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  1. medphys3

    Please identify this part

    It’s the spring that helps with keeping the mirror’s motion smooth when being adjusted. Basically keeps constant pressure on the assembly so it doesn’t chatter or vibrate. At least that’s what I think it does lol. It should pop right back in place. Maybe throw some epoxy on it for good...
  2. medphys3

    Salvage cars: Tesla permanently disabling SC from supercharger

    And yes, you own the car, but you do not own the supercharging network.
  3. medphys3

    Salvage cars: Tesla permanently disabling SC from supercharger

    This seems very logical. I’m sure Tesla doesn’t actively keep tabs on VINs. But once they show up in the system, it’s red-flagged.
  4. medphys3

    Salvage cars: Tesla permanently disabling SC from supercharger

    It’s a known fact that salvaged titled Teslas can’t supercharge. They are protecting themselves for potential litigation if/when something goes horribly wrong on a rebuilt Tesla.
  5. medphys3

    SR+ vs LR handling?

    I agree. I would have gotten an original SR+ had I not needed more range. I ended up getting a used LR RWD because at the time, it had the most range of all of the Model 3s. To the OP: I have heard that the Dual Motor Model 3s handle differently mainly due to the heavy motor up front. My LR...
  6. medphys3

    For Model 3 Is the rear crossbeam/shelf (that the rear seats click into) a structural piece? Can I remove it?

    Many of us don’t care about resale value. I don’t plan on selling mine anytime soon, that’s for sure. To the OP- I’m guessing that it’s structural, but my biggest concern would be how it’s removal would affect the rear window and allow it to crack easier. *and, yes. I’ve thought about doing...
  7. medphys3

    My way of lifting my Model 3… (custom lifting rig)

  8. medphys3

    Can anyone make out this warning message [salvage vehicle]

    Gotcha. Still curious if it charged prior to the disassembly. I’d hate to go through all that work just to find out it was an empty HV battery issue. I spent three hours once working on an old washing machine and it turned out that the extension cord I was using was bad lol.
  9. medphys3

    Can anyone make out this warning message [salvage vehicle]

    Most likely, the car is shutting off because the main battery is drained so it can’t keep the 12v battery charged, so it also gets drained and you’re done for. Have you tried charging the car when it was powered up?
  10. medphys3

    Low Voltage Lithium-ion Negative Terminal Location?

    Looks like it doesn’t have terminals- just the plastic connector. Regardless, I wouldn’t connect anything to that battery. Lead acid, sure, but not the Lithium ones.
  11. medphys3

    2018 Model 3 - [aftemarket ] Suspension failing

    If it were me, I’d take some pics of the suspension parts and serial numbers (if you can find them) and contact UPP. They might be able to verify that it’s their parts and recommend a local shop to inspect everything. It could just be that the bushings just need to be replaced. Or just find a...
  12. medphys3

    2020 Tesla Crashes in Ohio

    Because even without brakes, the car would decelerate with the drivers foot off of the accelerator. There’s no way a car is going to continue traveling at such a high rate of speed without someone smashing the accelerator. Or- (however doubtful) the driver was on autopilot set at highway...
  13. medphys3

    Model 3: Rattling rear deck

    You didn’t see post #14?
  14. medphys3

    [2022] Damaged sway bar bushing & sheared bolt

    You shouldn't even need a shop to remove that. Go grab a dremel tool & some quality screw drivers (or drill set & easy-outs). Or buy a buddy a 6 pack and have him/her do it :)
  15. medphys3

    Low cost way to monitor your 12V Battery

    I bought this for piece of mind. Hook it directly to the battery and set the alarm to go off at your desired voltage. Mine is set to alarm at 12.3v (I think). It beeps for maybe 2 or 3 seconds 70% of the time when opening the door from a deep sleep prior to the HV battery kicking in. I figure...
  16. medphys3

    Low cost way to monitor your 12V Battery

    I’m pretty sure that the 12v outlets are controlled by the computers in the car and do not represent the actual 12v battery voltage.
  17. medphys3

    Does the Model 3 have Low and Standard Regen Options?

    It hasn’t been updated away and most likely won’t be. I thought I read that Tesla took away the low regen option in order to get the higher EPA range ratings on the newer models. Since the older models have a lower rated range based on having a low regen option, there’s no reason to take it away.
  18. medphys3

    Stinky A/C in hot, humid climate? I might have found a solution that I'm currently testing with positive results.

    I thought it was the evaporator coils that got musty, not the filters? I’ll be honest, my HVAC rarely has that smell and it’s usually after cooling the cabin from the app. Never when I have the AC on. But I run my HVAC in manual with recirc off.
  19. medphys3

    Service Center wont honor repeater warranty

    It's not a design flaw, it's the design. It's been like that since the beginning, but only recently became apparent (and revised) after Tesla activated blind spot monitoring on the screen. I'm not saying that your camera isn't faulty, but the hole in the circuit board definitely isn't a flaw...
  20. medphys3

    Model 3: Rattling rear deck

    Mine didn’t sound like yours, but it can’t hurt to check… https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/i-found-and-“fixed”-another-noise-vibration-point.253290/
  21. medphys3

    Uncomfortable driver seat?

  22. medphys3

    Windshield and roof glass corner flexing

    Mine do that as well.
  23. medphys3

    How does the "hands on wheel" warning really work?

    The above two explanations seem reasonable. My car always yells at me when I enter a construction zone with orange barrels even though I haven't been nagged for the previous 20 miles.
  24. medphys3

    Sound when idle

    Have you done a full shutdown from the screen, let it sit for an hour or so, then power it back up?
  25. medphys3

    Volume on High

    Can confirm this as well. Thanks!
  26. medphys3

    Uncomfortable Front Seat(s) / Thigh Bolster Mod

    The thigh bolsters should be adjustable air bladders like the lumbar support. Someone tweet Elon, but give me credit :)
  27. medphys3

    Uncomfortable Front Seat(s) / Thigh Bolster Mod

    There’s a decent video on this web page. https://the-evshop.com/collections/tesla-model-3/products/ventilated-seats-kit-for-tesla-model-3-y
  28. medphys3

    Uncomfortable Front Seat(s) / Thigh Bolster Mod

    You just need to remove the seat & go for it. There’s just a bunch of clips & straps & springs that need undone. Then you can roll the sides of the cover up and over the foam. *I did not remover the seat cover, I just exposed the foam.
  29. medphys3

    Uncomfortable Front Seat(s) / Thigh Bolster Mod

    If you want additional “support” from the backrest, you can pull the headrest & back cover. This exposes the heavy springs that support the foam. At the top of the back seat, bend the wires with a big pipe wrench by putting it on the wire and pushing UP thereby moving the springs away from the...
  30. medphys3

    Can anyone help with used purchase questions

    FSD will stay with the car, unless (I assume) the previous owner was on the subscription plan. Then it would fall off after the period expired. I got mine from Carvana in October of 2020 and had it in my account within 24 hrs of uploading the documentation.
  31. medphys3

    Uncomfortable Front Seat(s) / Thigh Bolster Mod

    Yeah, I just used a box cutter blade for this. It worked, but not ideal. And used seat bottoms aren’t too pricey on eBay so if I blew it, I figure I’d just buy a replacement lol.
  32. medphys3

    Uncomfortable driver seat?

    I did :) https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/uncomfortable-front-seat-s-thigh-bolster-mod.261240/
  33. medphys3

    Uncomfortable Front Seat(s) / Thigh Bolster Mod

    TL/DR: I removed approximately 3/8” of foam from the thigh bolsters of the front driver’s seat. I realize that the Model 3 front seat comfort is a hot topic- some love them; others, not so much. I’m in the later group. The thigh bolsters push inwards a bit too much and I can never really get...
  34. medphys3

    Autopilot Stopped Working

    It happens. Remember it’s using cameras to view the world around itself and if it gets confused, it’s a hard stop. This happened to me several weeks ago on my way to work. It worked on my way back home after it sat for 8 hrs. Try again tomorrow and see what happens.
  35. medphys3

    Climate Control Issue?

    Glad it got fixed! Software bugs can cause some really odd behavior… things you wouldn’t normally think were software related. For several months after getting V11, the air from my floor vents were very hot and I got very little warm air from the front vents. But you could feel that the dash...
  36. medphys3

    Delivery / Service Issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / Service problems etc)

    You're parked in a garage, anyone could have walked by and done that. Not saying that's what happened, but you also can't prove that it came from Tesla that way.
  37. medphys3

    2018 M3 Long Range EAP Changed to FSD Capability

    Interesting. Do you have traffic light/stop sign control? If not, maybe Tesla is just getting rid of the EAP name since it’s really just FSD without the (now available) HW3 computer? So no changes to your features, just a name change. Of course that doesn’t explain the lack of the HW3...
  38. medphys3

    Valve Stem Reapir Kit?

    This is excellent information. I had no idea you could repair these... thanks!
  39. medphys3

    Dreaded front suspension creaking sound

    Yep. No need to disassemble anything. Just use a syringe & needle to lube it up :)
  40. medphys3

    Purchased preowned M3 - Ownership transfer issue

    This right here. Also, you should be able to upload those documents from your Tesla account on the website. You did create an account, correct? And you don’t really need to factory reset it.
  41. medphys3

    Valve Stem Reapir Kit?

    We’ll you said “got damaged.” To most people, a leaking valve stem wouldn’t be considered “damaged.” Where is it leaking? If it’s just the valve itself, just replace it yourself. If it’s the valve stem/wheel seal, the tire shop needs to fix it, regardless. What’s the issue here?
  42. medphys3

    Valve Stem Reapir Kit?

    The valve stem is an integral part of the TPMS. If the stem is actually broken, it’s not repairable, hence needing a new TPMS.
  43. medphys3

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    What is the weather like in your area? My 2019 LR RWD with 49,890 miles shows 305 at 100% in the summer and 285 in the cold of winter. You try the battery calibration thing, but personally I’d just drive it normally & cycle the battery 20%-90% over the next few months and see if things get...
  44. medphys3

    Clearance under front valance

    I saw that earlier- no more edit button though :(
  45. medphys3

    Is there a constant UNSWITCHED wire in the trunk area for a model 3 with premium sound system ? (2022 Model Year)

    Can whatever you’re doing be put in the frunk? That’s how/where I power my 12v battery monitor. Or if there isn’t one, you could just run a dedicated wire to to the truck.
  46. medphys3

    Clearance under front valance

    I hate both of goose options. I either hit my head on the tennis ball all the time when I’m trying to work or trip over the stops lmao. I just put a piece of tape on the wall and look to my right. When I’m aligned with the tape, I stop.
  47. medphys3

    Still hate v11

    I hate the seats more than than the UI.
  48. medphys3

    Rear defroster requires repair any advise?

    OP probably didn’t notice the embedded hyperlink. Being colorblind, I miss them too from time to time. The link: Permatex 09117 Complete Rear Window Defogger Repair Kit, Single Unit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000ALBZJY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_SY2BWKER2HRXAPJVPTWE
  49. medphys3

    2021 M3: rear view mirror blinding at night

    1) You can tell they have dimmed by the light ring around the perimeter of the mirror(s). 2) Have you checked your settings? The auto-dimming function might be turned off. 3) They dim based on the time of sunset at your GPS location. Mine typically dim a solid 10-15 minutes AFTER the...
  50. medphys3

    Does this panel gap look normal on the front trunk?

    ^^ Thank you for this!

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