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  1. el-guapin

    Tesla Powerwall Protection

    The front covers are removable /replaceable. So in a few years just get a new cover.
  2. el-guapin

    Reuters: Chinese spacecraft returns to Earth after inaugural flight

    Interesting find. THNX 4 sharing!
  3. el-guapin

    Leak onto floor from rear of car

    ^^ Kind of looks like axle grease. Maybe a torn axle boot?
  4. el-guapin

    Does this system design make sense?

    This is incorrect. Well, Kind of.. In grid down, home is powered by PV. If usage exceeds PV, the batteries kick in. This is true If you are using Enphase.
  5. el-guapin

    MYP won't auto connect to Wi-Fi. "Unable to obtain IP address" error when manually connecting to wifi. Only a hard Reboot auto-connects successfully.

    FWIW..If your network broadcast 2.4g and 5.0g wifi with same SSID, you might have issues connecting some devices.
  6. el-guapin

    What can I purchase to help cover up this scratch on the black trim?

    You could use permanent black marker. That would be the easiest /Cheapest solution. Touch up paint would work as well. You can also vinyl wrap it.
  7. el-guapin

    wall charger $400 vs. NEMA installation

    A pedestal can also be used when there is no space on the wall!
  8. el-guapin

    Wall connector [Can a wall connector be disconnected and taken with you when you move?]

    Yes. You can easily uninstall the TWC and re-install it somewhere else.
  9. el-guapin

    Financing options.

    Guess the experience outcome depends on the loan agent. For the vehicles I have financed through DCU all I needed was to upload a copy of the insurance declarations page. Or maybe DCU changed their procedures. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. el-guapin

    Headlight Gap

    Water will not leak into the headlight unless there is some sort of cracked or other damage. By that pic, water will just drip down the bumper. I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  11. el-guapin

    anybody interested in this instrument cluster for M3 & MY?

    Interesting!.. THNX 4sharing!
  12. el-guapin

    How to replace a shingle under PV panels?

    Unfortunately, you gonna have to pay someone to remove then re-install the solar panel(s).
  13. el-guapin

    Can I use my Tesla Wall Charger to charge a VW ID.4 with an adapter?

    Under access control. https://www.tesla.com/support/gen-3-wall-connector-access-control What software version you are running?. IIRC This was introduced with 21.36.4
  14. el-guapin

    QQ: Purchased used 2021 Model S through Tesla.com — Should it have come with a Mobile Connector?

    Did you purchase from a 3rd party dealer or direct from Tesla?
  15. el-guapin

    Ever heard of J1772 Charging Adapter stolen at Service Center?

    Were you at a SC recently?. If so, call and inquire about it.
  16. el-guapin

    Tesla Branded Credit Card

    Points towards Merchandise..ie TWC, TPW, Charge adapters etc.
  17. el-guapin

    Is it worth removing the wall connector when moving?

    So you leaving behind a new, just installed TWC?.. :oops: If you weren't so far away I would come remove it myself!.
  18. el-guapin

    wall connector gen 3 wi-fi problem

    Try to connect with a laptop.
  19. el-guapin

    Enphase Solar and Powerwall integration

    FWIW, my Enphase reporting is also spot on with my utility meter.
  20. el-guapin

    If you order a wall charger with the car when do you get it?

    Check your Tesla account. See if there is an order for the WC in your “order history”. Once it’s processed and it ships, you will get a tracking number. It ships via FedEx.
  21. el-guapin

    If you order a wall charger with the car when do you get it?

    If the WC is in stock I would imagine that it would ship within days. Just like buying the WC separate. When I ordered mine, it shipped out within 48 hrs. It took about a week from California to Louisiana.
  22. el-guapin

    Should I wait?

    What panels on old and new layout?
  23. el-guapin

    CCS Adapter for North America

    Correct. The second pic is a GEN2 which as you mentioned, was available sometime ago. But the First pic is a GEN3 from their video.. Check the video at 5:56 mark.
  24. el-guapin

    CCS Adapter for North America

    Saw this GEN3 WC on Now You Know YT... Old Gen 2 with J1772
  25. el-guapin

    Tesla service installed PS4 after asking/paying for PS4S

    Is there a price difference between the PS4S and the Ps4?.. Which one where you charged for? I would most definitely go back the SC.
  26. el-guapin

    Former Tesla Engineer on Why Tesla is So Ahead of Other EV Brands

    Nice find!. THNX 4 sharing!
  27. el-guapin

    Wall Charger 3 suddenly stopped working in weird way.

    You mentioned the LEDs are flashing. Look at the fault Codes sheet. See if this helps determined what could be wrong...
  28. el-guapin

    Anyone have solar other than Tesla solar?

    Another Goodleap borrower here!. System installed by SunPro
  29. el-guapin

    Can I use my Tesla Wall Charger to charge a VW ID.4 with an adapter?

    Yes. You will need a CCS1 adapter. And make sure to allow “all vehicles” in the WC settings.
  30. el-guapin

    Supercharger - Natchitoches, LA

    Was in the area…
  31. el-guapin

    Wall charger price just dropped after purchase

    Maybe it has to do with rep who answer the email… Here my response: “Thank you for contacting the Tesla Shop. After review, as you are still within the return period, you can expect a price adjustment refund of $95 total for the Wall Connector on order # to the original form of payment in 3 to...
  32. el-guapin

    Gen 3 Wall Charger and NEMA Adapter Bundle

    The NEMA bundle is just the adapter plugs, correct? It does NOT include the UMC.
  33. el-guapin

    Gen 3 Wall Charger Connector 24’ Cable

    Just got an email from Tesla support…. They are refunding me $95!!!
  34. el-guapin

    Florida Solar Roof Insurance problem

    Did your insurance premium and or coverage go up?
  35. el-guapin

    Supercharger - Iowa, LA

    Nice Find!.. THNX 4 sharing!
  36. el-guapin

    charging model 3 in self powered mode without draining powerwalls?

    If the PWs are set to full back up mode, they won’t discharge unless there is an outage. Why not do this on the days you will need to charge your EV (during the day)then change back the operating mode on PWs when finish charging?
  37. el-guapin

    Florida Solar Roof Insurance problem

    To all with this issue… if you have a mortgage and are unable to get Insurance, does your mortgage lenders raise your payment? Don’t mortgage lenders force you into an insurance co with stupid high premiums if you don’t have the property insured within a set time period?
  38. el-guapin

    Brand New May 2022 Model Y LR Midnight Silver Metallic with FSD

    what's the price?.. Pics?...
  39. el-guapin

    Insurance rate increase

  40. el-guapin

    Enphase IQ8 Microinverters Ready for Prime Time

    Correct.. But congrats on getting the new IQ8s!!
  41. el-guapin

    Gen 3 Wall Charger Connector 24’ Cable

    Gonna give this a try as I got a wall connector at $495 about a month ago.
  42. el-guapin

    parking in a charging spot

  43. el-guapin

    New member

    Congrats And Welcome!..
  44. el-guapin

    CCS1 Tesla Adapter

    Awesome!.. THNX 4 sharing!
  45. el-guapin

    CCS1 Tesla Adapter

    Could you buy x number of adapters and sell direct? Would like to buy one but I don’t have a vehicle registered yet.

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