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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Build quality was better than what I was expecting. When you set the bar low, it's easy to be pleased. No real issues (that bother me) on mine. The bottom far edge/corner of the passenger headlight protrudes maybe 2mm from the bumper but it's minor. The drivers side door where the front...
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Just picked up our MYP Blue/White/Tow no FSD from the Irvine Service Center VIn NF399xxx Ryzen, Michelin PS4AS No mud flaps, no PPF Original EDD 3/9-3/31 and VIN assigned 3/14 All the other MYPs had Pirelli's so was pleasantly surprised mine had PS4AS.
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    Sounds about right take the price you reserved at then add: $1200 destination and documentation $750+ for California Registration and License $5000+ in sales tax based on your regisration address and local taxes.
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    Model Y Performance delivered with smaller wheel in rear

    Make sure you also have the correct rim, the rear rims are 1" wider (9.5" front, 10.5" rear).
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    The infographic asset used in the manual that showed cooled seats is the same asset used in the Model S/X manual (which does have ventilated seats). Copy image from model S manual, paste into Model Y manual not realizing the images are not 100% interchangeable.
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    The earnings report says "These first vehicles will be built using 2170 cells." for gigafactory berlin
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    No way you're going ot get 80% charge in 10 mins with current vehicle pack and supercharger architecture, with or without 4680's.
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    AMD Ryzen & 12v Batteries now shipping in US Y & 3!!

    Since the MCU and AP are in the same water cooled enclosure, I'd wait for AP HW 4.0 to be released with Cybertruck. There's always something better around the corner
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    CA carpool sticker -- Best to order in November for 2021?

    Yeah, I would rather have last year's blue than 2009 yellow
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    CA carpool sticker -- Best to order in November for 2021?

    Looks like 2022 is back to a yellow decal.
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    In California, the sales tax is based on the registration address. I can go to LA and buy and car and register it to my OC address and pay 7.75% sales tax. If I register to an LA address the sales tax could be 10.25%. Assuming an in-state purchase for vehicles, it doesn't matter where it's...
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    Tesla dealerships getting ready for new MYs and M3s?

    Yes, it has the build month/year on the drivers side door label, along with tire/PSI, curb weight, etc.
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    Way Small Rims with Way Big Tires for Model Y

    You don't see 15" or 16" because they won't clear the brake calipers.
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    Supercharger charging costs delivered or accepted?

    a few years ago Tesla changed the calculation from what the battery accepted to what the pedestal was actualling outputting. Any in-car heating/cooling and thermal management should be included in the charging session. There were articles about it back in the day, a quick google showed this...
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    285's or 295's for MYP at front and back/square set up

    Sasha over at MPP put 285/35/20's on 20x11's shown on this video:
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    Coil Overs and Warranty?

    There is no consistent answer because it will vary by service center and the issue at hand. If you modify the suspension, plan YOUR expectations that ANY suspension issue will be out of warranty. If you replace the coilovers and start having squeaky bushings, then expect that you'll have to...
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    Martian Wheels MW03

    I totally agree, which is why it is odd that the inner barrel does not look fully machined. Martian claims they are 100% fully forged.
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    Martian Wheels MW03

    That is odd that a fully forged wheel isn't fully machined on inner barrel? It looks like they only machined the part where they laser etched the specs but the rest still looks like it came out of cheap flow forge process. I'm talking about thick orange peel finish in the pictures. All of my...
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    Does Model Y have better suspension than the 3?

    This is incorrect, the UP kit has separate springs and dampers in the rear to fit the stock locations. You can see the spring bump stops in the pictures. The spings are just pictured insterted over the rear dampers, however they are not installed that way.
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    Rays TE37 ultra m spec model 3 19x9.5 34

    Looks awesome. Such a classic JDM wheel and this +34 spec is made specifically for the Model 3. GLWS!
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    If you're California, the economics in favor of a solar solution will likely get worse soon

    There's a difference between Net Metering and Time of Use. What you're saying (charging less during the day and more at night) will happen to all solar customers regardless of NEM 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0. Socal Edison has already shifted what hours relate to "peak" periods to later in the afternoon...
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    If you're California, the economics in favor of a solar solution will likely get worse soon

    There's a difference between Net Metering and Time of Use. What you're saying (charging less during the day and more at night) will happen to all solar customers regardless of NEM 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0. Socal Edison has already shifted what hours relate to "peak" periods to later in the afternoon...
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    WTF Alignment Estimate from Tesla

    I've used JC's Alignment in Huntington Beach and would recommend. Seems to have good reviews on yelp.
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    Martian wheels

    Looks great! Any improvement in efficiency compared to the Uberturbines?
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    Tire recommendations

    I have the Turanza Quiettracks on my Model 3 (19" wheels) they are very quiet and smooth. Much better than the factory 19 Continentals or Michelin MXM4's on the 18 aeros we have. I really like the quiettracks, rolling resistance seem just as good or better than the continentals and long...
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    Überturbines wheels vs tires (sizes)

    Yes, the rear uberturbines are 1" wider. The fronts are 9.5" wide and the rears are 10.5" wide. The tires are wider and slightly taller sidewalls than the front. The rear tires are 275 / 35 / 21 means 275 = Tires is 275mm wide 35 = The sidewall is 35% of tire width aka 275 * .35 = 96.25mm...
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    Cost to recharge at home?

    Everything is measured in watt-hours per mile, how many watts do you use per mile. The model 3 is rated around 234 watt hours per mile driven. 15 mile * 234wh/mi = 3510 watts or 3.51kw/h Assuming 10% charging efficiency loss: 3.51 * 1.1 = 3.861kw * $.09 per kw/h = 35 cents per day Now...
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    Cost to recharge at home?

    That's wayy too high, are you mixing miles with kilowatts?
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    Will Model 3 Rims Fit the Model Y?

    Size wise should be fine the difference between +35 on 8.5" and +45 on 9.5" comes out to less than 3mm difference. The face of the wheel will less flush (more recesseed) into the wheel well by 3mm. I don't know the weight rating on those rims to say if it's safe or not to ride fully loaded.
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    Wrap (PPF) after ceramic coating

    I've had no issues installing or removing PPF on top of a ceramic coated car. Granted my only experiences have beeen with Optimum Opti-Coat pro, the OG carpro Cquartz and carpro cquartz UK 2.0. All 3 had Xpel ultimate applied after the ceramic coating with no issues, in fact it made removal of...
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    FS: 4 x Hankook Ventus 245/35/21 for Model S Tires Brand New

    SOLD. Thanks for all the inquiries.
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    FS: 4 x Hankook Ventus 245/35/21 for Model S Tires Brand New

    Hanook Ventus V1 Evo2 245/35ZR21 96Y XL Set of four brand new Hankook Ventus V1 Evo2 tires bought from discount tire back in 2018. This set was suppose to go on my wife's Model S but we ended up selling it without new tires so these have been sitting inside our dining room for too long. $400...
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    Will 20" Wheels from M3P fit on MYP?

    The tires on the Y are wider 255 vs 235 on the 3. You would need new tires match the diameter of the stock gemini rim+tire. Rims are likely to be wider as well on the Y, and we don't know if the wheel offset is the same as the 3.
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    Has anyone’s referral KM’s expired ?

    The referral credit is actually 400kWh's of charging, so a little easier to measure how much you use. If you log into your Tesla account -> History section, you should see how many KW's are remaining.
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    New 85kWH battery for my 2013 P85+

    Yup, I have a 2012 85kWh "A" pack, my supercharging has always been limited to 90kw with a relatively fast taper, everyone else's "nerfed" charging is my "normal". Back in 2012 charging at 90kw was like amaze-balls, even supercharging at Harris Ranch with the 1 supercharger in a gas station...
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    This Flash Drive Corrupted?

    FYI there are a lot of counterfeit SD cards on Amazon, especially Sandisk and Sony branded media to name just a few. I'm using the same Sandisk Endurance microSD card bought from BH Photo and a Kingston metal SD+micoSD card reader with no issues. The Samsung T5 is also a good choice just more $$.
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    Long Delivery Timeline for New Model S Orders

    In the past, the first half of each quarter's production was prioritized for overseas markets where shipping and customs takes time in order for Tesla to deliver to the customer by the end of that quarter. The production for the latter half of the quarter is quicker and easier to deliver to...
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    TeslaMate: Yet another self-hosted data logger for your Tesla

    Awesome, got it working on my Unraid server pulling the dockers from docker hub + Postgres docker. Thanks!!
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    12v Help!

    I'm in the same boat. My 12v warning alert appeared mid-december, scheduled mobile service and was told the same out of stock situation. They ordered a battery but had no idea when it would be back in stock. If the battery dies, you could revive the car by removing the nose cone and apply...
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    New Wheels for MS -- 21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine

    Like the original turbines better. Don't dig the lug nut covers and makes it look cheap, but maybe they'll look better without them.
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    18" or 19" wheels

    I have both, well stock 18's and 19's from TSportline with the same OEM Continentals. The ride is very similar, the 18's are already firm riding and the 19's feel nearly the same. At first I felt the 19's felt a bit smoother than the 18's but after a while the 19's are little more jarring when...
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    Model 3 Delivery - Trading Current Car In

    If you're trading in a Tesla, then expect a very low offer. I suspect if they CPO your car, they have to put substantial $$ plus offer a CPO warranty, probably new tires, etc that eat into their trade offer. Carmax gave me nearly 40% more on my trade than Tesla offered.
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    Change from alcantara to cloth on PUP???

    Interesting... Definitely cloth headliner. That looks like the same cloth material that we had in our 2013 Model S. The open pore rough texture of the cloth headliner was a pain to clean compared to the Alcantara in my 2012 Model S.
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    2012 P85 Pack Replacement

    What issues did you have with regen? I have an "A" pack on my 2012 P85 and max supercharging is limited to 90kw. I've noticed my regen is not as strong as the Model 3 and not as strong as when it was new.
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    Exactly How Strong is the Regen?

    Compared to my 2012 P85 the Model 3 seems to have stronger regen. My P85 used to have much stronger regen, but through several software releases it has been getting weaker over time.
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    New owners: Wh/mi of Aggressive vs Conservative driving challenge?

    The S/X have more detailed realtime / last 5 mile, 15mile?, and 30mile averages along with trip meters. The Model 3 is missing those energy graphs and currently only has the trip meters. There's a ton of software features that are absent on the 3 versus the current software in the S/X.
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    Model 3 Delivery - Trading Current Car In

    When you configure you can indicate if you're doing a trade-in. They will send you a link to fill out a questionnaire on the car (VIN, mileage, has it been in an accident etc.) and then they want you to upload a ton of pictures, Front, Back, Left/Right, VIN Plate, odometer, Front Dashboard...
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    Change from alcantara to cloth on PUP???

    My 22xx VIN came with alcantara, suede like gray cloth. The roof is mostly glass, it's just the pillars, central cross beam, and the front beam across the windshield that has the map lights and sun visors.
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    Model 3's Ride Quality

    I like the suspension in the 3 way more than the Air suspension on my P85, now since the 3 is my wife's car, she'll likely disagree. I prefer good balanced handling over smoothness, so my priorities may be different than yours. Going over speed bumps, it's a nice and smooth going over them, on...
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    Mirror Dimming Issue

    My 3 dims just like yours, K-MTG. My S doesn't do this and my first impression is that I don't like the outline effect as it reduces my field of view and I can't see anything other than headlights.

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