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  1. bancroftc

    Change out Piano Black for Carbon Fiber trim

    Yeah I have looked at the Evannex application and it looks pretty good, but you can definitely tell that it's aftermarket if you know what you're looking at. Particularly around the AC vents. I'm hesitant to put down what are effectively stickers on my dash. If they ever started to peel off...
  2. bancroftc

    Change out Piano Black for Carbon Fiber trim

    Has anyone done this via the service centers? One of my only regrets with my car was not getting either the carbon fiber or matte obeche trim. As I'm sure many are aware, the piano black is a fingerprint and dust magnet and scratches very easily. I've managed to take good care of mine but I'm...
  3. bancroftc

    P85 vs. P85+

    This may be a little late for the OP, but I'll echo SomeJoe's comment here, as I just returned a P85+ loaner for my 85D and his comments are spot on. The P85+ is definitely punchier and feels like it has a little more muscle to it. I really liked the staggered rear tires. It seems quicker to...
  4. bancroftc

    AC Noise - Loud!

    So I guess it's my turn to eat crow - got my car back from Tesla on Friday and they are saying that everything related to my AC noise complaints is totally normal and within design tolerances. So go ahead and dish it out...BUT that doesn't mean that I've changed my stance on the matter. I'll...
  5. bancroftc

    AC Noise - Loud!

    I appreciate your commentary (and I'm not disagreeing with you), but if the noise+vibration issue is a known trade-off, then why is Telsa accepting my car into service for this issue? If it's a known issue, why would they not tell me that over the phone and at least attempt to discourage me...
  6. bancroftc

    AC Noise - Loud!

    Jeff, I have to disagree with you here. I'm in the same boat as TSLA Pilot and find the whole noise/vibration thing extremely annoying and most definitely unacceptable for the class of vehicle we're all driving. That's not being dramatic, it's just an opinion and one that multiple people here...
  7. bancroftc

    Concern Over Increasing Wh/Mile

    On that note, is there any way to tell what mode the circulation is in when you have in Auto? I will try keeping it on recirc though.
  8. bancroftc

    AC Noise - Loud!

    Will do - they didn't push back one bit on the phone, so hopefully they will take it seriously.
  9. bancroftc

    Concern Over Increasing Wh/Mile

    So I've done a bunch of experimenting on this issue since I made the original post - and all I can tell is that's it most likely due to my new shorter, slightly hilly commute, probably combined with the AC working harder to cool the car in the now hotter weather. I've also got some AC concerns...
  10. bancroftc

    AC Noise - Loud!

    I've been having these exact same AC symptoms - loud as hell when the AC is on high and then occasionally I get a really annoying vibration that I can feel across the floor boards, the dash and the steering wheel. I took delivery in Oct 15 and only seems to have become an issue recently...
  11. bancroftc

    Concern Over Increasing Wh/Mile

    Yeah I will definitely try this out, and I will also try my current commute without AC as well to see if that might be the culprit. I'll try Range mode as well to see if that helps. Does pre-conditioning factor into the Wh/Mi calculation? I would tend to think not since there is no driving...
  12. bancroftc

    Concern Over Increasing Wh/Mile

    So I'm a little puzzled by a recent spike in Wh/mile in my 85D. I took delivery in Oct 2015 and have maintained a pretty consistent Wh/mi over the past 5,000 miles, usually hovering in the 300 range. My lifetime is 345 wh/mi and most of my driving is around the city with not a ton of freeway...
  13. bancroftc

    Things that hang up Summon feature pulling into a tight garage - like mine

    Same issues here...exits my garage just fine but can't get over the lip on the way in. Aborts every time. I have a fairly tight garage so I could see myself using it to park the car when I have groceries or things to get out of the side doors. But alas, will have to wait until they provide a...
  14. bancroftc

    SAS - Lowers before raising

    Ok this is good to know! Appreciate the feedback. I was always worried about the nose dropping into an obstacle (primarily my steep driveway) I was trying to raise it over, but sounds like that should not be an issue so long as I provide enough time for the front to raise up after the rear.
  15. bancroftc

    SAS - Lowers before raising

    I've noticed that my air suspension lowers before it raises. Meaning, if I'm in "standard" and want to raise it to "very high," it will lower itself (seemingly) all the way down before starting to raise itself it up. Anyone know why it does this? Just curious.
  16. bancroftc

    Window Issues going up and down?

    I had funny window issue the other day - walked around to my passenger side, opened the door to get something out (the window dropped a half inch or so normally) closed the door, and the window didn't reseal itself. It stayed down a half inch or so. So I opened the door and closed it again...
  17. bancroftc

    FLOORMATS - Which To Consider?

    Interesting - did they say why they were changing the mats?
  18. bancroftc

    high pitched whine from front motor 85 d

    Are we talking about the milling noise here, or what I believe is the standard motor whine from an 85D? I have driven two 85D's (one being my own) and a P85D loaner and each one sounded identical. The motor puts out a subtle high(er) pitch "whiiirrrrrrr" as you accelerate. Is that what you're...
  19. bancroftc

    Interior door handle damage

    I'm kidding of course, and no my wife is not on this forum :frown: - - - Updated - - - @omarsultan I dig your license plate. Almost named my car the same!
  20. bancroftc

    Interior door handle damage

    This issue has persisted despite my best efforts. I have tried to be VERY careful not to hit the metal on the door handle with my wedding ring, but regardless it still manages to pick up lots of scratches and tiny dings. My ring is on the large side, so that's probably why this is such an...
  21. bancroftc

    Brake failure warning down steep grade

    I have not seen any evidence of brake fluid leakage. I'll double check though. I also have not seen the brake fluid warning return in the past 24 hours, so I'm hoping it was just a fluke.
  22. bancroftc

    Brake failure warning down steep grade

    I had this occur this morning. I was on a downhill grade with hill hold engaged, and all of a sudden I got the "Brake Fluid Low" warning along with the red brake hazard indicator. The slope I was on was not that steep. In fact the grade at the entrance to my neighborhood is quite a bit...
  23. bancroftc

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Why would Tesla make a firm recommendation that would potentially compromise the batteries? That would not make financial sense considering they offer an 8 year warranty on the battery. Or from a long term PR perspective, if batteries are crapping out due to a knowingly incorrect...
  24. bancroftc

    Floor Mats Poll

    I've always swapped out the floor mats on my cars with new ones from Weathertech. I love that I don't have to worry about screwing up the nice carpets, plus they are so much easier to clean. I went with the Tesla version after I checked and saw that Weathertech didn't have Tesla molded ones...
  25. bancroftc

    "Set Charging Limit" in smartphone app

    Sorry about that...I tend to have that problem (overlooking details) when responding to threads via my iphone!
  26. bancroftc

    Smart Air Suspension- Dampening

    Yep I've noticed this too. I recall reading somewhere on the forum that it was likened to walking on stilts when set to very high. Frankenstein is a great analogy too! @lolachampcar - thanks for all the feedback, very helpful.
  27. bancroftc

    "Set Charging Limit" in smartphone app

    No problem here. I did a charge to 100% via the iPhone app a couple days ago and then set it back to 90% after my trip (with the app) and no issues. Have you tried setting the charge limit via the car interface? Perhaps the app is not communicating with your car properly.
  28. bancroftc

    Smart Air Suspension- Dampening

    This is great info, thanks for sharing. I guess that pretty much answers my question. So the Tesla changing stiffness automatically is more a product of the vehicle responding to loading to maintain a consistent ride height on all four corners. Based on that, is it safe to assume that the...
  29. bancroftc

    Smart Air Suspension- Dampening

    Thanks for the feedback! Question though, if Tesla is saying that the ride auto-adjusts stiffness then how is this not possible? Or am I misunderstanding how a suspension damper works? Thoughts?
  30. bancroftc

    Smart Air Suspension- Dampening

    I'm curious about some of the features of the SAS. I've read some conflicting points of view on the forum about the subject of the SAS and their ability to control dampening of the ride, or not. The Tesla website says that the SAS automatically adjusts the stiffness of the ride based on driving...
  31. bancroftc

    Washing Car - Auto Window Movement

    When I'm washing my car I find it challenging to get the bottom part of the windows clean since they "auto-crack" (or whatever it's called, when they lower an inch or so for air pressure relief when closing the doors). Particularly the drivers door since I'm always getting back in the car...
  32. bancroftc

    90% to 100% Charge Time - 240V

    This is great info. How did you capture that data?
  33. bancroftc

    90% to 100% Charge Time - 240V

    Great feedback, thanks everyone.
  34. bancroftc

    90% to 100% Charge Time - 240V

    Excellent, thanks for the feedback! So a few extra hours at 100% won't really make any difference? So basically I might as well just do my trip charge when I plug in at night and not worry about it?
  35. bancroftc

    90% to 100% Charge Time - 240V

    I'm about to take my first road trip. I have only ever charged to 90% and will plan on charging to 100% prior to leaving on this trip. My question is, does it take any longer than normal to charge from 90% to 100% on 240V? I can charge up to 40A at home, but I have it dialed down to 32A and I...
  36. bancroftc

    Photos: Grey Next Gen seats + Carbon Fiber + Black Alcantara + Premium Front Console

    Looks fantastic! You and I have the exact same interior save for the carbon fiber (which I now wish I had gone with). I've been a big fan of the black headliner since it really adds nice contrast to your view out the window and looks awesome all around. I went with the center console too and...
  37. bancroftc

    About to join the club! Best protection?

    I had my car done here last month. Pretty much a full wrap except the back bumper and tailgate. Now wondering why I didn't just do the whole thing! They did a fantastic job. I believe they use pre-cut pieces but I'm not 100% sure. They wrap edges wherever they can, and I don't believe they...
  38. bancroftc

    List of issues with 2.9.12

    I'm not having those issues either. I did have static on internet radio with my last version, but everything seems great for me over the past week.
  39. bancroftc

    Firmware 7.0

    My car is updating as I write this. I've been on .217 for the past couple weeks so I'm presuming that I'm getting this same 2.9.12 update? Will report back if any notable updates.
  40. bancroftc

    Stuck in mud

    I suspect he meant UMC bag, vs TMC bag. But yes, you are correct :) Mine also came in the UMC bag. Funny, I thought that was the stylus for the main display until the guy at the service center kindly notified me of such during my visit for the third screen replacement.
  41. bancroftc

    Notifications tab in Tesla app.

    Just went and looked at mine and its doing the spinning T thing too. But after seeing the above post, I now recall having those same options available in my iOS app the last time I checked it some time back. I am guessing something might be up with the app/server or something like that.
  42. bancroftc

    Actual Delivery most often better than Estimate

    My experience was consistent with this, as was that of several other people who were in queue with me. I was a "late October" delivery and ended up getting my car on Oct 14th - so mid October. I had halloween pegged in my head. Don't assume that's going to happen though, or you will set...
  43. bancroftc

    Nav snail trail?

    I have noticed this as well. Annoying for sure. I think zooming in or out sometimes fixes it, but always seemed to revert back to it's wonky state at the previous zoom view. Thankfully the dash nav view always seems to function normally in these instances.
  44. bancroftc

    For those of you experiencing static from the audio system after upgrading to 7.0

    I've been having a persistent internet radio issue with the static (seems to come across all speakers). Only showed up the morning after the service center updated me to .217. Someone in another thread mentioned a double reboot of the main screen, and that does seem to provide a temporary fix...
  45. bancroftc

    Car's electronics (touchscreen, radio, normal sounds like turn signals) going HAYWIRE

    I has some Slacker audio issues when I got updated from v7.0...56 to ...217. It got updated at the service center when I was having my center console installed. The next morning I was getting awful static on all the internet radio. I tried rebooting once, and no change. Called service and...
  46. bancroftc

    Ecstatic to be a part of the club - MS 85D

    Great looking car if I don't say so myself! Welcome to the club :)
  47. bancroftc

    Weird static sound

    No parking sensor sound issues on my end. UPDATE - I spoke with my SC and they said that there was a known bug with .217 that is causing my slacker issues. I may have to wait until the next update is pushed out for a fix. I hope to hear back on a solution tomorrow.
  48. bancroftc

    Weird static sound

    Re: cell phone interference, I tried moving my cell phone all over the car and it made zero difference with the internet radio static. I also disconnected bluetooth and no difference. Today I also tried to use voice command for navigation, which I frequently do without issue. Every time it...
  49. bancroftc

    Weird static sound

    I just had a center console installed yesterday at my service center and they also updated my firmware to .217. Today, my slacker radio and tunein radio both have a lot of static in the background. The music still comes across, but it's got this awful scratchy static noise coming across that...

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