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    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate! (Round Two 10-23-19 to 10-27-19)

    so what's the current price for trunk with foot sensor?
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    First Car Wash of Brand New M3 (Covered in Micro-Scratches)

    1. Black car 2. Car wash down the street
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    A question for No. Calif. delivered Tesla 3's: how long to receive plates?

    took delivery 12-14 and just received my plates a few days ago.
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    CAV Decal 2020

    mailed in 12-16-19, check cashed 1-16-20. Hoping the stickers are in the mail this Tuesday.
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    Is Tesla still producing the P3D- Stealth model?

    not trying to throw salt in the wound........ but that's what happens when you rely on other people for info and not researching the purchase yourself. I didn't know what it was until i read these forums. Even though I have a stealth......... I just tell people I got the performance model...
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    New car rattling sound ends well: seatbelt hitting plastic part of back of seat, moved seat

    maybe if the car wasn't so quiet to begin with......... we wouldn't be able to hear all the rattles
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    HOMELINK Mobile Service Install

    i ordered around mid december and got confirmation it arrived to the service center about a week later. Received a text message a few days later asking me to schedule an appointment through my tesla app. Mobile installation was now available. It wasn't an option when i first ordered the...
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    Effect of Acceleration Boost on insurance rates

    why would it effect your insurance rate? your vin number still shows LR+, so it's not a "performance" model.
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    Realistic wait times for home charging adapters?

    depends on your commute. If you can survive on 50-60 miles of charge a day, assuming your charging the vehicle for 10-12 hours after you get home, then I would just use the 110v plug @ 5 miles/hr while your waiting for the wall connector. I think it's more work than it's worth to install the...
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    Realistic wait times for home charging adapters?

    Have you tried your local dealer instead? I took delivery last thursday. My advisor told me that they had plenty of 14-50 adapters in stock and not to worry about them running out prior my pickup. Upon my arrival, I looked inside the delivery area and saw approximately 50 wall connectors...
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    Vendor New: Carpet Version Of 3d Maxpider Floor Mats

    what about frunk and trunk liners???
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    Lower 90% charge with 40.2.1?

    4 miles per gallon? like 10mpg vs. 14mpg. sure that's something to gripe over. 95 mpg vs. 99 mpg. who cares? But 4 miles per charge? seriously WTF ;)
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    I need some convincing re: M3 Performance

    was driving side by side a new BMW ///M3 on the freeway. drove same speed as him for a while to see if i could get a reaction. He had 2 other people in his car....... probably didn't want anybody to witness the embarrassment of getting smoked by an electric vehicle LOL.
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    Currently have a LR AWD w/ 19" Sport Tires - Debating switching to Stealth... Help!

    2k more than standard dual motor LR. Probably 10k more than the standard range?
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    Currently have a LR AWD w/ 19" Sport Tires - Debating switching to Stealth... Help!

    I have a stealth with 19's. Stealth is def worth the 2k extra add on cost. If you can get the stealth delivered by end of this year, I'd go for it. I called my advisor and had him match me to a stealth that was near production and it was delivered 5 days later. I only had 2 choices at that...
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    Feedback from BMW or other premium brand converts?

    one thing i don't miss about BMW is the service, or lack thereof. I feel like i've been treated like a 2nd class citizen because I look young for my age. Didn't matter if i brought in the m3 or m5 for service. I saw other bmw owners getting brand new 7's and x6's for service loaners. I...
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    Auto pilot moving left and right in the lane with huge over correction?

    1 thing i noticed..... when i'm in the slow lane and passing an on-ramp, the car want's to swerve right so it's in the middle of the lines, instead of just hugging the lines on the driver side. There was a car merging on to the freeway, near my rear passenger bumper and the autopilot swerved to...
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    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    my wife got nauseous also and my dad was in the back seat, literally said "oh $hit"
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    I need some convincing re: M3 Performance

    I have to agree with the others on here and say "take a test drive" or "DON'T take a test drive" unless you plan on spending 50-60k for a new car LOL. These cars are insane and you have to drive one and experience it for yourself. I've owned m3, m5, wrx sti, a few tuned diesel trucks, and a...
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    Vendor Rodz Tint Shop | Model 3 | Group Buy | Extended

    group buy still going? Just picked up my car and would like to take advantage. Thanks
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    Window Tint for Model 3? Orange county or Inland Empire.

    Hi All. Looking to get windows tinted in orange county or inland empire. Prefer premium brand ceramics like Llumar, huper, 3m for the windows and something like air80 or air90 for the front windshield. Anyways....... I'm looking for a shop that takes extra steps to prevent all the water from...
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    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    think you're lookin at the reflection of my cell phone while i was taking the pic
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    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    Took delivery of my stealth last night in Costa Mesa. It was the second stealth i was matched to. I couldn’t take delivery of the first one since i was out of town during thanksgiving. I didn’t think it would be a problem because i was told the vehicles would be ready in 1-2 weeks. But the first...
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    Custom USB splitter solution for M3

    does this work with the samsung t5 portable ssd? thanks
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    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    haven't heard of any white stealths recently. my buddy got his white/white SR delivered a couple days ago. 5 week wait for his.
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    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    add 2k to price of the dual motor.
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    christian community credit union 2.74 for new members up to 72 mos. DOES NOT require automatic transfer to qualify for this rate. I've financed my last 3 vehicles with them. if you're a member of a christian church or christian school, you can join this credit union. Sorry that it doesn't...
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    Which charger is everyone going with? wall charger or portable plug in?

    Hello all, expecting delivery shortly and wondering which charger people are using? and why? i called an electrician that installs plugs for tesla and he said that he would install the plug for the portable charger with adapter. When I asked about the wall charger installation and he had...
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    Model 3 performance new 18 inch wheel option now avail 7/15/19

    says i can't message you. maybe cuz i'm a new member? thanks Jason
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    Model 3 performance new 18 inch wheel option now avail 7/15/19

    says i can't message you. maybe cuz i'm a new member? thanks Jason

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