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    VW ID4

    InsideEV's has posted a full walkaround and first drive video. This vehicle is starting to look more and more like a really solid alternative to the Model Y + you get CarPlay, heated steering wheel and at a significantly lower price: Volkswagen ID.4 Walkaround And First Drive: InsideEVs Exclusive
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    Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive (LR RWD)

    Same boat, been waiting since October 2019. Given the lack of information at this point I'd say there's a 50% chance I'll go with some other EV that actually ships in 2021 (ID.4) or 2022 (ID.Buzz)
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    Anyone thinking about an VW ID.4 Instead?

    I'd definitely consider the id.4, but the range is lower than I'd like. The VW I'm really waiting for is the id.buzz VW bus remake...that thing is so cool!
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    Model Y RWD 3-6 weeks?

    I didn't get that text, but I did just today get my first ever contact from a delivery specialist at Tesla Dublin introducing himself and asking if I had any questions. My first question of course was - when will you start delivery on the RWD model...no response back yet.... :D
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    RWD LR Order?

    hi fellow RWD reservation holders! Just an FYI that out of the blue today I got a my first call and text from a Tesla delivery specialist at "Tesla Dublin". Nothing more specific than just to introduce himself as my delivery advisor and to see if I have any questions or concerns. I...
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    RWD LR Order?

    Yeah I won't expect any changes in pricing until they "re-announce" the LR RWD.
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    RWD LR Order?

    Yes! Let's hope the price drop is also true as well, that would be a nice bonus.
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    Anyone else 100% getting a Model Y LR RWD? Let's connect!

    Holding out for RWD, ordered November 2019. No need for a car right now so I'm more than willing to wait this out.
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    Dreamcase Model Y camping

    This doesn't really seem like a review of the bed. More a review of the carrying case. I'd recommend updating this review once you've actually slept on the thing.
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    RWD LR Order?

    I'm in the exact same position as you....and I'm willing to wait for a long time...given how things are going in this country at the moment I don't expect to need a car until 2021.
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    Terrrrrrrrible pick up experience

    So it's the original poster's fault and not Tesla's? I have to respectfully disagree with that point of view.
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    Any other 2019 MY reservation holders still waiting for delivery?

    RWD reservation holder from 2019, waiting in limbo for what Tesla plans to do. I had to turn in my Kia Soul EV in December but thankfully due to Covid-19 I haven't needed a car. The longer I wait and the more I read about quality issues the less excited I am about the vehicle. At this point...
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    Rejected Tesla Model Y Performance Delivery (6/18/20)

    You were right to reject this car. I think all the people advocating to accept the car and then make service appointments are only perpetuating this clear QC problem that Tesla has.
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    delaying Model Y delivery due to COVID

    I'm in the same boat as you...no immediate need for the car and don't expect to need it until the end of the year at the earliest. Luckily for me I don't have to make a decision right now since I'm a LR RWD reservation holder currently sitting in limbo. :D I figure by the time Tesla gets...
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    Strong positive review of Model Y and Tesla from Edmunds

    I thought this was a good video, but I agree that there is very little in the video that is specific to the Model Y. This is more of a video that highlights the benefits of owning a Tesla vs. other cars.
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    RWD LR Order?

    I'm highly skeptical of these "my buddy got a call from Tesla claims." Wouldn't it be nice if Tesla just made an official statement instead of us all having to comb through reddit, twitter, and facebook?
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    Elon Musk Reveals Tesla Model Y Production Ramp Up Problem - Electrek Article

    "minimize rectification needs" hopefully means - less redoing of crappy paint jobs.:p
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    Model Y Test Drive and … Upcoming Purchase

    Thanks for that info...did you call in advance to reserve a test drive or just show up?
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    Model Y Test Drive and … Upcoming Purchase

    No the Sunnyvale location has a showroom and you can do test drives there as far as I know. I'll have to give them a call....
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    Model Y Test Drive and … Upcoming Purchase

    Interesting to hear that the Santana Row showroom has a Model Y available for test drives. Wonder if the Sunnyvale, CA location also has one for test drives now?
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    Slowly losing my sanity with every account check...

    Same here. I was compulsively checking my account and the forums on a daily basis, now with the COVID-19 situation I'm in no hurry to get a car and have stopped caring.
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    RWD LR Order?

    That's where you are making a mistake. Elon doesn't care a whit about his "biggest fans and loyalists." At this point I'm assuming I will never see delivery on my LR RWD, and given that I'm not likely to need a car until 2021, I can afford to wait it out for now. Either I will be...
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    Elon Puts His Foot In His Mouth Again

    Elon doesn't care at all about people's constitutional rights or freedom as an abstract concept. The only thing he cares about is his personal wealth and how it's being impacted by the shutdown. Everything else he says is just a smoke screen.
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    California plant reopening

    I completely agree with you on this. Every time Elon opens his mouth (or his Twitter client), it decreases my desire to own a Tesla. His comments on the stay at home orders being "fascist" are a joke and a mask for his real concern: how the current situation impacts his personal wealth.
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    Anyone else share my concern over their LR RWD order?

    I got the same notice. It means nothing. Your statement seems like pure speculation at this point.
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    It puzzles me why Tesla cannot get quality control right?

    It was a lease, I gave it back. It was actually a pretty fun car, just didn't have enough range to keep it long term.
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    It puzzles me why Tesla cannot get quality control right?

    My last EV was a Kia Soul and it had zero panel gaps or other QC issues on delivery..just sayin'...
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    Colmo ceramic key ring

    one ring to rule them all lol....
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    Tow Hitch Option Finally Available!

    This is great news and makes me happy that the RWD has been delayed so I can add it my order.... :D
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    FSD price increase in July?

    Raising the price of FSD again when it's still very much incomplete is insane.
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    White Seats Stain Very Easily

    informative post and reinforces my decision to go with black interior.
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    Model Y White Interiors

    Given the pandemic situation whatever has alrady been produced at this point is all there is. I don't see any change in that situation for at least 2 or 3 months.
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    Deep Blue Metallic Model Y Picture Thread

    Thanks for starting this thread, I'm waiting on a blue one and this thread just makes me more excited to eventually take delivery.
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    Anyone buying Tesla Model Y in cash?

    I've never been a fan of financing for a depreciating asset. The only exception has been the last two EVs that I leased knowing I was not planning to keep them. The Tesla Model Y, I plan to keep beyond 3 years so we plan to pay cash. In my family we have always had the philosophy that you...
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    Paint quality of MY

    ok that video really depressed me. :eek:
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    RWD LR Order?

    No, you missed the part of the thread where he says he upgraded to the LR AWD....
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    What will Tesla come back like?

    It's not "potential recession coming," it's here. More than 3 Million Americans Lost Their Jobs Last Week. See Your State.
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    MY Delivery Today

    Congrats on your new ride. Enjoy!
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    Deliveries in CA after Stay at Home order?

    Exactly, why take delivery (and start paying interest possibly) on a car you can't drive ?
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    Gold glitter Model Y

    that car looks soo tacky.
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    PSA: the world does not revolve around YOU

    I think you missed the joke. MY=Model Y. ;) Especially in these difficult times, a sense of humor is really important.
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    Has anyone taken delivery with 19" Gemini wheels?

    That is just a protective film. There was a pic posted the other day of someone taking delivery on a white MY, it had black handles.
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    Never had an EV car. Registration questions (for CA at least)

    Please note that if your income is above certain levels, you can no longer claim for both the HOV sticker and the Clean Vehicle Rebate: FAQs___Clean_Vehicle_Rebate_Project by mgraff posted Mar 20, 2020 at 7:18 PM
  44. FAQs___Clean_Vehicle_Rebate_Project


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    RWD LR Order?

    How exactly would they do that with the factory shutdown and everyone at home? I want my RWD as much as the next person but this seems like a not very likely scenario.

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