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    FSD Mini Review/Rant - Promising, But Not Worth Your Money - Yet

    Just a note, you don’t have to get out of the car to re-enable ap/fsd. Just pull over, put it in park then put it back in drive and your good. Sincerely - someone who Gets impatient lol
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    TAPTES perforated, NAPA leather seat covers for M3 install (Pics)

    There are some brown ones in the for sale section here, you could check out the posts and see the pics. They look good
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    FS: Tesla + Airpod Perfection

    Sweet, do you only sell on Etsy or could we figure something out through DM to save you on the Etsy fees
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    FS: Tesla + Airpod Perfection

    I have a super thin carbon fiber case on my AirPods would this work
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    TAPTES perforated, NAPA leather seat covers for M3 install (Pics)

    I got a set of these bad boys for the front, I ordered the vegan leather not knowing they wouldn’t be an oem white. You gotta pay for the premium ones for that apparently. Look forward to getting the ones that match better. if anyone wants to try taptes out, i threw mine on the marketplace here...
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    Aliexpress model 3 wheel cover

    Where can we get some tesla logos for teh center cap
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    Winter tires for Model 3

    We should be able to work something out then
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    Do you occasionally charge to 90%?

    I’ve been charging to 90% since the day I got it. The “overcharging prompt doesn’t show up on the screen unless you charge to more than 90% a few times in a row. So 90 sounds good to me.
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    Matrix headlight auto adjustment

    The “Calibration” it does is to get it into a mode easier for service to properly adjust them. So no, go ahead and click down 1 or 2 and then save.
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    Selling a Tesla Model 3 Reservation (VIN Assigned)

    Dm me if it’s still available!
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    Aftermarket Rear Diffuser's Thread (pictures+discussion)

    Good stuff. In your opinion is the Zart worth the $2100 they are charging for wet carbon fiber? Or should I get another wet carbon fiber one for 1400
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    Aftermarket Rear Diffuser's Thread (pictures+discussion)

    happen to have any pictures? Or anyone in here for that matter. I’m close to pulling the trigger on Z-arts kit but it’s pricey compared to the rest
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    Winter tires for Model 3

    DM’d ya
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    FS. : Model 3 Taptes White Vegan leather Front seats & Real CF Repeater caps

    Have 2 things for sale, first up a set of Taptes white vegan leather for the model 3. Accidentally got these instead of the “Premium white vegan leather”. These are an off-white and don’t quite Match the factory white. Asking $120 shipped for the pair. Second up is a carbon fiber repeater...
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    Work VS-XX 20x9 and 20x10 - Model Y fitment

    God that’s gorgeous! dont think I can convince myself to get this setup and spend this much just to have to order all new tires for it on top. I’ll keep an eye on this tho!
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    Work VS-XX 20x9 and 20x10 - Model Y fitment

    Man, wonder if these would fit my 3 👀
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    [MOD] A Jeda USB-C hub (2021+) that actually works!

    not really man its pretty straight forward! Only advice I would use is to try to get a big hole punch or some very precise scissors, I used some big ones since that's all I had and the circle cut out for the Apple Watch charger could have been better lol but that's about it!
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    [MOD] A Jeda USB-C hub (2021+) that actually works!

    So i bought the Jeda usb-c hub, waited like 2 months due to supply constraints, finally received it only to realize it sucks really really bad. And doesn’t work half the time, the Apple Watch charger is also very limited to what it supports (watch size and weight Wise). Sent in a support ticket...
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    Windshield Wiper Fluid and Recommendation

    Something clear so you dont have blue or purple all over the side of your car
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    Windshield tint expectations

    You didn’t attach any pictures. But if you only have 6 bubles its a win. I had like 80 all 3 times they’ve done it.
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    Tesla Model 3 AWD / Performance H&R Lowering Springs, $250 shipped.

    Tempted, my 3 definitely needs some low
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    FS: 18" model 3 wheel caps hubcaps turbine design

    do you have the tesla center cap logo for them? They usually come with them
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    For Sale: Vorsteiner carbon fiber rear decklid spoiler model 3

    Tempting. i need me a vorsteiner kit bad
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    Seriously. What is your max amount you'd pay for EAP?

    So chime on green light is coming to all hw3 cars then? No more fsd/eap required
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    FS: Used Eibach lowering springs (LR RWD)

    How many miles? if you decide to ship Id probably take them
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    FS: Artisan Spirits Style ABS Front Lip - $300 - Bay Area

    I can’t believe they are using a picture of the car they were test fitting the bumper on lol it’s a good looking lip
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    Model 3 LR AWD Unplugged Performance Springs

    Tempting. Reading reviews on these. Have you had any issues?
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    Model 3 LR AWD Unplugged Performance Springs

    I’ll keep watching incase you ever decide to ship 🥺
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    Anyone ordering vanity plates for their M3?

    I got one, luckily my town isn't too big so people find it funny. haven't gotten anything thrown at my car yet but do get posted on social media every once in a while.
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    RPM Tesla Performance PLUS spoiler

    I’ll get more pictures soon! Nope don’t regret it one bit. Since then I have added carbon fiber side view mirrors and carbon fiber badges. Don’t regret glossy one bit. Ever since I did it with the adhesive promotor from Amazon I haven’t had any lift at all. Quality is fantastic. Good to...
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    Black Model 3 Performance Wheels

    Agreed. Uberturbines go for 2000-2400 new around here with everything
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    Basically new 20” Uberturbines w/ TPMS, Pereli P-zero - $2200 located in Kansas

    Got a set of 4 uberturbines from a model 3 performance. Come with the TPMS sensors. Taken off an hour after delivery, been in storage since. Prefer pickup for now. Topeka, Kansas. $2200 takes them.
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    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    who said that? my 2022 has the frunk and trunk mats and they fit pretty good. although your right, one that has a split would be nice
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    FS: Wine Red Seat Covers for Model 3

    You’re late 😭
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    FS: MPP Suspension, wheels, & misc parts

    id be interested in the 15mm spacers if you would split it in half just need them for the front.
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    Model Year 2022 Refresh M3/MY

    so far no model 3 has had rear laminated glass. just Y in china
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    RPM Tesla Performance PLUS spoiler

    Yeah no one ever seems to post the right angle lol but that one does look good! Has the little swoop
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    RPM Tesla Performance PLUS spoiler

    Here’s pictures I wish other people would have posted for Anyone considering this spoiler. My biggist issue with the regular performance spoiler is how it got rid of the duckbill look and opted to make the trunk just go straight out flat with no little swoop. This bad boy on the other hand...
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    RPM Tesla Performance PLUS spoiler

    Strange. Mine had a manufactured in January sticker on the inside.
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    Tinting front windshield: 50% or 70%?

    I believe only the performance model for now but someone else can correct me

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