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    Forget the truck (please), can we talk about that trainwreck of a reveal?

    Can they not put some senior event marketing folks in charge of this stuff? Elon has shown several times that he really can't do these live presentations ad hoc, but it seems he spends no time rehearsing. He had practically no idea what slide was coming up next and flubbed his lines while ad...
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    Rear door hinge bent slightly coming out of garage. Options?

    My son left the door open as he climbed into the back seat. Without realizing it, I backed up and clipped my wife's car on the way out. I stopped as soon as I heard contact, but the rear door hinge/pillar had already been pulled back slightly, maybe five degrees beyond where it normally stops...
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    P85D & P90D - 2019.20.1 Firmware

    My 2015 S P85DL is still on 2019.16.2. No prompt yet to update.
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    "The S and X are better cars than the Model 3" - Elon

    S will get some love, but not for a while yet. They have a lot on their plate. I personally will wait to upgrade from my P85D. I just don't see any point in upgrading to a current (P)100D as it's largely the same as my current car in most respects. Once they go to a full 21-70 battery pack with...
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    Taking P85D in for 4-year service... Anything I need to consider?

    Yeah, that's sort of what I expect. I've had two handles replaced in the first 4 years, so figure the other two will likely go in years 5-8. Not sure about MCU, but it if goes, then the whole thing pays off.
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    Taking P85D in for 4-year service... Anything I need to consider?

    Yeah, already booked it for this Sat a while back. If it takes a week or two to get the car, that's fine, as long as I have a loaner. Will be interesting to see how they treat issues -- either under original warranty (no deductible) or extended ($200 deductible). I'm actually over 50k miles, but...
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    Taking P85D in for 4-year service... Anything I need to consider?

    Thanks, good call. I will add pano seal to this list. So I bit the bullet and bought the Tesla extended service warranty this afternoon for $4750. It's expensive and there's a reasonable chance I don't make the money back, but I also think there's a very good chance I'm not out the whole $4750...
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    Taking P85D in for 4-year service... Anything I need to consider?

    Is buying an extended warranty from Tesla still an option for a four year old car? Is the generally accepted advice around here to buy an extended warranty versus taking on the risk and paying for repairs out of pocket?
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    Taking P85D in for 4-year service... Anything I need to consider?

    My 4-year warranty is almost up on my 2015 P85D in a couple weeks and I'm taking it in for it's final service under the pre-paid service plan (I did not buy extended service plan when offered, so I think I'm on my own going forward.) Due to life circumstances, I have not been very active in the...
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    Response time of Tesla roadside service is totally FUBAR

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's a 2013. I know a couple 2013 owners and it's a similar story with those early cars -- multiple drivetrain replacements, various battery/charging issues, etc. I'm telling you, they made tons of tweaks/engineering changes in the early years such that new car owners...
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    So, is that it for AP1? Beta forever?

    I've had my AP1 Model S since early 2015 and enjoyed the constant improvements to AP1 until right around the time that AP2 came out, then it pretty much stopped improving. Not that I'm complaining... it's certainly more useful than cruise control in many highway situations, but I sort of...
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    2017.38.4 be12575

    Just got this downloaded at the Service Center. Can confirm no new release notes, just an explanation of Supercharger power data in the NAV.
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    Is the Ludicrous upgrade still available for P85D?

    I would call up your local service center if you want to know definitively, but I'm pretty sure it's no longer available as it was selectable on the online store for some time and no longer is.
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    What is/was insane vs ludicrous vs "performance" again?

    Like beegee said, those cars have identical performance. They'll do 0-60 in 3.1 seconds (with 1-ft rollout). The P85D Ludicrous upgrade (no longer available) brought it down to 2.9 0-60.
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    Xpel Ultimate vs Hail

    I have my whole car covered in Xpel Ultimate. It'll protect against paints chips from rocks. It'll protect against hail that would otherwise scratch the paint. It won't protect against hail that is moving with enough momentum to dent the aluminum body panels.
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    Plastic Accelerator Pedal of Tesla

    How many thousands of vehicles have come off the assembly line now? And not a single instance of a broken accelerator pedal you say? Do you think maybe the Engineers who designed it might have known what they were doing?
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    FIRMWARE UPDATE! AP2 Local road driving...and holy crap

    Hi HW2 folks! Welcome to my first year and a half with HW1! I don't see anything out of the ordinary here other than it sort of amazes me that absolutely nothing they learned with HW1 actually seems to have translated to HW2. HW1 is a complete and utter non-starter on local roads. I mean if you...
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    How else to interpret 2016 CA autonomous driving results?

    What's to defend? Basically it states that as of Dec 31(?) only Google had done any sort of appreciable fully autonomous drive testing. The government requires number disclosure, so they disclosed. Why try to draw conclusions from a measly ~500 miles worth of calibration data? If you extrapolate...
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    Crazy letter left on my windshield over the weekend..

    The sad thing is half the country probably believes much of what's written there.
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    Horrible Autopilot Nags

    I drive 40 miles on 101 in the Bay Area every day @ up to 75mph. I've barely noticed any chances in nagging frequency with 8.0. I see it very seldom at all in traffic, and predictably a few times through construction zones where the lanes bend oddly, but other than that, only about once every...
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    Road and Track seem a little butt hurt about the new P100D

    Reading the article, it struck me as one written by a partisan hack for the consumption of their base to re-assure them that their way of life is safe from the marching forward of technology. What other reason can there be to go out of your way to compare a mass produced four-door EV family...
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    Supercharger - San Mateo, CA (Park Place, 8 V2 stalls)

    I stopped in this morning for 15 minutes (fist time in months, even though i live nearby). An employee was opening up the chargers and doing some maintenance on each one. He'd just closed up 3B as I was getting there and told me to give it a try. I had only a 10% charge since I drove to Davis...
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    8.0 Music Player Unusable

    Nevermind your silly 'usability' concerns. It's flat and non-skeuomorphic, so it's de facto better than whatever came before it. ;-)
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    Firmware 7.1

    Of the 18 or so releases i have installed over the past year and a half, I have not yet received one that wasn't also sent to hundreds of other cars on ev-fw.com, so I'm willing to bet that 2.28.19 is a wide release.
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    Newer P90DL makes 662 hp at the battery!!!

    So... after following this thread for a couple days is the consensus that my lowly 454kW P85DL will not be seeing any 500kW love? Am I waiting for Sorka's weekend run to find out?
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    Window Tinting

    A lot of Tesla owners in the US (myself included) have gone with Spectra Photosync, due largely to its excellent heat/IR rejecting properties: http://www.prestige-films.com/docs/photosync_datasheet_072114.pdf
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    Battery size headache!!

    90kwh no question based on your 200 mile weekly trip. Rated miles are not easily achieved in my experience, unless you'll always be traveling 65mph in 70 degrees with little payload, inclement weather, wind, elevation changes or need for climate control. As soon as you start checking off any of...
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    Vancouver Supercharger location confirmed.

    For what it's worth, this is not completely accurate. SF proper (the densest urban part of the Bay Area) actually has no Supercharger locations. The chargers in Fremont, Mountain View and San Mateo (and even Vacaville, Gilroy and Petaluma) are all located on major highway corridors. San Mateo in...
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    How much should battery upgrade cost, really?

    Not exactly sure what you're talking about as there is no 50kwh Tesla today. Furthermore, I think you're confusing the availability of larger capacity batteries in new vehicles versus a swap. Understand that in a swap scenario, the manufacturer is taking a back a partially used battery pack and...
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    Rattle Driving me Bananas

    I've had trouble getting squeaks dealt with at SCs. Part of the problem is that it takes a lot of time to properly troubleshoot the squeaks because there are a bunch of interiors panels in the way which obfuscate the true location/source of the squeak. Once you get those off and go for a ride...
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    Annoying passenger side dashboard squeak? Possible DIY solution here.

    Can't say how widespread this issue is, but on my Feb 2015 build, it had become such a major issue for me that my satisfaction with the car was diminishing quickly. I had it into service twice (including Fremont) to correct this problem and despite adding various bits of felt tape and thick foam...
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    SC can't fix squeaks. Looking for DIY ideas...

    I've taken my Model S into two different service centers (including Fremont) to get, among other items, two nagging rattles taken care of, but in both cases, despite assurances that both were fixed, they completely eluded the staff. The first is a squeak coming from the right side dashboard on...
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    For existing Tesla owners does standing in line push you further towards the top.

    There's precious little published regarding the actual way that Tesla will interleave reservations among owners, so YMMV. Having said that, I would have to think that when prioritizing owners among themselves, it makes sense that those ordering at the store early in the day would be placed in...
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    Right front sonar sensor(s) less sensitive on the highway?

    I've noticed pretty consistently over the past while under many driving conditions that my right front sonar sensor(s) have a tendency to miss nearby obstructions (cars, trucks, medians) much more often than the other three when I'm on the highway. It *will* come on, but it seems that there has...
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    Daimler ends partnership with Tesla

    I wonder if that means Tesla will have to find another supplier for the steering wheel and other bits of interior MB hardware...
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    Tesla Compared to a 1500 Horsepower 32 Ford Review!

    I'll take weird over dead any day. :biggrin:
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    Tesla Compared to a 1500 Horsepower 32 Ford Review!

    Sure, it wins just about any big dick competition your mouth enters it into, but as with most custom one-offs, you're really taking your life into your hands getting behind the wheel of something that was built by some sheet metal crafters cobbling a bunch of spare parts together -- witness the...
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    Performance of P85D with Ludicrous upgrade review

    I thought that plate looked familiar... I think I was behind you for a bit until i gave up. Didn't make the connection otherwise I would have said hello.
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    Performance of P85D with Ludicrous upgrade review

    Did three 0-100 runs today with my recently upgraded P85D @ 92, 90, 88 SoC, all with Max Battery prepping but not 'ready'... Hit 454kW max at both 90 and 88 SoC. Excel screenshot of 3rd run below... Tried to SC at San Mateo for a few minutes to achieve Max Battery and higher SoC between runs...
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    Ludicrous Upgrade Scheduling?

    I just picked up from Fremont today. Confirmed I got the new bolts. Got it back at ~%70 SoC in the middle of heavy rush hour on I-880, so will have to leave testing till the weekend. Reasonably certain I got in when i did because I bugged them until they responded with a date. I made my...
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    Ludicrous Upgrade Scheduling?

    Who knows. Getting a straight answer from this company is sometimes an exercise in futility. I took my car into Fremont SC Monday at 8am. It's Wednesday evening, and they haven't touched the car, other than plugging it in and charging it way up, making my careful discharge regimen over several...
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    Anyone looking at a CPO P85+ I'm driving around in P41960 as a loaner this week.

    40. Somewhat surprisingly, the charge port door doesn't seem to be capable of auto-closing on this car. It will auto-open though from HPWC button press.
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    Anyone looking at a CPO P85+ I'm driving around in P41960 as a loaner this week.

    A few more observations: 28. Wh/mi seems about the same. Due to different driving style and temp differences, I see pretty significant swings throughout the year , but I'd say that getting somewhere in the 300-340 Wh/mi range is about typical for my commute this time of year and this car...
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    Anyone looking at a CPO P85+ I'm driving around in P41960 as a loaner this week.

    Sorry, it's an auto-close hatch. I was commenting on the mechanism closing in a slightly different manner.
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    Anyone looking at a CPO P85+ I'm driving around in P41960 as a loaner this week.

    Here's a list of differences I've noticed up to this point... More as I come across new things. Traction control is optional. It seems fairly easy to break the back wheels loose with traction control off. Given how easy it is on a P85+, I think I understand why they made it mandatory on a...
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    Anyone looking at a CPO P85+ I'm driving around in P41960 as a loaner this week.

    Has a 5/2014 build date stamp. If you're seriously interested in this particular car, I'd be happy to give you excruciating detail and even photos on its condition and features. I'm finding all the little differences between my 9 month newer P85D and this car quite interesting... 85 kWh...
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    Ludicrous Upgrade Scheduling?

    For what it's worth, I dropped mine off at Fremont SC with 12% SoC at 8:20am this morning. I'm in for annual service as well as L upgrade, so I wouldn't be surprised to have to keep my loaner for the rest of the week. As it turns out, they did not even get around to opening the door until...
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    Anyone have a creak in their rear hatch fixed by Service?

    I'm taking my Feb 2015 build in for its one year service (and L upgrade!) tomorrow morning. Biggest issues I have are squeaks/rattles. In particular, there's a creak in the rear hatch. Has anyone had a rear hatch creak fixed? It almost sounds as if the glass is clicking against the frame or...
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    Trim and Finish Niggles -unexpected in a £80k car

    Yup, pretty much par for the course. If you've come from Audi/BMW/Mercedes, you'll notice the fit and finish on Tesla's is not yet up to those standards. Apparently the fit and finish is already quite a bit better than early cars though, so they are making progress. Chalk it up to a young car...

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