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    Charge port door requires 2 attempts to open

    When I touch my charge port door, it sometimes closes immediately. Touching a second time has the same result. The button on the charging cable usually works, but sometimes it's ignored. So far, the button on the screen has worked.
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    phone key fails after upgrade

    I have an Android phone. On Nov 22, I updated the Tesla app (to version 4.3.0-472 or the like), and the phone key started working. Then on Nov 24, I updated the phone app again, to 4.3.0-766, and it quit working. Then on the same day the car updated to 2021.40.6, and it's been working ever...
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    phone key fails after upgrade

    If the car is trying to fingerprint the phone, maybe it will just take several tries to get a good measurement. So I tried again on Friday. I did it in a parking lot, so the "unlock at home" setting wouldn't confuse things. I removed the phone key and reconfigured it with no trouble, and it...
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    phone key fails after upgrade

    When the car recognizes a phone as a key (not just that it's been set up, but also that the phone is currently nearby), is that status shown on the display somewhere? E.g. in the list of keys, should that line be highlighted or something? Is the recognition indicated on the phone somehow...
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    Please help phone key partially setup

    The phone key function requires the phone to be within about five feet of the car, but there's nothing special about the B pillar. It's the black key card that requires one of the RFID sensors, either in the B pillar or the center console.
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    phone key fails after upgrade

    I tried deleting the phone key and restoring it. I got "Setup Failed. Please Try Again. Unable to set up your phone as a key for the vehicle", with a "Retry" button. The next time, I got "Finishing up. Verifying Phone Key pairing", then "Success. Phone key has been set up" with a "Finish"...
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    phone key fails after upgrade

    I deleted the key and set it up again. That didn't help. Just now I was sitting in the driver's seat with my foot on the brake. The Tesla app on the phone declared "connected", and at the same time the car's screen was showing the "present the key card" animation.
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    phone key fails after upgrade

    Since the update to 2021-40 last week, my M3 doesn't recognize my phone as a key. I have to use the key card to drive (stepping on the brake brings up the "present the key card" animation). Walk-away locking fails too. The bluetooth connection to the audio works fine. Navigating on the...
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    Charging Issue Level 2 at Home

    36.16 was installed on Friday in my M3. It's charged normally three times since then. I wish we could see the real release notes, to get some idea which ones might have affected charging.
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    Charging Issue Level 2 at Home

    Same here: two charging interruptions yesterday, then 2020.36.15 was installed, and today it's charging fine.
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    Charging Issue Level 2 at Home

    Thanks. No criticism intended. (Well, of Tesla maybe, but not you.)
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    Charging Issue Level 2 at Home

    A hardware issue alone wouldn't explain why users all over North America started seeing the problem at about the same time. Is it possible that a recent firmware change is incompatible with some versions of the charger? Or may even damage some chargers? Maybe they've discovered a charger...
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    Charging Issue Level 2 at Home

    It's possible to establish a wifi connection even if the wireless network is not broadcasting an SSID. See: https://kb.netgear.com/30740/How-do-I-connect-to-a-hidden-network.
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    Charging Issue Level 2 at Home

    From the manual (e.g. https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/support/charging/Gen3_WallConnector_Installation_Manual.pdf): "A unique SSID Wi-Fi network name and WPA2 password for connecting to the Wall Connector are printed on a label at the rear of the main unit, as well as on the front...
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    Charging Issue Level 2 at Home

    My car (2019 M3 AWD LR) has charged normally three times in a row following the update to 36.11. I have a 14-50 outlet, and have configured a 31A limit. I've noticed that on the initial current ramp, it briefly draws 32 or even 33A before settling back to 31A. I still think they're trying...
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    Charging Issue Level 2 at Home

    I expect the charging system keeps very close track of the voltage and current. It probably determines the apparent source resistance during the original low-current probes, then monitors it. If some part of the circuit is heating up, its resistance will increase, then the voltage will drop...
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    Charging Issue Level 2 at Home

    What software version do you have, then?
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    Charging Issue Level 2 at Home

    What version were you running before that?
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    Charging Issue Level 2 at Home

    I just got another alert - charging stopped at 9:30 (37%).
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    Charging Issue Level 2 at Home

    I've had similar problems lately. I have an M3 AWD LR, manufactured in April 2019. I charge it in my garage with a UMC plugged into a professionally installed NEMA 14-50 outlet on a dedicated circuit (6 awg copper wires) with a 50A circuit breaker. There's nothing else on that circuit. I don't...
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    Informal Warranty Rules

    My car was delivered last May. I soon noticed a rattle in the front right door - something was rolling around in there. It was clearly covered by the warranty, but I figured I'd wait until something more significant happened before making the ~50 mile drive to the service center. But nothing...
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    What started you investing in Tesla (@Jackl1956 thread)

    I had been aware of Tesla for some time, but I only invested after my daughter brought to my attention the piece the artist Oatmeal wrote in praise of his Model S. <What it's like to own a Tesla Model S - A cartoonist's review of his magical space car - The Oatmeal>. "Intergalactic SpaceBoat...
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    Let's Not Lie: GM's New Ultium Battery Isn't Better Than Tesla's

    When they brag about how much energy each cell holds, I want to know how their cooling works, and how much regenerative braking they can do on a hot day, and how quickly they can charge.
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    Front Driver's Steering Knuckle FRACTURED while driving at 55mph [Video]

    If there was an initial crack that grew gradually, I'd expect the older part of the crack to be a different color. In this photo, it looks to me like the newly exposed surface of the casting is uniformly white. That suggests a sudden break. More magnification might tell a different story. It...
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    Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS (BIAS)

    It's not just an attack during pairing. From the paper: Two Bluetooth devices are expected to pair once and securely connect multiple times. ... we demonstrate that the Bluetooth standard contains vulnerabilities enabling an attacker to impersonate a device and to...
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    Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS (BIAS)

    My Tesla recognizes my phone using Bluetooth and unlocks. But recently researchers identified a Bluetooth vulnerability (which they call BIAS) that allows someone to impersonate a trusted device. From the abstract: The Bluetooth standard includes a legacy authentication procedure and a secure...
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    Blog Autopilot Update to Bring Traffic Light, Sign Detection

    I appreciate the "decelerate to a full stop" feature they came out with a few months ago. However, I'm often unsure about where it's going to stop. I would like some feedback in three situations: a stop sign or stoplight, or a car stopped in the road. If my car gave me some assurance it...
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    Model 3 tax credit Question,( I think Turbo Tax form is wrong)

    The TT printout I quoted was before I had entered anything. They seem to have applied the 50% allowable fraction twice. They should have an entry for the credit for the vehicle (which would be 7500) and a percent allowable based on the manufacturer's status and the purchase date (which for...
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    Model 3 tax credit Question,( I think Turbo Tax form is wrong)

    so the "credit" and "credit amount" refer to different things? Bizarre. But in that case both of TT's amounts are wrong.
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    Model 3 tax credit Question,( I think Turbo Tax form is wrong)

    I'm just filling in the form today for the Model 3 I bought in May 2019. TurboTax reports: Your Credit Results Good news! We've calculated a credit of $1,875 for your plug-in electric drive motor vehicle. Adjust the credit amount if this does not match the manufacturer's certification. Credit...
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    Wow, we need to find another way to heat EVs

    That sunroof insulation might be a good deal - keeping the cabin both warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. (I assume it's designed to withstand the summer heat?) I never pay attention to view upwards anyway. I don't think I'd want the battery insulation, though. It would further...
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    Importation of Tesla to a small island. Help needed :)

    Why would they void the warranty? Because it was shipped out of the coverage region of any Tesla service center? (I don't remember reading that, but I probably wouldn't have paid it much attention.) Maybe you could retain coverage if you agreed to return the car to a service center for...
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    This truck design had better be a joke....

    So would this make a good getaway car? :-)
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    10,000 miles in a Model 3 (nearly) - Review

    I too have a rattle in the front passenger door. I know it's there, because with the car parked I can swing the door back and forth and hear the rattle. A 1/4" nut, or something about that size. I haven't contacted Tesla about it.
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    Elon tweets some tech announcements coming next year

    - The cybertruck has an AC power outlet. I'd like to see that option for the 3 - e.g., for a power tool or an induction cooktop. - The air conditioner is a heat pump that pumps heat from the interior to the outside air. For winter driving, I'd like to see it configured to pump heat the other...
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    Keyless Entry behaviour with 2019.36.2.1

    I got 2019.36.2.1 Thursday night. On Friday night, keyless entry failed for my trip home, and I had to use the key card. Same phone, same settings, had not been using airplane mode. Keyless entry had worked fine on Friday morning, and has been working fine over the weekend.
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    SpaceX investor's thread

    If it were publicly traded, they'd have to worry more about quarterly profits, and less about how to colonize Mars. I'm just as happy leaving it privately owned.
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    Bumper sticker idea

    I'm thinking about having a bumper sticker made - but only if I were really sure I could get it off without damaging the paint. Can anyone point to a reliable vendor?
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    Did AP follow distance change with update?

    I noticed that my M3 would follow a motorcycle considerably closer than a car with the same setting, while I would prefer the opposite. That was some time ago, and I haven't driven around motorcycles recently. Has it been fixed?
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    How can you turn off the wipers on a Model 3

    So there are buttons for four choices, and a fifth choice requiring an entirely different action. Who came up with this user interface, anyway?
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    We'll soon have more batteries than we need

    It's awkward for a water-cooled nuclear reactor to ramp up or down rapidly to follow the load, and since it's an expensive plant with low fuel cost, it's normally thought better to keep it at full production. Nevertheless, they can be designed for load-following, and some of the French reactors...
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    Recommend Windshield cover?

    ...and the HEHUI cover fits fine. The magnets are really small, but it doesn't matter since there is no steel to stick them to.
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    Recommend Windshield cover?

    I'm not looking forward to cleaning off my Model 3 after a winter storm. On other cars, I scrape enough ice off the windshield to free the wipers, then lift them up to finish the job. On the Model 3, the wipers cannot be lifted up from the stowed position (as they're behind the edge of the...
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    Winter driving advice, winter tire choices, etc.

    If the wipers get iced in, what is the best method to clear them? With other cars, I would clear enough snow to lift the wipers,then finish clearing the windshield under the wipers and clear snow/ice from the wipers themselves. However, on the M3 the wipers cannot be lifted from the stowed...
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    Fire takes Toolset supercharger out of commission

    But it's not an EV fire. And by now, they have cleaned it up and allowed access.
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    Firmware update 2019.28.3.1 is being pushed

    The release notes mention playback volume. I've been annoyed by a big shift in volume between an audiobook on my smartphone and the FM radio. I hope they've fixed that.
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    software update didn't happen overnight?

    The same thing just happened to me. I have been using 2019.24.4. The car notified me an update was available and offered to install it overnight, at 2:00 am on Thursday. I accepted. When I got into the car the next morning, no update had been installed. In the evening, the car display's...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I doubt that LHD/RHD will make a difference. They are already manufacturing both in Fremont (I saw an RHD model on the assembly line on our factory tour on Friday), and am confident they could make both in the UK. I also don't think shipping would be much of an issue. However, the EU market...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I have thought all along that FSD would be harder than Elon apparently expected. Different scenarios have different problems. On a divided highway, the instructions can be pretty simple (get me to exit 42) and the road geometry is easy to figure out (well-marked lanes), but the consequences of...

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