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    Anyway to reduce vampire drain - MCU 2 - Q2 2015 70D

    I just did the MCU2 upgrade. I was on full energy saving mode before and not always connected - range mode. I had forgot about the increased vampire drain but also wasn't sure mine would be as effected since they talk about pre Q2/2015 being the issue. My early 5/2015 - last week before LTE -...
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    Rear door latch issue

    So I have had an intermittent problem on driver's rear door latch (5/2015 build) where on pulling the interior or exterior handle, the door would not open 50% of the time - and then be stuck with window down until some time passed or the cable release was used. The window would fall but the...
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    Is the Model S now priced appropriately (vs the 3/Y)?

    When the 3 came out, it seems that most buyers (and forum members) thought the 3 was the better value. While they are not the same car, the 3 came with features very close to the Model S and in some ways exceeding it. The price delta was too large for the S and many flexible people purchased the...
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    150 KW in the wild

    Friday night, I had a 300 mile trip after work that I started with 280 or so in our 2 month old LR. I hit the Greensboro SC and was a bit surprised to hit 146 kw. I arrived with 20-30 miles left and used Nav. It was also nice and warm - 80 degrees probably. Hit 146 kw pretty quickly. The...
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    Options if don't deliver by 12/31?

    Ok so Tesla has their return guarantee. If I order today and delivery is 1/5/19, can I just invoke the guarantee? I have done a test drive but the car is for my wife and she has not. So I potentially have the 3 day guarantee. I have reached out the to someone who emailed me Saturday (OA?) and...
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    Anyone refusing last software update - speed limit restriction?

    I've not been one to refuse an update before but I did hold out on 7.1 for a little while. The nag for me isn't terribly worse although the 3 strikes rule kicked in for the first time last week on a really long drive just near home. But the speed limit thing is a real downer for me. I don't use...
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    Worst nag ever?

    So I'm on a perfectly straight interstate on a sunny morning with the sun to my back and the nag is like every 30 seconds. I have driven this road weekly and gone from every 5 min about 6 weeks ago to less than every 10 min for the last 6 weeks and today is horrible. Mind you I drive it the...
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    Feel stupid - popped a panel breaker. Not sure why exactly though.

    Ok - I feel stupid but lesson learned and perhaps someone can avoid my mistake I have a newer house with 400A service. 2 panels that are 200A - right? Well - the heat pumps are on the main outdoor panel. The 2 subs are in the basement. They are full size panels. Well the breaker to the sub is...
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    Any other U-boat commanders? (Coastal NC)

    So I pushed it. 2.5 hour drive to the beach house and 2 miles from the house, the only road was pretty deep water. I have coils. Lots of other vehicles passing but all were trucks/SUVs. So I parked to assess.... Then a 70yo in a newer civic blazes through without concern. I walked it first...
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    EPA Range for 70D 240 miles - does it make sense?

    If you do the math 70/85 * 270 (range for 85D) = 222. Now we all know that the 60 was more efficient and did better than 60/85 * 265 = 187. At 208 miles it was 21 better than "predicted" and now the S70D is 18 better than predicted. None of that made any sense to me then and it still doesn't...
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    Help me remember previous P+ pricing (comparison to P85D)

    I test drove the P85D last week. Now I begin the rationalization - justification thing that many before have gone through. The last Tesla I drove was a P85 which I thought felt too fast for its suspension. Felt a little scary. The P85D felt fast but not as scary - less yaw etc. So there is a...
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    Value of Autopilot and improvements .... Used S85 values.

    I've been planning for awhile to get a used S85. My thought was that when the Model X delivers, a good proportion will upgrade for the size, AWD and whatever other new things are built into the X. This would finally lead to a robust used S85 market. The S 2.0 or D has changed the dynamic for me...
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    How many potential buyers worry about roadtrips?

    I've had several people who decided against the Tesla because of concern about roadtrips and not wanting to stop at a SC. People love to say you can do roadtrips but they just aren't as convenient. A Tesla owning friend just took an SUV on a 200 mile one way trip with a SC on the way. There...

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