi you are getting

    AWD LR, 18", 4700 mi: 237 Wh/mi.
  38. DR61

    Efficiency LR AWD vs P3D

    With 18" standard wheels on our AWD, we can usually exceed rated Wh/km when we exercise discretion with the accelerator and cruise at 68 mph/110 km/hr or less. Cold weather, using heater excessively, climbing, and headwinds are exceptions of course. I don't think the P with its 20"...
  39. DR61

    Why would someone choose a Polestar 2 over a Model 3?

    Wrong: Most Volvos including my 2017 have fixed headrests just like Tesla does. Volvo seats including mine are very good. But our Tesla Model 3 seats are just as comfortable. I congratulation Volvo for introducing this model (sometime in 2020) and I will be interested to replace our gas Volvo...
  40. DR61

    Blindspot beep?

    Two test cars, one a Tesla with the update, need to go out on a divided highway with light traffic and test this. The chase car goes into the blind spot of the Tesla and is prepared to brake back if necessary. The Tesla tries the lane change (should see the red line on display when turn signal...
  41. DR61

    Blindspot beep?

    As I understand it, Autopilot safety features are active on all current Teslas. Optional Enhanced Autopilot includes among other features Autosteer and TAC. So I expect the blind spot warning will be coming to all cars.
  42. DR61

    Planning a trip to Bear Valley Ski Resort

    Common on most vehicles I have used in heavy snow in the Sierras over many decades. I carry a small plastic-bladed mountaineering shovel and dig snow out whenever parked. Also useful to dig out the car itself of course.
  43. DR61

    "Full-Time" AWD Winter Mode

    Yes; brake pads are relatively inexpensive. Most modern cars do not have mechanical limited slip differentials; instead they use inexpensive brake pads controlled by the ABS computer and various other sensors.
  44. DR61

    All I can do is just laugh

    I wonder if people have ever been in snow before. Just brush it off with your arm before opening the boot. Same as most cars I have driven in deep CALIFORNIA snow for 48 years. Meanwhile enjoy your 0.23 drag coefficient, which was the design priority.
  45. DR61

    You will love Level 1 charging

    About what year did most houses start being fitted with 200 Amp service? Our house has it but we may be shopping for another house in California. Can I tell with a picture of the breaker box?
  46. DR61

    "Full-Time" AWD Winter Mode

    Average snowfall in Toronto is 121 cm. Average snowfall in Soda Springs, CA (located between Fremont factory and the Gigafactory in Sparks, NV) is 533 cm. The engineers had no problem finding snow to test in near the factories.
  47. DR61

    California vehicle rebate

    There were no signatures on any of my documents other than my own on registration forms. Got the California rebate without problems (although it took 3.5 months).
  48. DR61

    Disappointing Range in P3D. Is this normal?

    California is huge compared to Minnesota; no you don't have to wait in many areas. I have supercharged 15 times in 5 months and never waited for a charging spot in the east SF bay area, Vacaville, Sacramento, Truckee, and Corning. Our AWD+Aeros has averaged 239 Wh/mi over 4100 miles. I usually...
  49. DR61

    P3D finished top 5 at autocross

    I thought that only the 3D and 3 RWD were in D-Street, with the P3D in A?? Or did I read it wrong...
  50. DR61

    What are your charging habits?

    The HVAC system is connected only to the battery, so power comes through the battery. However the charging system is programmed to keep the battery at the set level when HVAC is on, so ultimately the plug supplies the power.

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