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    FWDs failed, override inoperative

    This morning both FWDs failed to open at school. Two kids had to exit via the front doors, and the toddler extricated via an open window. The touch screen override for obstacle detection failed. The car was not parked near any obstacles. This has occurred in the past, but only during cold...
  2. K

    Poor efficiency at high ambient temperatures

    I've collected a small amount of data using teslafi.com and noticed that efficiency tanks as the ambient temperature rises. TeslaFi.com Tesla Model S X Data Logger Temperature Efficiency Temperature Wh/Mile Efficiency % Miles Recorded 60 to 70 F 365.27 87.1 13.79 70 to 80 F...
  3. K

    Folded bike rack calibration

    I'd love a feature which would calibrate out the effect of my bike rack on the rear ultrasonic sensors. That would significantly improve safety when a bike rack is attached. If it worked when bikes were installed, even better! I think this would be straightforward to implement. The sensor...
  4. K

    Child door setting forgotten after update

    Has anyone else noticed this? The setting is correct but won't take effect until toggled. Very annoying to have kids opening the doors after every update.
  5. K

    One-fob-click door close is the devil

    That is all.
  6. K

    UI slower on the X than the S?

    I noticed that my P85D Model S loaner had a significantly more responsive UI than the one on my Model X, despite the relative youth of the X. Maps was the primary workload: scrolling, pinching, rotating. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it possible that the Model X is emulating an older...
  7. K

    UHFS subwoofer bottoming out?

    Has anyone noticed this? I can hear it on the last bit of "Royals" by Lorde. It manifests as a rattle. Besides the warped sound, I fear it may damage the subwoofer long term. However, I know little of such things.
  8. K

    HEPA use without Bioweapon Defense Mode?

    Bioweapon Defense Mode is effective, but very loud. I presume that most of the air comes in through HEPA even in normal modes. Is that true, or does the HEPA filter require mucho pressure to work? The answer will likely dictate how often I engage BDM.
  9. K

    Neighboring car change while FWD is open

    Let's say I'm at the kid's soccer match, or camping, or tailgating, and I leave my FWD open for a long time--so long, in fact, that while it's up a car parks next to me, or the car next to me changes. If the new car requires a narrower close, how is that detected, given that the required...
  10. K

    Fan noise at startup: HEPA?

    Has anyone noticed a fairly loud fan noise when the car first resumes from sleep? It seems to originate from the dash, which makes me suspect the HEPA air filter. It occurs while parked, so I doubt it's the motor. The noise is rather loud, and somewhat ruins the tranquility of an electric...
  11. K

    Whiny windows from water encroachment?

    Hi all, I've had my X for a few days now and the driving experience, modulo a rather long list of QA issues, has been great. Lately I've noticed yet another issue with my car, which is whiny windows. Rolling them up and down produces a rather noticeable squeak, not unlike fingers on a...
  12. K

    Mesh reflection in windshield

    Has anyone noticed that, on sunny days, the dash material reflects a bright metallic mesh pattern into the lower portion of the windshield? I have upgraded sound, and I suspect that mesh hides a number of speakers. It is very annoying, as it's directly in my field of view during normal driving.

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