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  1. nstig8

    Full Size Spare Tire - everything I learned after 3 months of research

    Haven't you ever noticed that factory spares are bolted down? I would never leave something as heavy as a spare tire in the trunk unsecured (or "secured" with velcro). You are just asking for the backseat passengers to get their backs destroyed in a collision. If there isn't anyone back there...
  2. nstig8

    wall charger $400 vs. NEMA installation

    I went with a 14-50 outlet and then bought a wall connector and a 50 amp electric oven whip from home depot so I could just plug it in. I set the charger to 40 amp max. Now I have the option of letting visitors charge if they have a non-Tesla, or using my mobile connector as a back up if...
  3. nstig8

    Charging in Apartment Garage

    If you saw the fuel tank for the mower next to the maintenance shed would you pour some gasoline from it into your old car? Of course not. Then why is it so many people think it's perfectly okay to plug into a community outlet and charge their car at everyone else's expense? If it isn't...
  4. nstig8

    Going from 20" Uberturbines to 19's

    I have these same 19" TS5 wheels with my winter tires on them. If you go into the car's settings under one of the menus (Service maybe?) you can select the Zero G wheels to change the car's picture to match your new wheels. This results in a reboot to update the car's odometer / speedometer...
  5. nstig8

    Does an external dash cam work well with the Model 3?

    I followed along with this video to install my (front part only) dashcam. It is plugged into one of the USB ports inside the console (via USB A to C adapter). It has been there a few months and no issues. Like everyone else said, it records until the car goes to sleep.
  6. nstig8

    Are you planning to own post-warranty?

    Had my last car 18 years (Subaru WRX STi). I expect this one will be a little less than that, but no plans to get rid of it based on warranty. Pretty much in 10ish more years I won't have to haul kids around anymore so I will get something a little more fun. I'll be whatever the future...
  7. nstig8

    Dash Cam Unavailable

    I'm also getting this message every couple days now too. The only fix is to unplug and reinsert the USB, but it soon fails again. Of course you won't notice it isn't working until you get a sentry alert that didn't actually save anything. I'm glad to hear it isn't just me. EDIT: The Model Y...
  8. nstig8

    Long Range AWD Wheel Offset with Wider Wheels

    Tesla 100% chose the option that let them advertise the most range. Many of us would make a different selection for better performance given the choice, and instead have done so in the aftermarket.
  9. nstig8

    Worth buying an M3P at this point?

    If those (or any) 2 door coupes were in my possible choices then I don't see how any 4 door car is in consideration. Buying a 2 door says you are looking for fun above all else and not concerned about practicality at all for a new car. In that case I'd be looking at the ones you mentioned plus...
  10. nstig8

    Third Party 18" Aero Wheel options

    You seem like you may enjoy the calculators on this page: The Effects of Rotational Inertia on Automotive Acceleration It handles all the different calculations for the weight being farther out rather than assuming a uniform disc. Also has sections for brake hats, lug nuts, and some other...
  11. nstig8

    Third Party 18" Aero Wheel options

    Even if the weights were the exact same (they're not), you are moving the metal barrel of the wheel inward with a smaller wheel which reduces it's moment of inertia, making it easier to spin up and slow down than an equal weight 20" wheel with a bigger barrel.
  12. nstig8

    Not the typical Performance vs. LR topic

    Personally I've always run dedicated summer and winters, so I was planning on buying a second set of wheels/tires either way and it's nice that the set from Tesla was already on summer tires. You can easily get over $3k for the uberturbines with tires though, which you can put toward a...
  13. nstig8

    Not the typical Performance vs. LR topic

    Anyone considering both will almost certainly buy AB if they get the LR, so the real difference is $6k. Then if you factor in resale price when you are done with the car will at least be a couple k higher for a M3P the difference ends up being $4k or less. It's a no-brainer unless you were...
  14. nstig8

    Long Range AWD Wheel Offset with Wider Wheels

    Thick spacers work by bolting onto the hubs via stock studs and then providing new studs to bolt the wheels on. Medium spacers like 10mm don't work because they just slip in between the hub and wheel using the stock studs, but now the stock studs aren't long enough to safely thread the lug nut...
  15. nstig8

    Anyone using slip-on spacers with extended shank lug nuts?

    14mm without swapping wheel studs would be perfect. Right now I'm running 5mm back and no spacer front, also in a '21 M3P. Would like to put the 5 up front and run these. Not going to be the guinea pig though. Watching this thread.
  16. nstig8

    Tesla auto wipers is a real danger

    Dude, you need a little chill. Every car has things it doesn't do well (and what those things are change depending on who you ask). You see posts just like this in every forum by some person irritated with whatever small thing. "I paid X for this car and it can't even do this right." Let us...
  17. nstig8

    Builder installing 220 line to charge Tesla

    As far as I know this credit has only been extended through the end of 2021. Any work done after that will not qualify. Also only up to $1000.
  18. nstig8

    Model 3 Performance tire replacements

    Old performance wheels were 8.5. Uberturbines are 9.0 Some good info on all the wheel options here: The Tesla Model 3 Wheel Guide
  19. nstig8


    @MaskedRacerX They used to come with TPMS until fairly recently. I bought a winter set in September that came with TPMS before they switched to not providing them before my order was delivered. (I still got mine) OP's order from June should definitely have them. Notice that prices didn't go...
  20. nstig8

    What did you sell/trade for your 3?

    2004 WRX STi. Bought it new too and wish it made sense to keep both. Model 3 is a bit bigger in both directions and 1000 lbs heavier, but I needed a larger car since my kids won't stop growing. Hopefully battery tech will have improved enough in 10ish years to get me a sporty EV under 3k lbs...
  21. nstig8

    Locking in a price in anticipation of the Federal Tax Credit

    Has no one in this thread received one of these "take it or leave it" emails yet? Tesla (TSLA) sends ultimatum to buyers who keep delaying deliveries
  22. nstig8

    Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive Ubertine Wheels

    You *can* purchase them separately from Tesla but you will pay out the nose. You can't get them instead of the stock wheels and tires though. You'd have to purchase both. Your best bet is to get a used set from someone local who bought a M3P but doesn't want 20" wheels on their car. Probably...
  23. nstig8

    Model 3 Trunk Lid Replacement Cost

    The claim will cause them to lose any "safe driver" discounts at a minimum, so even if the insurance claims accident forgiveness or whatever they can remove your discount without raising your rate (technically). You'd be paying higher rates for years. Not to mention loss in value if that kind...
  24. nstig8

    Will a M3 AWD with Accel Boost Beat These Cars?

    Yep. Here in Virginia every mph over 100 roughly equates to a day spent in jail. I think we are one of the strictest states on reckless driving charges. Not worth it. EDIT: As pointed out below, apparently in some counties they start the jail counter at 90mph. I'm in northern virginia...
  25. nstig8

    Another Price Increase [Oct 2021 & Nov 2021]

    There are people who should and shouldn't spend the extra on the performance. If you are they type that doesn't see any use for track mode then save your money and get the slower car. No shame in buying the vehicle that fits your lifestyle best. Personally I've always had separate sets of...
  26. nstig8

    Performance to Winter tire swap timing advice?

    I'm in Virginia as well and I switched over last weekend. I've been caught in snow on summer tires once before (~15 years ago) and I will never again let that happen. Cold is manageable although you may damage the summer tires. My RE070s always had audible flat spots for the first couple...
  27. nstig8

    Automatic volume increases/decrease

    They used to have it. They took it out because it was implemented so poorly.
  28. nstig8

    Anemic rear speakers and sub in my M3P

    The rears are really quiet in my '21 M3P as well. I do recall when buying a nice component aftermarket system for my old car that the front sound stage is much more important. Some shops even recommended not getting rear speakers at all because it causes more issues with imaging and sound...
  29. nstig8

    Make the audio volume not decrease when the door opens.

    In one of the threads someone used a consistent white noise and a sound meter to determine the effect was removed completely. There was no difference in sound level produced at different speeds. This is what I anecdotally observe in my '21 M3P as well.
  30. nstig8

    Make the audio volume not decrease when the door opens.

    Sort of related, my 1997 pickup truck had a feature where you could choose how much the radio volume increased and decreased with changes in speed. Was awesome for listening to the radio with the windows down. In my model 3 I feel like every time I come to a stop the music is too loud because...
  31. nstig8

    M3 performance lifetime average Wh per mile

    Only ~700 miles on my '21 so far and I'm at 275 wh/mile. No winter miles yet and most of my driving so far involves taking kids to soccer practice (or at least it feels that way) so I have an excuse.
  32. nstig8

    Main differences between 2018 M3 and today

    My 2021 has door pocket lights. Maybe only certain trims get them?
  33. nstig8

    Main differences between 2018 M3 and today

    New center console I think they updated to more high power USB-C ports at some point in addition to the USB-A one in the glove box They updated to air filter door to be easier to change if you are a DIY type Headlights might be updated as well - some LED matrix thing Aren't all the cars...
  34. nstig8

    Homelink usefullness vs regular garage door opener

    > It's nice to not have three different openers in the car >you don't have to carry multiple remotes in your car. Do other people's garage remotes all only have one button? I can program up to 3 on the clicker that came with my opener. You can buy aftermarket clickers too. I keep mine...
  35. nstig8

    Lug nuts

    The 60° taper is the same for tuner or bulge conical seat lugs. The bulge ones just have a longer taper and shoulder. It provides more contact area to clamp the wheel to the hub. The Circuit lugs are tuner lugs which I read are not to be used with OEM-style wheels when I was researching lugs...
  36. nstig8

    Lug nuts

    I thought the appropriate lugs for OEM wheels were bulge style and not "tuner" lugs. I ended up going with the Gorilla 96643BDX version for this reason with the bulge conical seat type over the cheaper 71643NBC version with the standard tuner cone seat. Didn't want to risk having less contact...
  37. nstig8

    Quality difference between a 2018 and 2021 Model 3

    How has no one mentioned that they got rid of that awful chrome trim?
  38. nstig8

    Why dont we have a “jeep wave?”

    This is probably why I'm so over waving. Up until my M3P was delivered today I'd been driving my STi for the past 18 years. During that time I also owned two motorcycles. Everywhere I go people were waving at me. Living near Washington, DC there are so many Teslas. Just the thought of...
  39. nstig8

    Why dont we have a “jeep wave?”

    Because in my area I pass a Tesla every minute or two. I'm not waving at everyone, and I don't really want people waving at me either.
  40. nstig8

    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    What phone number are people using to do this? I don't see anything in my account online. Are you calling the service center closest to you? I want to talk to someone to ensure they don't put a front tag on my car before my home delivery scheduled later this week, but I really don't know who...
  41. nstig8

    Supercharger - Halifax, NC

    We make the drive a few times a year from Northern VA to Southport, NC to visit my in-laws. The kids love stopping at Oasis, which they call "the animal gas station," for snacks. It's also right at then end of my range (when traveling at the typical I-95 speeds) where I would need a charge...
  42. nstig8

    Gen 3 wall charger - 18ft. $450

    You may have to wait until January to sell this. The 30% tax credit is still available for anyone buying these new until the end of the year.
  43. nstig8

    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    Northern Virginia - Tysons Corner service center specifically.
  44. nstig8

    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    Logged in again just now and now my Expected Delivery is a bigger range but closer: September 03 - September 09.
  45. nstig8

    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    I've got to have one of the longest waits on here. Just got a VIN today and I ordered February. I did refuse the first match in early March because I was waiting on the Green Act to shake out (it didn't). No matches offered since then, but I also never emailed my SA or did anything but update...
  46. nstig8

    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    I only read about 10 pages of this, but I ordered in February (red/black with no FSD). I told them I didn't want it that quarter because I was waiting to see if the version of the tax credit that was being talked about back then got any traction. They did note it on my account though and I got...
  47. nstig8

    Heated Steering Wheel confirmed in new China Model 3

    I would put my order in tomorrow if I could get those wheels (preferably the 19" for durability) and the heated steering wheel. I just don't like the uberturbines.
  48. nstig8

    Aftermarket instrument cluster

    I think it's awesome. Some people don't want "different" in their car, they just want a better version of what they have now. Thankfully Teslas look like a normal car on the outside instead of the Prius/Bolt/etc crap where they wanted to show off just how they weren't normal cars. Seems like...

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