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    I got rear ended. Is it totaled?

    There is no chance this is totaled. I had similar accident and damage. Bill came to around $8k range.
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    Wtb: 20” induction wheels

    Unfortunately no.
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    Wtb: 20” induction wheels

    I am. Looking in Ny/NJ or eastern Philly area.
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    Recent people who got Model Y/3...are you still receiving Mobile Connector?

    I've come across a couple situations in the past 2 years of owning a y where j1772 has been handy like charging while parking at airport or driving a distance for a theme park and seeing only reg ev charging where I was able to get a good enough charge to avoid having to stop on way back at...
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    Another price increase

    I managed to get a 21 long range back in the day with NJ full rebate and no tax. Still can't believe it was $47k all in after rebate. Friends still don't believe it was that cheap. I feel very lucky.
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    Trade inductions for Gemini + cash

    I'd consider this if you would meet in south Jersey (that's about half way for me). I wouldn't go further.
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    19" Gemini Summer Tires?

    I'm running pilot sport 4 (not 4s) on t sports line 19 inch which I'm pretty sure are identical to Gemini. They fit and are amazing for summer tires. Amazing traction on the road and shockingly well in heavy rain. It's made the car very fun to drive. Highly recommend.
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    NJ - Trade MY 19” Gemini for 20” induction

    these were my 19 inch tsportlines. If your curious how they looked.
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    NJ - Trade MY 19” Gemini for 20” induction

    If your curious I ended up going with 19 inch t sports lines for the warmer weather. I was torn on then or the 20 inductions for a while but decided the look of the t sports lines was good enough for me and I like having the additional range. I don't think range is a huge issue for me but on...
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    NJ - Trade MY 19” Gemini for 20” induction

    I don't have anything to trade you but just some advice now that I have gone through almost 2 winters on Geminis. They are really great for potholes/ all the other stuff you encounter in north West jersey where I live. I would strongly recommend getting a good winter tire set up on 19s and get...
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    Blue Model Y waiting room

    I know this waiting room is hard for a lot of you who don't have your y yet as it can be long and grueling. As someone who has now had the car for over a year ill tell you it is very worth it. The color is amazing but what's really great is the car. 22k miles later and I still don't get tired of...
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    Hello from northern New Jersey

    I'm near Morristown myself. I came from driving a Highlander and took delivery of a long range model y in November. I think initially some of the things that bothered me about the y are some of the reasons I really like it now. I will say it takes time getting adjusted to it. My wife drives the...
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    Like new 2021 Standard Range Blue Model Y with White Interior

    Take the $$ from vroom while the getting is good and they don't change there mind. I suspect vroom and other car companies along with buyers there don't understand how drastic a difference there is.
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    Wtb: model y induction, gemini or t sportsline wheels plus tpms

    Thank you but I would prefer to stick with 19 or 20s
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    Wtb: model y induction, gemini or t sportsline wheels plus tpms

    Hi, Looking for a 2nd set of model y wheels with tpms. If there are tires on there that's a bonus. Open to 19 inch or 20 inch wheels. I'm located in morris county, nj. Willing to travel up to 2 hrs to pickup. Pm if you have something that could possibly work.
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    Model 3/ Model Y Center Console 2.0

    I've always been nervous selling anything even with minor damage on ebay. Buyers are always hyper critical and it usually ends bad. I stopped doing it few years ago. Ebay almost always sides with buyers even when it's common sense not too. Good luck.
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    NJ: Brand New Gen 2 Wall Charger - Gloss Black with 24' cable

    Sending pm located in morris county and can pickup from you.
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    What mount is this for the Valentine One(Second Gen)?

    I'm hoping there is something but even the modified cell phone mount isn't a bad idea. I currently have a Version 1 I've been driving with since the mid 2000s. One of these days I'll pull the trigger and upgrade.
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    What mount is this for the Valentine One(Second Gen)?

    Interested as well and how to have it wired as neatly as possible as well. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    Model Y ride comfort?

    I'm coming from having a 13 highlander. I have a 2021 long range with 19 inch gemnis my I thought the ride felt a little bumpy with the original continentals that came with it but not terrible. I swapped them out after only 150 miles and got Vredestein winter pro trac tires. Definetly has...
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    NJ 5K rebate ends on 12/15 *bad news*

    That blows, I took delivery about 3 weeks ago and literally sweated something like this happening until the day I took delivery. Every states budget is hurting this year and while I'm not shocked it's dissapointing for ppl taking delivery soon. The y is still an amazing car but yes I probably...
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    How was your model Y delivery?

    I rejected my first model y delivery a few weeks due to really bad panel gaps (I didnt want to take a chance of well it's within spec if they can't fix. Both rear and trunk had issues), got reassigned a Vin 1 week later. Picked up this week. The new car apparently was already in transit to the...
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    "Estimated Delivery" disappeared

    Unfortunate but true. I am scheduled to pickup on Tuesday and hesitated since the vin I have is unlikely to have the auto dimming side mirrors but if I push back who knows if I even get this year. Not worth the risk.
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    New Jersey Waiting Room

    Attempted first pickup in springfield today lr blue/black gemis. Vin 66k. Unfortunately the trunk panel gaps on rear and left side looked a bit off. The right back seat didn't align with the rest. Spoke with sales person. They didn't seem concerned about fixing panel gaps but claimed they...
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    Biden and EV credit

    Yea I just don't know where the heck the $$$ is coming from to fund this on the federal level anytime soon, maybe 2022-23 if we are lucky as a country.
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    Got My 2021 VIN!

    At this point it's always a risk of a temporary shut down in california for non essential workers if things continue to get worse. Maybe it's just me I fear the worst these days. I'm taking delivery on Monday and as long as nothing major is wrong I'll accept and get repaired by sc. I'm also...
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    Ordered a model Y today.

    That is the config I had. I popped in my initial order 9/12, filled out finance a few days later and didn't get vin until about a week ago. I would make sure all your finance stuff is in. Fingers crossed vin should.come up soon.
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    New Jersey Waiting Room

    That's a bummer. I'm 11/9 as of now. Hoping the backup doesn't mean everything in early mid Nov is rushed and not detailed properly. If tesla even does that
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    New Jersey Waiting Room

    I was up at Springfield when they opened this morning to do a test drive now that they got rid of the return policy. Saw a trailer of spanking new y's being unloaded. Test drive basically sold me on it today. I have delivery slated for the 9th. I just don't big issues with the car and I'll...
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    Looking for softer ride

    I'm curious if you don't mind posting your approx vin that feels like this. I test drove a y today (now since there is no return policy) I got a bit more nervous. The bumps didn't feel that bad. I was a bit nervous about that too but it passed my smell check. I'm not sure if maybe you have a...
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    Order for 5 seat and modify for 7 seats to avoid price increase?

    I'll wait to see if eap is offered again even at $5k I'd probably order it over spending $8-10k for fsd. I agree this is mainly for longer drives on highway for me. If I had to make a guess eap probably shows up at the end of q4 for for $5k.
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    New Jersey Waiting Room

    Got text today for springfield delivery lr blue black/gem vin 66,7** earliest available date to pick up11/9.
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    Any Possible Model Y Update Info?

    Since your a really close vin, If you can report back here which of new changes are on the car. I'd assume 66,7 probably going to be similar. Good luck and hopefully it works out with a great finish.
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    Any Possible Model Y Update Info?

    My new vin after adjustment is 66,7xx, I still don't have delivery date. I'm hoping all the modifications are in it. Except for tail light which I really don't care about it. I assume new glass is but heat pump modification who knows. But hey one the bright side of being in jersey is the west...
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    New Jersey Waiting Room

    Appreciate the comparison and advice. I'll try to get out and test drive it this week, see if it's anything that will bother me that much. I know I will catch too much flack from wife if I get a different tesla model. I guess worst case I can always get some aftermarket stuff too soften it up...
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    New Jersey Waiting Room

    I'm a bit nervous that the 20s ride will be more stiff and potential for a blow out on the roads in jersey. I'm not that concerned where I am in the suburbs but traveling, it's possible. I decided I'll probably try out the geminis for a while, maybe buy some snow tires once the I get the car and...
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    Got My 2021 VIN!

    What does your vin start with that your seeing the new glass.
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    New Jersey Waiting Room

    I changed configuration from lr blue inductions to same but with gemini after vin was assigned a few weeks ago. Finally reassigned vin of 66k today. Hopeful that maybe this vin will have the new glass. I'm guessing since the vin was assigned today sa will schedule an appt for pickup with me in...
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    What's different from Model Y 2020 & 2021

    Find out the build date, if the build date is within the past few days your probably fine.
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    Ride quality of 20 Inch vs 19 Inch wheels

    I still haven't taken delivery. I actually slowed things down swapped to the geminis after I had an induction wheel vin assigned. Unsure which winter tires I'll go with yet.
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    Ride quality of 20 Inch vs 19 Inch wheels

    I had this great debate. I overanalyzed the crap out of it. Decided that where I live in north Jersey mountain type roads I'll go with 19 inch's grab snow tires for them and do some aftermarket 19s most likely this spring that look better but who knows may just stick with gemini and rotate out...
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    How slow is the media console supposed to be?

    Ryan shaw had it in his video about xyz # of things he hates about his Tesla m y. Your not alone.
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    Got My 2021 VIN!

    Part of me liked the idea of trying car out for a few days, seeing if the ride was comfortable or too harsh. That is kinda my concern. I'm coming from a Toyota suv. I guess I could always modify via coils or different tires etc to get the ride I desire. Still not thrilled tho. I'm probably going...
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    Got My 2021 VIN!

    Figured I would ask a random question and see if anyone has thoughts on it. I have a 2021 vin assigned, I played my order about 5 weeks ago. Now that tesla changed the 7 day return policy on the site. Would I still be eligible for the 7 day policy since I ordered when it was still in tact on...
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    Got My 2021 VIN!

    Probably software efficiency. Tesla boosts Model Y range - Electrek
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    Got My 2021 VIN!

    Yup that's where I'm at for my config. Hang in there I ordered about 2 weeks earlier then you and got my vin assigned on Monday. Hopefully yours gets assigned in the next week.
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    New Jersey Waiting Room

    I did Springfield mainly because whenever I've called Paramus I can't get ahold of sa there. Springfield seems semi helpful when I've called. I'm marginally closer to Springfield and I dread rt 17 in Paramus which doesn't hurt either. That being said I just want my car, I don't care where it...
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    New Jersey Waiting Room

    61k Vin just assigned to my account to. LR AWD blue induction wheels. Fingers crossed I can pickup in next 2 weeks
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    New Jersey Waiting Room

    Some postive news for garden staters I ordered early Sept lr blue, spoke with sa today at Springfield. They are anticipating a bunch of vin's being assigned for cars in about 7-10 days and delivery by end of the month. I feel like I've been waiting forever for this car yet it's only been a month.
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    Got My 2021 VIN!

    I've been waiting on blue long range in north east and crickets..but hey if I can get a 21 model for the wait I guess somewhat worth it.

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