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  1. Jerryjal

    Tessie App

    Got it, thank you.
  2. Jerryjal

    Tessie App

    Ok, quick question regarding the tagging of trips. When I use Teslafi I can tag my work trips and then at the end of the month I export all work tagged trips which works very well. I would like to do that with Tessie however at the moment if I click export it exports all of my trips, I only want...
  3. Jerryjal

    Tessie App

    Thanks, the email address is the same on the desktop and iPhone app, I have sent you an email as requested and apologies for the double post.
  4. Jerryjal

    Vendor Official Tessie app talk

    Hi, thank you for the quick response. The email address is the same on both the desktop and iPhone app. I will email now.
  5. Jerryjal

    Tessie App

    I have initiated my two week free trial via my desktop this afternoon and added my card details as requested, I then downloaded the app from the IOS AppStore and that has also requested my payment details. Both payment methods were different, I am not going to get charged twice when my 14 day...
  6. Jerryjal

    Vendor Official Tessie app talk

    I have initiated my two week free trial via my desktop this afternoon and added my card details as requested, I then downloaded the app from the IOS AppStore and that has also requested my payment details. Both payment methods were different, I am not going to get charged twice when my 14 day...
  7. Jerryjal

    Tessie App

    I currently use Teslafi which I am quite happy with but am interested in trying Tessie out. One feature I 100% need in Tessie is to be able to tag drives for work purposes, is that possible?
  8. Jerryjal

    EV Charger Question

    I currently have an Andersen A2 charger installed at home and by and large it has been great apart from the odd app hiccup however I am due to have solar installed at the beginning of September and the Andersen does not come set up for solar as standard. I have been in touch with them and there...
  9. Jerryjal

    Anderson A2 down again.

    Yeah, same here. I love the Andersen but this is starting to wind me up!
  10. Jerryjal

    Octopus GO beware!

    Mine has also rolled over at the current rate of 13.8p peak and 5.5p off peak with a standing charge of 25p. Happy with that!
  11. Jerryjal

    Just out of curiosity I applied for a trade in quote....

    Although I am not yet thinking of selling I was curious to see what my MS is currently worth as far as a trade in is concerned. Filled in all the boxes and got a price yesterday however within the quote is says that I have a Long Range Plus but on the app and on my V5 is just states Long Range...
  12. Jerryjal

    Andersen A2

    Same here, woke up to the same “no internet connection“ issue, the charger is still showing as connected to my wifi but the app is saying different. Tried calling them but the office is closed until Monday. Sounds harsh but kind of glad that it’s not just me so that at least points to it being...
  13. Jerryjal

    504 Error

    Ok, thanks. I’ll try it every now and again and see what happens.
  14. Jerryjal

    504 Error

    Hi, I’m currently away in Finland, just checked the car and am getting a 504 service error. Not going to be home until Friday, anything I can do remotely to solve this or do I just have to wait until I’m home to perform a reboot? Any advice welcome. Car is a 2020 Model S
  15. Jerryjal

    Private Plate Question

    To be honest I purchased a different number plate holder so the question never arose.
  16. Jerryjal

    Wiki [UK] 2021 - The Holiday Release - 'holiday fun' not V11 UI changes and features

    I've not looked too much in to this, will the same update be coming to the S? I have a 2020 Raven and am just curious...
  17. Jerryjal

    Unable to access Teslafi

    Same. back in.
  18. Jerryjal

    Unable to access Teslafi

    I have also tried with 4G on my iPhone, I can get to the login page but when I try to login it just clears the username and password boxes and asks me to type them in again. Any idea what could cause the rate limiting or what it means, is it something I have done?
  19. Jerryjal

    Unable to access Teslafi

    I have just tried to to log in to Teslafi however I am getting the message displayed in the image, anyone else have the same problem? I have tried to access it through Google, Firefox and Safari all without success.
  20. Jerryjal

    iPhone notifications stopped working

    Same here, no notifications at all. Done the normal delete app, reinstall and sign in but that has not rectified it. I’m on IOS 14.7.1 and the software version of the car is 2021.24.4
  21. Jerryjal

    My Model S de chrome before and after

    I have just picked up my car from Richard Symons where it has spent a few days being de chromed, while there I also had the wheels and calipers done. I'm very happy with the result and the service I received from Richard and the crew down there, I really think it looks great with the red, what...
  22. Jerryjal

    Not strictly Tesla related but...... transferring cherished plates

    That is what I thought, well the original cherished plate was cheap so rather than pay the £80 to keep it and then eventually maybe get around £100-£150 for it I just put the new one on and gave up the rights to the other.
  23. Jerryjal

    Not strictly Tesla related but...... transferring cherished plates

    I currently have a private plate on my car however I have now won the one that I had been after for a while as it came up on a DVLA auction. I have received the retention certificate and had the plates made up, normally it would be a case of just assigning the new plate to the car but I already...
  24. Jerryjal

    Do you need Premium connectivity for remote access?

    Anyone know if the option to keep the Wi-Fi on when engaging drive will also come to the MS or will it just be the M3 and MY?
  25. Jerryjal

    Itchen Bridge Toll Concession

    Just an update to this, I received a reply from Southampton City Council this morning and it reads as follows: Good morning Thank you for submitting the V5C document for your electric vehicle. I have ordered your card which should be received within 7 – 10 working days. Regards That saved...
  26. Jerryjal

    Anyone made their Tesla create an income for them ?

    Just had to look to see what I was doing on the 26th of May via Teslafi as I can't remember what I did last week let alone two months ago. :D Alas, it was not me, according to Teslafi I was at home all day on the 26th....
  27. Jerryjal

    Itchen Bridge Toll Concession

    Thanks for that, I called them this morning and spoke to a very nice lady on the phone who has asked me to email my proof of ID along with my current Smartcities card and a copy of my V5 as she has been led to believe that they may just be able to update my account as I don't live in...
  28. Jerryjal

    Anyone made their Tesla create an income for them ?

    I use my MS to take passengers to and from the Airport and any other long distance travel. I part own a taxi service here in Portsmouth and finally decided to take the plunge to electric last year. I’ve not yet had any range anxiety and so far the customers are loving the car. As you can...
  29. Jerryjal

    Itchen Bridge Toll Concession

    This is good to know, I already have one of these cards as I travel to Southampton from Portsmouth quite frequently. I currently pay so am curious to know if I have to apply for a new card or maybe I can contact them to get the one I have changed to a concession one? I’ll try and call them this...
  30. Jerryjal

    Boombox is here.

    I'm guessing that this won't be available for a 2020 MS?
  31. Jerryjal

    Fellow car cleaning obsessives...

    Thank you all for the pointers. 👍
  32. Jerryjal

    Fellow car cleaning obsessives...

    Finally got round to adding a couple of pics of my attempt at hand washing myself. I never used to hand wash my previous cars, always left it to the local hand car wash places however when I bought the S I got it PPF’d and ceramic coated so can’t really use those places any more as I need to...
  33. Jerryjal

    Fellow car cleaning obsessives...

    Well, I have bitten the bullet and bought a Karcher K2 full control along with the snow foam lance, mitt, ph neutral shampoo and buckets etc that were on the David's site. This week (at some stage) will see my first attempt of snow foaming and cleaning the car myself. Makes me sound so so lazy...
  34. Jerryjal

    Fellow car cleaning obsessives...

    Thank you Dave, I will take a look.
  35. Jerryjal

    Fellow car cleaning obsessives...

    After a bit of advice from you car cleaning obsessive lot if possible.... Have to admit that before I had my MS I usually went to the nearest hand washing place through pure laziness however now that I have the S and it has been fully PPF'd and ceramic coated I realise that it should not be...
  36. Jerryjal

    Car Hop

    My previous car was a 2016 Jaguar XF R-Sport, enjoyed the car (it was my 3rd XF) but loving the MS.
  37. Jerryjal

    Your Cars Name?

    Roadrunner, the wife has a Mercedes GLS that is affectionately known as Wylie. :)
  38. Jerryjal

    TeslaFi Referral request thread

    He wasn't that busy as I got a pm shortly after posting the request. Thank you to those that replied but i'm now sorted, I clicked the first one that I received. :)
  39. Jerryjal

    TeslaFi Referral request thread

    Would someone be so kind to ping me over a referral code for Teslafi. Ta very much. ;)
  40. Jerryjal

    London congestion charge exemption renewal

    Yes, in that section it says that it should be paid however if you look in the section that relates to the cleaner vehicle discount it should state that the car is getting a 100% discount. I had the same query and called them, they said that it is a "quirk" of the website and you will not be...
  41. Jerryjal

    What did you name your car?

  42. Jerryjal

    Sentry Mode in Model S

    Yes, I have seen those but I would rather leave those untouched if possible.
  43. Jerryjal

    Sentry Mode in Model S

    I only had my car for a matter of hours when I picked it up as it went straight to the garage for a full PPF wrap however I did notice the location of the USB connections, one of them is being useld for the wireless charging which leaves only one spare. I have already bought this...
  44. Jerryjal

    Vendor Model 3 power frunk/trunk fitting service

    Hi Mr H, I previously showed an interest in the fitting of the motorised frunk kit on the MS, are you able to let me know the price (and any discount codes) for the kit needed and fitting? I am in Portsmouth. Many thanks in advance.
  45. Jerryjal

    Premium Connectivity greyed out

    Picked up the car today, everything fine apart from not being able to get the premium connectivity working, I have tried a reboot but that did not work. I have now emailed Tesla to see if they have the answer. Anyone else ever had this issue?
  46. Jerryjal

    Delivery Day!

    Ok, I picked the car up and all looks good apart from a little overspray of paint in some in a few areas but the car is now in the garage for a full paint details and PPF wrap. My only issue is regarding the Premium Connectivity, it is not working. On the screen it says that it runs out at the...
  47. Jerryjal

    Delivery Day!

    The day has finally arrived, off to Southampton this afternoon to pick this up. Have a checklist in hand and hope to not be disappointed.
  48. Jerryjal

    Octopus Agile

    Would anyone be so kind to pm me an Octopus referral code? First one I get gets used. :)
  49. Jerryjal

    Car tax

    Just spoken to Tesla who have confirmed that the first years tax is all sorted on the car.

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