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  1. rxlawdude

    Model Y Service Bulletins

    Treating others in the TMC community like your child seems over the top. Peace out.
  2. rxlawdude

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    Dare I suggest you check yourself?:(
  3. rxlawdude

    Model Y Service Bulletins

    Your repeated retorts like this are so helpful to the communityl... NOT.
  4. rxlawdude

    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    $.54/kWh 4-9pm M-F, including generation and distribution. Weekends $.40/kWh 4-9pm. $.21 all other times and days. I work from home and don't need to charge at night like I used to as a pre pandemic commuter, so I enjoy the rough equivalent of $2.40/gal gasoline. I certainly don't expect this...
  5. rxlawdude

    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    The $.60 (okay, $.58 ... I rounded)/kWh was in San Diego County, in a town called Santa Isabella. San Diego Gas and Electric has the highest electric rates in the lower 48. I home charge for $.19/kWh routinely, so I was rather shocked at the 25% jump at that location in less than a year. I...
  6. rxlawdude

    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    One reason not to Supercharge is the absurd rates: approaching $.60/kWh, making it multiples of utility rates. Early rates were in the $.20-.$35/kWh, which quickly increased (doubling!) to where it's very close to equivalent gasoline prices. A very far cry from my 2015 MS with free lifetime...
  7. rxlawdude

    Supercharger - Baker, CA - StackCharge

    I don't believe the site owner determines the Supercharger per kWh That's not exactly a metropolitan area (pop. 735 in 2010), let alone having a "greater metropolitan" footprint. Opinion: You don't want to have the Baker thermometer take your oral or rectal temperature.:eek: It is the...
  8. rxlawdude

    Supercharger - Baker, CA (40 V2 stalls)

    That's less than 15 hours at max charging rate. But of course no one gets a continuous 250kW charge.
  9. rxlawdude

    My Model Y smells, does it happen to yours?

    One suggestion I heard is that the air intake accumulates detritus like leaves and other gunk. Keeping it clear may be an easy fix.
  10. rxlawdude

    Cyber truck has been canceled

    Dunno, but it will be smokin'!
  11. rxlawdude


    Oddly, one can turn the seat heaters on with the app. I do that on cooler nights before I use the reclined MY passenger seat as my music garage sanctuary to rock out. But I'm still on 8.3 and hesitate to update. This and similar threads are the canaries in the coal mine. 😁
  12. rxlawdude

    Is there a voice command "Turn Fog Lights on" that works?

    And it's fortunate I don't practice in Germany. :rolleyes:
  13. rxlawdude

    Is there a voice command "Turn Fog Lights on" that works?

    Not a Canadian attorney, but the center console is not a mounted handheld device. Never intended for handheld use and it sure as hell ain't a cellphone.
  14. rxlawdude

    Cyber truck has been canceled

    Well this explains why the ordering page for the CT still takes reservations and $100.
  15. rxlawdude

    What bike rack to purchase?

    I did nothing other than used the stock parts. Now, a caveat is my MY was delivered in 6/2020, and we know Tesla makes interim changes to parts. Hollywood may have updated their hitch and locking pin hardware in the last couple of years. Last use was in October 2020 and had two...
  16. rxlawdude


    Who's George? Just curious. 😉
  17. rxlawdude

    Cabin noise in model Y

    I've had my Y since June 2020, and the "boominess" is similar to my prior 2015 MS 70D. It doesn't bother me much, but I can see how others might perceive it as a PIA.
  18. rxlawdude

    Ohmconnect and PG&E, SDG&E, and SCE customers

    I'm suddenly getting messages from OhmConnect that my Tesla account was invalid. I unlinked the account and followed the instructions to the letter, including logging in through the OhmConnect portal before copying the URL that displayed a blank page. "Error getting owner token" when...
  19. rxlawdude

    Vision Only vs Radar - Observations from a 3 year owner

    Yes, Autopilot has the more significant restrictions, but I err on the side of caution and avoid TACC on non-highway (non-divided) roads. Both my cars have radar and I can see why vision only can cause PB by oncoming traffic on any road not perfectly straight. Dumb cruise as an option would...
  20. rxlawdude

    Vision Only vs Radar - Observations from a 3 year owner

    Those divided highways are where you're supposed to use TACC. Doesn't anyone read manuals or visit websites with knowledgeable owners?
  21. rxlawdude

    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    Consistent with another post that dry filters don't stink but when wet, stink comes back with a vengeance.
  22. rxlawdude

    XM Radio

    If bt is used, how do you take calls on your phone? One BT connection for the car.
  23. rxlawdude

    Reporting on Tesla by Russ Mitchell (LA Times)

    We're talking about a Sure, but find one objectively positive report about Tesla from him. Remember, this is a guy who routinely reviewed $200,000+ cars with nary a mention of affordability of those obscenely expensive vehicles. Yet he whined about the MS and MX being too expensive at a...
  24. rxlawdude

    Reporting on Tesla by Russ Mitchell (LA Times)

    Today's hit piece in the L.A. Times was that Tesla was fined for environmental issues related to its paint shop. I'm tempted to email Mr. Russell to ask him about any other articles he's written about other automobile manufacturers being fined for environmental violations, but I expect...
  25. rxlawdude

    Is FSD refundable

    Were TSLA priced based on this new FSD price.
  26. rxlawdude

    Vision only sucks ass

    I don't think you have that choice if you accept updates. Eventually, a version that kills radar will make its way into your car.
  27. rxlawdude

    V11 2022.4.5 doesn't remember USB source

    Agree the lack of saving the player state is a PIA. One thing to note: if you are getting the tidal login upon starting the audio media player after you had been playing usb before leaving the car, in the player settings you can select each source and simply uncheck tidal.
  28. rxlawdude

    Phantom Braking

    Except that would not explain how my July 2015 MS had a VIN in the 95,000 range. You think they sold around 45,000 MS between Sept '14 and July '15? And yes, I recognize that VIN numbers are not necessarily in chronological sequence.
  29. rxlawdude

    Phantom Braking

    And don't forget about the LA Times auto reporter, Russ Mitchell. He's been bad mouthing Tesla since they didn't give him a Model X to review on his timetable. He then told me that Teslas (this was in the S and X days) are too expensive. Yet he frequently reviews $150K cars with nary a concern...
  30. rxlawdude

    3G data - Abandoned by Tesla?

    5G on c-band is not that critical near airports, but EU has bands separated by a buffer of frequencies, and strategically places c-band 5G towers away from radio altimeter towers.
  31. rxlawdude

    Range differences with Pilot Sport All Season 4 or CrossClimate2 vs Primacy MXM4

    Thanks for your thoughts on tire wear and safety.
  32. rxlawdude

    3G data - Abandoned by Tesla?

    Only c-band 5G is an issue because that band's highest frequency is at the low end of the radioaltimeter band of frequencies. Mid and low bands using 5G do not comprise a risk to aviation. Way too little clear reporting on this issue.
  33. rxlawdude

    3G data - Abandoned by Tesla?

    Agreed, but the point is areas without 5G and LTE only, Teslas' connectivity will fail. 5G technology is up-and-coming. And I'm in a metropolitan area where LTE falls back to 3G frequently. Those fallbacks can interrupt streaming media and result in "navigation without traffic information."...
  34. rxlawdude

    3G data - Abandoned by Tesla?

    Just a bump on the thread... ATT shutting 3G down on 2/22/22. Bigger question is what happens to LTE-enabled Teslas in areas where signals fall back to 3G? It seems if no LTE, those areas will have no service in Teslas. I still see 3G fallback in metro Orange County, CA even today. This is not...
  35. rxlawdude

    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    "This forum is filled with lots of service complaints." You're in a forum where those with issues tend to publicly complain. (Those not having issues with their cars and service don't tend to post happy stories.) In my seven years of Tesla ownership, I've had very few problems but don't post...
  36. rxlawdude

    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    "In my personal experience, Tesla has pathetic service at Service Center xyz because they abcd my car." See, that's honest and signals your personal opinion and perception, rather than declaring as a blanket fact with histrionics. The chip on your shoulder probably is palpable in person at the...
  37. rxlawdude

    v11 software update SUCKS

    I have a very early (VIN 00013xx) 2017 M3, and there was great controversy over whether the rear seats had heaters. Some even claimed to have disassembled the seat and found no heater. Lo and behold a few months later, a software update that controlled the rear seat heaters. I know your...
  38. rxlawdude

    v11 software update SUCKS

    No disrespect intended, but did you do any research before you bought the iPad?
  39. rxlawdude

    Snippiness 2.0

    Your posting history is full of histrionics moaning about Tesla as if your limited experience is the rule. It's not. Please sell your Tesla and buy one of the brands you seem to feel have better service. Their cars may not be better, but you seem to want the royal treatment at service that you...
  40. rxlawdude

    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    One way you could do this is with something like plugshare or supercharge.info and a lot of manual work to hone in on locations with both. Not something most people would be willing to spend the time creating. The data for locations is readily available for Superchargers and for L2 stations...
  41. rxlawdude

    Where did tire pressure go? V11 Model 3

    That's what it's for! Not when filling tires.
  42. rxlawdude

    Where did tire pressure go? V11 Model 3

    I don't understand why one would want to rely on the displayed pressure from the sensors when a real tire pressure gauge allows you to fill and check without getting up to check the cabin.
  43. rxlawdude

    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    And astronomical prices for service once out of warranty. You know, the $.20 plastic gear that requires 5 hours of labor to replace. Ah, German engineering. Kludge and let the hapless consumer find out years later
  44. rxlawdude

    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    I'm guessing many share your impatience for you to find the joy of a version 0.5 German BEV.
  45. rxlawdude

    Reporting on Tesla by Russ Mitchell (LA Times)

    In my opinion, based upon a conversation with Mr. Mitchell several years ago, his hatred and bias come from his perception of being slighted by Tesla not giving him a Model X to review when he asked for it. "Petulant child" seems appropos.
  46. rxlawdude

    POLL: FSD Camera Retrofit Status

    Not to overlay another legal view about this, but it seems anyone who bought FSD and never got the upgraded hardware and then sold or turned the car back in post-lease have a good argument to get at least a partial refund for FSD. FSD functionality plans and claims made prior to 2019 were, um...
  47. rxlawdude

    Reporting on Tesla by Russ Mitchell (LA Times)

    He's at it again, this time with a hit piece on the front page of the LA Times talking about liability with automation and bashing specifically Tesla Autopilot and FSD relentlessly. This guy needs to put a disclosure on his investment positions in the auto industry, including short positions...

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