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  1. pb2000

    Supercharger - Castlegar, BC

    Wow, political correctness is getting everywhere.
  2. pb2000

    Supercharger - Hope, BC - Klassen Road

    It's a 22 stall station, so if only a few cars are charging and the dude is not abusing it (leaving his car unattended), it's fair game IMO. At a bare minimum, there was no need to shame him by posting his license plate.
  3. pb2000

    Supercharger - Alice, TX

    Looks like there are 12 parking stalls there, but one was probably taken up by cabinets or the transformer and everything else is fire lane or space for garbage trucks to access the dumpsters.
  4. pb2000

    Supercharger - Alice, TX

    That part of the world is the equivalent of a flyover state, so combined with the bypass, not a huge surprise.
  5. pb2000

    Supercharger - Alice, TX

    Alice is a bit of a detour off the main road, so any time gained from V3 chargers would just be a trade off unless Kingsville is really busy. Even then, you would jump back over to 77 at Kingsville anyways and skip McAllen.
  6. pb2000

    Supercharger - Harris Ranch, CA - Expansion (under construction Apr 2022, 80 stalls)

    When it comes to charging infrastructure of any meaningful significance, you have no choice but to engage with the bureaucracy. @nwdiver is doing a decent job of sorting out L2 charging in SE New Mexico, but he has a business doing electrical work and I suspect regulations are a bit more relaxed...
  7. pb2000

    Supercharger - Saint-Jerome, QC

    lol, streetview drove by a few weeks ago and you can actually see it under construction. Looks like the other 2 parking stalls in that row are getting CCS or L2 stations.
  8. pb2000

    Supercharger - Spring, TX

    Tesla probably wanted to add 16+ stalls along I-45 and ended up with more interested partners than they expected. The first Shenandoah site looks like it has room for more stalls, so it may have been reduced in scope to add one of the other sites (and as a bonus, leave room for expansion later).
  9. pb2000

    Western Canada Superchargers

    I think they are running out of routes that can justify 6+ stall V3s and are stuck on the 250kW or nothing mindset.
  10. pb2000

    Western Canada Superchargers

    If you have your local set as Canada it always shows the old map for a while. Open Tesla.com incognito/in private and it should default you back to the US local.
  11. pb2000

    Western Canada Superchargers

    Tesla Find Us now lists Milk River, AB - Q1 2023. Finally a connection to I-15 (knock on wood).
  12. pb2000

    Supercharger - Calgary - South Trail Crossing

    Just drove by and checked out the parking lot. Unsurprisingly, no sign of any utility locates or prep work yet. I suspect it will be at the back of the main parking lot, but it could also be on the west side of the store, as there looks to be an Electrical vault right there. Edit: Found the...
  13. pb2000

    Supercharger - Calgary - South Trail Crossing

    DP2022-05285 4705 130 AV SE TESLA MOTORS CANADA Change of Use - With Change to Site Plan CHANGES TO SITE PLAN: RETAIL AND CONSUMER SERVICE (NEW ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING STATIONS) C2515 RETAIL AND CONSUMER SERVICE Permitted C-R3 f0.4h18 Commercial - Regional 3 In Circulation 2022/07/26...
  14. pb2000

    Private site billing for Gen 3 Wall connectors

    Six seems like a lot for a single site especially if they don't offer the gen 3's in J1772. I'd personally be willing to team up with my local Tesla club and install a bunch in rural Alberta, but most towns would be start with one and see see if it gets much use and isn't vandalized.
  15. pb2000

    Supercharger - Estevan, SK

    Ironically, this isn't one of the NRC grant sites, so these people are literally complaining about net economic benefit to their community.
  16. pb2000

    Finding any electric chargers driving from Vancouver to Banff

    The visitor center has 4x destination chargers and 4x J-1772 chargers that will max out your 48A onboard charger and there are some other options you can check out on plugshare. Canmore is also 16 minutes further West and has Superchargers if you're in a rush or are heading in that direction...
  17. pb2000

    Supercharger - Kemptville Ontario

    I asked about it in another thread. My guess is he wanted credit when he found actual permits, but the mods were merging his posts into existing speculation threads, which just buried his posts.
  18. pb2000

    Supercharger - Castlegar, BC

    Most of my North/South travel is in the winter, which gives me 180-240km of real world range. 3-5 hours of L2 charging to make the Great Falls connection is not my idea of a good time.
  19. pb2000

    Supercharger - Castlegar, BC

    Just ignore the 1400km of border with no supercharger connections.
  20. pb2000

    GM partners with Pilot to install chargers at up to 500 travel centers nationwide

    Looks like these are being installed at corporately owned stores only, hence why a bunch of key routes are missing. Lots of licensed stores have already made deals with other EV networks as well, so that also accounts for some other missing routes.
  21. pb2000

    Supercharger - Lawrence, KS

    Probably just a slight revision.
  22. pb2000

    Supercharger - Cobourg, ON

    There is a good chance that this will take some load off the existing v2 station, as the new one will be preferred by locals and people who want to stop and eat (especially those addicted to Starbucks). On a busy route like the 401, I'd say any supercharger is a good supercharger.
  23. pb2000

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Ah, for some reason I was thinking the G4 port switch was October 2019, not 2020. My car probably rolled off the line 2nd or 3rd week in September 2019 so I was cautiously optimistic until you pointed out I was a year early, not a week.😔 Now I'm right back stuck wondering what will come first...
  24. pb2000

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Is there a way to tell what gen charge port a car has? I'm beginning to think that the pure luck of deciding to splurge on blue paint only to find the SC had on in stock and getting it less than 72 hours after ordering may not have been such a good thing (probably missed out on the newer charge...
  25. pb2000

    Supercharger - Sechelt, BC

    @corywright @Chuq Off topic, but what happened to MarcoRP?
  26. pb2000

    Plug in Level 1 Charging in Condo Garage

    Would a whole home energy monitor with individual circuit CTs work for something like this? https://shop.emporiaenergy.com/collections/emporia-products/products/gen-2-emporia-vue-with-16-sensors-bundle Three phase...
  27. pb2000

    Supercharger - Estevan, SK

    No telltale conduit layout visible yet, but very promising. Keep the pictures coming if you can.
  28. pb2000

    The last of the non-v3 Superchargers

    I would prefer to see smaller stations for rural areas developed before v4, but I doubt that will happen.
  29. pb2000

    Supercharger - Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, QC

    The area looks pretty rural, so Hydro Quebec is probably checking behind the couch cushions to see if they have 1.75MW to spare.
  30. pb2000

    Mobile charging cable— everyday?

    Is the plug and/or mobile connector circuitry box in direct sun when this occurs? Charging in my garage (rarely over 65F), I can noticeably feel the mobile connector warms up charging at 32A for extended periods, so the Florida sun is probably cooking yours. If so, maybe build a cover of some...
  31. pb2000

    Mobile charging cable— everyday?

    Does your work or any business' nearby have any large intermittent electrical load? If the voltage suddenly drops significantly, the car may think there is a fault and disconnect. Does your mobile app not give you notifications when charging is interrupted? Also, 170 miles, each way, every...
  32. pb2000

    Supercharger - Georgetown, TX

    They seem to be served in every direction except San Angelo, assuming they can charge at home.
  33. pb2000

    Gen 1 Charging Cable i used w/o issue since 2015 now keeps tripping Breaker

    It would be better to change the outlet to a 6-50 and just stuck a wire nut on the neutral.
  34. pb2000

    Wall Charger issue

    If there is indeed anything else on the sub panel, probably a good idea to set your breaker size to 30A or less until the electrician can get it all sorted.
  35. pb2000

    Wall Charger issue

    Weird. I wonder if it only tripped 1 of the 3 poles on the breaker and some motor load kept running on two of the phases and backfed power onto the other leg. Normally that f*^$ up equipment pretty bad, so hopefully nothing got fried.
  36. pb2000

    Wall Charger issue

    Questions: What happens if you plug your mobile connector into a 120V outlet Your screenshot of the wall connector show 48A output, but the car says 40. Have you tried changing it in the app (try 12A at first, just to see what happens).
  37. pb2000

    Wall Charger issue

    Few small nitpicks in an otherwise good explanation: Residential is single split phase on the secondary (the neutral is tapped in the middle of the secondary winding on the transformer). The entire electrical grid is 3 phase (HVDC and custom setups aside). Depending on the transformer type, you...
  38. pb2000

    Wall Charger issue

    The car. EVSE at it's most basic is just a relay to turn the power on and some logic to tell the car how many amps it can pull. Most of the important stuff happens in the car's onboard charger.
  39. pb2000

    Supercharger - Hope, BC - Klassen Road

    @MarcoRP @Chuq @corywright - Update site to 22x 250kW stalls
  40. pb2000

    Supercharger - Sutherlin, OR

    Seems like an odd location to drop that many stalls, as it doesn't really split anything nicely. I guess if your origin is Portland and you leave home with a 95% charge, it would be a first good stop, but obviously that doesn't work on the return trip.
  41. pb2000

    Wall Charger issue

    Commercial 3 phase power is 208V phase to phase and 120V phase to ground, so there is nothing wrong with the wiring job; the wall connectors and other J1772 EVSEs are designed to work no problem at that voltage. I would find a public J1772 plug or Tesla connector and see if the problem can be...
  42. pb2000

    Supercharger - Ottawa, ON - Iris rd

    A megapack is certainly interesting, but no permit, no SC equipment and non-standard conduit layout leaves too many questions to justify a cone imo.
  43. pb2000

    Holee molee, VANCOUVER!

    I think your brain just gets wired to look for them; even in Calgary I rarely go anywhere without spotting a Tesla. Extrapolating a bit from old data, only 2.35% of vehicles on the road in BC are BEVs of any make, although the vast majority are probably in the GVA.
  44. pb2000

    Supercharger - Squamish, BC - Commercial Way

    In theory, most people in the lower mainland should be able to do a day trip to whistler and still make it back to Squamish, even in a SR+. Probably a busy place an hour after the lifts close.
  45. pb2000

    Supercharger - Augusta NJ

    @Chuq @corywright @MarcoRP 41.11941, -74.71296
  46. pb2000

    Wiki Largest gaps between Superchargers on US Interstates

    Yep, when it gets below -25C I need to stop every hour on road trips and scrape the *inside* of the side windows on my Toyota Yaris because it can't produce enough heat to keep up.
  47. pb2000

    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    We really need some idiot vandal to come along and start bashing on an DCFC connector (of any variety) and get themselves seriously injured or killed. That way we get the word out that messing with a charging EV is right up there with flying kites near power lines. I do agree that the Setec...
  48. pb2000

    Wiki Largest gaps between Superchargers on US Interstates

    Unless we can find a battery chemistry that doesn't lose 50% of range when it hits -35C, we will need smaller 35-75kW rural stations (whatever the grid can support) to top people up between major centers. I think PEHV is probably the better bet for super cold areas, but people with BEVs will...
  49. pb2000

    Supercharger - Sechelt, BC

    Could be sandy soil that is super easy to dig, but hard to keep trench walls from collapsing. Also makes easy work for the conduit guys. Since it's in the right location and we're just about to hit peak summer road trip period, I'll take the other side of the bet and say this has to be the...

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