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    How do I shutdown my car?

    Sorry no one has tried to help. The only shut down (manual power off) I know of is in your setting tab under Security and Safety. Not sure aout your 3rd party app stuff.
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    Electric mowers, tractors and other lawn and farm equipment

    Got it on order with Lowe's but so far only YouTube reviewers getting anything.
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    Plaid vs LR

    Yea I've been struggling with "Just what do I get for an additional $30k?" questions. The ONLY difference on the Tesla order page is the >1.99 sec. Same interior, same exterior, same horse power, hell even same red calipers. And how much less than 1.99 sec? Oh and wait until everyone testing...
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    Electric mowers, tractors and other lawn and farm equipment

    Which Kubota? I've got a BX23s and love playing around in the dirt. My ground has so much rock that hydraulic backhoe is necessary to dig any hole. I'd buy an electric tractor in a heartbeat if it was cheap enough. Over the years I've tried to get rid of all my gas powered tools. The riding lawn...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Ooops... Please apply this comment on Monday. ;) I'm retired and lose track of the days!
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Major good announcements e.g. Apple project, Fed legistlations initiatives, etc. So we beat all street estimates and the stock is still down at this time about $6? Not that many Gordon Johnsons around to do this.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Will the refresh use a giga casting machine in the production line? If so both front and rear, just rear? I don't remember any reference to MS with giga casting just MY and III.
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    Electric mowers, tractors and other lawn and farm equipment

    Ego is not the best at owner manual instructions. If you're bagging the high lift blade works best. I found that mulching blade (which comes installed out of the bx) sucks on any high or wet grass. Probably works great if you mulch. None of this was documented in the owners manual. Anyway my...
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    Premium Connectivity options going forward?

    Does the lack of premium connectivity affect navigation or the map updates? Never thought about how live navigation works. Are maps downloaded or are they accessed live when needed? Wonder how a hot spot would work for this.
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    Make Fireplace playable while driving!

    Yeah, this would be especially great while driving thru really heavy snow fall! Much more useful than farting seats. Just have to make sure you don't fall asleep!
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    So what makes a Plaid + worth $30k more than a Plaid?

    I should address the Porsche Taycan "Turbo" label controversy. The negative overreaction to Porsche using Turbo on an electric car was way over the top. I mean after all we already had Plaid so what were they going to do? I'm just saying....
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Why wouldn't Tesla's FSD become like Bluetooth? No one even tries to create something to compete with it now. You just pay Bluetooth for the license to use that technology. And you can't even conceive someone marketing a non Bluetooth phone, speaker, headset or anything else wireless. Apple...
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    So what makes a Plaid + worth $30k more than a Plaid?

    What are CCFs? I really want it to be much better than a Plaid to justify the price diff. We aren't trip folks so that additional milage/faster charging will not be of interest. I'm not a drag expert but I have tracked cars and used to be pretty familiar with the sports car performance market...
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    Electric mowers, tractors and other lawn and farm equipment

    Tons of Ego Zero turn reviews on Youtube. I'm getting one! Heres my favorite review, definitely heavy duty enough for my fields.
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    So what makes a Plaid + worth $30k more than a Plaid?

    We saw our fist Taycan today. Wife was not impressed and my planned test drive next month is in jeopardy. I was explaining why our Plaid + will be so much faster, better etc and of course she had to go on Tesla.com and find specs. At first she thought both a Plaid and Plaid + were 0-60 1.99...
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    Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Discussion Thread

    I've watched the BC thing get bigger and bigger. Strange watching folks confuse investments with currency. WHY would anyone in their right mind pay for something with something else that can appreciate in value? Yea paying $75k in BC that might be worth $80k by the end of the week seems crazy...
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    &^%$% Owner's Manual!

    Have you tried all the usual Tesla recommendations? E.g. resetting both displays a couple of times? I've had this in the past and found it helped a couple of times
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    This is what I expected/wanted from the cybertruck. I'd buy one right now but after Nikola and Atlis I'm not sure what they will need to do to make me feel sure they were legit. Rivian bed is a joke for anyone wanting a real truck. I had a Ridgeline for 4 years and know the pitfalls of small...
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    Giga Berlin Battery Production

    Producing German MY's with 4680 will have a huge impact on all Tesla sales. Why would anyone buy a US MY with old battery tech when the European market is getting the latest and greatest? Talk about osborning existing sales! Seems like giga Texas will not be producing enough 4680's for awhile...
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    Drove and then leased an Audi e-Tron

    I'd really like to hear the honeymoon is over. Please this is not a jab about not buying Tesla. We're planning on test driving an E-tron and taycan this spring. Did you ever own a tesla? I'm most interested in day to day ownership differences. E.g. OTA updates, mobile service etc. I'm happy to...
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    Thoughts On e-tron GT Family

    OMG the rear view (yes old school turning your head to look back) is really small. This is something you'll only appreciate in person. The test drive will tell a lot. I can live without some things but a fully functioning back camera is something I don't think my wife will be willing to give up...
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    Thoughts On e-tron GT Family

    Just finished a nice review from some guy in England and noticed the rear view from the driver's seat is abysmal! Can you leave the rear camera on while driving around or is it only available when in reverse? I'm planning on test driving both the Taycan and E-Tron this spring. Should I skip one...
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    Tesla FSD Subscription Could Come in Q2

    The FSD videos are not even remotely close to what is claimed in this advertisement. Our grand fathers would be amazed anyone would contemplate believing this. Yea I paid for FSD but but I'd never admit it to him, at least not right now.
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    Thoughts On e-tron GT Family

    Anybody seen a good Taycan vs E Tron comparison? Planning on test driving a Taycan this summer. Perhaps I should look closely at an E Tron also. I've never owned either so the Porsche ownership posts have been helpful. No idea of how Audi treats their customers.
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    Tesla FSD Subscription Could Come in Q2

    You're not saying people would pay a monthly fee for something that doesn't work yet are you? I mean that would be crazy. Much easier to forget I paid for FSD and have NOTHING close to the promise years later. Not sure how long folks will continue paying monthly for something that hasn't...
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    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    Quote:"Wow, a sample size of exactly ONE and you jump to assume "this will happen to me too?" Suggest everyone take a chill pill and relax. One data point is NOT a trend." How is this a sample size of anything? If you go into a store and they say something costs X, why would you go to another...
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    Changing fluid in the Gear box , part or Model S drive train.

    Well this is confusing as hell. Where does this maintenance schedule say anything about replacing the subject of this thread? Not a sarcastic attack on FlatSix911 but it seems to contradict a number of previous postings. What am I missing? Do you replace diff fluid or not?
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    Porsche Taycan is MUCH better looking than the Tesla

    So if you only used 20 min you just screwed yourself out of the last 10 min? Seems like a total charge time for the three years would be better but then they would need a way to monitor how much you've used. Hard when you don't own the charging system. Probably multiple sessions with a max of 30...
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    Porsche Taycan is MUCH better looking than the Tesla

    I'd like to know about their OTA updates if any, actual range vs claimed, how the interior controls feel vs tesla. E.g. HVAC controls, radio, internet, if there is any free connectivity stuff like slacker. I assume home charging will feel just like your old tesla. I guess if I'm serious about...
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    Porsche Taycan is MUCH better looking than the Tesla

    So we'll need details when you post your first pic. Are you coming out of an S? Trade in vehicle? On the reliability front, my 911 track friends seemed universal in their opinion. If you get a good one they are rock solid. Big if. As Porschephiles they were willing to live with whatever went...
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    Porsche Taycan is MUCH better looking than the Tesla

    So did you get one? If so, which one, price, option list? We're still planning on to test drive this spring.
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    Solar Roof + Powerwalls | Oregon Roof #3

    Just started with Tesla about a WA install. Did you do power walls?
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I remember pics of a few thousand model 3 in china supposedly headed to europe. I wondered if we had any verification that they actually got sold. Doubt the european sales numbers (if they even break that data out) would indicate country of origin. Do they show european unsold inventory...
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    An African Boy's Crazy Plan

    I think your biggest challenge will be eventual service issues. Our service requirements with two MS's over the last 7 years have been minimal but not everything can be done OTA. You'll want to find our just how a US spec'd car charger will work in your country. My daughter has a South African...
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    Who needs a roadster when you have model s plaid?

    Why not PMS instead of MSP? I'm just saying...
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    Plaid order text

    Talked with the sales advisor yesterday about our plaid order. He strongly emphasized not making any changes before someone from Tesla actually calls you. Prices may have changed since you placed your original order and changes could increase your out the door price. Pretty easy to just wait...
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    Model S redesign range guesses?

    We had a P85 (replaced with 90D) and loved the acceleration but not worth the extra $. We have a plaid on order but will probably cancel if there is no real difference except 0-60. Just not worth the extra $ to me. Wonder when we'll get the details. Maybe today!
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    Model S redesign range guesses?

    Why would I buy a plaid if the refreshed S has the same range/looks? Not sure if folks will still pay $40k extra for a plaid no matter how much faster it is.
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    Porsche Taycan is MUCH better looking than the Tesla

    You failed to mention your Porsche service experience.
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Where is the $1500 price listed on the web site. My app says I have all the upgrades I'm eligible for.
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    The MCU2 upgrade is now $1500

    Did anyone answer her question? I agree for that much $ I'd want a new screen!
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    Porsche Taycan is MUCH better looking than the Tesla

    Just remember "A great relationship is more important than a pretty face!" Yea, just don't bring up tesla service! :rolleyes: I've never owned a Porsche, wonder how they treat their customers. Lexus used to be great but has really fallen over time. We're test driving a Taycan this summer...
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    2015 Model S No power to Passenger Door windows and side mirror

    Just start by unplugging and reconnecting everything. This is truly where service will start. Used to repair test equipment in the AF. It's easy to do and quick. Especially good if you have intermittent harness connector issues.
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    2015 Model S No power to Passenger Door windows and side mirror

    I'd start with examining the fuse box to see how it's wired. Should be labeled and you'll be able to see if there is a common fuse to this issue. Would seem weird to have different fuses for each side but I've seen stranger designs. Try unplugging and reconnecting door plugs on the affected side...
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    Any current benefit to doing the HW3 upgrade for MCI 1 owners

    Wow I had not idea. You really get a mixture of HW3/MCU1 upgrade experiences.
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    Thanks so there is hope! Thats the problem with general forum stuff. You tend to see only the worse case stuff (or perhaps focus on). Easy to assume everybody has had a bad result with the new eMMC route. Maybe re-flashing is more successful than I've been lead to believe.
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    NHTSA asks Tesla to recall 158,000 [now 135,000] vehicles for eMMC failure. Voluntary Recall issued

    This has been my stance from the onset of MCU problems. I don't care about games and I don't need side camera views when I'm in FSD mode. I'll be with you in court if it's needed for FSD. I only bought because Elon said they would pay to get me whatever hardware is necessary to FSD.
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    Warranty Adjustment Program – Touchscreen Component email - Wow - watch for it

    This leads us to the question: What can we do when we are not satisfied with any car dealer. I guess I've been really lucky with Acura, Lexus. I understand arbitration from an investment side but never on something like this.
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    NHTSA asks Tesla to recall 158,000 [now 135,000] vehicles for eMMC failure. Voluntary Recall issued

    Thanks this makes sense. I'll recall the hounds.

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