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  1. Mateo83

    Tesla Blind Spot Monitor

    The cars illuminated in red usually mean possible collision.
  2. Mateo83

    Friend opening car with no cellphone or wifi covarage

    I lost 5% in the garage for 8 days.
  3. Mateo83

    Range Issue: Model Y Performance 2022

    With 1 occupant, NO A/C, on flat ground, etc.
  4. Mateo83

    Range Issue: Model Y Performance 2022

    200-220 is good for driving 80 during the summer. Assuming that's from 100-20ish. You could squeeze a little more range out of it but why?
  5. Mateo83

    CCS - buy now or wait?

    Glad I got one while the getting was good. Even though, I haven't used it yet.
  6. Mateo83

    Anyone notice their regen braking affected by 2022.20.6?

    20.8 seems to be weaker at first then really aggressive on the highway.
  7. Mateo83

    40ft Lectron extension cable for Tesla wall charger.

    I have a 25' cord for my 6/50 plug. I was surprised it was almost half of the amperage at the charger. I believe it just from being an older cord.
  8. Mateo83

    Model Y P, available mileage

    Once you get closer to the 80% degradation do a warranty request.
  9. Mateo83

    Air conditioning system strength (in general)

    If it's hot outside i turn the ac on from the app. If it's too hot inside I turn the fan to 5 or 6 sometimes. 💁‍♂️
  10. Mateo83

    KW V3 Front Shocks Only

    Which model car are these for?
  11. Mateo83

    Does Tesla give loaners for service appointments?

    Usually, if they keep your car for more than a day or 2 you can request it. I've seen the SC setting up rentals and have been given a loaner.
  12. Mateo83

    Tesla White Seats-Normal wear and tear

    Do you wear studded jeans?
  13. Mateo83

    CVRP $2000 MYP Qualification based on order date. Anyone have a Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement?

    Likely not, You will have to confirm your order date was before March Cut off.
  14. Mateo83

    Air Suspension for MYP

    Look up tesla take over from last weekend in SLO. It seems every M3/Y does the same tank in the frunk setup
  15. Mateo83

    2022 Model Y Performance rear drive unit noise

    Quite a few posts about this now. 2022 Performance drive motors are known to whine.
  16. Mateo83


    I did 15 ceramic all around and 70 and the front windshield. Personally wish it was a little darker.
  17. Mateo83

    model y carbon fiber spoiler coming off

    Mine was amrch 2022 build. The tech mentioned they had a period where they weren't supplying MYP with spoilers because of a supply chain or whatever. But supposedly the new versions he hasn't had to come back replace.
  18. Mateo83

    model y carbon fiber spoiler coming off

    Mobile service come out ripped it off, said it was the "old style" that had black adhesive, and the majority of them fail. The new design is slightly different with white adhesive inside.
  19. Mateo83

    22 MYLR - Still Missing Games & Controller Support

    I was bummed out wehn my 2018 M3 loaner has better games than my 22 MYP
  20. Mateo83

    Disengaging AP on highways

    Cruising at Highway speeds it seems fine. I had a diesel come over the line and freaked out and the same with coming over the top of a hill. I don't trust it enough in traffic or close proximity other cars.
  21. Mateo83

    Park Assist Unavailable Message

    It's nice that Telsa reads these open forums and actually tries to address the issues.
  22. Mateo83

    Being to meticulous on the issues I found on my model y?

    Keep making service claims until you're satisfied. Historically, they will address less than 50% of your claims in a visit, make another claim 50% and so on until they say its "within spec"
  23. Mateo83

    Tire Rotation cost.

    Some of the shops I've had fleet accounts with wouldn't charge anything for rotation or nail repairs.
  24. Mateo83

    Hand car wash

    I like adam's products. Bug remover, mega foam, soap etc.
  25. Mateo83

    model y carbon fiber spoiler coming off

    Mobile service is scheduled for tomorrow morning. thanks.
  26. Mateo83

    Tesla Bros Skid Plates - Got Em

    I broke a small piece of plastic off by the driver's side rear axle from running over a 2x4. Does anyone know if these aftermarket plates could void any future warranty claims?
  27. Mateo83

    Is there any free introductory supercharging

    Find restaurants or hotels that offer to charge.
  28. Mateo83

    model y carbon fiber spoiler coming off

    I was washing the MYP today I noticed the passenger side of the spoiler is coming off the car. Should I make a service claim or just try to get some new adhesive?
  29. Mateo83

    CA Waiting Room

    I consider my build date the date I was assigned a vin.
  30. Mateo83

    Can you delay delivery to wait on Model Y improvements?

    You get kicked to the end of the line for your delivery area, it could be a week delay or months. You can only delay so many times before they cancel your order and you lose the deposit.
  31. Mateo83

    EV6 GT gets track mode out of the box and yet the Y still doesn't....

    If it does come in under $70k it would be worth considering.
  32. Mateo83

    In the face of a recession, should I buy a Y now or wait?

    Being car broke isn't fun, I've been there financing a Mercedes CLS. Upside if you'll have a couple month waiting after ordering to save up more downpayment before your MY is built.
  33. Mateo83

    Wheel curb rash repair

    I just put some rim savers over my curb rash.
  34. Mateo83

    Model Y Car Wash SF

    Did Electric joy in Corte Madera make it?
  35. Mateo83

    Supercharger - Laguna Seca Raceway, CA (under construction Jun 2022, 8 V3 stalls)

    My point was, that only people racing could use them. Tesla driving spectators will have to drive back to town.
  36. Mateo83

    Park Assist Unavailable Message

    I read in the manual, that it needs 3 solid references IE: a car in front, a curb and/or a marked line. I was able to get it to work in front of my house.
  37. Mateo83

    Park Assist Unavailable Message

    I hate when sarcasm happens.
  38. Mateo83

    Confused and frustrated with schedule departure and schedule charge

    I've learned you can't tell the car to start charging and stop charging at a certain time and expect it to be reaching the charge limit within the parameters.
  39. Mateo83

    ModelY required maintenance

    "Your vehicle should generally be serviced on an as-needed basis."
  40. Mateo83

    Park Assist Unavailable Message

    Honestly I've only seen my park assist pop up once.
  41. Mateo83

    20" Uberturbine M3P Wheels do work on a MYP

    probably slightly lighter & taller tire, may increase the range a marginal amount but mostly comfort.
  42. Mateo83

    Model Y Regen Braking and Charging up/down a Mountain

    Its still fun to watch the percent come back to the battery.
  43. Mateo83

    WTB (2) 21 uberturbine wheels

    Looks like pirellis and they include TMPS?
  44. Mateo83

    M3 / MY LR SR totalled car

    WTB: Wrecked car for parts for conversation project. Ultimately want battery, rear-drive motor, cabling, cooling system etc.
  45. Mateo83

    model y performance range

    We timed it right where we would stop and eat lunch, which would get us back to 90% range

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