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    New Plaid - loads of software issues

    This is my 3rd Model X, and i'm curious if others are experiencing similar issues. I first noticed that the autopilot cameras were having issues calibrating. On day one I drove over 100 miles and calibration was stuck at 99%. I performed a couple of camera resets and finally they calibrated...
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    Park Assist Unavailable

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    Park Assist Unavailable

    You may need your gateway SD reformatted remotely by Tesla. Contacting service should be enough to get it done. Whatever the bug was, it would corrupt the gateway over time which seemed to cause at least the home link and door control issues. I had mine reformatted the day before the 2021.32.21...
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    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    My 2021 MX is a performance and has the shudder at around 700 miles already.
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    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    I assume my 2021 has the latest half-shafts, so at least on the MX front, it doesn't appear to be solved. Maybe the MS will have more luck
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    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    Just a heads up that this is still a problem for the 2021 MX. Just picked up my 2021 MX Performance a couple of weeks ago, and with around 800 miles on the vehicle, I'm already getting the dreaded shudder. I ONLY drive on Very Low. Had a 2018 MX before this with 29K miles and no issue, so...
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    Car wash equipment

    When I first picked up our Model X, I spent quite a bit of time figuring out what I should buy to wash the thing. 10 months later, I put together a video that shows what I actually ended up using (spoiler, not much) from the original kit. Hope it helps save someone some time and research.
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    2019.32.1 53f03e4

    Got this update on my Model X yesterday. I tested the wheel configurator to see if it modifies the air suspension settings as well. The short answer is that it does. Here is a video with the details I found.
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    Model X Road Trips

    Lol @ bug cemetery. Thats’s pretty accurate. Even wiping the bugs off at each charge stop, I couldn’t believe how many there were.
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    Xpel Stealth wrap, powder coated 20's and tint!

    I believe it runs an extra 1-2k for stealth compared to ultimate. The material is harder to work with from what I was told, and you have to be more precise with the install.
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    In case I've forgotten something about physics (thruster question)

    Isn't it using the same thrusters they use to correct their rockets on descent?
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    Xpel Stealth wrap, powder coated 20's and tint!

    I went back and forth on getting a clear versus stealth wrap, and i'm soooo glad I chose stealth. Had the factory 20" wheels powdercoated with a 50% gloss black, and the front windows tinted at the same time. I have a couple walk around video's on my channel here: Tesla reviews and News -...
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    Model X Road Trips

    Just finished a 2300 mile roadtrip in my X from Denver to glacier national park with the family. Car did amazing, and I only drove a few miles (rest was NOA). Definitely happy I got a full wrap ahead of the trip so I didn't destroy the paint: Xpel Stealth Blue Tesla Model X: We got Pam Stealth...
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    White Seats and Jeans...

    Glad to hear it did the trick for you. I really thought there was no hope before I stumbled across it.
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    White Seats and Jeans...

    I usually spray it diluted 6 to 1 (6 parts water to one part orange degreaser). I haven't tried any other degreasers as this was the one I saw a detailer use. I would imagine others work fine though, just be sure to remove all of it from the surface of the seats.
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    cleaning white seats

    You can DEFINITELY get the denim transfer off of the seats.
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    White Seats and Jeans...

    I have had denim dye transfer, and freaked out at first, but you can get it out fairly easily:
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    Colorado full stealth wrap for my X

    I'm in Denver and looking for a local shop to wrap my new X in Xpel stealth. Reached out to Colorado Detail based on other suggestions, but they are booked for several months (and the highest price I have heard from my own research 7500). Ideally I would like to get the wheels powder coated at...
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    Ordered Model X, dealer has demo car

    All valid points. It's the white interior, so loads of people climbing in and out of it concerns me. I'll see if they can give me the manufacture date. I would definitely prefer the updated cpu for the infotainment system.
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    Ordered Model X, dealer has demo car

    Hi everyone, first post here. I ordered a Model X 2 weeks ago, and today got a call from the local dealer letting me know they found an exact match in another state that was used as a showroom demo vehicle. It has 240 miles on it, and they are discounting it $700 to account for that. The vehicle...

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