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    2019.32.12.2 problem with bluetooth streaming from phone

    I too have bluetooth issues. It seems that bluetooth just crashes and needs to reboot. I might stay connected for a few minutes or an hour...haven't figured out any pattern to it. Fun times huh?
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    Annoying v9 bugs Classic only?

    Hey fellow Classic Model S Owners! I am still on v8 and it sounds like I should just sit tight and not upgrade. I haven't been monitoring this forum lately and was hoping to find that all my fears had been resolved. Doesn't sound too much that they have made any progress here. Yikes!
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    Continental Pure Control LS

    Follow up: I agree with @Agassi - these are great tires.
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    Continental Pure Control LS

    @Agassi - Did the tires get any quieter after more time or after rebalancing? Did they impact the range at all? Thanks a ton for the info!
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    Continental Pure Control LS

    Thanks for the feedback @Agassi! I appreciate the info!
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    Conti PureContact™ LS

    Did you ever get a response here? I'm looking at the same tires for my S.
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    Continental Pure Control LS

    Has anyone put Continental's on their Model S? My father in law worked for Continental and can't get these pretty reasonable. I am wondering if anyone has tried them out... They have to be as good if not better than the Goodyear ones the car came with. Thanks in advance for any insights here!
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    Tesla mandatory software update

    Here's my old dash in the original format... In case folks want to go down memory lane!
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    Concerns about Service King in Seattle / King County Area

    Thanks everyone for the advice! The annoying part of this entire process is that the shops are telling me that they can't accept my business unless I pay the difference in the labor rates. The common complaint is that State Farm won't budge on these rates...
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    Concerns about Service King in Seattle / King County Area

    I have concerns about Service King in Seattle/King County. I am not hearing good things about their shops in my area and it just so happens to be the only shop that State Farm Insurance will pay for. Yes, I know that I have the right to take the car to the shop of my choice, but State Farm will...
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    Apply parking brake at speed - effect

    Thanks ScottM for the info! I have hit the Parking button by accident but hadn't played around with it. Good info to know!
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    Model S Floor Mats sold by Tesla

    I have the Tesla mats and they work great. I agree that they are a necessity for me here in Seattle. In the summer time, I swap out these and replace them with the carpet mats from Tesla. (I actually have the original mats that came with the car - old timers: Remember those?? They were...
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    Disneyland Autopia Sponsorship

    @Trips - I wish you were my relative!! Ha!
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    TuneIn High Bandwith Error?

    I just emailed service as well.
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    Tesla Top Twenty Station on Slacker

    I noticed it as well. I wasn't sure if this was new and I had missed it prior to the last update.
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    They dropped my color!

    You never know...it may come back! I have a 60...it went away but came back. Also, my color was also not available for awhile... So who knows? It may come back!?!?
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    Picture of non-Tesla charging at supercharger

    Isn't it amazing what technology can do these days!!
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    Ever forgotten to plug in at home?

    I have forgotten to plug it in a few times...but unlike the OP, I only have a 45 mile round trip commute, so I can make it a few days without charging.
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    One Year Anniversary! Add your anniversary photos here?

    I just celebrated my three year anniversary of my Model S! The car only has 26,000 miles on it, but let me tell you that I have enjoyed every single one of them!!
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    Smart suspension question(s)

    This seems strange to me. I am currently parked at work and I have my car as high as possible to avoid the curb. The only reason my car lowers to the standard height is when I am driving above 35 mph. I'm sure you have rebooted the car and all of the other "typical" things we do when...
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    Carwash - safe or not

    I am also a fan of hand washing the car. I completely get the convenience of using a machine...but for me, I'd rather leave the car dirty until I can wash it by hand.
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    New Bellevue Service Center location?

    Don't know about when it opens, but this location is much better than the existing one.
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    How anal are you about parking spots and door dings?

    Like others have said, I too am extremely particular about where I park. After getting hit on a residential street in Seattle where someone did 1500 damage to my car, I will even Uber into downtown Seattle so I don't have to park. Not sure what was more painful - the damage/$$$ or having to...
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    Can my Model S just get here already so I can be productive again...

    I am not sure you will be any more productive once your car arrives. I know I spent hours (maybe days) driving it, hanging out in it etc. It is an amazing car! Enjoy!
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    After 25 years, I got stopped for no front plate

    In Seattle, the police near the stadiums give out tickets for no front license plate. I got a ticket about a year ago. I purchased this license plate adapter made for the Tesla...it is all ready to go, but I just haven't installed it yet. Torklift Central | The Law - Tesla Model S Front...
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    Systems are powering up

    Count me in as having had this happen to me twice in the past few weeks...and this would be the first time in the almost three years I have had the car.
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    map updates!

    I received an update to my maps a couple of weeks ago. This is the first one that I have noticed in the last 3 years of having the car. Not sure if there were others that I might have just missed.
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    "Thanks for the Feedback"

    It makes sense that it does this...but I didn't know it let the user know that it sent something :)
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    Hey Tesla, how about a "Classic S" Easter egg?

    @NigelM - I updated to 7.0 this morning and am happy to report that the original easter egg is still there.
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    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    Installing now...here we go!
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    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    I haven't received it either. I guess its time for patience...which I'm not great at!!
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    Do not try to charge here

    LOL! Thanks for the laugh today!
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    "... these go to 11..."

    I too laugh every time I set the audio and fan speed to 11. Makes me smile every time!!
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    Right steering wheel button toggle Slacker stations

    Does anyone know what use case they were trying to solve with this behavior? Like others have said, I thought it was taking me to my next favorite station...until I realized it was also deleting them out as I went. I just don't get its purpose...
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    Tesla replacement parts now 66% cheaper. Bumper Cover was $1200 now $320

    My car is currently in getting a new bumper and I was told that the prices had come down. No one had any explanation for it though, but interesting point Amped Realtor.
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    My attempt at being a good role model...

    I took my S in for its annual service and was given a loaner P85+ for the weekend. I let my god son drive it...and as evidenced by the energy graph, he had a great time! Sorry that the picture is so blurry, but lets just say that we found out that the speed hadn't been limited to 80 mph...
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    Do range assurance and trip planner not work without supercharging enabled?

    I took my S in for its annual service and asked this question. I was told that list of super chargers along the way wasn't active unless you had supercharging. I drove a P85+ for two days and I guess this makes some sense. When I plugged in that I wanted to go to New York City, it gave me the...
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    #Tesla Vets P85 in Seattle

    I dropped my car off at the Seattle Service Center and Danny mentioned that the tricked out Tesla Vets was outside on the truck. There were a couple of us taking pictures of this P85. My favorite part was the lightening bolt on the chart port door.
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    Do range assurance and trip planner not work without supercharging enabled?

    Interesting post. I too don't have supercharging enabled and was wondering the same thing... I thought it was just me!
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    Culture shock - driving an ICE again

    Glad to see I'm not the only one who "forgets" what its like to drive an ICE! It seems that whenever I drive one, I leave it unlocked or with the lights on... The last time I drove one, I had to <gasp> get the keys out of my pocket and unlock the car door!! Pretty funny how fast we forget the...
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    Elon announces new Easter Egg

    I know that Easter Eggs probably have no reason to be in our Tesla's, but dang it, they make me smile every time!
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    Carpet Art from Service Center

    Seattle is also in on this. From my annual check up...
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    How many have had the "7 O'clock Stalker"?

    Still happening here in Seattle, but not as much as before.
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    April Fools: Model S bursts into flames on the freeway- driver ok.

    You got me. I'll admit it!
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    Anyone still on FW 4.5 getting pressed to update?

    @Lloyd - I did check to see what my version was...it still says 4.5...
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    Anyone still on FW 4.5 getting pressed to update?

    For those of us that have chosen to wait before upgrading, I have a question for you. Are you still seeing the update icon and message? Yesterday I noticed that the update icon was gone and this morning the screen didn't ask to schedule my upgrade. I wonder if they just time out or if Tesla...
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    Tacoma lunch meetup

    Great idea!!
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    Anyone still on FW 4.5 getting pressed to update?

    I received an email yesterday reminding me to upgrade as well. I replied back that I was waiting for them to resolve the air suspension issues before I went through with it. I'm still on 4.5 here.
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    Keys with your FOB?

    I also use the FOB pocket from Abstract Ocean...I have my keys on it as well. Works great!
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    What time do you charge your car?

    I plug in the car when I get home from work (5:30) and let it charge until its done. We don't have different rates for electricity in Seattle so I don't have to schedule the time.

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