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  1. ERpharm31

    Service center damage, how to address?

    I will preface this by saying my intent is not to use this venue to be a disgruntled Tesla owner, but rather asking for input from others who may have had similar unfortunate experiences. I was ecstatic when I took delivery of my 2022 Model Y Performance end-of-quarter in March, just 4 weeks...
  2. ERpharm31

    Post-delivery fender gap, leather issues

    Update: The Torrance SC was able to fix the fender panel gap without having to outsource to a body shape and also correct the seat imperfections (they initially told me the residue is difficult to remove, so often times they'll use a Magic Eraser, but it was explained they used a "heavy duty...
  3. ERpharm31

    Post-delivery fender gap, leather issues

    Recently took delivery of my MY Performance and some minor issues have taken away some of the initial excitement. Expected close to perfection for the price tag. I never had any build/quality issues with my previous 2020 Model 3, so I am in unchartered territory and hoping to garner input from...
  4. ERpharm31

    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    A close family member of mine no longer wanted their MYP reservation he had placed in November. Unfortunately, his registration information was entered already and he has other Tesla's on his account. We tried unsuccessfully on several occasions with various SA's to unlock the reservation to...
  5. ERpharm31

    2020 Model 3 LR, mint condition, Los Angeles

    Selling my 2020 Tesla Model 3 LR dual motor with 19-inch wheels with just 15,000 miles. FSD capable software, but not currently purchased. Pearl white paint with black leather interior. Immediately after taking delivery, clear PPF and ceramic coating were applied professionally. The car has only...
  6. ERpharm31

    Model 3 Tint Thread

    I am also going to be getting SunTek CIR here soon, debating on 40 or 50. My primary goal is reducing cabin temps, not blacking out the windows. Your rear seat windows appear to be darker in your photos. It may just be the angle, but did you do CIR 40 on all windows or did you stagger % on...
  7. ERpharm31

    Tesla surfers

    New owner. Trying to gain some insight on other's experience with their approach to surfing with the Tesla security setup. I used to secure my Audi key fob in a padlock attached to my car, but the Tesla key card will not fit in most padlocks. I won't be surfing with my iPhone (my primary key)...
  8. ERpharm31

    FS: Model 3 20" OEM Grey Performance Wheels: Chicago

    Didn't you just offer $2200 for this exact set from Sgt.GuyGrr in the Chicago area 2 weeks ago? Questionable ethics. 2020 Model 3 Performance Grey 20" Wheels and Tires
  9. ERpharm31

    PPF recommendations in LA area

    Took delivery of my LR AWD last week. Currently still deciding on partial PPF vs. ceramic coating. Looking for recommendations in the LA area for shops that do quality work and offer competitive prices.
  10. ERpharm31

    What are the real differences in OEM M3 Performance suspension

    I recently picked up my 2020 LR AWD. I decided against the P3D+ as many of the intangibles (track mode, higher top speed, insane acceleration) are not necessary for daily commuting. I do highly prefer the slightly lower stance on the P3D+ and do not want to tinker with aftermarket suspension...
  11. ERpharm31

    2020 Model 3 18" Aero wheel set, <20 miles BRAND NEW, LA/SoCal

    I picked up my 2020 LR AWD with Aeros today and drove it 2 miles home, straight into the garage where it will remain stored for the next week until my Audi lease runs out. I am planning on finding a set of 19" or 20" stock performance wheels in the meantime and will be selling the 18 inch Aero...
  12. ERpharm31

    $1,875 rebate sounds likely

    Marina del Rey delivery center. The SR (and his sales manager who OK'd this) were based out of the Santa Monica location though.
  13. ERpharm31

    $1,875 rebate sounds likely

    Update - I ordered my SR+ on 12/4/19 white on black with Aeros. Verbiage at that time stated I would receive delivery by EOY. I had a delivery scheduled for 12/28/19 (no VIN), which was subsequently cancelled the night before with no explanation. I failed to receive a car by EOY. In early...
  14. ERpharm31

    model 3 trade my 19"rims and wheels for 18" aero

    Taking delivery of my 2020 M3 LWD next week in Marina del Rey. Looking to work out a deal if you're still interested in the 18" Aeros - mine will be brand new. I missed the window for modifying my order to the 19 inch wheels. Only looking for low mileage sport tires.
  15. ERpharm31

    19" vs 20" performance wheel on M3 LR AWD

    Taking delivery of my 2020 M3 LR AWD this weekend and plan on swapping out the 18" Aeros for the Tesla performance wheel (I prefer this look). Aside from the fragility issues known to plague the 20" performance wheels, I am curious how the 19" vs. 20" wheels look with the stock LR wheel gap...
  16. ERpharm31

    $1,875 rebate sounds likely

    Which delivery center are you dealing with? I matched to a VIN today, yet my SR in Santa Monica is still saying that they cannot adjust the price or offer any incentives to account for the lost rebate. I ordered 12/1/19.
  17. ERpharm31

    $1,875 rebate sounds likely

    This was per my SR based in Santa Monica.
  18. ERpharm31

    $1,875 rebate sounds likely

    I spoke with my SR yesterday. He said they've been given direction that if a customer placed an order before 12/8/19 and if the customer was available to receive delivery before 12/31/19 (i.e. did not leave town or flake on their delivery appointment), then they can submit a case to make amends...
  19. ERpharm31

    OK, so...did everyone get their cars by the end of 2019?

    I spoke with my SR in Santa Monica this evening as well as the sales team in MDR earlier today, and no one has received word from Tesla as to how the company plans to smooth over the inconvenience caused by delivery delays, loss of rebate, etc. Seems to be still evolving and largely unknown by...
  20. ERpharm31

    $1,875 rebate sounds likely

    I spoke with my SR in Santa Monica this evening as well as the sales team in MDR earlier today, and no one has received word from Tesla as to how the company plans to smooth over the inconvenience caused by delivery delays, loss of rebate, etc. Seems to be still evolving and largely unknown by...
  21. ERpharm31

    20” Model 3 Performance wheels for sale

    Are these still available?
  22. ERpharm31

    Tesla Model 3 20" Performance Wheels + Michelin PS4 Tires

    Are these still available?

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