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  1. Kee_Chain

    Privately Selling a Vehicle Advice

    Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing well, I am in the process of selling my Model Y since I am ordering the X. This will be my first time selling my car this expensive privately. From the past, I have always told the buyer to have financing ready in a form of payment such as a cashier's check...
  2. Kee_Chain

    Mind of it Owns Windows

    Hello, I have noticed a weird glitch in the past month of December 2021. Sometimes when I close my MY's front driver's side door, the other 3 door windows will retract about 4 inches on their own. Then I have to roll them back up. I am not sure what would be causing this issue at all. Anyone...
  3. Kee_Chain

    Car Vibration Troubleshooting

    My March 2021 MY has been having vibration/major road noise issues. Around 55+ mph, the car vibrates and the wheel shakes noticeably. August 24th, the SC did re-create the problem and their solution was re-balancing all 4 tires. However, this caused the car to vibrate again. If I drive the car...
  4. Kee_Chain

    Car Vibration Service Fee

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well, I have been noticing a vibration from the wheel when I drive around 55+ MPH on the highway. I believe it to be an unbalanced tire but I set up a service appointment and Tesla wants $175/hr for diagnostics on a warrantied car. I have fought and...
  5. Kee_Chain

    500 + Mile Range Debate

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well, After the cancellation of the 500+ range Model S Plaid+, I have been seeing a big debate of Teslas or EVs in general regarding 500 miles worth of range on Twitter. The main argument I am seeing is that most people will want to stop as 500 miles of...
  6. Kee_Chain

    Curbed Rim Questions

    Hello, everyone, I hope you are doing well, Yesterday, I went downtown Indianapolis and curbed both passenger side front and rear wheels. The front passenger side has the most damage, it is curbed and the paint is gone. The rear passenger wheel has only a little bit of paint removed. I have...
  7. Kee_Chain

    Autopilot Freak Out

    Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well, Has anyone on 2021.4.18 been noticing on roads 35 MPH to 45 MPH, AP freaks out thinking semi truck and pick-up trucks with trailers are going to hit the car on the side? This has been completely new experience ever since the 2021.4.18 update. I did...
  8. Kee_Chain

    Requesting a Supercharger Location Directly to Tesla

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well, I currently own a hotel right on a major freeway. The hotel is right on the freeway making supercharging access very convenient for fellow Tesla owners. My parking lot is very big for all the equipment they will need to install, as well as, public...
  9. Kee_Chain

    Headlight Protection

    My MY sits outside, and I want to make sure I avoid any headlight yellowing and future proof them. Any tips, guides, or tutorials for products I can DIY for my headlights?
  10. Kee_Chain

    Mobile Connector Problems.

    Hello everyone, need some help troubleshooting a UMC-2. Outlet: Nema 6-50 Volts: 240 Amps Circuit: 50 Charging Amps: 24 The past month I have been noticing my UMC start charging my MY, about 10 minutes into it charging I get a "Ready to Charge. Check Power Source” message on my Tesla App. I...
  11. Kee_Chain

    Auto Windshield Wipers

    Hello, The past few weeks, my area has been experiencing hard rain. I have noticed many times that the auto windshield wipers do not seem to adjust to the appropriate speeds. They will turn on but be on the slow settings even with hard rain. I thought my car was faulty but I have read that...
  12. Kee_Chain

    Validation Testing Fees

    I have made an appointment for vibrations I am feeling while driving highway speeds. The MY is still under warranty, I got a message saying that their will be a $52 validation testing fee. The fee will only apply if the vibrations are not a warranty item. If it is caused by a warranty item, it...
  13. Kee_Chain

    2021.4.10 Bugs

    Hello everyone, On my Model Y, I have noticed two frequent bugs on 2021.4.10. The first is visualizations (Lanes, Cars, Traffic signs, Traffic lights, etc) not showing on the screen. Only the Model Y render displays on the screen. This problem only occurs when I start a fresh drive (Twice...
  14. Kee_Chain

    Fair Nema 6-50 Pricing

    Hello everyone, I am in the market of getting a Nema 6-50 outdoor receptacle installed to charge my Model Y. I know pricing/quotes have many factors, I will try to discuss a few. But I have read some forums of fellow EV owners getting ripped off in pricing. Because I am new to this, I thought I...
  15. Kee_Chain

    Tesla Mobile App for Charging

    Hello everyone, I have a quick question for the charging numbers on the Tesla Mobile IOS App. I have noticed many times the app will say 0 mi/hr but after closing the app 3/4 times, then it will display the proper mi/hr that is displayed in the car's center screen. My current set up is using...
  16. Kee_Chain

    A back and forth shake on highway bumps.

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well, I noticed something today, every time I go 55-70 MPH, my car makes a back and forth shake when hitting bumps. It is not dangerously violent but subtle, it is annoying and uncomfortable. I do have the 20in Induction wheels but I highly doubt this is the...
  17. Kee_Chain

    Joining the Club!

    Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well, After a long time crunching numbers, researching, and finally, battling the inner demons, I took delivery of an LR Blue Model Y (R2-D2). In terms of the buying process, I was surprised by how complicated it felt. Tesla did a great job by having...
  18. Kee_Chain

    Used Model 3 Option Packages Transfer Question

    Hello, I am thinking about buying a long range model 3 RWD, I know for a fact I would like to buy used and am willing to wait until Model 3 really start hitting the used market (More than they currently are). One question that I can not find a solid answer on is that if owner 1 (original owners)...

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