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  1. ElectricAnt54

    Be aware! Missing Control Arm Nut: Potential Safety Issue

    Selling the car after it is fixed won’t punish tesla in any way if that was your intent. Also tesla wouldn’t know the car was even sold. Best to sell a car because it is not wanted.
  2. ElectricAnt54

    OTA updates nothing to get excited about, sb a purchase deterrent…

    I just drove 700 miles & had autopilot plus autosteer active most of the time. I experienced no sudden braking for no reason. As cars got in front of me, car slowed appropriately. I use the features often and car has never “slammed on the brakes”. 2022 Model Y, no front radar, no FSD, Intel...
  3. ElectricAnt54

    Phantom Drain (vampire, parasitic, maintenance) with long term parking.

    Enjoy your tesla. 15% drain for 32 days and the person had cabin overheat active. https://www.teslaoracle.com/2022/01/04/heres-how-much-battery-is-drained-if-a-tesla-is-left-unplugged-for-32-days/
  4. ElectricAnt54

    Phantom braking so bad I want to return my car

    Had no phantom braking on a trip last week. Los Angeles to Fair Oaks, California. 709 miles round trip. I used autopilot with autosteer most of the time. 2022 Model Y performance, no front radar, Intel atom infotainment, no FSD. Firmware 2022.20.8 .
  5. ElectricAnt54

    Did Tesla Screw You too? (Registration)

    I guess when there is no state income tax like in Texas, public services like DMV could be understaffed and out dated 😉. With more and more texas built MYLR being produced, I hope texas dmv is not the downfall of tesla. 😉
  6. ElectricAnt54

    How to find out the maker of the battery?

    Which battery do you mean? The 12V battery used for lights, fans and lower voltage equipment or the high voltage battery which is associated with the car’s range?
  7. ElectricAnt54

    Did Tesla Screw You too? (Registration)

    You could try to tweet Elon Musk on twitter 🤷‍♂️ . Seems you will need a lawyer to rep you in arbitration or court.
  8. ElectricAnt54

    OTA updates nothing to get excited about, sb a purchase deterrent…

    I have had no big issues with the over the air updates. Regarding dashcam / sentry mode not working there was an update in 2022 which introduced a bug that required you to reboot the computer every few days in order to make the feature work again. About 3 weeks later one of the updates...
  9. ElectricAnt54

    Screen Lagging after 2022.20.8

    No lag. I have 2022 Model Y & infotainment computer has the slower Intel Atom cpu.
  10. ElectricAnt54

    Phantom Braking - Fixed.

    I just drove around 500 miles mostly using autopilot + autosteer. My 2022 model Y doesn’t have FSD package. No phantom braking. Los Angeles to San Francisco to San Rafael, California to Fair Oaks, California.
  11. ElectricAnt54

    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    Nothing you can do. We’ll get cuphead & sonic the hedgehog if/when Tesla decides our cars eligible.
  12. ElectricAnt54

    Being pushed by Tesla to take delivery this month?

    I doubt Austin is making MYLR in high volume yet to be the cause. A few explanations. 1) people canceling their orders now because they will get $7,500 federal tax credit in addition to state incentives if they take delivery after 1/1/2023 and these people are betting there are no further...
  13. ElectricAnt54

    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    Yup. Sky force works for me using game controllers via tparts’s module.
  14. ElectricAnt54

    New Model Y high pitch whining sound

    The usb stick tesla provides works great save your $$$ . The tesla usb used micronSD memory which is used in devices that need to write often. It also has an impressive temperature operational range. USB 3.1 Flash Drive BAR Plus 128GB Titan Gray Memory & Storage - MUF-128BE4/AM | Samsung US...
  15. ElectricAnt54

    Using SATA SSD for Dashcam/Sentry

    Since you bought it from Samsung, the usb will have a 5 year warranty. @Yelobird , didn’t your model y come with one of these? My 2022 model y did.
  16. ElectricAnt54

    Using SATA SSD for Dashcam/Sentry

    Just posting the temp specs of the usb device Tesla uses and noting it uses micro sd memory suited for many writes as many think it doesn’t. The usb which comes with tesla is a Samsung bar plus . It uses micro SD card memory media which is often used in video recording devices since the...
  17. ElectricAnt54

    Air Suspension for MYP

    View Munro Live YouTube channel where they compare the evolution of model y giga casting methodologies. Sandy comments and we see The model y body which uses the structural body battery pack filled with 4680 battery cells has no firewall. Currently this is the Austin built model y standard range...
  18. ElectricAnt54

    Need to vent about my 2022 MYP service

    I do not think Tesla blacklists. My own personal account during 2022 resulted in no blacklisting. My car had significant alignment gaps between 3 doors and adjacent panels. The trunk had some misalignments too. Sc #1 everything was in spec but they claim my door with no issue was out of spec...
  19. ElectricAnt54

    22 MYLR - Still Missing Games & Controller Support

    You can use glovebox’s single USB port for a controller. Maybe a bridge would allow two , I am not sure. The only games missing seem to be cuphead and sonic.
  20. ElectricAnt54

    22 MYLR - Still Missing Games & Controller Support

    Issue is model y only has one USB port which supports data transfer. This is the port in the glovebox which typically occupied by the usb stick used by the car’s dashcam / sentry security system. Sme ppl say a usb bridge in glovebox works ok but manual advises against it. Well it did in...
  21. ElectricAnt54

    Using SATA SSD for Dashcam/Sentry

    I’ve had my 2022 model y for 6 months and my car is parked in the sun. The usb tesla provides is made for high heat environments and many write cycles too. Save your $$$ till it breaks (if ever) or until you really need a larger usb due to attempting dual partition of dashcam and music on same...
  22. ElectricAnt54

    programmable charger?

    Look in to OpenEVSE brand. I have the 48Amp unit. The software is open source with many existing hooks to let you expand the system. It integrates with a few systems out of the box. Give it a look and if it seems too technical, consider other brands.
  23. ElectricAnt54

    22 MYLR - Still Missing Games & Controller Support

    I used TParts’s replacement usb module to add data/power capable usb-c ports in my 2022 Model Y. Works great with the powerA controller ( I use an adapter to connect usb-a controller to usb-c port). Love playing dual player skyforce and racing game. No you don’t get cuphead, tesla has marked the...
  24. ElectricAnt54

    Retractable Sunshade Review

    I live in sunny hot Los Angeles and have no issues with 2022 Model Y AC keeping car cool. I also have some of my vents obstructed by a 9” Hansshow instrument , Apple car play & android auto display.
  25. ElectricAnt54

    VIN Assigned, Delivery in the next couple of days??

    The app & website will not have an option for switching to financing from cash payment. Well, they did not back in 12/2021 at least. You need to tell the SA via text or call tesla customer service. I’d call tesla customer service at this point.
  26. ElectricAnt54

    VIN Assigned, Delivery in the next couple of days??

    I took delivery around 12/25/2021 and this was my experience. Tesla might have changed how they operate by now though. If you told tesla you were paying cash but are really financing then you must get in touch with Tesla and tell them. They will want to know the lending institution official...
  27. ElectricAnt54

    Being to meticulous on the issues I found on my model y?

    , It is a risk but my car didn’t return with new misalignments.
  28. ElectricAnt54

    Being to meticulous on the issues I found on my model y?

    Being above 100 miles won’t cause any issues. I reported a variety of issues at around 800 miles. I had to drive 200 miles from pickup spot to my home for example. I had four doors and a trunk which had panel alignment issues. Search my name and you can find my experience. If first service...
  29. ElectricAnt54

    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    Yea USB based music is highly desirable for those of us who do not like audio getting compressed again when it is streamed via Bluetooth (read about Bluetooth audio). For my most favorite tunes I don’t even put mp3 audio on my usb device. I use lossless flac audio format. With a sound system as...
  30. ElectricAnt54

    In the face of a recession, should I buy a Y now or wait?

    No. You must have at least 6 months of savings left over after any major purchase in my opinion.
  31. ElectricAnt54

    CarPlay & Android Auto Hack - Walkthrough

    Never happened to me and my car is right next to my house too.I have been using 2022.20.6. I just walk away and 9” linux hansshow console disconnects from CarPlay and never tries to auto connect while I am in the house. Tesla firmware can’t change how the 9” linux console connects to iPhone via...
  32. ElectricAnt54

    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    I have had the TParts module for a few months. I can use both usb-c and usb-a simultaneously. No issues. I plugged my game controllers in usb-c and had dashcam in glove box. I am currently ringing 2022.20.6 .
  33. ElectricAnt54

    I had to take the MY to a gas station.....

    I live in California. I doubt there would be any issue other than finding a gas station with enough room. Rural stations, no problem. Stations in the cities can be a bit cramped.
  34. ElectricAnt54

    21” Uberturbine wheels

    Another possibility to OG thread creator’s question. theses days 18” wheels for all model Y builds are available via third party companies. More sidewall = less curb rashed wheels and improved ride (I like the 21” ride though).
  35. ElectricAnt54

    CarPlay & Android Auto Hack - Walkthrough

    @timeshifter , any complaints from people on phone calls about hearing their voices echo or that your own responses seem delayed due to bluetooth lag?
  36. ElectricAnt54

    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    You can play any game which appears in your tesla. For my build, 12/2021, sonic & cuphead are not listed in the gui.
  37. ElectricAnt54

    How well does a new 2022 MYP ride?

    You can put 18” , 19” or 20” wheels on MYP if you are concerned about potholes.
  38. ElectricAnt54

    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    Any usb-c bridge used with computers will work. I do not use a large clunky Anker usb-c bridge anymore. These days I plug two powerA game controllers in to the usb-c center console ports (TParts replacement module). The controllers are usb-a so I attach a High-Speed USB C Male to USB 3.0 Female...
  39. ElectricAnt54

    What I have done to my MYP.........

    Paint every other radial section red so your wheels look like those red & white candy cane mint candies. 🤣
  40. ElectricAnt54

    How well does a new 2022 MYP ride?

    You might not have waited long enough. I received my 2022 MYP in late 12/2021. My previous car was a bouncy boat 2013 Chevy Volt which I got used to. When I got the MYP I really thought I’d have to sell it due to the rough ride or get coilovers plus smaller wheels. Around 5,000 miles of...
  41. ElectricAnt54

    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    Video game controllers. My kids love pkaying the racing game against other family members and they like the airplane game (they still have not beaten the game).
  42. ElectricAnt54

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    You can call tesla customer service, any of them can update your account. I did that last year.
  43. ElectricAnt54

    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    Exactly why I added the TParts module. Data & powered usb-c ports in center console. Works great with my game controllers and usb music stick.
  44. ElectricAnt54

    Help me debunk/support rumor that only 3 out of 4 Model Y tires contact road during turns

    Plenty of tesla’s driving around Sausalito & that area in general. I used to live nearby. I think we’d have seen reports if there were issues.
  45. ElectricAnt54

    2022 MYP suspension is softer?

    Rent a 2022 MYP or test drive to see if you like the car. I have a 2022 MYP (built 12/2021) and it is no boat. Ride seems sporty. MYP is a big heavy car so M3P handles better.
  46. ElectricAnt54

    Chirping/squeaking sound coming from rear when going over bumps/rough road

    If rear seat headrests are in upmost position, but then down again and see it squeak goes away. My left rear passenger headrest has a bit of forwards & backwards movement and makes a squeak on bumpy roads or extremely rough surfaces roads.
  47. ElectricAnt54

    May not want anymore. Now what?

    Cancel order. Trust your instincts and buy the car which the micro organisms in your gutt are telling you to buy.
  48. ElectricAnt54

    Anyone hearing "SEGA" when the car boots up?

    I added data & power capable center usb-c ports to my model y which was made after 11/2021 via t-Part’s data module products. I have hooked up two game controllers and listen to flac audio from usb stick.

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