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  1. Jaff

    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    June 6th and 9th here...heard nothing yet.
  2. Jaff

    Sudbury here we come

    I'd love to go Guys, but just too darn busy right now. Please make sure you take lots of pics George!
  3. Jaff

    How Bad are KSI Charging Stations (Ontario)?

    I've never tried a KSI charge station...every Flo station that I've used in the wild has worked flawlessly! I look for Flo stations first when travelling.
  4. Jaff

    Wiki Canadian Trip Planning

    We travelled in July, not this time of year, so winter results obviously will differ. We stayed at the Hampton Inn, in St. John's...in our P90D, we left with a full range charge, and were able to make Hickman's in Clarenville (approx. 200km). (You're right, the stops are long as you only have...
  5. Jaff

    Wiki Canadian Trip Planning

    There is the Level II Sun Country network which can get you coast to cost on the island, now that the Grand Falls-Windsor charging station is installed. When we drove across in 2015, we used a friend's NEMA 14-50 up in Twillingate, and a NEMA 6-50 welding jack in Grand Falls-Windsor...
  6. Jaff

    Are Ontario EV Credits Ending?

    This (owners assisting type event) was also done in Oakville a few weeks back. The event was geared at new prospects, not at badgering existing owners to trade up. Your "cult" description is insulting imo. Plenty of folks drive electric cars because of the lessened environmental impact...
  7. Jaff

    wow!!! the i8 is smacking down the tesla? huh>?

    0-60 in 9 seconds?...looks like it only comes in "chill mode"...
  8. Jaff

    silly question maybe but....Isnt 1.9 sec kind of harmful?

    I agree, it's very dangerous...to Porsche...:D;)
  9. Jaff

    Tesla Roadster 2nd Gen Canada

    this ^^^^
  10. Jaff

    Shocked by the new Roadster rolling out of the Tesla Semi!

    I wonder if the G meter goes to 11?
  11. Jaff

    Canadian Insurance

    It's like anything else guys, car manufacturers included... No one company will perform to their clients satisfaction 100% of the time. When you've run your own business as long as I have, you realize that the phrase "you can't please them all" is a truism. Sometimes you drop the ball, some...
  12. Jaff

    Canadian Insurance

    It's your opinion Roger, and you're entitled to it. Personally, I like to look at the big picture before making a purchase. I would not choose a car to buy, based on the recommendation of a tire company salesman. The tire salesman may know his market and his product o service very well, but...
  13. Jaff

    Canadian Insurance

    With all due respect, all of your statements above are anecdotal and unsupported. Market size matters, because if a company was as "god-awful bad" as some including you suggest, over time, consumers, and brokers would bail from them en masse. Of course, this hasn't happened. Your personal...
  14. Jaff

    Canadian CHAdeMO charging

    So Honda Canada gets funding for a B.S. Hydrogen refueling station at their location? Let them pay for their own B.S. Hydrogen refueling stations!!!
  15. Jaff

    Canadian Insurance

    As a Broker, I educate my customers about what products are available to meet their needs, and shop the market for these products. I give our clients recommendations about the financial stability of the underwriters, and their overall reputation for price competitiveness and claims performance...
  16. Jaff

    Canadian Insurance

    You need to remember that you are only speaking of your experience with them in your profession, which is only a small part of rating an insurance company's total performance. As a broker, my concerns include my clients being fairly and properly looked after. I totally disagree with your...
  17. Jaff

    SuperChargers - Levis, Qc

    It might be a good idea to email the Sales Manager at each of the Tesla Stores in Canada...they might be able to put your name on a list for when a Canadian one comes up for sale...I seem to recall that there were only 53-55 Roadsters in Canada. More work, but you can import one from the U.S.
  18. Jaff

    Supercharger - Barrie, ON (2nd site on Bayfield St)

    Either that, or you were on Level 5 autopilot! ;)
  19. Jaff

    New Superchargers in Vaughan and Markham???

    Danny V, working hard! Good stuff!
  20. Jaff

    Supercharger - Markham - Markville, ON

    This is good...folks who might look at buying a Mercedes can see what they're missing!
  21. Jaff

    Winter is Coming - when do you install your winter tires?

    In Ottawa, 5" is called a "dusting"... ;)
  22. Jaff

    Old Pistons Die Hard

    Perhaps Wayne...still once the economy segment market is "halved" by an entry level BEV, I think it will only take a couple of more years before that segment is "halved" again...not much will remain. Not so sure I agree about India because they're getting into solar in a big way...low end...
  23. Jaff

    Old Pistons Die Hard

    I'm not sure he has the business case down accurately. Once a decent ranged $20-25,000 BEV w/o rebate is available in mass quantity (which should be long before 2040), only the dimmest of the dim will be buying a cheap ICE vehicle...
  24. Jaff

    Supercharger - Laval, QC

    Save on the snake...just dial 967-1111...just have Pizza Pizza / Swiss Chalet / Chinese food delivered right to your car whilst charging!
  25. Jaff

    Failed attempts at humor and other tales

    Perhaps so in the U.S....much less likely here.
  26. Jaff

    Charging Incident at YYZ

    Yes, that will work for us...it's not the other Tesla drivers that would likely be disconnecting another Tesla mid charge (because they know about this method)...it's all of the other brands of EV drivers I'm concerned about.
  27. Jaff

    Charging Incident at YYZ

    This is probably a good idea as it may stop some unfortunate incidences (as more EVs penetrate the marketplace) in the future.
  28. Jaff

    Charging Incident at YYZ

    I've been unplugged at a "free of charge" L2 charge station. It was a Leaf driver, who said "your car was finished charging because I didn't see any lights on in the dashboard area. I informed him that I wasn't finished charging, and their are no lights to see on a locked Tesla to show that the...
  29. Jaff

    Solomon's at it again

    He's a glue sniffer.
  30. Jaff

    Model 3 Canada

    The market for the Models S & X is certainly not saturated here in Ontario...Lawrence & Oakville stores are going nuts with deliveries...a new member in our club has had his car for a week...there were 20 deliveries total that day at Lawrence.
  31. Jaff

    Canada is number 5 in the world?

    China is rapidly changing to renewables. Same with India.
  32. Jaff

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    I'd bet with the increased efforts by Tesla in their mobile Ranger fleet, they'll be coming to you for your service, as opposed to you bringing your vehicle in. I'd wait to confirm this before you cancel your reservation.
  33. Jaff

    GM Plans 20 Electric Models By 2023

    Well, they'll be happy about the fuel cell vehicles...lots of moving parts to be replaced there...:rolleyes:
  34. Jaff

    Debating jumping on the S75 RWD. Is that nuts in Canada?

    Agree Doug...what's nuts is sticking with an ICE vehicle as your daily driver. ;)
  35. Jaff

    Debating jumping on the S75 RWD. Is that nuts in Canada?

    No studded tires allowed here in Ontario lunitiks...that said, the Nokians are great winter tires!
  36. Jaff

    More SCs announced including Trans-Canada a mare usque ad mare

    Right, but adding an 8 stall Supercharger is / might be a big deal. Who knows what the supply situations is at these places in NB. Many of them are basically in rural areas...lack of supply has quite possibly figurered into many of Ontario's En Route stops failing to have any DCFC. Also...
  37. Jaff

    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Only because you're looking to the past, not the future (Model 3)...there is much more on the line right now (vehicle unit wise)..I think this is now a top priority for Tesla in Canada. Time will tell.
  38. Jaff

    More SCs announced including Trans-Canada a mare usque ad mare

    I think it would work fine (install at the Big Stops), but I wonder, given that the Chademo charge stations are already there, if they have enough surplus power to add an 8 stall Supercharger?
  39. Jaff

    Vancouver Service Centre - top notch as usual

    Is Mark Lidstone still there? He used to service my Roadster when he was a Ranger working out of the Mississauga SC...always had top notch service from him!
  40. Jaff

    SuperChargers - Rivière-du-Loup, Qc

    We used it twice in August, worked fine both times...nice restaurant there as well!
  41. Jaff

    Canadian CHAdeMO charging

    Mike, to the best of your knowledge, have any of the OnRoutes looked at adding solar to their rooftops / canopy / in any excess local land that they own?
  42. Jaff

    Model 3 Canada

    If Elon's prediction of 700,000 units a year comes through, you might be waiting a bit...
  43. Jaff

    Being forced to sell our two Teslas- Moving from Michigan to Ontario- PLEA FOR HELP!

    Yes, with a few of your comments... It is not absurd that Tesla charge a different price in a different country with different currency, thus protecting their business model while the company is in its nascent stage imo. Tesla needs to concentrate on the bigger picture, which is delivering...
  44. Jaff

    A couple of interesting articles

    The Star gets many things wrong...after all, they still employ that archaic dunderhead Jim Kenzie.
  45. Jaff

    Travel to Ottawa

    I always find that the cure for what is considered to be a "slow" supercharger, is concentrating on my cost of the energy supplied.;)
  46. Jaff

    Paint Protection Film Service Experience

    I had my paint protection / ceramic coatings done at Evelyn Protective Films & Coatings...very pleased with their work.
  47. Jaff

    Shell CEO and CFO switch to Electric Cars

    Yes, how about "dump your ICE vehicles, and drive electric"...;)
  48. Jaff

    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    I think they were comparing themselves to St. Pierre & Miquelon...those guys in St. Pierre & Miquelon aren't even on the EV map...
  49. Jaff

    Looks like another year before we get the first Model 3's

    The demobilizer alarm differences between Canada & U.S. versions is an issue...it was on the Roadster, and I'm sure it is as well on the Models S & X and will be on the M3. The Canadian version of the demobilizer must re-activate the immobilizer alarm if the vehicle is not started within the...
  50. Jaff

    Looks like another year before we get the first Model 3's

    I don't believe this is correct kzod...as MP3Mike pointed out, the demobilizer alarms are different in Canada...I haven't found anything to suggest that the U.S. models were having their demobilizing alarms improved to the Canadian standard...can you cite a source for your position?

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