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  1. electricar

    Model 3 LR not currently available to order (USA) [posted 08.12.2022]

    That's a long time away in Tesla land - available in 2023 just means anything can happen between now and then.
  2. electricar

    Possible to drive from USA to Chile in Model X?

    You're kidding right?
  3. electricar

    Drove 2000+ miles, safety score 99 but no FSD beta yet. Please help.

    There seems to be a misunderstanding here about the true purpose of FSD - FSD is to raise revenue. Hopefully the California DMV is going to get Elon’s thinking straight about selling something that doesn’t exist.
  4. electricar

    Tesla Sold Me A Wrecked M3 As New

    At the end of the day Tesla sold you a car that even if it was better than new has greatly diminished value due to the undisclosed damage. A good lawyer should be able to get Tesla’s thinking straight on this.
  5. electricar

    Tesla Sold Me A Wrecked M3 As New

    Yup - time to lawyer up.
  6. electricar

    Tesla Sold Me A Wrecked M3 As New

    Again - what is the build date of your car? It’s on a sticker in the car somewhere; most likely in the door jam. That is a super easy sort - if the build date is after the wreck shown in Carfax it would be very unusual to wreck a car that hasn’t been built yet and if its after anything is possible.
  7. electricar

    Tesla Sold Me A Wrecked M3 As New

    What is the build date for your car?
  8. electricar

    Tesla Sold Me A Wrecked M3 As New

    That is exactly right and why Carfax reports are as much entertainment value as “ The Truth “ and why almost no one is capable of suffering the brain damage required to correct a bogus one. Anyway we all know that everything on the internet is true in the multiverse somewhere.
  9. electricar

    Tesla Sold Me A Wrecked M3 As New

    Lots of people in big hurry to pile on Tesla. I wonder if these same people will pile on Carfax if they are found to be in error. Once again, I have seen many Carfax errors and correcting them is a Herculean effort because when you click on I agree to the terms and conditions to get a Carfax...
  10. electricar

    Tesla Sold Me A Wrecked M3 As New

    Carfax makes lots of mistakes - that is most likely what happened here. For the car to be sold as new it has to sold on an Manufacturers Statement of Origin and if it was wrecked on a demo the Borrowed Car Agreement signed by the person test driving would require the driver's insurance company...
  11. electricar

    BMW iX in the wild

    I would have abandoned it at the dealership and marked my calendar for 31 days.
  12. electricar

    BMW iX in the wild

    Where is Chris Bangle when you need him?
  13. electricar

    BMW iX in the wild

    Not me - that front facia is a deal breaker especially since the kidney grill motif is for decoration only.
  14. electricar

    2022 BMW X5M Comp or MX Plaid

    If you can’t laugh off the depreciation pounding of owning a BMW than the car is not for you - happy BMW people lease them. Shingles is right; they are designed to 3 year lease specs. Given that new car turnover in Europe is massive and so much of the car must be recyclable why not make the...
  15. electricar

    Lug nuts way under torqued from Fremont CA

    There are some adjustable electric wrenches and torque sticks for air wrenches but they aren’t particularly accurate in my experience. In any case the Tesla service manual states that impact wrenches should not be used and I have not heard any at the Tesla service centers where I have been.
  16. electricar

    Lug nuts way under torqued from Fremont CA

    Evidently you have never seen what happens when lug nuts get loose enough for the wheels to wobble around. That’s why many mechanics way over tighten the lug nuts which creates a different problem - studs that break or lug nuts that take dynamite to loosen. Mine were loose from the factory too (...
  17. electricar

    Plaid tire failure

    I agree with most of what you said and the service factor on suspension components and bearings means that there is rarely a problem caused by changing wheel specs. Increasing track width reduces lateral load transfer from the inside tire to the outside tire so cornering grip often is higher...
  18. electricar

    Plaid tire failure

    You’re right that changing the offset on the rear wheels does not change the toe or camber. It does, however, change the track width and, therefore, side to side lateral loading of the tires and the load on suspension components and bearings. I’ve seen unintended consequences when changing rear...
  19. electricar

    Plaid tire failure

    Aftermarket wheels will make a difference if the offset is different. This seems like an alignment/tire combination problem to me. If the car has too much toe out ( or goes to too much toe out under heavy acceleration) in combination with the characteristics of a particular tire ( sidewall...
  20. electricar

    Hanging piece under new car

    The first picture looks like some damage from contact with road debris that may have caused the push clip to come out. This happened to me when a chunk of semi-truck tire tread bounced under my car on the freeway. The repair was easy and I felt lucky that the impact wasn’t to the front bumper...
  21. electricar

    Good lug nuts?

    I've had good luck with these lug nuts as well ( hate having to r and r the plastic chrome covers ). Tesla service manual says no impact wrenches so I quick using it after reading that.
  22. electricar

    Hv battery replacement

    Tesla service centers are just like any franchised dealership service center - some are good and some are a nightmare. Try a different center. Tesla does not seem to care that some service centers are horrible and the ICE OEM‘s dealerships are now part of huge corporations ( Autonation, Sonic...
  23. electricar

    "I rented an electric car for a 4-day road trip." -Fox Business Article

    All of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire plays to the crowd that fear any challenge to the fossil fuel industry.
  24. electricar

    "I rented an electric car for a 4-day road trip." -Fox Business Article

    C’mon - this was on Fox - they would be happiest with cars that burn coal.
  25. electricar

    Can any shop do wheel alignment

    Absolutely. This falls in the category of - Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. At best you’ll pay someone to say the alignment is fine and at worst they will perform an alignment that makes things worse. Some of best alignment advice that I have seen was done by a racer who drove in the Indy 500...
  26. electricar

    Quiet Tire replacement recommendation

    I replaced my Goodyear OEM tires with the Conti Pure Contact LS tires and they don't seem noisier to me but, then again, my hearing is not the best. They do seem to have a comfy ride and more grip. I was looking for a no foam tire so, in the worst case scenario ( which I pray never happens ), I...
  27. electricar

    Beginning of the end - at least in my mind

    This makes sense to me because one of Elon's most impressive skills is the ability to get government money.
  28. electricar

    Road trip range anxiety is still a thing?

    My range anxiety has diminished to the point that I am cutting much closer than I did years ago almost to the point of running out of juice. Since the emotional fear of running out electrons is so much less I have had to develop smarter travel planning by using the techniques mentioned above. I...
  29. electricar

    Why electric vehicles are a bad investment

    Where to start with this - there is a good chance, folks in the medical industry I am talking to, a growing number of folks who seem to have gotten issues, the media does not let it be shared, and 100% risk free. Whoa!
  30. electricar

    Why electric vehicles are a bad investment

    No doubt those were good cars for their day but the advances in safety equipment alone in the last 32 years makes any modern car a far more sensible choice for daily transportation.
  31. electricar

    Why electric vehicles are a bad investment

    I love how socialism is now part of the discussion - might as well talk about who uses which bathroom , Covid vaccinations, and the rest of the unified theory of how the good old days were so much better.
  32. electricar

    Paying for car without forking over my online banking creds?

    It depends what state you are in - some have laws stating that cash must accepted and others don’t. There is no federal law requiring a business to accept cash for a purchase.
  33. electricar

    Measuring the panel gaps upon delivery

    That’s hilarious - you obviously forgot your calipers on delivery day and probably also forgot to post the whole thing online.
  34. electricar

    Plaid headlights stays ON (very low)

    My 2018 Model S does that once in while too - they eventually shut off. Mine also engages in other unexplained behavior from time to time. In the interest of maintaining my sanity I have learned to quit worrying and just love my International Car of Mystery.
  35. electricar

    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    Try another service center - Chicago has a lot of them. Tesla service centers are just like the service department at the dealer for any other car. Some will say anything to get you to leave because their best mechanic is named CroMag and the only tools he has are an axe and crowbar. Others are...
  36. electricar

    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    Whoa - 2 cars and neither one of them is any good in cold weather - Your best plan might be to move to a place with warmer weather where you and your cars will be happier.
  37. electricar

    Need USB recommendations for Model S Plaid..anyone??

    I have had better luck with SD cards than Thumb drives - no idea why
  38. electricar

    Need USB recommendations for Model S Plaid..anyone??

    I have had good luck with these.
  39. electricar

    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    Price out a new S85 long block at your local BMW dealer and the labor to R&R it - you could buy 2 Model S batteries for that money.
  40. electricar

    Side swipped damage cost idea ? 16’ model x

    $20K to $30K depending on damage to B pillar area - looks like one of the door hinges is outside the door - not good.
  41. electricar

    Tesla online used car purchase MAJOR ISSUES

    Generally being the key word here - in my experience satisfaction dealing with Tesla is a completely random event.
  42. electricar

    What is the one feature you would like to see added to the Model Y?

    Passenger seat lumbar feature - you know, like it used to be before the price went way up.
  43. electricar

    Service subscription

    Was the Audi manual on a disc, download, or web pages?
  44. electricar

    Service subscription

    The printed service manual that people used to be able to buy for their car with all the factory approved maintenance, diagnostic, and repair procedures has gone the way of the dinosaur. Most of the OEMS at first tried to restrict this information to their franchised dealers but Massachusetts...
  45. electricar

    Service subscription

    I'm afraid you are right. I thought it was bad when huge companies made me sit on hold for an hour to talk to someone on the other side of the planet that I could barely understand but no phone number at all is a new low. I would be perfectly happy with all digital communications ( no phone...
  46. electricar

    Service subscription

    I purchased a 1 hour service subscription for my Model S using the Safari browser on my desktop and none of the pages would open. I then logged in on my Chrome browser but, of course, the site did not recognize that I had already purchased the session and asked me to purchase one. At that point...
  47. electricar

    What ICE would you preserve?

    My Acura NSX and when I win the MegaBall lottery a Duesenberg Model J sport coupe.
  48. electricar

    Help me decide: Model Y or Mach-E

    What bull - No car sales people lying is one the best parts of buying a Tesla.
  49. electricar

    Blog Tesla Increases Prices Again

    After jacking the prices up that high you would think they could see their way clear to putting the passenger seat lumbar feature back on the 3 and the Y

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