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  1. Eberhard

    Should Tesla be worried about the Mercedes EQS 580 4 Matic ?

    Since Elon canceled my Plaid+ order and still be waiting for my 2 years delayed delivery for my Tesla Roadster, i strongly consider to move the money from my Plaid+ Order to Mercedes EQS. But i fear i have to wait for a possible delivery late into 2022, giving Elon the chance to catch up with...
  2. Eberhard

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    After waiting more then 4 year for my new roadster i ordered the model s plaid after the battery day, to replace my nearly 8 years old signature P85+ with 480.000km done. But now, with getting the delivery of the plaid+ pushed for later and later, i now consider to get an EQS instead, if i can...
  3. Eberhard

    Have you ever kerbed your Aero wheels?

    I have my AEROS on my Models S since i got it in 2013. They are still very fine despite the 463.000km on my odometer.
  4. Eberhard

    SuC V3 free supercharging for any brand with CCS2

    short video of ZOE charging at V3
  5. Eberhard

    SuC V3 free supercharging for any brand with CCS2

    There are 4 SuC V3 in Germany right now and it went public, that eGolfs and eKonas successfully charged their car at the SuC V3 in Braak and Hermsdorf with no authorization procedure by Tesla. Will Tesla open their SuC Network to any other brands in Europe.
  6. Eberhard

    Which color do you prefer your Roadster 2020?

    i hope for the same color as my old one.
  7. Eberhard

    What happend with the SuC Gent Belgium

  8. Eberhard

    What happend with the SuC Gent Belgium

    2 Years ago i visited the SuC in Gent and even spent 2 nights at the hotel (holiday Inn). It disappeared silently from the SuC map after reports, it hat been even updated to 12 stalls? Wich SuC will replace Gent?
  9. Eberhard

    Cost of Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

    There is a producer for slate style pv-modules. Home in germany. The Quad40 shingles are rated for around 40W and one shingle covers around 2.5 sqft. For 10kWp you will need 250 shingles or 625 sqft. The cost can be somewhere between €16.000 and €20.000 (or between €1.600 and €2.000 per kWp). I...
  10. Eberhard

    Erratic trips values

    since i got the 7.0 update the values for the trip-meters shows strange values und does not update properly. The shown distance are different and the consumption shown are also incorrect. Whoelse face the same problems?
  11. Eberhard

    Roadster 3.0 Tires

    I didn't replace the front tires because they are still fine. If they are due to replace, i will take the Toyos too.
  12. Eberhard

    Roadster 3.0 Tires

    The consumtion dropped from 120Wh/km down to 107Wh/km over distances of 300-400km. a saving of about 10%. I use the Toyos on the Rear only. the front tire are Yokohama with a rating of Efficiency Class C
  13. Eberhard

    Roadster 3.0 Tires

    For efficiency reason i use Toyo nanoenergy 2, having the lowest rolling resistent of all tires i found. Efficiency class A. Best mileage even after 100.000miles
  14. Eberhard

    Europe Roadster adapter to Typ2-connector for use 43kW-charger

    Hi hcsharp, i hope i can buy one as soon as possible. I like your solution most. Eberhard
  15. Eberhard

    Supercharger Down

    They installed a Typ2 Wallbox this morning but its not operational when i left. Its a wunderful place for dinner lunch. We enjoyed a wunderful breakfast with fresh squezzed orangejuce and a buffet for €15 per person
  16. Eberhard

    Supercharger Down

    Supercharger in Tarragona is down. 5.8.15 12:00
  17. Eberhard

    2½ times around the globe in 365 days club

    i just finalized 150.000km after 20month + one week
  18. Eberhard

    2½ times around the globe in 365 days club

    148.000km in 20month + 162.000km with my roadster since 11/2010
  19. Eberhard

    How many vehicles beside your Model S do you have?

    How counts the Roadster as my second car?
  20. Eberhard

    Roadster 3.0

    or Tesla is just using those cells which fail to pass the quality-test to match the minimum capacity for a model S pack. Tesla just downrated the cells and are still fine for the roadster 3.0 upgrade batterypack
  21. Eberhard

    New Roadster Goodies for 2014

    i am waiting too, with having > 160.000km or nearly 100.000miles on my odometer, i still have 85% of my capacity, means i can still wait a litte bit longer.
  22. Eberhard

    European SuperCharger rollout updated

    and the SuC in "Mühldorf an der Inn" is waiting for opening at begin of August. Just between Vienna and Munic
  23. Eberhard

    New Roadster Goodies for 2014

    my calculations: 85kWh / 7104 * 6831 = 81,73kWh
  24. Eberhard

    New Roadster Goodies for 2014

    I hope with a retrovit of the batteriepack, tesla will also add Supercharing otherwise on roadtours i will need 12h charging over night at 30A. i would enjoy a roadtrip to the Nordcap next year. without supercharger not possible (MS only)
  25. Eberhard

    Tesla factory improvements

    and a new painting plant?
  26. Eberhard

    Differences Between Common and High Efficiency Solar Panels

    only SunPower claims to have efficiency above 20%, but those are existent and you can buy them
  27. Eberhard

    New Roadster Goodies for 2014

    I did roadtrips > 5000km several times with my Roadster, twice to spain and one to the black sea. Dont forget TRON who traveled around the world with his Roadster. Supercharger and high capacity cells would revive the wanting for an used Roadster. best Eberhard
  28. Eberhard

    New Roadster Goodies for 2014

  29. Eberhard

    New Roadster Goodies for 2014

    the roadsters cell weight ist 44.5g, Model S is 45g, will add only around 3kg. lg Eberhard
  30. Eberhard

    New Roadster Goodies for 2014

    Sooner or later, every roadster owner will have to replace his battery pack. Using the cells of Model s is not as difficult and does not needs a lot of construction work and software developement. 85kWh/7104*6831 gives around 82kWh or alt least 600-700km of range. charging only is needed through...
  31. Eberhard

    Sales in Norway april 2014

    Only 171 Model S found new Owners in April down from 1493 in March 2014. best Eberhard
  32. Eberhard

    Help me understand a SolarCity proposal w/r/t Model S charging

    I am really shocked, how much you have to pay for a solar array. In Germany, your price is about €1.200,-- per kWp +VAT (which you get back) or your 24kWp solar array would cost in Germny €28.000,-- including installation ready to run. At current exchange rate for the Dollar is about $40.000,--...
  33. Eberhard

    A Model S owner hit 75,000 miles, still gets 93% of original range

    Compared to the 156.000km or nearly 100.000miles with my Roadster, i still have 86% or only 14% loss. best Eberhard
  34. Eberhard

    Chademo Experience

    It would be a good idea for combined CHAdeMO and CCS stations to provide the DC power from a central rectifier like max 100kW to several Outlets, sharing the max power to all. best Eberhard
  35. Eberhard

    Help me understand a SolarCity proposal w/r/t Model S charging

    You can install a control unit at your meter with read in realtime the total consumtion of your house, including the production from the solar.array. Depending on the currently aviable capacitiy it can tell the Model S via the pilot signal, how much current it can draw. If you want, you can set...
  36. Eberhard

    three of five meters type 2 cable?

    none of them. the minimum is 7m to connect to a wallbox in fron of your car. the car alon is 5m. i gave my 5m cable away for my 7m. an extra 3m would be fine, if you back your car in. lg eberhard
  37. Eberhard

    Sales in Norway jan 2014

    Model S is not within the best 19 selling models. Nissan Leaf was best selling with 650 units. More information can be found here: http://ofvas.no/bilsalget/ best Eberhard
  38. Eberhard

    Sales in Norway jan 2014

    Only 132 new Model S found their way to a new owner in January 2014 16. Hyundai 217 17. Citroen 187 17. Subaru 187 18. Tesla 132 19. Honda 91 20. Land Rover 79 21. Renault 74
  39. Eberhard

    EU finalize and deliveries

    Yesterday, i made my first 10.000km with my Model S, six weeks after delivery. (i did more than 153.000km with my Roadster within less then 3 years)
  40. Eberhard

    Wiki Model S Firmware 5.x Bug Tracker

    I got my Model S on 22nd august at the delivery event in Tilburg. From the very beginning i had this bugs: Homelink: Because of SleepMode, it forgets the learned codes. Problem is known to tesla. DAB (Digital Adio Broadcast) digital radio: It is loosing the audio signal, poor reception...
  41. Eberhard

    Registrations in Germany

    After 17 Model S for august, only 43 cars has been registered for september. Looks like most Model S in Europe find their way to norway.
  42. Eberhard

    Firmware 5.6

    Dont install 5.6, your charigng speed will be limited to 13A single or 26A twincharger
  43. Eberhard

    Reduced charging current after FW upgrade V5.6

    This reduced charging current of 26A is a unwanted feature - is there a possibility to downgrade to the previous version? The prospected 20kW charging power is now down to 18kW and no longer matching the rated charging power. Eberhard
  44. Eberhard

    Workshop: Charging and EVSEs (Europe)

    I am very interested to join the Workshop, but my dutch is very poor. Will it be held in dutch only or english? My focus is the managed charging by PV and/or a decentral combined heat and power station. Eberhard
  45. Eberhard

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    I have a problem with the panorama roof. There is a tongue in front of the glasroof, which slides underneath the rubber sealing of the car-roof. But the tongue sucked the rubber sealing down until finally the tongue slides now obove the rubber sealing when cloesed. now i have heavy wind noises...
  46. Eberhard

    German Revolt against Solar

    and do not forget, 45% of the german price for electricity are duties and taxes. The kWh price at the eex is traded around 4.5cent, but the enduser has to pay up to 30cent per kWk including the monthly fee for the meter.
  47. Eberhard

    German Revolt against Solar

    Its not all true and mainly a part of a campain of the recent election for the "bundestag" to put discredit on the "green" party. The true is: the power from my PV installted on my roof cost less then half price then from the local utility company. I try to charge my Model S or Roadster direct...
  48. Eberhard

    Two many EV's in one home?

    The only solution to this problem is "managed charging" via the pilot signal to the HPWC. The meter is counting the current drawing from the net. If the current reaching the maximum level, the HPCW is set to draw less current. Within this calculation can also included a pv-system on the...
  49. Eberhard

    GM to introduce Tesla rival, JB Straubel comments on battery cost

    What about the GEN III competing against BMWs todays ActiveHybrid 3? a $35.000 Model E outperforming $50.000 BMW ActiveHybrid 3
  50. Eberhard

    Vacationing in Norway with a Model S

    I have a nice condominium in the gorgeous city of Erfurt, with a garage (and 32A 3-phase socket) and a joice of either a Roadster or Model S P85+. The flat is located in the heart of Erfurt, next to the Augustiner monastery (well known because of Luther). May a good idea to swap both for 2-3...

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