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  1. SeanM

    2018 Model 3 Warranty Coverage for Wheel Bearing.

    Hi, I have checked everywhere online but am not getting a clear cut answer, hence asking here. Does the four year warranty cover wheel bearing replacement/repairs? My 2018 Model-3 has an audible whirling/whining (like a turbo starting) noise from front left wheel when I drive, the noise gets...
  2. SeanM

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Hello, I have been observing a steady 'drop' in my 2018 Model3 (LR) battery charging numbers since past more than six months. I always keep the battery at 80% charging capacity, only when I plan to travel for vacation I put it to 100% charging, don't take that many long distance breaks...
  3. SeanM

    Getting "Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High"

    I borrowed my friend's MC and it's not throwing the error while charging, but when I switch it back to mine, it gives the same error. So, I presume that it might be my MC that may have issues. Have opened a Service ticket with Tesla's dealer near me. Will keep you all updated, thanks a lot for...
  4. SeanM

    Getting "Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High"

    I have opened a Service ticket, let's see what they say, will keep you all updated, thanks.
  5. SeanM

    Getting "Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High"

    So, it started happening for you since past month too? Does it mean, there's some issue going on with the software upgrade that's making these 'mc's go bad or flag as bad??
  6. SeanM

    Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High

    Is the mobile charging unit we get with the car covered under it's four year warranty?
  7. SeanM

    Getting "Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High"

    Sounds like a good idea... did anyone get a positive feedback from them. The last thing I want them is to shrug it off as they do for such tickets.
  8. SeanM

    Getting "Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High"

    Yes, so did mine too. I started seeing this issue since past one month. I usually keep the car plugged in at night hence didn't see any difference. But drove a lot yesterday and had to get the car recharged over 150 miles last night, that's when I saw this error, it was same a few weeks back too.
  9. SeanM

    Getting "Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High"

    I did remove the MC plug from the wall and felt the pins, they were cool to touch not even warm. So, I knew that it's not the outlet unit on the wall. Is the MC covered under the car's four year warranty? If so, then I can get it replaced, else it's for $500. :-(
  10. SeanM

    Getting "Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High"

    What do you mean by adjusted the wires?? How did you do that??
  11. SeanM

    Getting "Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High"

    Have been getting this error message from past one month now. I own a 2018 Model-3 model and didn't get this error in any season to rule out hot temperatures in the garage, hence am a bit worried about it. Due to that the overall charging has gone down to 13miles per hour from 28 miles per hour...
  12. SeanM

    12v battery issue, Tesla unsatisfactory response

    Aren't the 12V batteries usually under at-least a three years warranty? Doesn't Tesla offer the same warranty on the 12V batteries that come with the car?
  13. SeanM

    "Disappearing" Windshield Wiper Fluid [Update: passenger side wiper hose was not connected]

    100 ml is a rough estimate, it can be + -. There is no hole in the pipes, didn't see any fluid in & around the pipes nor there is any fluid on the garage floor where the car's parked most of the time, especially now that am not driving it much due to COVID, thanks.
  14. SeanM

    How long do you plan to keep your Model 3?

    I own a 2018 (Sept delivered) Model-3, and plan to keep it at-least for 10 years, by then hopefully can pass it onto my kids. Also, as the battery is covered for 8 years, if Tesla comes up with a 400+ miles battery by then, I might plan to swap it (hopefully it's as easy as swapping batteries in...
  15. SeanM

    Is it only me or happens with any one else?

    Hello, Is it me or happens with other Model-3 owners too? I usually park my Model-3 far end of the parking lot, still see someone parked right next to me when I return back from my shopping. Even if there are other parking spots, still they want to park right next to my car. Just an...
  16. SeanM

    Final FSD Update - Change of HD 2.5 to HD 3.0.

    Thanks for the explanation, so the car doesn't differentiate between green/amber/red signal colors?
  17. SeanM

    Final FSD Update - Change of HD 2.5 to HD 3.0.

    Congrats! But, currently on HW 2.5 I too do have the option of "one-pedal-drive", it was added in one of their software upgrades around 6-8 months back.
  18. SeanM

    Final FSD Update - Change of HD 2.5 to HD 3.0.

    For those who have purchased the FSD package and got HD 3.0 in their Model3, So, I had purchased the FSD package some times last year and got an email that my Model-3 is next in line to get the new HD 3.0. (it currently has HD 2.5). My question is how long does the actual installation process...
  19. SeanM

    One pedal driving

    So, had a question... during one-pedal-drive, to stop the car, does it apply the brakes for you or does it do on it's own?
  20. SeanM

    12V Battery Charging??

    Thanks for your response... it's a relief to know the car will charge and maintan the 12V battery too. I have been keeping the main battery charge level at 80%, but will lower it to 60%. We literally have not driven the car anywhere past three weeks, plus now VA is under an official lockdown...
  21. SeanM

    12V Battery Charging??

    Hello, Hope everyone's safe in this pandemic. Due to the Corona pademic, our family has hardly ventured out of the house, leave alone driving. Hence, I have parked my Model3 in the garage from past three weeks. It's plugged in at 80% charging. My questions, do we need to put a separate...
  22. SeanM

    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    Hello, I own the 2019 Model-3 (LR-Dual Motor) that was purchased in Sept 2018. I had purchased the FSD when it was for sale for $2k around March, 2019. Till date, haven't heard from Tesla when they will be swapping the HW2.5 to HW3 and activating the FDS. Has anyone who owns similar config...
  23. SeanM

    Brakes did not engage!

    Sorry to hear about the accident, glad your father is fine, though can't say the same about the car. Remember, almost 9 out of 10 times, it's been found the drivers are mostly at fault in frontal accidents. It just take less than a second to hit a vehicle in front.. period. But, our brains...
  24. SeanM

    Battery drain while parked or car in storage

    If you are so concerned, then charge it to 100% before leaving for the airport (hope it's not that far away from your home). So, you will have max charge remaining for one week. My long range battery gets used by Sentry mode around 8-10 miles per day in the winters when the car is parked...
  25. SeanM

    V10 update: 2019.32.12.2 - Release notes same as previous V10 versions

    Hello, It's been a few weeks since my long range dual motor Model-3 had the software version. In these few weeks, have seen battery being drained (between cold temps, sentry mode... etc.) by around 8-10 miles per day. I don't worry about the depleted miles as I charge the car every...
  26. SeanM

    How to stop door handles from getting so hot?

    Dude... where do you live, Sahara desert??
  27. SeanM

    What kind of windshield washer fluid does Model 3 Use?

    Just use some vinegar mixed warm (a bit hot is fine too) water & a rag to clean up the mess on your epoxied garage floor. If it too doesn't work, then sorry to say, but you'll just need to live with it... after all it's just a garage floor & it's going to experience such spills.
  28. SeanM

    TPMS "Tire Pressure Low" error message on all four wheels... what are the odds all 4 tires are low?

    Greetings Folks, As I mentioned, I had checked and added (43 psi) the air to all tires a couple of weeks back. So, last evening while returning from my job, I rechecked/refilled the air in all tires. Then after driving for few mins, the ' tire pressure low' sign went away. I decided to add air...
  29. SeanM

    TPMS "Tire Pressure Low" error message on all four wheels... what are the odds all 4 tires are low?

    For those who are saying about TPMS.. I have another vehicle that does have TPMS on which I do at time (seldom though) get low tire pressure warning, but that warning disappears once I drive for few miles. But, today morning my Model-3 still shows low tire pressure, after driving for some miles...
  30. SeanM

    TPMS "Tire Pressure Low" error message on all four wheels... what are the odds all 4 tires are low?

    Hello, My 2018 Model-3 had done a software upgrade over the last Friday evening & I drove it over the weekend. But, today morning when I switched on my car I saw the (see attached snap) TPMS "Tire Pressure Low" error message on all four wheels... what are the odds that all four tires are having...
  31. SeanM

    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    I paid for the FSD software long back, but how do I know if the HW3 chip is installed in my 2018 Model-3?? I called their service center, but their Tech support team was totally clueless, as usual.
  32. SeanM

    I'm amazed at what owners don't know

    You will be surprised how some people are buying a car just as a 'mode of transportation', they have no attachment to it. For them, they only look for some safety features, HVAC, cruise control, a stereo system, gps... to name a few as these are basis features in today's cars. These folks don't...
  33. SeanM

    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    Am happy with the upgrades Tesla offers in the Model-3. But, it's high time I want to see some good features added to the software on our cellphone.
  34. SeanM

    Are we Really Really Saving Money owning a Tesla?

    Also, don't forget the lost miles... even if you take a very bare minimum loss of 3 miles/day (it definitely will be more), it's over 1000 miles lost per year.... this is straight 'money' down the drains.
  35. SeanM

    Are we Really Really Saving Money owning a Tesla?

    Hello, I have had my Model-3 past one year and enjoying every single time I sit in it (at times I just try to "find" reasons just so I can drive it). But, every time I plug it to charge, this question comes in to my mind, in the long run "Are we REALLY REALLY SAVING MONEY owning a Tesla??"...
  36. SeanM

    people sleeping while driving.. this is why we can't have nice things

    ... what next, getting drunk and let Tesla drive you home??
  37. SeanM

    people sleeping while driving.. this is why we can't have nice things

    Sorry to be a little bit blunt, but under such circumstances, you shouldn't be driving at all... period. It's just not worth to jeopardize your & other people's lives like this, be it in a Tesla or any other vehicle.
  38. SeanM

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    ... thanks, will check it.
  39. SeanM

    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Hello... can you please share the link of the tire shine product? Thanks.
  40. SeanM

    VA State Safety Inspection. (At Tesla shop or Gas Station??)

    True... ;-) Also, do they put the car on the ramp to inspect the lower chassis?? Am concerned about them doing it the right way.
  41. SeanM

    Future 2047 barn find

    In 2047, I guess this sure will be one of the last electric 'relic' car that doesn't fly.
  42. SeanM

    VA State Safety Inspection. (At Tesla shop or Gas Station??)

    ... thanks for the info!
  43. SeanM

    VA State Safety Inspection. (At Tesla shop or Gas Station??)

    Hello, After almost a year of enjoying my Model-3, it's up for the State inspection. The small sticker on the windshield says that it's up for next inspection... do I take it to Tesla shop (how much does it cost) or just get it done at any gas station where they have State inspectors? Anyone...
  44. SeanM

    Different charges during Supercharging.

    Hello All, I did a Myrtle beach trip over last week and for first time charged my Model-3 at Superchargers. The first 20 mins the Supercharger does around 450 mph - 525 mph, afterwards it starts dropping the mph rate of charging. My question is, after first 20 mins of charging the cost/min is...
  45. SeanM

    Molded Mud Flaps on Amazon

    Here's what I see on Amazon for $40..... anyone has a link for the eBAY ones?
  46. SeanM

    Weathertech licence plate frame fit problem

    Welcome to the land of the Free!! Where big fish is let off and they 'cook' the small fries.
  47. SeanM

    Just took delivery today is this a problem?

    More than the 'blemish' on the left glass, it looks a bit misaligned to me.
  48. SeanM

    Fell from Model-3's bottom, what's it??

    I check beneath all doors & none are missing. Btw, the ones below the doors are a bit different (see pic) than the one I found on the garage floor. Also, checked visually below the car too, but don't see any hole that's missing a plug, might use a camera to check more in details later. Still...
  49. SeanM

    Fell from Model-3's bottom, what's it??

    Hi, I keep my Model-3 in the garage & no other car is there. Hence, today morning when I "Summoned" the car out, saw this (see pictures) on the garage floor just below the passenger (right) side of the car. It seems to have a number '16' on the insides. Any idea what it is?? The car is...
  50. SeanM

    Vendor Finally a place for sunglasses in Model 3!

    $27??!!! Man!!! Everything for Tesla is so freakingly expensive.

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